Doctor Killed In Office, Gunman In Custody

    January 29, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A doctor in Newport Beach was fatally shot on Monday in his office by a 70-year old assailant, who is now in custody.

The doctor, whose identity hasn’t been released, had an office at Orange Coast Urology. It’s unclear at this time what the gunman’s motives were for the shooting, but the office building was closed down for the rest of the day as co-workers struggled to make sense of the scene.

“I sit right at the front desk; I would have caught the first bullet,” said Becky Calderwood, who works just feet away from the office. “This is nuts; people are just shooting everyone all the time.”

Witnesses who were in the building at the time said they heard six or seven gunshots, but some thought the noise was part of the construction that was going on nearby. The doctor was found dead in an exam room when officers responded.

The shooting comes at a time when any gun-related story is going to make national news, due to the extreme violence the nation has seen recently. Immediately after the Newtown tragedy, several states saw school shootings occur, although on a much smaller scale. People are nervous, and those who were left to see the aftermath of yesterday’s killing have a lot of unanswered questions.

“What’s going on with the world today?” said Kristen Cotty, who works on the floor above where the shooting took place. “I mean, schools, now I got to worry about going to work. This has got to stop.”

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  • Rhonda

    It doesn’t sound like this is from a video game killer and/or a mentally ill person like the nuts that do those mass shootings. This one sounds like there is a motive. To lump it into the mass shootings is short-sighted.

    • Vivelena

      It’s a cold blooded killing with a gun!! What difference does it make if it’s a mass killing? It’s a person with a gun who went into a workplace and killed someone!

  • Annette Powers

    What’s going to happen next? Everyone please pray for gun control. Prayers for the doctor and his family. RIP

  • Aileen

    What’s going on? Satan is alive and well, and doing his work through people, that’s what going on. We need to turn back to God, because we’ve turned away from Him. Things like this will continue to happen if we don’t turn back to God. Many of you will not like to hear this, but it’s the truth.

    • Jen

      I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.
      —Isaiah 45:7

      According to the Bible, evil exists because God is live and well.

      • vsmarty

        The Devil came to kill, steal and destroy: Jesus came so that we might have Eternal Life, and that more abundantly. God gave Man a free will to chose who to follow.

      • Tex

        @Jen; There are enough DELUDED minds in the world. Of all the thousands of gods that have been worshiped by many different cultures over the centuries, you think you’ve got the right god when you’re just believing what ever nonsense you were indoctrinated into as long as it makes you fell warm and fuzzy.
        Reason,logic, and critical thinking is the only thing that will turn this world around, not more delusional, wishful thinking. Delusional minds have had thousands of years, its time for a change.

      • Tex

        @Jen; There are enough DELUDED minds in the world. Of all the thousands of gods that have been worshiped by many different cultures over the centuries, you think you’ve got the right god when you’re just believing what ever nonsense you were indoctrinated into as long as it makes you fell warm and fuzzy.
        Reason,logic, and critical thinking is the only thing that will turn this world around, not more delusional, wishful thinking. Delusional minds have had thousands of years, its time for a change.

      • Tex

        Keep deluding your mind…all the thousands of gods that have been worshiped by many different cultures over the centuries, and you think you’ve got the right god when you’re just believing whatever nonsense you were indoctrinated into as long as it makes you fell warm and fuzzy.
        Reason,logic, and critical thinking is the only thing that will turn this world around, not more delusional, wishful thinking. Delusional minds have had thousands of years, its time for a change.

      • http://yahoo CINDY RONDEAU

        Jen, you are misquoting the bible!! Jehovah God is NOT responsible for ANY EVIL!! HE alone is the answer to the evil..Satan is the evil, and he is the ruler of this world, whether you want to believe it or not!! Like Aileen said, Satan works through the people, and we are listening to him!!!Stop listening to Satan, and listen to Gods word, the bible, and there would be less killing and the other violence in this world!! Not sure what bible you got that from, but Isaiah 45.6,&7 says: In order that people may know from the the rising of the sun and from its setting, that there is none besides me. I am Jehovah, and there is no one else. Forming light, and creating darkness, making peace, and creating calamity. I, Jehovah, am doing all these things.He is NOT capable of doing any evil, and to think that is wrong. Blame Satan, not God.

    • vsmarty

      Things like this probably will continue to happen as we near the End of Days, so we do need to turn to the author and perfector of our faith, Jesus our Christ, and get right with him. This will be our witness on Earth, that we love our Lord and listened to his voice, holding out Love and reconciliation, remembering to pray for those in trouble. the prayers of a righteous person(In Christ) availeth much.

