Does Windows Have One Foot In The Grave?

    February 27, 2012
    Shaylin Clark
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Fifteen years ago Microsoft’s Windows operating system reigned supreme in the computer world. Windows enjoyed near ubiquity in both the business and consumer computing markets. Challengers to Microsoft’s hegemony were few and paltry. Apple, Microsoft’s perennial rival, was in dire straits. Steve Jobs had only just returned to the company, which was had a long, hard road ahead on its return to profitability. In fact, it was largely through Microsoft’s aid that Apple survived, thanks to the release of Microsoft Office for Mac and Microsoft’s purchase of $150 million in non-voting Apple stock.

Thanks to Windows, Microsoft’s supremacy in the computing industry was virtually unassailable, and remained so for many years. Now, however, though Microsoft itself remains strong, there are indications that the Windows platform may be in decline. First, we have the fact that Windows revenue dropped 6% in the last quarter to $4.74 billion. During the same quarter Microsoft as a whole saw a revenue increase of 5% (to $20.89 billion). The Entertainment & Devices Division, responsible for the Xbox 360, grew 15% to $4.24 billion, and the Online Services Division (responsible for Bing) grew 10% to generate $784 million. So, in a quarter when Microsoft as a whole, and virtually every division within Microsoft, saw significant revenue growth, Windows declined.

Could Windows really be on the way out? Is Microsoft shifting its focus to other platforms at the expense of Windows? Have you noticed a decline in Windows use in your business? Let us know in the comments.

Meanwhile, Apple has seen enormous growth during the same time that Windows has declined. While Windows declined 5% in the last quarter, the revenue generated by OS X grew 5% during the same quarter, and grew an amazing 22% over the previous year. What’s more, Apple’s company-wide revenue in the last quarter was more than double that of Microsoft during the same period. While Microsoft generated $20.89 billion in revenue, Apple generated a staggering $46.33 billion.

That’s not all, though. A recent study by Chikita has found that the Windows operating system’s web browsing market share has dropped by nearly 7% in the last six months. In August of 2011 Microsoft’s web browsing market share was 78.3%. As of February it has dropped to 71.4%.

Windows Web Market Share

Check out Chitika’s study here.

Yet, the news for Windows may not be all bad. Windows 8 was unveiled in June of 2011. As more information has become available, impressions of the new operating system have been generally positive. In addition to a new logo, Windows 8 will be getting Microsoft’s slick new Metro user interface. The paned interface was designed to unify the user experience across Microsoft’s products – smartphone, tablet, Xbox 360, and PC. Xbox 360 users got a taste of what Metro will look like when the Xbox Live dashboard got an update in December. It’s entirely possible that a good showing from Windows 8 would reverse the apparent downward slide that Windows is suffering right now.

If you’ve switched away from Windows – either at home or in your business – could Windows 8 persuade you to switch back? What would it take? If you’ve switched, what have you switched to? Let us know in the comments.

There may be more good news for Windows, of a sort. While Windows revenue is down, that may not be the only explanation for the decrease in web market. Another recent study by Chitika showed that Apple’s Mac OS X also lost web market share during the same period. What makes the study interesting is that it lost that market share not to another computer, but to Apple’s own iOS mobile platform. From August to February OS X and iOS almost perfectly mirrored each others’ changes in web market share, with iOS finishing just slightly higher than OS X.

iOS, OS X Web Market Share

Check out the second study here.

There is other evidence that the rise of mobile devices may be behind the decline of Windows. Recall from above that Apple made over twice as much in revenue as Microsoft in the last quarter. What is most remarkable is the role of Apple’s iPhone in that figure. Well over half of Apple’s $46.33 billion in revenue came from the iPhone. All by itself, the iPhone generated $24.4 billion in revenue, beating all the rest of Apple’s business combined by $2.47 billion, and beating all of Microsoft by over $3 billion. At the same time, it also came to light recently that Apple sold more iOS devices in the past year than Macs in the past 28 years.

Apple’s iOS platform is not the only mobile culprit. Google’s Android OS currently holds half of the global smartphone market, and recently overtook iOS to become the most popular smartphone platform in the UK. At the same time, Google appears to be eyeing a jump to the desktop/laptop market for its Android operating system and a possible convergence of the Android and Chrome operating systems. Making Google a potentially significant competitor for both Windows and Apple.

Yet Windows may not be on the way out quite yet, at least not in the way it might seem. While Windows revenue is down, and its web market share is down, it may be that the primary culprit is mobile devices. For many smartphone and tablet users, their mobile devices have nearly replaced their computers as their primary means of surfing the internet. So while Windows may be in a bit of a rut, it may not be as bad as things look at first glance.

What do you think? Is Windows slowly on its way out? Have you switched away from Windows? How do you spend most of your time on the web? Do you surf from your computer browser, or from your smartphone or tablet? Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • http://www.cws-thailand.com Content Web Solutions

    windows 7 is nice and i expect windows 8 to be even better. As a programmer, I’d never change to Apple.
    My smartphone uses android and I’m very happy with it.

  • http://sastrytumuluri.blogspot.com Sastry Tumuluri

    My group is largely a Linux user group. We are not developers or geeks (well, I am), but are quite happy to use Linux. Score one against windows.

