Digg Adds Dedicated Video Section to Meet 'Growing Demand'

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You could say that cats and porn make the internet go round - and you'd be right. But I'd counter that cat videos and porn videos are really what powers the internet. That and people hurting themselves (on video). And really great covers of obscure songs (on video). And local newscasters making fools of themselves (on video).

Basically, video is king. Digg knows this. According to the company, their video tag has consistently been the most-popular tag on the site.

So, in order to "meet the growing demand," Digg has just launched Digg Video, a video-only section on the site.

"Over the past year or so we’ve noticed something: people like watching videos. People really, really like watching videos. In fact, since we relaunched Digg two summers ago, our Video tag has consistently garnered more traffic than any other. Apparently the world is even more bored at work than we knew. In order to meet the growing demand, we’re proud to announce that we’ve launched Digg Video, a section of Digg solely dedicated to collecting and promoting the best and most interesting video content on the Internet. It’s the Digg you already know and love, just in video form," says the Digg team.

Digg Video works just like the Digg you're used to, but it's dedicated to videos and videos only. It's that simple.

For now the Digg Video section is only available on the web - but it's coming to iOS and Android soon. Now, you have three options when choosing how to Digg - regular, video, and of course, reader.

Josh Wolford
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