    • Claudia Montano

      That is 100% TRUE!
      We need to have a spiritual life…is so important to stick to
      principles and values. Praying together..all the family is very powerful. We need to be strong enough to say “NO” to every thing
      that is evil. All of us knows what is GOOD and what is BAD.
      We need to start loving ourselves first and work with our
      Self – Esteem. When we feel proud of ourselves and when we accept ourselves, we start loving other people.
      It is also important to keep ourselves busy..trying to continue educating ourselves about everything that is pure and good to our hearts, minds and soul. Claudia.-

    • Rachel

      You are right Aileen.

  • Rita

    RIP and condolences to his family.
    Guns do not kill people….People kill people.
    If you take the guns away from Law biding citizens…only outlaws will have the guns…..the violence will only get worse if ordinary people cannot defend themselves. 22 years in law enforcement including maximum security prison have taught me criminals do not care what laws we pass,they would love to be able to commit their crimes without worrying about the victims being able to defend themselves.

  • vsmarty

    I believe that this story is propoganda also; The Obama-nation of our presidency has targeted gun control as THE catch-all topic of his legacy after the major FUBAR called Obama Care. He’ll want to leave some sort of legacy that has to do with social issues. Socialism seems to be the name of the game for him.

  • Stacey Bridges

    MEDS and M-16 DON’T MIX…

    Was he on ANY MEDS?

    Today the FDA and the FTC has ALLOWED the Pharmaceutical Companies, the AMA and the APA to OFF-LABEL SCHIZOPHRENIC Drugs to the General Public WITHOUT WARNING!


    As a result, of OFF-LABELING SCHIZOPHRENIC Drugs to the General Public SUICIDES, HOMICIDES, VIOLENT CRIMES and MASS SHOOTINGS are on the RISE in America!

    When the Commerical Disclaimer says this DRUG may make Depression Worse…This Drug may cause HEART ATTACK, STROKE, SUICIDE and SUDDEN DEATH.

    What they DON’T tell you is that this DRUG may cause SUICIDE, HOMICIDES and MASS MURDER…

    When they say this DRUG may cause SUDDEN DEATH, what they DON’T Tell YOU is that YOU could DIE within the 1St WEEK to 30 DAYS after taking this POISON…

    What causes SUDDEN DEATH is if YOU CRUSH, CUT or BREAK an SSRI an ANTIPSYCHOTIC or an ANTIDEPRESSANT Drug UP, and if you DON’T DIE right away this POISON will BUILD UP in your system and EXPLODE into a VIOLENT SUICIDE, HOMICIDE or MASS MURDER.

    I tell you this because a 30 day SAMPLE of ABILIFY KILLED my fiance in 30 DAY and it was the SIDE EFFECTS that KILLED him. Once the Doctor gave him this POISON she DIDN’T know how to TREAT him, her answer was CUT it in 1/2 or a 1/4. When that DIDN’T work they tried a TOXIC COCKTAIL of MEDs like CYMBALTA, VyVANSE and AMBIEN.

    In ONE WEEK he was DEAD from a GUN SHOT Wound to the Chest, the SIDE EFFECTS to ALL THESE DRUGS is SUICIDE within the 1st week to 30 days.

    WHAT MEDS if ANY was he on to DRIVE him to KILL…WHAT did the DOCTOR do that drove his PATIENT to KILL…


    Stacey Bridges
    Widowed 3Y And 23D
    Witness To The Pharmaceutical GENOCIDE Perpetrated On The American People Then Advertised On NATIONAL TV To The General Public For PROFIT! PURE EVIL!

  • Rose

    We can continue to blame the President until the cows come home, but just remember that while 1 finger is pointed at him -4 comes back at you. All the lies been told about guns being taken from law-abiding citizens are just that- LIES and scare tactics. The President’s commission and people of good will are making human attempts to resolve a long-standing American problem-gun violence. You can be apart of the solution or continue to be a part of the problem. hat will be your legacy?

    • vsmarty

      I don’t blame the president for gun violence. The issue is more like how society has developed a response to dealing with problems-violence. Instant gratification at the end of a noticeable attention getter, the GUN. Taking away our guns does not deal with these sort of social issues. And you can blame any reason for the increase, but Evil is behind the purpose.

    • Pam

      Well said Rose. I am amazed daily by the people being duped by the lies and the rhetoric.

    • reverence

      Rose I agree with you. I am glad someone is being realistic about the situation we are facing and understnd we need to get out of it. It took time to get there and its gonna take time to get out. Not a quick fix.

  • Martha Griffith

    If the President is so much for gun control, let his secret service agents put theirs down. What a hypocrite!

    • http://yahoo Amir

      You are a f…in ideot

      • Ken

        I guess spelling is optional, huh Amir? Who’s the idiot?

        • stephenf

          Who the idiot is, is somebody who equates a spelling error with a policy error. Clear enough?