    Thanks to Apple’s success, more friends have switched to Macs last 2 years than in all of 10 past years. This includes a friend who thinks Linux is “not for average Joe”. Score two against windows.

    My son and wife refuse to leave windows. Score one to windows.

    Laptops, netbooks and Desktops are not dead yet, but mobiles are definitely taking over. Andriod and iOS rule mobiles. Score three against windows.

    Nokia partners with Microsoft and releases Nokia Lumia 800. Nokia itself is on the decline, but isn’t a “write-off” yet. Score two to windows.

    Well, 3 against and 2 for windows in my quick-score book. Make what you will, of it. :)

  • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

    While we may be a small segment of the entire computing population, gamers are still mostly sticking to Windows. Why? Microsoft actually takes gaming seriously, even if it doesn’t seem like it as much anymore. Apple and Linux have never had much in the way of support for games and even with a few high profile releases like StarCraft II hitting Mac, it still doesn’t make up for the fact that most developers stick to PC because it’s easier and Microsoft provides excellent support in the form of DirectX. While the “average joe” computer user may switch to other operating systems, the gamers will stick to Windows. If Microsoft could leverage that in some way, they could see some major improvements in sales and outlook.

  • Steve

    One foot in the grave? Somebody is trolling. Much as I would like to see the public Internet free of the albatross that is Microsoft, it ain’t gonna happen.

    The whole “desktop is dead” nonsense reflects a consumer market where the new toy is still a super-duper smart phone or tablet device, and people are spending their money on these rather than unneeded hardware upgrades to their “real” computers. Once these gadgets hit market saturation, desktop system sales will rise – not quite to their former level but largely so – and Apple will get a larger slice of the pie because people who can afford iPhones swear by them and their next “real” computer will be an Apple product.

    What I find funny is the way that OS vendors are chasing a fashion trend by adapting touchscreen interfaces to the desktop PC environment – unsuccessfully, by definition, because for those who actually know how to use computers workflow and ergonomics do matter. Ubuntu is dead in the water (a huge majority of users will migrate to Mint or Debian on their next OS version upgrade), and screen shots of Windows 8’s default interface indicate that a LOT of computer illiterate users will be profoundly disturbed and those who can will migrate to MAC to get a “real” computer user interface back.

    It’s funny to watch MBA marketing people drink their own kool-aid, wander away from reality and critically sabotage their employers’ flagship products It will stay funny as long as there are still vendors who live in the real world and listen to user feedback. Anything that decreases Microsoft’s market share in the network ecosystem is a Good Thing, and I am happy to see this happening. But the sheer mass and inertia of that awfulness assures that they will not be falling into that well deserved grave any time this decade.

  • http://www.avnit.co.uk Robert Logan

    Windows is probably in decline because they have been unable to better their best version to date I still use windows XP sp3 on all my computers and I point blank refuse to change and if I do change it will be away from microsoft they bring out a new version and think they can bully people into using them vista was somebodies sick joke and 7 is an attempt to backtrack to xp why would I buy windows 8 or a computer with it on just to find out its rubbish and then be charged to buy an xp license that is how many years out of date.

    • Rich

      Windows XP is slow, 7 is by far the best OS they have an on the market today. I have upgraded every machine I have to 7, I could not run from XP and Vista fast enough.

  • http://www.comglobal.net Georg von Köller

    We have switched in the office to Ubuntu, with fantastic results. Would never go back to Windows. Why pay for something which is so defective, when you get perfect for free?

  • http://dianemckinney.com Diane

    I am a small business. All my new computers are Mac. I have kept 1 PC because there are still some programs not available on MAC but I HATE that PC. Windows updates which are constant and always seem to be unstable drive me crazy and usually either slow it down, make some programs not work or worse have completely wiped out all the data in my email outlook! I spend HOURS resetting it back to an earlier time and trying to fix everything. Windows needs to die so the other programs will be converted to MAC.

    • Rich

      You must be in the art field because any other business could never survive using Macs as business computer. Replace your old PC with a new one running Windows 7 and then see which one you like.

      • http://www.watsons-streetworks.com Steve Watson

        My manufacturing/retail business has been running Macs since about 1993 quite successfully, thank you. Perhaps you know not of which you comment. Our 1 PC is thanks to UPS who does not support Macs for their WorldShip program.

        • Rich

          Sorry to say I do know what I speak of. Being an employee of a fortune 300 company plus working with many similar size firms Macs are far from being used as the working system. There are macs in their art and advertising departments but even those employees have PCs on their desks. Running your manf./retail on Macs, that must be interesting. As your company grows it will be interesting to see where you IT needs take you.

  • http://www.jchines.org JC

    Not at all. Only will get better after new owners take over. Who? who knows. But Windows will be KING/Queen with long reign…just better leadership development for ease. More ease…..more people….better business.

  • Taylor Sharpe

    It is always interesting to hear people spinning that Microsoft saved Apple financially in the 1990’s. The agreement to do another version of Office and the supposedly secret $150 million in stock was to settle claims that Apple had against Microsoft for IP infringement. Microsoft did not jolly come along and offer to give money to Apple to be a “nice guy”, this was to settle IP violations. If I remember correctly, at the time, Apple had $2 Billion in the bank. So while $150 million in stock is nice, it didn’t significantly alter the asset value of Apple.

