DISH to Add Offline Viewing to its Mobile App


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In a move that's sure to upset TV studios even more, DISH Network today announced that an upcoming version of its DISH Anywhere mobile app will allow customers to fully download shows and movies to their mobile devices. DISH has stated that the feature will roll out in an update to the app sometime before the end of 2013.

“Responding to subscribers who want an even easier way to fully utilize the capabilities of the Hopper with Sling, today, we’re announcing an overhaul of the DISH Anywhere app,” said Vivek Khemka, SVP of product management at DISH. “By year’s end, Hopper with Sling users will be able to remotely watch live and recorded shows and transfer recorded programs to their iOS and Android devices, all within the new DISH Anywhere app.”

The new feature will allow DISH customers with a Hopper DVR to transfer their DVR recordings to the DISH Anywhere app. Those recordings can then be viewed offline, instead of simply streamed. The functionality was previously a part of a separate DISH mobile app called Hopper Transfers, which was available only for iPad. The updated DISH Anywhere app will be available for iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones, and Android tablets.

For nearly over one year now, DISH network has been providing customer-friendly features through its Hopper DVR, which allows the automatic skipping of commercials. Content providers have objected to the Hopper, but courts have upheld DISH's commercial-skipping technology.