Dieudonne M’bala M’bala: Ban Over Anti-Semitism?

By: Toni Matthews-El - December 27, 2013

Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Friday that France is considering banning a comedian who has made a living repeatedly bashing the memory of Holocaust victims. Dieudonne M’bala M’bala has been fined numerous times for hate speech. At one point, he even ran for a seat in Parliament under the banner of the “Anti-Zionist List”, a party with far-right connections.

Valls admits to looking at legal ways to bring about an end to M’bala M’bala’s behavior as a result of complaints from the Jewish community as well as a sense that the comedian has simply gone too far.

“Dieudonne M’bala M’bala doesn’t seem to recognize any limits any more. From one comment to the next, as he has shown in several television shows, he attacks the memory of Holocaust victims in an obvious and unbearable way.”

France is seeing an emigration of Jews to Israel and beyond as the country has seen a rise in Anti-Semitic violence. The fact is that many Jewish citizens no longer feel safe.

Meanwhile, M’bala M’bala has not been silent about the criticism aimed at him by members of the French Jewish community. He fired back at prominent Jewish figures, threatening a lawsuit over a claim that his gesture is anyway similar to the saluting of Adolf Hitler. His now infamous gesture is something he says stands for his anti-establishment and anti-Zionist views. He says that his physical expression is simply not Anti-Semitic.

Roger Cukierman, head of the CRIF umbrella group of Jewish organizations, is not convinced.

“It’s the Nazi salute in reverse. Very clearly, Mr Dieudonne is developing a nearly professional anti-Semitism under the cover of telling jokes.”

M’bala M’bala is openly critical of Jewish policies as they relate to Palestine. Despite originally participating in left-wing anti-racist politics, his opinions and performances have become increasingly negative towards Jews, leading to numerous fines.

If Interior Minister Manuel Valls has his way, he’ll be bringing down the curtain on Dieudonne M’bala M’bala once and for all.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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  • gmartin

    these are absurd lies… Dieudonné is an extremely gifted comedian, and does mock every and all religions. In fact, il is rather the jewish organizations which have decided to shut him off definitely. The French population does not appreciate this kind of community behaviour, which contradict the freedom or our Republic.

    • Michael Goldberg

      The French community are a bunch of mice lead by the Hamlin piper. Always have been. Always will be. A bunch of very weak people. Viva la France. Lol!!

      • julio21f

        Yeah sure and you probably don’t even know about what happened in France in 1968 or way earlier in 1789.. when the US weren’t even a Country yet…
        Come on.. a little decency here towards a bunch of people you surely know shit about. At least think of the French, alongside any other nation’s citizens (we usually don’t talk about a community to describe natives of a country in this very country) as human beings.. just like you – I hope – but with a different culture. This kind of comment is exactly what’s corrupting France nowadays.. and it looks a lot like good ol’ fascist days from the inside!!
        Would you have been living in the 40s, I would bet on you finding support and comfort in the waffen-ss.. although your name definitely sounds the opposite! Funny to see how things have been crooked over the years…
        You should try spitting your xenophobic speech on appropriate hostile websites.. it sounds too collaborationist here

  • Kone cezariau

    I totally do not agree with your statement. In fact Mr Dieudonne is a genuine comedian who want freedom of speech. And I believe the juif communauty must be careful koz Mr Dieudonne might be more stronger than them. Therefore they must arrange a true discussion rather than try to destroy his career which could not be possible in 2013.

    • Michael Goldberg

      You want freedom of speech? You still can’t yell fire in a movie theatre you dumb Franco. But I can and will say you’re an ass.

  • http://www.lenwe.info Lenwë

    The facts of this article are just a plain copy (or translation) of the bullshit we can read in the French newspapers about Dieudonné.

    Dieudonné criticizes 2 things : the Government and communautarism. He’s also a big troll. You can’t understand his humor and ideology if you don’t watch his sketches and videos. For example, his now famous “quenelle” gesture is not a reverse nazi salute as the journalists like to say but means “deep in your ass”, to denounce the misdeeds of the Government and communautarism to the whole people.

    The cases of antisemitism are extremely rare in France, but the large Jewish community and the indelible stain of Holocaust in our history make that even minor antisemitism cases will always appear in the headlines of newspapers. On the other hand, racism cases are increasing, especially against native French people because of the communitarianism of a bunch of immigrant communities that the Government was (and is still) unable to manage or to integrate properly. This is what Dieudonné criticizes mostly and why he gets qualified of antisemitist and racist by the press.

  • helloo

    what a liars!!!!! dieudonne is the best of the best, and he make lough more on blacks, white, chinese, etc than zionist. what is the problem with this people????

    dieudonne is not racist and not anti-Semite

  • patriot

    I don’t believe in the holocaust.I know how history come to be and if they control the media -they also control our history—there was less than half a million jew there at that time but 6 million got killed?–really–gas chambers?where?

    • outraged

      patriot you are a complete idiot. Even the germans admit to the
      gas chambers and murder of 6million. As for controlling the media and history play another tune this one is old and boring

  • http://jhntenn@charter.net Joel

    This Nazi bastard should be forced to travel to Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Dachau, so he could understand what was not so funny about the Holocaust. I’m not certain what M’bala M’bala translates into but by my definition it has to mean total A**hole.