    By in far the biggest benefit was Microsoft agreeing to come out with another version of Office for the Mac. The Mac Business Unit at Microsoft has always been a steady revenue source. Microsoft could have chosen not to come up with a new Office for Mac and it would have hurt Apple more, but it would also have hurt Microsoft. So that wasn’t in either company’s best interest and was a no brainer to agree upon.

    In conclusion, Microsoft did not “save” Apple from a financial demise. Apple’s new leadership with Steve Jobs and its change in business (dumping PowerPC, OS foundation change, un-licensing compatibles, coming out with iMacs) is what saved Apple. Apple did not financially “survive” because of Microsoft and that is just an Urban Legend even though the story is told often and sounds plausible.

  • http://cheap-kettlebells.com Alex

    Judging OS and it’s future by web browser market share? Are you crazy or just a troll? :)
    Lol this Thread is a nonsense. With Windows 7 being the best Windows out there, MS is here to stay for good.

    Mac OS X market share grew from 6.5% to 8% in a past year, OMG, it’s 22% increase, MS should fled before apple fan boys get another 1% of market share in a year or so.

  • http://www.catslikeus.com/ Andrew

    Switched from Windows to Ubuntu. Not perfect, but better.

    • John

      You switched from Windows to Ubantu:? Is there an OS named Ubantu at all?
      Or could it be you switched from Explorer to Ubantu? It is silly but most kids make the same mistakes in terminology.
      Is the a Ubantu Office? Is there a Ubantu Photoshop?
      When you turn on your computer are you booting through Ubantu OS to start your work day?
      Do you regularly and seamlessly transfer files between programs in Ubantu?
      So don’t confuse an Os and a browser. One works inside the other, one handles nearly everything else one does on their computer.
      Acknowledgment of the difference between an OS and a browser makes your whole life better and more realistic.

      • Shaylin Clark

        Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system for desktop and laptop computers, not a browser. While it isn’t as widely-known or as popular as Windows or OS X, it is definitely an operating system. I don’t know about Photoshop, but there isn’t a version of MS Office for Ubuntu. There are, however, a variety of Office-type productivity suites (including OpenOffice) that are available for Ubuntu, as well as photo editing programs (like GIMP) for Ubuntu. I’ve toyed with putting Ubuntu on my home desktop, in fact. I’ve just never gotten around to it. If you want to learn a little more about it, you can check it out for yourself at Ubuntu.com.

  • http://www.guru30.com Rajesh (Guru30)

    Windows can co-exist with other OS. But they have to innovate and keep ahead of others.

  • Snigger

    The trick that Apple have learned is keep the price for the OS low and people will buy the updates. Microsoft are plain greedy.

    If they offered Windows 8 for $40.00 or it would fly off the shelves.

    Also in the UK we pay pound to dollar for the same software a real con.

  • Jose Manuel Téllez

    Sure there are many ideas and brands patented by people of talent that can lead to practices it. I been missing the entertainment area the achievement of the Microsoft Age of Empires game was announced a couple of years ago and the saga of the three games updated battle.net. We had a playstation at home and my brother has the XBox360. We all have the Windows operating system.
    In other references as to talk about news I see a clear example how to inform Google. Is that it can not be equal but there is a lot of digital newspapers in small towns and communities. Were could start by there are segmented from minor to major as the major newspapers the new York Times or The whagshiton Post bound and exposed in the header of the section news. That is very appealing to the reader, the same section sports everything well configured and appealing to the user. also made lacking in new technologies that you call with video conferencing directly to any number of phone and so many jobs more as the voice that are attractive to children and not so small synthesizers or recognition of voice by way of entertainment because it would not be very viable business as would be many voices sounding in the same room. If be could get out of for applications speech recognition computer and specific programmes we would be ahead a bit to how futuristic of seeing things. There are many people who knows about this and they do not carry to her practice. Persons who have completed their careers relating to new technologies.

  • http://www.alda-architects.com Alan

    In the recession fewer are investing in software. They are making do with what they have.

    Have noticed more Linux and open source usage, but impossible to say if it is a trend. Microsoft may have peaked, but I don’t see sharp decline which is unfortunate as some real competition would be beneficial.

    Given some recent antics Google could well decline a lot faster than Microsoft. Easy to switch browser, a lot harder to switch operating system. Microsoft will still be a big beast in 2020.

  • http://trakim.biz/bx91 Keith Darby

    I personally only use my mobile as a phone and even regard that as a menace. I use windows full time from my office. Mobile users in cafes, restaurants, whilst driving, whilst walking across roads etc etc are a menace to society and often to themselves! Oh for the old days when a phone was attached to a wall, when it only rang when someone had something to say. It’s no wonder the world is spiraling downhill at an ever increasing rate, people are wasting hours on mobiles instead of WORKING! (I know that’s an old fashioned concept too but everyone was better off than they are today).
    Keith Darby

  • Rtist

    Funny thing is I was gifted an iPad when they first came out. It was the only way I would ever own an Apple product, not for any particular reason other than never being able to afford a Mac when I was first getting into computers, and therefore became a lifelong Windows fan for life because they were for the little guy, the common person out there, everybodies friend.
    Until I got my iPad, that is. Bought my first ever Mac computer recently because I was so impressed with the iPad. There, I’ve admitted it. Looks like I will replace the other computers in the house to Macs as they grow old and crash and burn, six in total. Would never have believed I would sell out, but alas, Windows just doesn’t cut it anymore. Maybe if Android gets iinto the game things will change. Buy there’s the Mac product itself as well, hmmm, good piece of equipment.

