Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Coming Back

    September 26, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Dog the Bounty Hunter arrived on our televisions in 2004 and spent the next eight years chasing down thieves, drug addicts, and assorted criminals in Hawaii with his wife Beth and their team. They were criticized, lampooned, and even South Parked–which marked the height of their celebrity. When Matt and Trey make fun of you, you know you’ve made it.

But for all the ribbing they took, the crime-fighting couple ultimately became beloved figures of reality television, with fans tuning in faithfully every week to hear Dog’s take on life as he dispensed wisdom to the guys he was paid to catch, and sympathizing when he lost his daughter in a tragic car accident right when he and Beth were finally about to get married. When the show was cancelled and ended earlier this year, fans were devastated.

However, CMT recently announced that they’ve ordered 10 episodes of Dog’s new project–simply called “Dog” this time around–from Electus. The show will premiere in early 2013. The new show will see Dog and Beth traveling around the U.S. to do their job, and CMT is thrilled about it’s newest acquisition.

“We were aggressive in our pursuit of a show featuring Dog and Beth, one of the most bankable teams in television history,” says Jayson Dinsmore, VP of Development and Programming.

The husband-and-wife team did wonders for A&E when “Dog The Bounty Hunter” was on the air, paving the way for other successful reality shows for the network.

“Dog and Beth are not only great television characters, they are the best bounty hunters in the world, and this show is a natural evolution of their life story,” Electus CEO Chris Grant said.

  • Diane Guilliams

    okay CMT, the show is called “Dog” – is it just gonna be Dog and Beth? What about the team – like Leland and Duane Lee!!!?? If it is just gonna be Dog and Beth, I am not tuning in…I watch the show for Leland and Duane Lee!

    • JP

      I agree with Diane. They also make the show. without the family isn’t going to cut it.

    • Itsme

      Dog has enough children to fill in the space left by the boys. HOWEVER, only one space needs to be filled if they would just bring back TIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Hunt

    I agree. Without the boys it is junk. Can’t stand Beth…she’s the reason the boys left.

    • david

      i think your right the whole show is crap

  • http://gmail willie Wonka

    I allways pray for a shirtless dude with his pants half down coming out blasting, and shoot his whole family in the head with a sawed off shotgun,would ceraintly improve thier looks!

    • King

      It would improve yours for sure, you stupid hater scumbag!

  • Kevin Carrier

    They need the boys on the show and daughter Lyssa. I enjoyed watching the whole family. CMT needs them all on new show Dog, cause without them all I probably won’t watch.

  • http://2012Tax.org Steve

    For a reality show it is pretty good. The characters are pretty interesting and the production was good. Hopefully the new show will be as good or better.

  • MJ

    ‘wanna smoke brah?’

  • http://boudyhunter dennis

    i like your show im glad u back

  • http://yahoo carol partain


  • cathy

    Cant wait to see them. Do hope all the others are on there too..They ALL make the show!

  • Perla

    AMEN to that one!! TIM was awesome! Why can’t he come back???????????? I hope this new show is not just Dog and Beth!!! I watch it for the whole team!! DUANE LEE, LELAND and LYSSA. We all wanna watch the other part of their commitments because we love them, but at the end we keep watching for the thrill of the bounty hunt!!
    Why can’t they have both shows!!!!!!!! Like deadliest catch and after the catch!! Its the Chapman’s we would watch them work at a circus!! But ALL OF THEM TOGETHER!!!

  • theresa perkins

    Glad to see the show coming back. No matter if they do change the tittle.

  • linda

    Come back now we loves u … Very good showing ….i am deaf woman. Love you my lords Jesus loved al. Linda


  • D. Klawitter

    Im quite a lot older and enjoy this program very much. It actually is good to let you you youngsters see that things do happen to you if you don’t obey the law. I think that all the Chapmens did a fantastic job. This new program will decide for me if I watch it in the future or not. The other members of their family all had a hand in making the program what it was. Good luck

  • Amy

    It doesn’t matter if the show is called ‘Dog, the Bounty Hunter’, ‘Dog’, ‘Dog & Beth’, ‘Dog & the Posse’ or whatever; it is a fantastic show. It shows the reality of getting the junkies off the street with some inspiration & counseling. We need people like Dog & his family to be cloned & placed in every city & every state to fight the war on drugs/prostitution.

