Dish Network Customers Can Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Online For Free

    September 28, 2012
    Chris Crum
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AMC announced today that it will offer Dish Network customers the first episode of the upcoming The Walking Dead Season 3 in a free live stream.

“In response to DISH taking away its customers’ favorite scripted drama series on basic cable — The Walking Dead — AMC is offering all DISH subscribers a special live stream of the hit show’s season three premiere episode on Sun., Oct. 14, at 9PM ET/6PM PT on AMCtv.com,” AMC said in a blog post. “This streaming event will run concurrently with the television debut so DISH subscribers who are fans of the series can experience this highly-anticipated premiere at the same time it’s available to all other cable and satellite subscribers.”

“To gain leverage in an unrelated lawsuit, DISH has decided to deny their customers access to AMC shows including The Walking Dead, the series that has shattered basic cable ratings records,” AMC said in a statement. “Although The Walking Dead is the #1 basic cable scripted drama for DISH customers, DISH has stated it has no plans to bring back AMC. DISH customers who want to watch the entire season at the same time as the rest of the country should switch television providers now…time is running out.”

Unfortunately, some Dish customers are locked into contracts, and it’s not that easy. People may be fans of the show, but don’t necessarily want to pay the large fee to opt out of the contract early.

Dish customers can currently sign up for access to the stream here.

AMC continues to run ads about Dish not carrying its network throughout its site.

In other Dish news, the company has announced that it will be bringing satellite broadband to customers on October 1. More on that here.

  • Carlos

    Thank god we can because my favorite show is the walking dead and I watch season one every day,and I just love the walking dead so much me and my dad lov it

    • Snyder

      I dropped dish just because of the walking dead

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    It’s Great news for every customer.the company has announced that it will be bringing satellite broadband to customers on October

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    This news really good for the people who are always watching the tv as well as always watching the business news.

  • http://Twitter Judy Causby

    I now do not like Dish. Why do they think they have to make our decisions. I am sure we, who pay them for the services we want, should think hard and long about canceling any service on a contract that we agreed upon when signing. They just broke the contract when taking a program away without giving any consideration for what we are paying them for. They are to guarantee satisfaction.

    • Ed Bennett

      You need the whole story. This is AMCs fault. They wanted a ton more money to renew thier contract with Dish, almost a 60% increase. This money has to come from somewhere, so that would mean an increase in what we pay for service. The popularity of thier new shows is what brought this about. So, think about that before condemning Dish network. Dish was not unwilling to pay an increase, just not to the tune of 60%…

      • Angie

        Well guess what Ed no other provider has raised their price that carries AMC so what is Dish Networks excuse. I agree…why is it ok for them to drop channels and not the price..they obviously don’t care about their customers because if they did they wouldn’t have dropped the channels.

      • barronb

        so i am not sure what it means to have broadband if you could please let me know si just got locked in 2 year contract and amc is what we went with dish for . to bad cant do a class act law suit for them breaking our contract thanks BB.

      • Stacey

        You are absolutely right. If Dish accepted terms such as these every time a contract is up for renewal then our rates would skyrocket. I appreciate Dish for standing up for us. They did it with NBC who eventually backed down. AMC will do the same. AMC are the greedy ones. Directv just increases your rates and says “sorry, sucks to be you”. Dish fights for us. I approve.

        • Rony

          Hah Stacey probably works for dish…kiss a$$

      • Brittany

        Boohoo. It’s not like AMC hasn’t been outputting AMAZING drama’s left and right. Instead of doing like other channels and just chocking their station full of reality tv they’ve been investing in writers and directors for legitimate content. Their devotion to actual movies and tv shows should be commended not ignored.

        It’s not like Dish couldn’t do what other cable providers do which is offer some channels as “premium”. AMC could be a premium add on and I’m sure many would have paid the up-charge.

    • dhani george

      We signed up with dish becsuse of what they offered. They are not keepig up their end of the contract. I am tired of Dish. I will be changing cable providers.

  • http://www.gofundme.com/helpbuildmomshome fanofthedead

    This is good news to me. I am currently stuck with Dish and I have been watching this show since episode 1 and I would really hate to miss any episodes because these two companies can’t agree.

  • Dave

    I am getting so tired of providers droppingshows or networks dropping shows , I might just cancel my sub to dish network. I am out of contract and am sick of their @#%&.

    • Rony

      Good for you!!!

  • Ed Bennett

    This is good news for those of us with Dish.. But, all the Dish bashing is pointless, as this came about because of AMCs greed. They wanted up to 60% more from dish to renew thier contract, so instead of raising our rates, Dish said no to them. I for one am glad they did.