      • Marie

        I can’t understand your logic…it is people like you (your mentality)is why the President and others need the Secret Services with guns for protection… you have people with mental problems (and uncontrollable anger) shooting others…indeed there needs to be some gun control. By the way, what he means by gun control is that not everyone should be allowed to have guns (mentally impaired in households of owners of guns and so forth). Decisions presidents make should not compromise protection for themselves as their role is chief. Every President indeed needs protection–and what is protection w/o weapons? So think again…hopefully, you can derive to rational conclusions this time.

      • http://amir bob

        mr amir you should go to school and take english classes and them maybe you could talk without the curse words.

    • Ross

      So law enforcement arent allowed to have better weapons than the public? I guess we should go back to bayonets and horses for our military too.

    • zack

      Youre stupidty is amazing

    • http://webpronews.com P

      why must everything be blamed on the President…he is not holding the gun…get a life

    • telliwood

      If the secret service was going around firing rounds at kids and doctors I would totally agree.

      • http://unk Lynn

        Government kills and goes free try Waco –Ruby Ridge
        LAPD –LACS and a multitude of others including Fullerton
        Cqlir and false warrants to gain entry into homes

    • Isabella Marilynn

      Martha that was a stupid comment u made about the president The secret service men has always carried weapons and you don’t hear any negative reports in the news about secret service men going on shooting rampages killing innocent people. We do have to protect our president and our country against people that don’t have respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Baron Der Von Cockenspakel

    The media will continue to make every gun-related assault front-page news until their king obama tells them otherwise. This is the “king”‘s attempt to brainwash his “sheep” into allowing him to seize every American citizen’s firearms. Why doesn’t the every-day fatal automobile fatalities caused by criminals behind the wheel even make front page news these days? I guess because king and queen oblasphemy aren’t interested in seizing everyone’s vehicles yet. According to FBI statistics there are an average of 30 gun-related murders in the usa each day. Compared to 115 veh-related homicides per day in the usa. Take guns away from all the good citizens and the only people with firearms will be the criminals. Almost 70% of homicides by criminals in the usa are used with unregistered/stolen weapons by felons who aren’t allowed to carry them. Do the math!

    • thelastyard

      You are correct.

    • Marie

      It has been reported that over 68% of the world’s population is ignorant re politics, and you fit right in to that percentage. Obama has done more for this country than many of his predecessors…for us all (college students, middle-class, poor and so forth). The rich don’t give a %#@&*^about your *&^%. If it wasn’t for the President Obama your ass would be working for the rich for $3.00, no union… He has said nothing about taking away guns from citizens (why is it that the unintelligible always have something to say in opposition of others). He is simply expressing that everyone should not be allowed to have guns (mentally impaired in households of owners of guns and so forth)–people with mental problems and uncontrollable anger should not be allowed access to guns…there needs to be some gun control). If you think outside of the box, new gun laws do not affect the citizens w/o mental conditions and criminal history, so what is the big fuss!! Get educated before you speak on issues.

      I’d like to add, I am White-American and have observed how some people in my culture cannot see the forest for the trees. Many opinions have nothing to do with the issue at hand, but everything to do with our President’s race. It is simply Pathetic!

  • http://webpronews.com P

    why do you have to blame everything on the PRESIDENT..he is not the one holding the guns…get a real life….

    • Rver2006

      P – I guess you don’t like the Pres. being blamed. Just like we don’t like a law abiding American gun owner being blamed for all the nut cases that use a gun to commit crimes.

    • david houston

      Yes, just about everything is Obama’s fault, especially gun violence. Obama cut the budget for school security by one billion dollars in the 2012 budget. Then came Newtown. Obama opposed any serious security for schools. Obama advocated banning all guns in Illinois as State senator. Obama takes his children to a private school with 12 armed guards plus secret service protection. But he wants no security for common citizens. Obama also does not want police around schools, who might catch illegal aliens. Take any issue, at bottom, Obama is the cause of our problems. Obama is the root of all evil. He is the best candidate for antichrist. They kept calling him the Messiah. Louis Farrakahn said he was the Messiah. At the Al Smith roast, Obama joked about not being born in Bethlehem, but with an unlimited narcicism, enjoyed the idea of being the Messiah. Anti-Messiah comes closer. Never have we had such total evil in the White House. Worse, there are idiots who support him.

  • Bryan

    Seems like the easy way for most cowards to deal with problems. As an gun owner I am sickened at the cowardice these people exhibit in dealing with lifes issues.Gun control is not the answer. There are way too many guns in this country for this to happen and work the way they feel it would. The biggest part of the equation is people. Nuts need to be locked up period. Until they look at this as the option the killings will continue. Not to mention we have a media that seems to sensationalize the killing by running it over and over and over again. When will they learn these idiots love to hear what they have done or others like them have done.

