Dick Clark to be Celebrated on “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”

    December 28, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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ABC announced today that its yearly New Year’s Rockin’ Eve countdown will this year feature a tribute to Dick Clark, who died in April of this year at age 82.

A two-hour special will air at 8 pm EST before the yearly countdown show begins. Titled New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Celebrates Dick Clark, the show will be hosted by Jenny McCarthy from Times Square, and by Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie in Los Angeles. It will feature American Bandstand clips and other famous Dick Clark moments from the past half-century. The performances will reach back as far as Johnny Cash in 1959, Sonny & Cher in 1965, and The Doors in 1967. Other featured artists include ABBA, Beach Boys, Blondie, James Brown, Neil Diamond, Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Stevie Wonder.

Though Dick Clark rang in the new year on network television for four decades, a stroke in 2004 left him unable to perform his hosting duties as he had in the past. Just days after Dick Clark’s passing in April, ABC announced that Ryan Seacrest will be taking over as the host of the new year’s countdown. The news didn’t go over well on Twitter, though that didn’t deter ABC or Seacrest.

Following the two-hour Dick Clark tribute, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2013 will begin at 10 pm EST and run until around 2 am.

  • Nicole

    Thank GOD he’s not doing the countdown this year. Wow, these last years have been painful to watch him try to count to 10!!

    • Carol

      May you never suffer a severe stroke, work your hardest at trying to get your life back again only to have people say the same thing about you.

      • Kay


  • Tspoon

    Thank goodness some things are still sacred.

    • Bonnie

      So agree with you, so people are so mean!

  • Bonnie

    So happy they are doing the tribute, NYE will never be the same again RIP Dick!

  • Kyla

    I grew up watching American Bandstand and NYE it won’t be the same without Dick Clark..RIP, dear one. I’m glad they’re doing the specials on him. :)

  • Doug

    Dick Clark was no saint. From his Bandstand bully pulpit he partially owned and/or directed the fortunes of local Philadelphia record labels like Parkway, Cameo, Swan, Jamie, Chancellor and others to immense personal advantage, promoting their artists and making them famous via show appearances. For those who care or remember, these artists included Fabian, Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydell, Chubby Checker, Freddie Cannon, the Tymes, Orlons, Dovells, Dee Dee Sharp, Duane Eddy and many others. Although Alan Freed was the scapegoat, Clark’s questionable ethics were far more profitable.

    • recordfetish

      This is so true. Clark also was well known as an absolute terror behind the scenes of any show he produced. Anyone who messed up or caused the show to run behind schedule had to face his wrath. Still, I remain a fan. Will be curious to see how much longer Clark gets top billing (if any billing at all) on the New Year’s Eve program….

      • http://yahoo susan

        I knew Dick for over forty years, and knew him well. He was kind, funny and affable. He worked to help countless others succeed in the business; both as performers and industry professionals. Fifty years ago, this kind and generous man helped a young , newly married painter to support his family by giving him work , even unnecessary work in his offices and homes so that young man could support his family. Dick’support helped build a successful remodeling business for a man who was nobody to the world. That man, my husband, was and remained one of Dick’s closest friends for a great many years.
        That is the real Dick Clark.
        Goodbye Dick. You gave three generations of teenagers a face and a voice. No one in this business will ever be your equal.

  • Larry

    I think Dick Clark would be proud of and would definetly approve of Ryan Seacrest taking his place on Rocking New year’s Eve. If anyone can do it, Ryan, it is you.

  • Amy Handaly

    This new years eve will be so different without Dick Clark. We will all miss him very much.

  • Patty Newell

    I grew up watching american Bandstand, I miss Dicfk Clark as much as I miss American Bandstand and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve won’t be the same without Dick Clark.

  • Patty Newell

    I grew up watching American Bandstaned I miss Dick Clark as much as I miss American Bandstand and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve won’t be the same without Dick Clark, he will be missed alot.

  • Scott

    The world’s oldest teenager will be so so missed, I watched him from near the start & watched him keep going long time after his stroke, he didnt know how to stop. His legacy run’s rich with awesom memories.

    It’s because he knew music is an escape from reality, not only did he know we needed an outlet, buit he provided one as well, a man that not only see a problem but also has vision to take concept & make it a reality. Well done Sir.

  • Patty Newell

    I grew up watching A merican Bandstand I miss Dick Clark as much as I miss American Bandstand, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve won’t be the same without Dicfk Clark, he will be missed alot.

  • Patty Newell

    I grew up watching American Bandstand I miss Dick Clark as much as I miss American Bandstand and I will miss Dick Clark on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve ALOT TOO. Dicfk Clark were the best in my eyes.

  • Rico

    Whether people like the selection ABC made or not, the legenday Dick Clark handpicked Ryan Seacrest to take over. So it is written, so it shall be done.

  • Debby

    New Years Rockin Eve will not be the same without Dick Clark. You will be sorely missed. It is very fitting to do a tribute to do a tribute to you Mr. Dick Clark. I watched you on American Bandstand. R.I.P.

  • ED

    Not even death can keep this old boy down! Dick Clark will return as a Zombie! It will be called Dick Clark’s “New Years Rotting Eve” and feature the Zombies of Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin…..

  • joan l delaney

    Guy Lombardo was better than all of them. He was the actual Mr. New Year for many yrs before Clark.

  • Cee Cee

    I have many memories of growing up with Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, etc. My oldest sister liked it, in particular.

    But, his passing and the birth of a new year calls attention to a ***much bigger issue***. That is that we all have a certain amount of time on this earth (82 years for Dick Clark). Then we “cross over” into something new…and eternal.

    As we cross over into 2013, I encourage each of you to ask Jesus Christ into your heart so that when you cross over into eternity, that new experience will be joyful. ******Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sin and to come into your heart to be your Father, Savior and Lord. God loves you so much and sent Jesus to die for your sins so that when you are no longer on this earth, you can be with Him in Heaven. Then you will have not only a new year, but a new life and new purpose and real love. I did this in 1979 and have never, ever, ever been the same (I am being transformed by His love day by day and I pray that you too will take that opportunity.)*******

    Happy New Year!

  • Sabrina

    I’ll make sure to tune in. Dick Clark’s American Bandstand was a big part of my childhood, as was Soul Train. So sad both TV hosts died in the past year. RIP to Dick Clark and Don Cornelius

  • DC Fan

    Damn now we have to watch that fruit cake Ryan seacrest, we have hit an all time low abc, what a terrible replacement. I refuse to watch the countdown , abc sucks

  • justin

    I think Ryan seacrest is the perfect replacement for dick clark.

  • Patty

    The phone rang just as the #1 guest on the American Bandstand Show was announced, so I missed it…. Someone please tell me who was selected as #1.
    Thanks & Happy New Year!