    • Stacey

      I agree. I respect Dish for standing up for us. If they kept accepting all these fee increases then the cost of our service would skyrocket. This same thing happened with NBC. Dish fought for us and the end result was a renewed contract without nailing the consumers with higher rates. AMC will eventually reconsider their demands. There are too many Dish customers for them not to.

      • Rony

        Nah dishnetworks prices aren’t that great to begin with……AMC deserves to get paid more? They are the station with some of the best shows??? And all the other cable networks didn’t have an issue keeping AMC, so why is Dish having this issue??….if they have soooo many customers, why couldnt they afford to pay AMC a lil more, Dish network is full of a bunch of cheap a$$’s….truly a disapointment…DISH NETWORK SUCKSSSS 8==>

    • Brittany

      Boohoo. It’s not like AMC hasn’t been outputting AMAZING drama’s left and right. Instead of doing like other channels and just chocking their station full of reality tv they’ve been investing in writers and directors for legitimate content. Their devotion to actual movies and tv shows should be commended not ignored.

      It’s not like Dish couldn’t do what other cable providers do which is offer some channels as “premium”. AMC could be a premium add on and I’m sure many would have paid the up-charge. Instead you just dropped them.

  • Someone

    Stupid greed, ruins everything for everyone. If you guys are sad about missing the show, google “project free tv” they will have links to watch the show a few hours after it premiers.

  • linda

    Yup Probley dropping them to.

  • Chris

    10 other friends, family members and myself have already dropped Dish Network for this reason. We paid for Dish Networks service for the service they agreed to provide us when they canceled AMC The Walking Dead I and plenty more to come has and will cancel them.

  • Dish marketing exec.

    what a bunch of cry babies. if it was that big a deal to you then you would have already dropped Dish. I dare you, drop them, NOW, I mean right now… do something more than whine on some blog.

    • An unhappy dish subscriber

      This is coming from a dish marketing exec? This is how you keep existing customers?…. Your attitude is the reason why so many people are dropping dish network!

      • Rony

        As soon as I’m done getting other things paid and sorted out. I will definitely drop my Dish network service. DISH NETWORK IS A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!! DISH SUCKS 8==>

      • tim

        i will drop ur ass and i have done it thanks to u and ur stupid ass comment ur the dumbass exec for dish that has started this just remember me when u dont have a job do to ur custumers leaveing ur ass my contact wasnt up but it is now send me a bill and see how much u get out of me u falled to supply me shows and thats on u not me u falled it fullfill ur contract with me so kiss my ass and kiss my contract good bye ur custumers need to stand to pricks like u i hope u get fired or lose ur precious little job

    • Brittany

      Let all your AMC fans drop their contracts and I’m sure they WOULD drop you. I’d drop comcast in a MOMENT if they cut my favorite show off of tv.

  • http://com jose

    Im just gonna go to the inlaws house to watch it….I’m also gonna drop my dishnet. My contract is up.

    • Rony

      Good for you!!!!

      • jennifer

        i am also dropping dish-i want to watch my walking dead zombies but i also prefer comcast to dish because their on demand is easier, more varied and even though comcast is more expensive i think you get more for your money

  • Jane Michaels

    Free but all that buffering and millions trying to watch it at the same time. Don’t miss watching The Walking Dead this Sunday if you have Dish. Switch to DIRECTV Today! There is Still Time! Call 888-652-0478 to Switch!

  • reed84

    AMC has the right to raise their prices as a company. They have more than one of the top rated shows on the air and their popularity has gone through the roof in recent years. When demand rises, price usually does as well. I say cancel your contracts with DISH if you can.

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  • francine

    I think Rony is 12 and loves obama…plus i think Rony’s mom drives a Prius o_O Even more fail…

  • Sergio cortez

    A mi no me importan sus problemas dish/amc yo solo quiero ver walking dead.waiting for almost a year and then what.@$&#%

  • Bioniclepluslotr

    I switched to Charter because of this.

  • Rudy

    Long time Dish customer AND fan of TWD on AMC. Oh well… I’m not switching for “fiction”… I’ll take Glenn Beck over useless “circus” any day of the week. Dish is MUCH cheaper, and sells me local channels, while DirecTV says they can’t.

  • Mike

    I LOVE the hopper, best device out there AND I’m not switching providers AND I’m not watching the “Free” episode.

    I’d rather wait a year or two and watch them all at once, via streaming or blue ray anyway….

