DMX Isn’t Too Keen on the Google [VIDEO]

    September 20, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Apparently, internet technology makes DMX lose his mind (up in here, up in here).

Earlier this week, the Grammy-nominated rapper stopped by New York city’s Power 105.1 studios to discuss, among other things, Google. Not only is he not really into using the world’s biggest search engine, but he doesn’t really like the term “google” either.

DMX isn’t really feeling the word “blog,” either:

DMX does have a verified Twitter account, so at least he’s ok with that (or he employes a social media guy). We’re not sure if DMX really is this averse to internet technology, or this is just a bit. Either way, it’s pretty damn funny.

[via reddit]

  • http://blog.excellentpresence.com Harmony M.

    This is bananas.

    I felt exactly that brand of unclean when “blogs” first became the rage online, and “Google” left a greasy taste in my mouth for a long time. I even penned a none-too-entertaining kvetch over wtf “blog” even meant in ’03.

    Yes, I was annoyed. True – for a long time. But it’s ludicrous to see someone going off about this in 2012 and struggling to use a laptop trackpad. Srsly, DMX? How about he has not only lost his mind, but his “publicity,” and he’s “stuntin'” trying to get it back.

    Man, boo.

  • toby

    man hes on blow for SURE

  • chermie5

    blog is an abbreviated term for web log.