  • http://www.escortsindex.net Toni

    Windows will be on PC’s for a long time. It rules and it will continue ruling. It is not a secret the Windows allows consumer piracy to oblige corporation to buy their OS. So it will keep their advantage for a long time. Remember, people are lazy and opposed to changes, they want to use what they already know how to use. Indeed I don’t think Apple or any other licensed OS could challenge Windows supremacy for desktop computers. In the future Linux will rule on any sort of device, as it is doing within the smartphones with the aid of Android. The problem for Windows is their awful smartphone OS. Windows Mobile is simply terrible. However, it could improve with the alliance with Nokia, who knows.

  • Rich

    Windows is by far still the most used OS in business today. Macs are used in the art and publishing world and still only as a small part of these companies in that industries. The iOS phones (which I own) are big but Google Android is cutting into that market. Anyone I know who bought a Mac for home use quickly found out they are limited on how it works on the web plus. In addition, after using their Macs for a while the OS got slow and bogged down ( for what ever reason ). Windows XP stunk and Vista was the worse but Windows 7 is by far the most stable fast OS on the market right now. And that includes iOS. As a matter of fact my Touchpad that runs on WebOs is faster then any Ipad 1 or 2 or Android and has a better user experience. Be it that there are not many apps for Webos and it may eventually disappear from the market.

    I have no doubt that Window will continue to dominate and Mac will reach a point of saturation and year over year sales will flatten or decline. Businesses are still not building their IT infrastructure around apple.

  • http://www.seewhylearning.com James Cousineau

    I wouldn’t call it a decline, but an adjustment. We now have more computing/digital devices than ever before. The majority of these new devices are for entertainment and communication. In that battlefield, Apple’s iOS devices and the Android devices are the ruling leaders.

    MS Windows is still the King of the Hill for a traditional computer OS and will be for a long time to come yet, especially for business.

    Stats now should be kept for 2 different segments: productivity and entertainment/communication.

  • http://www.hitekdesigns.com patricia hartman

    I sure hope not, because I hate that Mac os x and Macs in general. You can’t figure out how to do anything beyond what the os wants you to. Try finding a control panel for e.g. With all its failings, I still would use only windows. I would rather go back to DOS or windows 3.11 than use a mac.

  • http://www.watsons-streetworks.com Steve Watson

    Obviously written by a non-Mac person. The whole “windows” concept was Apple’s and they worked on it. That is, Apple worked out the bugs while MicroSoft forced their poor customers do it for them. MS/Windows dominance was driven by pricing and availability. Apple stuttered because it couldn’t get the pricing to be competitive. But now that more and more people have come to see the benefits of Macs and the quality that Apple provides in all of its products, MS (and Windows with it) is the one stumbling and their organization doesn’t seem to have the creative capability to rise above.

  • Eric

    Metro an elegant interface. You’re joking right? I was a Windows user, trainer & consultant Windows for Workgroups through Windows XP. Shifted to OS X during the mess Vista and will never switch back.

    Microsoft was driven to a GUI to sell more. Apple is driven by core belief that computer should be easier to use.

    Look who’s philosophy lead to the better business strategy

  • http://www.captaincyberzone.com Captain Cyberzone

    “Every dog has it’s day”.
    Before Microsoft was IBM and before that was Zenith and before that Rome …

  • John Terrey

    I switched back to Mac after 5 years with Windows. I now rune MacOS and Windowm 7 on the iMac and iOS ON MY Ipad .

    The ease of use, and being able to have both worlds woks wonderfully well.


  • http://www.studioartistx..nl Alexander

    It always went on my nerves the way ppl talked about Apple, some would guard their stand so fanatically that even someone would say a single wrong word about Jobs, people would act childish as you slapped them personally into their face. Besides, Apple was always way to expensieve and exclusive that made itself with right a brand for snobs. Having said that, after years I finally took enough courage to migrate to Linux, Ubuntu and want no business with Microsoft ever again. As the matter of fact, now that I got along with Ubuntu, I’m intensely happy I’ve made that step, no overpriced software anymore, no viruses, no Microsoft will, no shit…

    Live long and prosper. :)

  • http://microsoft.com windows rules

    its funny how ppl think windows sucks and mac and ubuntu is better…give me a break!

  • http://www.solarisid.com Gunes Kocatepe

    I am the owner of a design engineering company in Washington DC. Windows OS has been such an unreliable platform in doing business that it takes half of your time to get the computer to work. Install drivers only to see they get corrupt, a computer when you try to turn it on, does not, and when you need to turn the same thing off, still it is the same problem. There is no possibility of achieving efficiency at all… You can never know what will hit you next… And this point has proved itself over many years. NO, thank you… We get paid for getting things done and we expect the same from the OS we use. Unfortunately we don’t have sympathy for cheap robbery here.