  • Jessica

    Craziest thing, DirecTV had a few days a couple months ago that we went without like 12 networks because Direct refused to pay what they were asking for them. One week later, we had every channel back without the monthly cost going up. Guess Dish doesn’t want to satisfy their customers enough. Or they just REALLY SUCK at negotiating.

  • Monica

    This is very very f…. Up. Why can’t they ask the customer of the network what they would be willing to pay to keep the AMC with Dish Network. I get thay more people whatch price should adjust granted but the amount should be fair for all. This is upsetting.

  • Slade

    This is bull! I pay my bill to watch what I want to watch! Not whay Dish chooses. I will be cancelling me services.

  • BoostBoy

    I just called Dish Network and asked to talk to a customer service specialist, I complained about missing my show “The Walking Dead” is a nice but concerned way. And they said sorry, and offered me a one time 60.00 discount on my next bill, and explained and walked me through the process to down load the episodes online. I know it won’t cost 60.00 to download all the episodes this season, plus they dish rep. Explained they may work out a deal very soon, and I may only have to download a couple of episodes. I don’t have a contract with them anymore, and I feel that’s was a nice move on dish Networks part.

  • Shana

    Well it would be great if I could actually pull up a screen when registering for the free premier! I filled out form and then nothing. I guess AMC Isn’t. compatible with iMac. This sucks. I was so happy to hear about it since I can’t watch my favorite show because of crappy dish! Oh we’ll I guess I’ll just have to wait and buy the episodes off of amazon.

  • Amanda

    Hilarious. I’ve had several TV providers over the years and at some point this happens with all of them. Comcast and ABB had the same problem. Contracts are eventually settled and for now, watch it at a friends house. I love this show but I won’t die if I can’t watch it!

  • joe

    AMC’S WEBSITE FOR DISH CUSTOMERS TO WATCH THE NEW EPISODE WONT LOAD. OMG I WILL BE PISSED IF IT DOESNT LOAD. Its probably cuz so many people are trying to watch it, their server is overflowing lol..

    Im cancelling Dish and switching, first Channel 10 TV news, now this BS.

    • Dustin

      I can’t get it to load either!

  • http://AMC Don

    After all the crap with Dish AMC better be getting the site up and running! Fed up with both right now!

    • http://AMC Don

      Already have cable coming and getting rid of DISH!

  • Anonymous

    I think after this stupid incident, many dish customers are switching. This is ridiculous. I’ve been so excited for this very day to come and the website won’t even load.

  • angela


  • dish rep

    the reason amc is not on dish network is because they want double the amount we offer anyone almost 800 million as much as i am a walking dead and breaking bad fan its not fair to others who are not amc fans we even offered to post them like a premium package like hbo but the would not accept there response was all or nothing unfortunately we couldn’t accommodate that. as far as the the company’s are concerned get ready for a price increase and its not there fault its amc’s fault for there greed

    • Royce Zook

      I am tired of hearing Dish Network’s lame excuses as to why they are always dropping stations. According to Dish Network, it is always the fault of the station and yet, when programming is downgraded, there is never any apology, or even better, a drop in the outrageous pricing of their services. I have been a loyal Dish customer for over 10 years but I get real tired of the constant switches in programming and their lack of doing anything useful about it. It is aggravating.

    • cher

      I have been trying for the last hour im so disappointed

    • Elizabeth

      Nobody gives a s**t why… We don’t care about your company or your feelings we care about zombies

    • Dish Customer

      Apparently Dish representatives don’t know how to use punctuation or correct grammer?

    • Barb


      • Barb

        Agreed that AMC is the greedy one! Love Dish.

    • angry dish customer

      That is bs and you know it.would it kill the people at dish to just be honest?also since your company likes to say it’s #1in customer service,why don’t the customers who are begging for their channels back have a say?because the ceo thinks we are ignorant,rural ranchers as he said…i’m none of those and resent him saying so.-

  • Shane

    Unfortunately the stupid livestream isn’t working.

    • michelle

      No, it’s not and I’m pissed.

  • Tim

    Here everyone this is the right one…pretty sure this other one is fake. This one is working for me! http://www.amctv.com/thewalkingdead4dish/

  • tim

    Just wait a day or so and go to projectfreetv.com and you can watch it.Sucks I know. But gotta do what you gotta do. I have to watch it there.

  • Disgruntled Dish Customer

    I think Dish Network is just as greedy. I just started getting Dish service. I specifically asked the sales rep if I would be able to get AMC so I could watch The Walking Dead. The rep never once told me that they were pulling the channels. Now I am locked in a contract. Guess I should talk to an attorney about class action.