    • Ron

      M’bala M’bala is a name, which means it probably doesnt translate into anything.


      • Mbala Mbala

        ”M’bala” is a name. It’s a family name which means: ”the guardian” or ”the one who protects”. ”M’bala M’bala” can be understood as ”M’bala the second” or ”M’bala II”

    • Dogg

      Patriot, lern more about Dieudonné.
      You want to know if he has ever been in to Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Dachau ?

      So check this vidéo on Youtube:

      So tell me where if he is antisemitic or not?
      You decide !

  • sara

    nazi ????? dieudonne? he make jokes on every one an why not on Zionist too??? everyone loughs except Zionis?

  • Michael Goldberg

    Mbala diunidonne or whatever your French name is. Grow some balls. Your country is made up of followers and idiots. What other country allows to be taken over by fascist nazis? Now what country allows anti-semitism to arise again? The dumb spineless French. A french comedian spouting anti semitism? Now there’s a man with balls. Pussy!

  • Michael Goldberg

    Why don’t you French try fighting against a good cause. FIGHT AGAINST THE DEVIL. It’s a lot harder but it’s worth the victory. DON’T FIGHT WITH THE DEVIL. It’s easier but you always loose.

    • Christophe

      The devil is you. Jewish personalities like Bernard Henri Levy (Philosoph Billionaire) were still recently advising the rest of France through the controlled media to go and make war in Syria (same media that got us into Lybia), war which I am sure you would have been happy to see us get involved into for the profit of Israel. You are the manipulative little coward. We French stopped Arab imperialism in Poitiers with Charles Martel and we will stop imperisalism again. Don’t give France a bad name just because of the second world war. France has always been a great nation and still is.

  • Dan Brown

    So much for Free speech.
    Who are these people who decide what can and can not be said? Who made them the Gods of discernment and what is their agenda?
    The establishment can silence all criticism under the auspices that someone somewhere may be offended by a political remark.
    Don’t speak on Immigration, racist!
    Don’t speak on the program of undermining homogeinity of nations as part of globalisation and the UN’s agenda 21, conspiracy theorist!
    Don’t speak on Zionism or the injustice perpetrated on the Palestinians, anti-Semitist!
    Don’t talk of the fraudulent bankers that should be in prison rather than buying private Islands with our money , hate speech!
    Don’t make that gesture, it can be interpreted as an inverted Nazi salute, Nazi!
    Don’t wear that hat, don’t wear those clothes, don’t walk that way, don’t talk that way, don’t think that way, don’t type that way!

    This was always the goal of political correctness,to censor, to divide and conquer, the idea it protects anyone from anything is complete pretence other than it protects the authoritarians and master criminals being unmasked.
    It is thought control designed by the social engineers, those technocrats and minions of the ruling elite. Where do people actually think these social trends come from, that are coincidentally enforced through legislation by government around the world, if not some globalist funded think tank? Mere coincidence perhaps that politicians with supposedly diametrically opposed ideals all think the same way and are always highly supportive of such phenomena?

    I have the right to call the French government authoritarian scum, their democracy a sham and their sovereignty a hollowed corpse with the heart delivered to the globalist bankers on a silver platter and they in turn have the right to refute it and call me a conspiracy theorist.

    It is not just France though, it is the same across most of Europe, the commonwealth and the US.
    In short we are all being subjected to same tyranny whatever our politics, creed or gender and we are all being herded toward the same cattle carts.

    If you don’t want to be any more a slave than you already are (and we all are)then at least stand up for free speech and the right to individualism and independent thought.
    The globalists not only want population reduced (by the way all Western indigenous populations are dying- ageing populations, rising death rates and falling birth rates – a fact that is nicely swept away by the tidal wave of mass immigration) they want that population remaining to be dumbed down and completely under their control.

    Check the facts of what I say, it is from their own mouths. You just need to apply a little critical thinking as to why things are the way they are and read between the lines.

    Peace all.

    • sylvain

      Well said my friend ;-D

      • sylvain

        Ihave quoted you on FB, you are speking the truth, I hope the quenelle will be adopted by the UK for all the one that got enough of the system crushing us !

  • sylvain

    I am french and i’m not anti-semit, that’s our medias and zionist movement,who try to make believe that is an anti-semitism gesture to discredit a political french humorist. if you don’t know how medias and politics are walking along hands in hands in france , now you know. Dieudonne was against the policy of israel colonisation, and the crif, is still trying to make an amalgam between anti-semitism and anti-zionist. his gesture is just anti-system and anti-corrupt governement anti-free speech! But as we got a lot of Zionist in the gov’ ‘manuel valls, dominique strauss khan, bernard henry levy,laurent fabius’ they try to censure him and do a big polemic of it, it’s like a second case of Coluche (if you know him)! And a lot of people give support to Dieudonne for the freedom of speech! i don’t think Anelka will do that gesture if it was really a racist gesture!