    So we take pride on shifting to UNIX platforms as much as possible. We use both Linux and Mac and the sun is shining brighter now. Linux is free of charge and works like a dream. It is reliable and fast. Computers dying down in Windows because of bad resource management come back to life for many more years of productive life under Linux. Windows is good for playing games for recreation on your free time but it could not give us confidence that we can get things with it. It is simply very weak…

  • http://www.solarisid.com Gunes Kocatepe

    I am the owner of a design engineering company in Washington DC. Windows OS has been such an unreliable platform in doing business that it takes half of your time to get the computer to work. Install drivers only to see they get corrupt, a computer when you try to turn it on, does not, and when you need to turn the same thing off, still it is the same problem. There is no possibility of achieving efficiency at all… You can never know what will hit you next… And this point has proved itself over many years. NO, thank you… We get paid for getting things done and we expect the same from the OS we use. Unfortunately we don’t have sympathy for cheap robbery here.

    So we take pride on shifting to UNIX platforms as much as possible. We use both Linux and Mac and the sun is shining brighter now. Linux is free of charge and works like a dream. It is reliable and fast. Computers dying down in Windows because of bad resource management come back to life for many more years of productive life under Linux. Windows is good for playing games for recreation on your free time but it could not give us confidence that we can get things with it. It is simply very weak…

    I would recommend people to think outside the envelope and consider UNIX. Just stepping out of your habits can get you so much. There is no reason to be a victim. And also you may really own a performing computer which is priceless.

  • Mac

    I run mainly XP Pro on my Mac Book Pro via Parallels.

    I do have W7 and have been trialling it by gaming with it, but mainly prefer to use XP (90%) and Mac’s Lion (10%).

    It would have been nice if Microsoft simply improved XP instead of reinventing the wheel. I love Mac’s stability and speed.

  • http://Www.multitec.co.uk Richard

    Just because the revenu has dropped ,does not mean its falling behind it means ,all it’s saying is everyone has a copy
    And it’s re-newed versions making most profit,but not as much.

  • http://www.domainsinternational.net Carlos Martins

    I don´t know where you live but if you live in Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Korea and Burma, you have to live without your two legs, not just one bu a middle or without.
    Even in Portugal due the economical ratings we are forced to live not with one or two damaged legs but half of a leg what is a really bad situation. The industry of handicapped do not build chairs for people with half a leg. They asked us: please do you have with or without (like U2 song). Generally they favoured the radical solution: one or two legs, not half a leg. Please, don´t come here without signing these rules.

  • Razziel

    I want something to step up to challenge windows. Windows has released some extremely poor editions in the past, and honestly, the only reason I still use windows is that there isn’t a viable alternative.

    Yes, I could go Mac, but Mac is at least as bad, and I’d still have to emulate windows to run most of my games. I could go linux, but I like gaming too much to deal with that hassle.

    Windows only controls the market share because the average computer user doesn’t have a realistic alternative.

    • http://www.ogretechs.com Jason Ward

      So in essence what you’re saying is that Windows is so good for both work and gaming that no other OS is really a good choice…and that’s a negative? :P.

      It’s true that in the past, MS had some crappy versions of Windows. Win95 was buggy, as was Windows Me. Windows Vista was more of a bloated pig than anything else (from a clean install, it was actually fairly stable, at least post-SP1, and especially post-SP2).

      Windows 7, however, is simply the best OS a consumer can use today. Properly configured, it’s every bit as secure as OSX (which really is mostly secure simply because it’s too small a target to bother with), runs far more apps, has superior graphics capability (thanks to DirectX 11) and supports more peripherals and services than any other OS.

      People like to bitch about Windows, but the truth of the matter is that there’s simply no OS on the market that can really compare to Windows for most kinds of use.

  • Alex

    Microsoft is not in decline. I have no worries about them. They have a keen business sense. When UEFI comes to full swing, they will eventually *force* all who need new hardware to buy Windows 8 or at least licence to run older versions since it will be very difficult to install anything else.

  • Thomas

    It is a bit silly to draw a conclusion by comparing to separate markets. A majority of Windows licenses are on PCs in offices and most forms of pads and mobile devices are not “office equipment”. Sure, there are consumers moving from laptops to pads, but that is not happening in the office, where -as has been mentioned by several posters- ergonomics and productivity at a desk is the main issue.

    I am not at all surprised to hear that Windows sales are down. We have just come out of a recession where a lot of office workers were laid off. Since they did not take their company PC with them, the PCs were put on a shelf in the storage room. As companies are are beginning to recover and expand their work force again, most of those employees will get a PC with Windows from the storage room. When the storage room is empty and companies expand further, then there will be an increase in Windows sales again.

    It is not a mystery and it is not the end of the line for Microsoft.

  • http://www.tipsinablog.com Daniel

    The majority of PC users are still on Windows. As others have mentioned above, due to the increase in mobile devices, there would be a change in the market.

    The one advantage that was spoken of often in regards to Mac’s was in relation to security.

