Does Your Favorite Blog Make a Statement About You?

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If you're a regular, or even semi-regular web user, there are undoubtedly a number of favorite sites you have, including those that would be considered blogs. Even though there have been questions about the sustainability of blogs in a world of Twitter and Facebook, the fact is, they are still great sources of information, even if a lot of them get their content from other, more traditional outlets.

With that in mind, it's clear blogging still has a great deal of value, but what does your favorite blog say about you? What does it mean if your favorite blog is the Huffington Post or any of Rick Denton's products? Thankfully, over at Slacktory (via Boing Boing), Nick Douglas tackles this pressing issue and the results are a lot more accurate than the blog fans would ever care to admit.

While I'm not going to reprint Douglas' entire list, here are a few of the gems that stood out to me:

Gawker: You tell your friends jokes about their ethnicities and sexual orientations. They grin and say “Bitch!” and pretend to smack you.

Huffington Post: Most of your pleasures are guilty pleasures.

Daily Kos: You own a “Disappearing Civil Liberties” mug. You read all the liner notes, even if you bought the album as mp3s.

Perez Hilton: You were bullied in high school.

Consumerist: You have some sort of fact sheet, like the Bill of Rights or some measurement conversions, in your wallet.

ReadWriteWeb: You are the only person who actually called your representative about SOPA.

Douglas' list continues on with about 15-20 more blogs being added to the fun, and like the subtitle suggests, I found the list to be incredibly accurate. Other blogs pointed out on the list include Deadspin, Think Progress, Neatorama, Serious Eats and Mashable. If you are one of the folks who frequent these or similar blogs, you should check out the Slacktory list. Just be sure to leave your "easily offended" pants at home.