  • Denise

    I am a faithful watcher of the show. Glad to see that CMT, which is a Country Music channel, knows a great show when they see it. Hoping Leland, Duanne Lee, Lyssa & Tim will also be on. I would understand if they didn’t or can’t be on the show since they have small children like Leland & Tim is raising his kids by himself & I think Lyssa has a baby also they have the 2 offices in Hawaii.

  • Samantha

    I love this show! I watch it everyday because the reruns come on in the morning. It won’t be the same without Leland and Lyssa so I hope they come back too.

  • ravenluvr

    I loved watching Dog The Bounty Hunter and can’t wait until CMT brings them back !!!!! Beth Lyssa and Leland make for a fun crew . Sonny and Kaleo add the muscle and its always cool to see Kili too :-)

  • RRoyal

    I am so glad CMT has the brains to know something great when they see it. Ty CMT! I agree I want the rest of the clan 2 @ least make guest appearances. They r family too. But it will b nice 2 c Beth & Dog doin there thing. Can’t wait!

  • DFan

    Hate to break it to you but his show started out to be about the Dog, not his kids, the kids and the drama is what ruined in the first place. I will gladly just watch it for Beth and Dog stop whining just be lucky they are back. I want this show to go back to its roots, watching Dog catch the criminals like they did in season one.

  • http://hotmail marie

    the whole family kinda grew on me. First I just watched because I couldn’t believe what was seein, with Beth’s gargantuan boobs, the mullet n all.But, now I miss the show like crazY!! Definitely gonna watch,thank God it’s back!!

  • lisa Quinn

    I love the Dog the Bounty Hunter series and the families. They get the job done and in the end they do it with love and kindness to the bounty they have hunted. They try to teach them something and it from the heart. I am waiting not to patiently for them to come back. Love you Beth and Dog and all the family

  • Darlene

    I love Dog and Beth. Don’t get me wrong. But they really need the whole family. As I was watching their final episodes it look like they were showing how to Baby Lyssa And Leand how to take over the business. I thought they would have their own show. Hey that is a good Idea

  • http://Facebook Christine Sobaski

    I think it is terrible that Dogs show was cancelled.. I love Dog he only does what is right for the world and tries to rid the us of trash..I love the way he is so compassionate with his clients and helps all of the he can with his talks he is very inspiring to us all..I mean the shows they have on TV these days some of the are so stupid and not even to be believed. Dog is a great man who speaks from his past and admits he has not been the best of boys but we all make mistakes and got to get up and learn from them and get up and go harder to move on. I love you Do and all ways will and I want to give you my personal thanks for all you have done for the world and especially the way you talk to our youth who are out future.. I love you to Beth and all your crew and even tho you are not on TV right now keep up the good work you are doing Your long time friend and fan for life.
    Love You Dog and be Safe all ways.

  • Emilie

    So glad the Chapmans will be back on TV! So many people’s lives have been turned around for the better due to their message of showing mercy and offering second chances. Their work should be commended – they put their lives at risk each time they apprehend a criminal – all to keep the communities safe. I’m grateful to CMT for providing a home for them and for providing an outlet for the Chapman’s to reach so many, to continue to inspire them to change their lives around and to inspire many to show compassion to others. Best of luck!