    Windows is known to have many security floors, and is in constant need of a clean up.

    A little off topic, from my own personal experience, IE(Internet Explorer) is the last option I would choose if doing any browsing or work online.

    The reason is that, it’s a total CPU Hog, and I have also had major

    PC infections, due to it’s browser vulnerabilities.

  • http://www.bryonlape.com Bryon Lape

    More than a foot is in. The biggest driver of Windows sales in the strangle hold Microsoft has with hardware vendors. Take that away and Windows desktop sales decline heavily. Windows Server is a pure joke. Microsoft is betting the farm on BI using Excel as well. Balmer is in over his head.

    • http://www.ogretechs.com Jason Ward

      Windows server is a joke? Are you kidding? I’ve been a Systems Engineer for 16 years, my friend, and Windows server is the best server platform on the market. Linux has some great uses–web servers, mail servers and routers come to mind–but there’s really only one “joke” when it comes to servers, and that’s Mac OSX Server.

  • http://www.ogretechs.com Jason Ward

    I’ve worked as a Systems Engineer for 16 years now, and seen many “threats” to Windows, from Linux to Mac. To date, not one has made a significant inroad, Mac included. Today, Windows remains roughly 93% of the overall computer market on the planet. That’s not going to change any time soon.

    Two years ago I switched to a Macbook Pro as my primary computer. Inside of a month, I had no choice but to install Bootcamp, then Windows 7 x64, so I could really get some work done. Mac OSX, put simply, is amateur hour garbage, the kind of OS meant for a simpleton who needs his hand held every step of the way. And while Windows 7 x64 is rock stable on my Macbook, OSX Lion is actually not so stable. Apps freeze often (I’m intimately familiar with the “Rainbow Pinwheel of Doom” at this point) and usually have fewer capabilities than their Windows counterparts. Meanwhile, Win7 is fast, stable, and the OS itself has never once crashed on me.

    More importantly, when PC’s do crash it’s almost always been as a result of problems with a third party driver, not with Windows. A few years ago, there was a study conducted that showed roughly 85% of all Windows crashes were caused by drivers, and among those crashes, about 75% were caused by nVidia drivers (many will recall, nVidia’s drivers, particularly in the 2007-2009 timeframe as the industry began to shift to 64 bit OS’s primarily, were incredibly unstable).

    With all that said, once Windows 8 ships my plan is to dump both my iPad and my Macbook in favor of a Windows 8 tablet with a keyboard dock. I’ve used the Developer Preview a good deal and plan to migrate to the Consumer Preview once it becomes available next week (I’ll upgrade my Macbook’s crappy 5400 RPM hard drive to a 7200 RPM hybrid drive at the same time).

    At the end of the day, Windows is where you go for work or play. Mac OSX is, with very few exceptions, just a toy.

  • http://tru-travel.com Robert

    Well, WIN7 certainly turned me off windows… What was MS thinking?! everithing that used to be groupped together in XP and was accessible with one click is scattered and requires 2 to 3 menues to get to in W7… Yes indeed, what was MS thinking! Guys, you made using W7 a frustration not an experiance, no wonder Apple is thrashing you.. why change all the terminology? why put things that used to be on the left on the right? Why scatter everything? you think users got too much time on their hand and can spend minutes looking for things that could be seen in seconds with XP?, and, the scattering is not just in the interface, its in the network conections, in control pannel, you name it. Where the guys develloping W7 on LSD? Looking at the default scheme one would think so. Good luck with W8, hope it saves you or you are on the way out

  • http://Www.renomate.net.au Gregory Gregg

    Having used windows for almost 15 years, I finally took the plunge and switched to a Mac . Absolutely thrilled with the system and wonder why I left it for so long. If windows can oerate along the same lines, there is no reason why users should move away. I still run several pc’s with Windows 7 and XP Professional, as I do not want to run windows on the Mac. Hope Windows 8 offers more than just a new look.

  • http://www.mobiletechwebsite.com Randall Olson

    I do believe Microsoft Windows will feel the same wrath as IBM did when they ruled. But at the same time so will Imakemoney…meaning “IPod, IPad, IPhone etc.” The free world of computing which includes UNIX and other free software source application are making a strong note in the US now. Users are becoming much more independent and don’t need as much hand holding…with that said a lot of user are not afraid to take on free sources as they once were. So the garage developers such as Steve and Bill are beginning to feel the strain. Now large communities of developers are helping each other and making the world a better place without the stock price being a factor! Not everyone who leaves Windows goes to Imakemoney…sometimes they just go to…I’ll do it myself, you guys are not worth it!

  • http://spyimplants.webs.com don muntean

    Well I cannot use all my great windows based software on android – Windows isn’t on the way out and Microsoft ought to preserve the windows platform – on the PC – cloud computing will kill Microsoft if they’re not careful. I like windows and I don’t have any desire to use another OS – I have lots of software that NEEDS Windows so I need Windows…Long live Windows!