  • Laura

    My husband is pissed, because we called dish a couple of months ago & they gave us a rouker to watch the show & you can only see older seasons on it. Sucks big time, we have had dish for several years & my husband is ready to cancel. Thought we could see it tonite, but of course not.

  • Javithecoolest

    I recently signed up with dish. In my opinion they were the best cable providers always caring about their customers, I saw that when I lived with my parent and that’s why I decided to go with them but I didn’t know they had dropped AMC that’s bull crap I am a fan of the walking dead and if dish doesn’t do anything to satisfy their customers by returning AMC I have no problem paying the cancelation fee and will get another provider. That show is my favorite show of all time, I have been waitng for the longest for this show. >(

  • Paul

    All I can say is wow. Corporate greed never ceases to amaze me. Dish network, I have been a customer since Apr of 1998. Tomorrow morning I will be scheduling Direct Tv hookup and canceling your service. Since I own my own DVR’s I should probably get them on EBay before the market is flooded.

  • Lourdes Hernandez

    Im in on class action.

    • Rick Volz

      Class action? Tell me more, I’m pissed!!

      • Kevin

        Please contact me about a class action lawsuit, hercules0031@gmail.com
        I’ve had to call Dish 10 times in 2 months about billing issues and double billing me for stuff and then charging me full price for free programming that was part of a package deal that I ordered, Really not happy with DISH, 2 days after having the service told them to come get the equipment and they ignored me and then 7 days later said that I was stuck in a 2 year contract

  • salte

    quiero ver walking dead estoy encabronado por que dishnetwork no lo tiene

  • http://nkne james nunez

    I have contacted direct tv. sianara dish!!!

  • jon lorfing

    I asked about specific stations when I signed up and ancient was one of them this should be a great call tomorrow

  • Elizabeth

    I haven’t been worried at all because I just found out two hours before the premier that I can’t watch the same show ive been following on dish since its first episode… Needless to say I’m the angriest I’ve ever been with dish.. I could have made other plans had I known.. Now how the hell am I supposed to watch my favorite tv show?!? I will calling dish first thing in the morning tO cancel!

  • Kenny

    This is bullsh%t I can’t watch the vest fucking tv show ever. Dish might even get some very wordy emails from me. Just lost paying customers fuck you dish network.

  • http://Walkingdead Michael

    Dish sucks

  • Emily Kimberlin

    Dish, you really do SUCK!!!!!! My whole family was looking forward to watching Walking Dead. Way to go pissing everyone off! I hope you lose your butts. Mediacom, we are coming back.

  • jazzy

    Cannot wait for contract to be over! Hate! Hate! Hate! dish network! 3 more months and I am switching! Was so excited to watch the walking dead and came to find out you turds took out AMC! I wish contracts would stick with what they offer and quit changing things on customers!

  • Jordan

    Wasting gas having to drive to friends house to watch this …. Yeh, this shows THAT important to me :p



    • tuffcuki

      What channel



  • fgdfhd

    dont worry guys dish is going to add more home shoping network prime time shows woopee am dandy

  • biggie

    just kiding dish network does suck . they give you a bunch of channels you dont want and take away the channels that are good . you see you have to pay for those home shopping networks there important to dishes profits so channels like amc must be replaced with more shopping networks and those big wigs need more money to buy more vacation homes .

  • Kevin

    Well since Dish so loves their customers and wants to give them whats best for them, please let me out of my contract. Hmmmm…… didnt think so! Nope and when I posted this on your facebook you deleted it and blocked me, yeah , Dish sounds like a bunch of winners to me! I don’t care what AMC wants , you have the extra money pay for it!

  • angry dish customer

    Dish is full of liars plus the ceo said we are all too rural to care about losing this channel.i want amc back so i can watch walking dead.btw it has nothing to do with amc’s rates dish is just trying to back out of their contract with amc.see mr ceo we aren’t the idiots you like to pretend we are!what an ass!

  • Sergio cortez

    Dish enjoy your last costumer.late

  • David

    Goodbye Dish!!

  • Sergio cortez

    Dish,thanx for bring back amc,people turn to amc channel and enjoy the best show of all times.

  • D.Maynard

    Imagine my surprise when tonite I find that the only reason I’ve been able to watch AMC these last few weeks is because DISH offered a “free preview” for all DISH customers. Well since they WILL NOT ala carte AMC,

    SAYONARA Dish you just lost a long time customer