  • WenPow

    Again, people are overreacting to the gun-debate. All the recent legislature wants to do is LIMIT what TYPE of weapons are out there, NOT TAKE AWAY HANDGUNS AND smaller caliber weapons. Sheesh – get a grip, posters. This older gentleman seems to have had a personal beef with this particular urologist. For all we know, he could have been recently diagnosed with cancer and the doc missed it in the test results for MONTHS. It happens… Please — this is an isolated unfortunately incident…. and has NOTHING to do with the current laws being discussed by congress.

  • Ken

    Annette, exactly what do you consider GUN CONTROL? Aren’t we controlled enough by our government?! Do you really want to go there, I mean, do you want the government calling all the shots (no pun intended)? It’s the proverbial slippery slope, just ask any survivors of the holocaust. Or better yet, read up on American history and I don’t mean revisionist history that makes America out to be a huge bully. President Obama and his ilk aren’t after gun control – they want a socialist utopia. It’s never ever EVER worked and it certainly is not the answer to wanton violence. Get your head out of the clouds and be real, Annette.

  • Ken

    Hey P, Alright already with the “why do you have to blame the President…” You sound like a little snotty nosed kid for crying out loud. Oh, and he is to blame for many, many things that have gone wrong in the past 4 years. He’s just too damned arrogant to admit any of it.

  • rose

    I totally agree with Eileen, well said. Too bad people don’t believe.

  • Ramona

    Before jumping up and down about gun control, I’d rather hear more about the story. The who, what, when, where and most of all WHY. While I support background checks when buying guns and removal of assult riffles, that is all.

    Those wishing to do others harm, will continue to find a way to do harm. I am parinoid enough to ask what else is going on while big brother stears the public’s focus on each and every gun violence attack ? I do believe there are bigger issues that big brother is attempting to conceal or keep the public otherwise occupied.

    • Ken

      What assault rifles? You obviously don’t have a clue what an assault “riffle” (your spelling) is. You may think I’m nit-picking but an assault rifle can only legally be used by the military. Oh, and of course criminals have them – kind of worth mentioning. Assault rifle are those that can be toggled between auto, semi-, and something called burst firing. Nothing you can buy at a gun show, gun store, or on the internet “legally” is an assault rifle. You and MANY others skew the whole debate with your incorrect and irresponsible usage of the term. You might be thinking of AR-15 type rifles, which are nothing more than a semi-automatic rifle that can be used and is used by many hunters for hunting game, target shooting, and dare I mention, home protection. So, background checks is as far as this discussion should go, and incidentally they already do those. To get a CPL, I had a 2-month waiting period which included FBI, criminal record, psych, and undoubtedly other checks that I have no idea of. And, it’s also required to get finger-printed. Bet you didn’t know any of that.





    • CD

      A gun doesn’t have the ability to think, it’s the person who has the ability to reason. The problem is people don’t think, they just react.

  • thelastyard

    Don’t blame the gun, he could have done the same thing with a baseball bat. Would you all have the same opinion? I don’t think so, everyone so afraid on a inanimate object, be afraid of the evil person behind it.

    • stephenf

      Just plain stup!d. The point is that more people would do it with a gun than would do it with a baseball bat, or a knife, or a pipe wrench, or a rope. There is something psychologically and physically different about hands-on killing versus shooting. If you don’t know that, you shouldn’t be in this discussion.

  • Greg

    Do us a favor Sam and just don’t say anything- thelastyard is essentially right, criminals and unbalanced people will always find something to use to carry out their twisted agendas.


    In the 60s, a urologist my parents were friends with was shot & killed by his patient in his office. Not a new thing.

    • CD

      Really Norma! What are the odd of that.

  • J

    “The shooting comes at a time when any gun-related story is going to make national news, due to the extreme violence the nation has seen recently.”

    WHAT??????? Oh, so a shooting of a physician doesn’t qualify as “extreme violence”????? Holy Hell we’re all going into the crapper

    • stephenf

      Yeah…I don’t think that’s necessarily what that statement in the article meant at all…

  • Sandy Ebehart

    So sad. I wonder if his family & friends are having a discussion about politics and who is to blame…or if they are just terribly sad over this tragedy.

  • Inspector Clouseau

    I would say that the patient was pissed, wouldn’t you?

  • Frances

    I am 65 years and been married to a cop my whole life. Let me explain a few things. So we have to give up our guns. But consider this. Do you think the thugs out there are going to be without theirs, OH, THATS RIGHT. THEIR GUNS ARE NOT REGISTERED!!! SO WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE US. WITH NO GUNS TO PROTECT OURSELVES WITH. Sorry if I sound passionate. I am and the only way I’ll give my guns up is they will take them from my cold dead hands. Don’t be stupid about this , please give it some thought

    • Rick

      You are so right, who is going to protect those that don’t have weapons? The police?, nope they couldn’t anyother time. So if these lesftest think that we are going to give up our weapons think again…….We are to protect us, not the police. So you are absolutely correct in your post. THANK YOU.