  • http://spyimplants.webs.com don muntean

    Oh and I think windows 7 is great – I use XP on one machine, windows 2000 on another and windows 7 on yet another – windows 7 is a stable and easy to use OS – I think they should leave it alone for awhile. If one keeps reinventing the wheel – the car can go nowhere…

  • Mike

    Yep. Windows is on its way out. Apple and Linux will prevail. I switched to Linux (opensuse) 2 years ago when my windows pc caught a nasty virus. I never looked back. I understood then why Linux wasn’t catching on. It was still rough around the edges but clearly heading in the right direction. Today I would not even think about going back to windows. My KDE desktop is clean, SAFE, and FAST, and I get to upgrade when I WANT to upgrade. Oh…. did I mention that it was FREE! So next time you want a new pc put that extra $400 into the hardware and leave windows in the dust!!!!! I am writing this comment on my $650 Intel P5, 16GBmemory, PC with upgraded graphics and Hard drive.

    I dare you to build a $650 computer with windows loaded. and 2 versions of anti-virus, and spy trackers, and maleware blockers. and whatever else you need to keep windows safe. And Internet explorer is a joke. Ask any web developer If he had a choice to get rid of any single web browser which one would it be?

    Linux has one hurdle left to conquer before it goes mainstream…. It has too many flavors, which would easily put off the average user to make a choice. But I predict that within the next 2 years one linux platform is going to shine and shine bright!!!

    • http://www.webdesigndevelopers.co.nz Pen

      I totally agree with you about Windows – a real virus magnet – I have had more than my fair share of those nasty beasts – I haven’t tried Linux, but I have to say I am falling in love with Apple – great for real-time back-ups with the Time Machine and real-time virus protection – and even with all this background activity it’s REALLY FAST!

    • Mike

      Forgot to mention that in 2 years my linux pc never crashed to the point of needing a reboot. If and when an app has a fatal error it basically dies gracefully and comes back even more gracefully. Oh and if I do decide to reboot, it only takes about a minute or less to shutdown and come back up. Windows can take 2 minutes plus just to shut down.

      PEOPLE! WAKE UP! Download your own version of OPENSUSE, Build a Live CD and try it yourself for free right from your CD/DVD without disrupting ANYTHING! YES! IT RUNS FROM A CD!!! Windows can’t do that. Or try UBUNTU, or DEBIAN, or anything. They will all be better than windows. If you need to use photoshop you probably need to stay on windows. But just about every other app is available for free. Spreadheet, word, presentation… graphics, etc….

      • http://whiteeagleaerie.com/ Nathan P

        Ummm… what about 3D gaming? Doesn’t work too well on Linux, you need Windows for that!

  • http://www.webdesigndevelopers.co.nz Pen

    I am converting to Mac in a kind of gradual way – first with my new laptop ‘Lion’ and more recently iPhone – but I still use my dual screen desktop with Windows for creating and updating my websites.

    I would love to be using Mac most of the time, but as a web designer I have too many fonts and software components on Windows and to change over completely would require a great amount of my time and expense. And I would still need to check my work on Windows.

    Percentage wise I use apple 30% and windows 70%.

  • http://www.freewebstore.com/flecktarnworldwide Kevin Gaskell

    People are sick of Windows. They are sick of it because it still continues to NOT WORK. Apple and now Android WORK. They work WELL and that is what people WANT. Windows 7 is just the same as every prior offering from Micro$oft. Works for a while then DIES a slow death till you are forced to REINSTALL. That is Windows. Android and Mac are streaks ahead in dependability, reliability and productivity. Count how many times in one day you become ANGRY with your PC versus how many times you get upset with your Mac or Android tablet. There’s the test.

  • http://whiteeagleaerie.com/ Nathan P

    I currently use Linux on my laptop and desktop. I was planning to keep going that way except for a gaming rig, but after some closer looks, I decided to go with all Microsoft machines for my future computer builds (except for my custom NAS box – that’ll run FreeNAS) including my home server.

  • TheMadMan

    As a web developer I am forced to use the Microsoft OS because I need to see how a well coded site looks in Internet Explorer after having been developed in Firefox.
    Normally I have to do a whole bunch of code degeneration to get IE to at least look presentable (for example, the CSS “border-radius” attribute has been on the books since 2002 – IE STILL does not implement it)
    To make matters worse, Windows starts getting seriously unstable after about 6 months resulting in a clean install twice a year.
    My next machine will be Ubuntu and I’ll install VMWare and have a VM with windows installed so that I can use IE when needed.
    As it is currently, I have my email, Skype, local web server and some other stuff all on their own virtual machines.
    This makes life a lot easier when doing a reformat and reinstall because all you have to do once the Windows is installed is install VMWare and everything is as it was! (All my VM images are on a USB drive so they do not get affected)
    I have noticed in various server logs that the number if visitors using IE is dropping steadily but the number of visitors using versions of IE below 7 remain for the most part constant.
    Does this mean that those visitors refuse to pay the demonic price that Microsoft is asking for their latest OS ?
    Probably !

  • http://www.vesta-tech.net Manila website

    Windows still rules, 10 years from this is possible.

