Dime Sells For $1.6 Million In Fierce Bidding War

    August 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A rare dime minted in 1873 sold for a whopping $1.6 million at auction yesterday in Carson City, Nevada. And while most people reading this are probably thinking, ‘Who would spend that much money on a dime?’ the answer is, quite a few people, actually.

The coin was part of the rare Battle Born Collection and is known as the “No Arrows Seated Liberty” dime. Collectors from all over battled it out over the piece and several others in the Battle Born series, which no longer produces coins.

“Generally speaking, in the coin auction business, you might get a couple of people fighting each other as they bid. On this one, we had four or five buyers over a million dollars. We had a fair amount of buyers pursuing it,” said Chris Napolitano, president of the auction house.

Because the Battle Born Collection had one of every coin minted in 1873 and then closed about 20 years later, the coins are at the top of every collector’s list. In total, the auction sold 112 pieces for a grand total of $10 million.

Image courtesy of Heritage Numismatic Auctions

  • Sidingguy

    I can sure think of a lot of other things or even coins I would buy before spending 1.6 million on that 1873 CC Seated Liberty dime…Yes, it is a nice rare coin in beautiful condition, but how is it worth that much money…and who would buy it for more if the buyer wished to sell it in the future…?…with that much money, the buyer could probably have entire sets of coins or almost every US coin ever minted with very few exceptions…like no 1933 double eagle, 1913 V nickel, a couple of the early large cents, etc…

  • http://yahoo rocketboy

    It just proves that some people in this world have far to much free time and easy money to just throw away.

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    I fully agree with the statement of “rocketboy”. There are really so many peopel who have lots of free time and money to spend. Instead of operating their business, they do this nonsense thing and as a result they get loss in their business.