Dishon Murder Solved 14 Years Later

    October 2, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Jessica Dishon disappeared from her driveway on Sept. 10, 1999. She was last seen getting ready for school that morning and her keys and purse were found in the driveway where police assumed she was abducted. Over the years, several men were questioned and her neighbor David “Bucky” Brooks was once indicted with the case ending in a mistrial.

After an extensive search, Jessica’s body was found in a remote area that many of the locals used as a dump.

Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell said that several tips given to the department over the last few months have led to the arrest of Jessica’s uncle, Stanley Dishon. Exact details about the tips were not released.

“It’s a major relief for me to see something from that long ago move toward a resolution,” said Greenwell. “For years, you felt like you never did enough.”

Dishon most recently served eight years and eight months in state prison after being convicted of sodomy in 2005. He was due to be released from prison on Sept. 6, but was rearrested on an indictment charging him with sexually abusing a girl who was less than 12-years-old in 1982.

Jessica’s parents and grandparents never stopped looking for leads in their daughter’s case. Her grandparents passed away before the case was solved and her parents have not issued a statement.

Greenwell refused to discuss the evidence against Stanley Dishon or say what led to the lead in the case. Greenwell also refused to say if Dishon was cooperating with investigators.

“We haven’t talked with him recently,” Greenwell said.

Image from Daily Mail.

  • Interesting

    Most crimes are done by people familiar to the victim.

    Sadly, the police spend so much time and effort setting people up on the internet in an effort to protect kids and the reality is that many of those men are completely innocent. They were just set up. In my entire life, I have never met a victim who pursued someone on the internet. We had a case like that in our community. The decoy pursued the man for over a year and invited him 5 times to visit her. On the fifth time, he agreed to meet just to find out what the truth was. He was arrested after stepping out of his car and sent to prison. The man is literally sitting in prison and has never harmed a soul ever.

    Meanwhile, the police ignored real cases of abuse in our community and this makes me angry. They were too busy making money off of setting up people. (There is big money in setting people up on the internet and it costs next to nothing to do it.) Funny thing is that the police force is now under federal investigation for fraud so in the end, they may just lose all the money they made.

    Police would better serve the public by investigating real cases of abuse in their communities. This case is a prime example of the fact that in real life, the most victims of abuse are attacked by people they know. If police actually did real police work they would find real abusers and prevent real people from getting hurt.

    It really does frustrate me because honestly, it is easy for cops to stop abuse in their communities. All they have to do is go to the abuse shelters and follow up on leads. But hey, that takes actual work and setting people up on the computer is easy and very profitable.

  • GirlNamedJake

    One sentence –
    “her neighbor David “Bucky” Brooks was once indicted with the case ending in a mistrial.” Is all that’s given to this in the article, but the weight of that sentence is immense.
    That mans life must have been ruined. A mistrial means he’s had the spectre of this over his head since he was “once indicted”. It’s a shame such a small footnote goes to something likely so life-altering…