  • Kevin Cowan

    Microsoft release an unstable version of Windows 95, and lowered the bar for software standards in order to capture market share. The Windows OS and it’s ugly little brother IE have been a bane in the software world ever since. This hardly merits phrases like “reigned supreme” and “ubiquitous.” If Michael Spindler or Gil Amelio had shown the common sense to a)include native support for PPP/TCP-IP in Mac OS 7.x; and b) had release a consumer line, the playing field would have been much different. As it happened, MS released an unstable version of Window 95 and let their customers debug the system for them. Further, if any system could be called ubiquitous and supreme, it would be Unix, which stood then and remains standing today as the best operating system in the world.

    Microsoft has demonstrated numerous times that they are unconcerned with producing a stable, secure, standards compliant OS, or even application. IE 8 and 9 STILL don’t support web standards, favoring instead to support isolated, ham-fisted and arcane MS technologies.

    The computing landscape will be better off without them, in my opinion.

  • //n/a...lol radford

    I learned cyberstuff on Windows (self-taught, as there was no one around at the time); I also learned how to yell & curse at the screen!
    Then, for Xma$ a couple of years ago, my kids gave me a reconditioned eMac. No instructions, no nothing. But I had NO TROUBLE in self-teaching my way into OSX.
    An Apple a day keeps Windows away !!! lol

  • Ojoj

    What about two feet deep in already? Having tested Win8 myself I’m not at all satisfied with the new features and or looks. When it comes to DTP Mac’s OS wins by more than a horses lenght! Are we still condemned to continue using both? Dunno!

  • http://www.whitneyspears.com Whitney Spears

    Most people I know prefer to use Windows and others can’t afford to buy Apple products. Not every computer program is compatbile with Apple which is a real bummer.

  • uldics

    Have switched some 5 years ago from Windows XP to GNU/Linux. Debian at start, now on Ubuntu. I do not believe that Microsoft is strong enough to get me back to Windows. At least I do not see it in next 5 years. Bling is not interesting to me. Functionality is. And I mean keeping old functionality and getting new alongside, not just forgetting and disregarding the old but good things, like MS tends to do. That is what I get on Linux – everything works for me. And nothing gets slower with years or breaks down or something.
    In my opinion, Windows 8 will just be a minor iteration on Windows 7. Nothing new. Maybe just a little new bling.

  • JAnne

    I have no desire to purchase Apple for day to day computing. Zero. I’m an e-learning developer and you just can run everything you need to get the job done on Apple devices. Not to mention they are ridiculously overpriced. But I do love my iPhone and iPads. Too bad they have no Flash though. BIG disadvantage for anyone in my business because Flash is still the way to go in e-learning, regardless of what all the new HTML 5 software developers tell you. It won’t be replacing Flash anytime soon and I just have no desire to make a square peg fit in a round hole.

  • http://www.webdesignjustforyou.com Eileen Forte

    I have a blackberry phone and an android tablet, but I do most of my surfing on my desktop. It’s easier to read, faster, and more comfortable to browse and search quickly.

  • Don Young

    I feel that Windows is past its peak and will decline – blame it on iOS or Android, but the reality is that Microsoft is no longer a leader in PC advancement. They gave up the leadership, now being fought over by Google and Apple. Will Apple continue to bring out products to capture the interest of the users? Or will Google built a whole new hierarchy with Android and Chrome to capture leadership? I have lots of questions, but no answers so we will all find out as time progresses.

  • SA

    Does Windows have one foot in the grave?


    Now, how can we make that two feet?

  • http://www.ArmorGlass.com Michael Fjetland

    I’ve noticed that even with a duo core Intel processor running Windows 7 that the computer runs SLOW as hell, and I see that damn circle thing causing me to wait, wait, wait, like the refugees in Casablanca. It’s CRAP!

    A friend of mine works for NASA. He has a quad-core processor, and that same damn circle even pops up on his computer. It tells me this is crapware that needs to be buried. My next computer will have solid state drive in an effort not to waste hours of my time WAITING for Microcrap software to do the most basic thing….

    P.S. Nasty letter to follow! LOL

  • http://www.herrickconstruction.net Gregory

    I have been using Windows OS from the beginning. I have never had a problem. I research before upgrading. I receive information that are critical to my applications and OS. The number one platform used when visiting my website is Windows. Corruption of a computer comes from the user. Every time I clean a computer I find that the user downloaded the corruption.

  • Ted

    windows will not die anymore than an IBM operating system will die. IBM, Windows, Apple IOS, MAC and the Unix variants will be around for a long time to come. Business depends on them. The iPhone is the wild card and in a few years as tablets become “phone capable”, wild cards will abound.

  • Stan Kossen

    I was a Windows man through the XP version, and then I switched to Apple. All my Macs have been partitioned to include the latest version of Windows, merely out of curiosity, but the Mac OS is amazingly superior, in my view. Maintenance with a Mac is far less demanding than with a virus-attracting, often-crashing PC with Windows.

    I will say that Win 7 has been a big improvement over past Windows versions. I tried to install the new preview version of Win 8 on my Mac, but after five hours I got a rejection notices from the Windows installer.

    I must admit that I joined the fanboy club, having owned an iMac, a MacPro, and iPad, an iPod Touch, and an Apple TV black box. This year my addiction will lead to acquiring an Air and an iPhone 5. Apple products are a lot like chocolate; they become addicting! Stan Kossen