  • Kara.E. Strayer

    Love that their getting there 2nd chance,like they’ve helped to give soooooo many people. Not just the people they apprehend,but people that watch their show like myself,&my son to look up to. They have many strong messages that are told,&still need to be.I myself never watched the show until my son took interest,just 2 seasons ago. Looking at how they’ve gotten thru so much w/eachother is amazing in it’s self. Even though thru the eyes of T.V. It seems they might’ve broken the “THE FAMILY THAT HUNTS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER” rule. In my opinion if they don’t work together anymore,theirs always a greater purpose.;)

  • bonnie

    So happy to see them back

  • http://a&e Marvin

    Is dog bounty hunter come back on in 2013

  • jeanne

    dog i love your show. i hope some day u and your family will be together again. not saying any thing wrong about Beth but, i had a step mom (i wish she would have been like Beth) who tryed to run my dads children like they were hers. cant do that. in this life you have one mother and one father. some good some bad. you should always be in charge of “your children” and defend them as long as they are right. if there are not right take over the problem. i heard alot of times you would say “go talk to your mom (beth) she is a step mom. just pray they will come back to love all of you again ypou have a wonderful family. you try to fix it. thank you for being you

  • Mommakat

    Like many others, I started watching, kinda as a goof. You know, something to make fun of, then….I began REALLY watching and fell in love with the show. I formally apologize to the Chapman family that my first experience was to make fun of them. If you look past the mullet, tattoos, fake nails and big boobs, you’ll see a REAL family, with REAL WORLD squabbles, who use their jobs to try and help a few people.
    I love how they publicly discuss their faith in God. I love how they pray for others. It’s good to see that they scoop crime off the street, and even went after that horrible scumbag in Mexico who NO ONE else had the chestnuts to go after.
    I love the whole family, they are people I would love to have as my neighbors and friends. I love the show and watch it all I can. I even DVR it when I am not able to watch.
    Kudos, Chapmans. Thanks for making a difference in far more lives than you’ll ever know.

  • Scott

    Love Dog! But I wish show was him and 1 or both of his older sons. Beth has always been to loud and bitchy. And her mouth keeps some people from watching. But I love Dog

  • Tnwolf

    Bringing TIM back would be really cool. Think about putting TIM back in the show….

    • Kim

      I’m not sure we’re going to see Leland and Duane, they are doing their own thing right now. Looks like its more centered around Dog & Beth helping other bail bond offices.

  • jerri Zimmerman

    Thats great news for me to hear, I chase thugs, drug dealers and various other characters in my town in Central Pa. I have picked up a lot of tricks from Dog and Beth over the years!

  • AndreaB

    I love your show and family. My kids love watching you guys. So happy to hear your coming back. Beth you rock!

    • http://Twitter Maria Rojas

      Yes I love the way Beth don’t take crap from no one that’s my girl Beth , you go girl!!!

  • Amy

    I can’t wait until the new show comes on! Just curious though, is it the whole family still our just Dog and Beth?

  • http://Twitter Maria Rojas

    I am so happy to hear the show is coming back . I still watch the show everyday on A&E I know there reruns but I like them . Is everyone on the show still going to be on, I would hate for it to come on with out Leland and Duwane ? They are so hot !!! And make the show more exciding.

  • http://Twitter Maria Rojas

    So happy to hear the show is coming back . I still watch it on A&E . I know there reruns but it’s a great show . I would like to know if the boys are going to be in the new show ? I think Leland and Duwane are hot!!!!! And Beth is great with her I dont take crap from no one not even Dog.

  • Robert Dupree

    I really like dog the dog bounty hunter . To me i think it helps young kids to not get into trouble , keeps them from doing drugs , getting into trouble with the law. And it is a family show . I really hope they bring the show back on air. Aslo Beth is a hott women

  • janet

    Man I’m so excited this was and still is my favorite show I hope the come to northeast Oklahoma I want to meet them so bad they rock

  • bryan

    I love DOG and his family. They have provided countless hours of entertainment for me and the people I live with. Thanks for coming back with some new stuff!

  • redheart

    Cool the dog and family will be back on I love the show …

  • http://Google nicola

    I’ve can’t wait nx series. I’ve tried find song dog and family sing on stage for people. (dog says this is new start). driving me crazy don’t know title. totally best ever show xxx

  • Cindy

    Watching repeats. Thank god your coming back ! A BIG Thank You to CMT!!!