Diane Sawyer: Slurring Causes Drunken Rumors

    November 7, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Diane Sawyer, like most news anchors and reporters, was exhausted last night. But Sawyer, who covered Hurricane Sandy in depth right before election night, may have taken too much onto herself, and it showed in a big way on air last night.

Sawyer is battling rumors today that she was drunk or high during her coverage of the election after she slurred her words, repeated herself, and mispronounced Obama’s name. Reps for ABC say she was simply extremely tired, which accounted for her propping herself up on her hands against the desk at varying points during the broadcast.

“Diane’s been up for days and she’s had many sleepless nights. She was covering the hurricane and then preparing for the election broadcast. If you knew Diane you’d realise she’s one of the hardest working people on television. She likes to cram things in, she likes to have every fact at her finger tips…and I think that came at the expense of the broadcast,” a source told the Daily Mail.

Sawyer wasn’t the only exhausted person covering the big night; Brian Williams seemed to have a bit less patience than usual during interviews, hardly cracking a smile all night and letting his professional news anchor guard down a little when he talked about “weed all over the ballots”. He also reamed Donald Trump, who was live-tweeting during the election results, saying, “Donald Trump, who has driven well past the last exit to relevance and peered into something closer to irresponsible here, is tweeting tonight.”

  • cathy

    people need to get a life… I don’t think she was drunk at all

  • Mtrtke Pietsch

    I watched Diana part of the time Election night well as her evening news. She speaks slowly for that her style. I did not hear any
    slurring. Had I, I would worry if she was having a stroke.

  • Leah White

    Perhaps it was a combination of exhaustion and a prescription med., or perhaps there was a blood sugar problem. She should see her doctor for a complete check-up to be on the safe side.
    She is my favorite prime-time news anchor, BTW.

  • jenna

    I’m pretty sure that is flat out drunk….not tired! You can tell by the way her speech goes up & down…she never talks like that any other time. Too bad the network didn’t pull her off the air…it makes them look bad.

  • http://WebProNews Joan Leavy

    Come on critical America, give Diane Sawyer a break. I would like to see any of you judgmental people have a schedule like hers. You would be slurring your words too. Drunk???? How about taking on too many assignments and being overly tired? Let he without sin, cast the first stone.

  • Carmen Thompson

    If diane sawyers was drunk shame on her. But if not leave her alone and mybe she will comment on this before we throw her to the wolves. Really! Let’s hear what she has to say first.

  • http://aol.com Phil St. Pierre

    At first I thought it was the TV but DIANE SAWYER’S head movement delivering the nightly 6:00 PM news is weird and detracts from her delivery. Every word she says creates a move to the right or left,up or down,nod or frown,sigh, shake and even the long pause gets a movement.The pause means somethings stuck in her throat I guess. Some words get the double or triple move in all directions, in case you missed the first one. Or while making a positive statement ,her head moves in a negative mode, left-to-right. Even the Sign Off gets the left-right-up-down and the sad look. Reviewing comments I was amazed that no one else picks it up. Me …. I switched to FOX news…CLEAR AND BALANCED HEADS !!

  • Ashley Williams

    I think she was exhausted. I totally act like this when I’m past the four day threshold of no sleep. And at her age, its pretty bad for her.

  • Debra

    Did anyone mention yet that yesterday was also Director Mike Nichols’ Birthday – aka Diane Sawyers’ Husband… I can see where some celebratory eats before air, plus a little red wine, some cake for added sugar levels plus an extremely grueling schedule these past couple months could make anyone go slap happy / punch drunk on camera.

  • http://yahoo indigo

    Donald Trump has completely lost all credibility. I used to think he was a very responsible man, but now he has become a blubbering fool!

    And please take that squirrel off your head!

  • Penny

    I think unless you were in her shoes, you might want to take a look in the mirror and judge the reflection looking back at you! Just sayin!

  • http://yahoo indigo

    Diane Sawyer was not drunk! She did look exhausted and tired. Maybe it was lack of sleep and food. But I can tell you that she was not drunk.

    • http://yahoo john smith

      diane sawyer is trash–should be fired imediately–a mouthy disgusting person!

      • catarina

        shame on you john..you obviously dont like women

  • Mark Space

    I notices it before Sandy and commented to my wife that she appeared to have had a mini stroke. The woman appears to be ill, get her help.

    • Ruth Warren

      Yes, it definitely sounded more like a mild stroke than anything else.

  • jimnjoy

    This is typical of the media. Their “self-importance”. Did she think that the world would come to an end if she wasn’t on-air every second? These people give me a headache.

  • C. E.

    How many of you have gone through a hurricane and then recovered right afterward? Shock and exhaustion is hitting almost all of the ABC staff and the results are different with everyone. You sit up for 4 days and work flat out with almost no down time and see if you can even see straight or even talk right!

  • Linda

    My worries would have been a stroke not drinking!!! People who are way overtired and a little older should be concerned with a stroke. What a bunch of fools badmouthing her.

  • Michael

    I more apt to believe the explanations that she is simply exhausted. She is basically the face of ABC News right now and with Sandy and now Election Night, she’s just been working too hard. What she needs to do right now is take “up to” a week off. Take a break from reporting news and checking up on news. Just seriously relax and get some sleep. And if Robin is up to it during her recovery, go and spend some time with her. Just take some serious time off and rest.

  • Dodgeabullet

    If Diane was not drunk, and indeed extremely tired then shame on both her and those that schedule who should have realized her limits and scheduled someone else to do the election coverage. America deserved a clear headed coverage; not a blubbering idiot!

    And by the way, where in any context of race would Barack Obama be considered a white man? Really?? What was happening with those covering this election???

    • carla jaxson

      He has one drop of sperm in him from a black man….maybe. Seems that’s ALL we know about him. Is there a DNA test showing that his dad was who he says he was??? Besides, a child is whatever the MOTHER is..not the father. So, okay…he’s a man with a drop of black sperm, making him a white man with a little bit of black in him. He’s not black. Or not 100%…we can say that we have the first BIRACIAL president…but NOT the first black president.

  • mary handley

    Taking all info in stride do you think she was the only news anchor/journalist out there exhausted, covering the hurricane and the election? Did anyone else look and act like Diane Sawyer?

  • Lou

    All anchors had problems covering the election. I am sure it is not easy to deliver the fast paced news of last night with someone constantly shouting in your earpiece.

  • http://amazonwevbinar cherry razek

    well ive been a big favorite of diane sawyer and i feel she was tired and not drinking.the network wouldnt let her cover such an important election coverage drinking or drunk as some people have tweeting

    • Phyllis Sowell

      I totally agree. Give her a break. She has been up for hours and all of us behave differently when we are tired,

  • Denny

    How about letting Diane Sawyer speak for herself. You commenters have put her on trial and accused her
    to find her guilty. There was no proof submitted to determine if she was under the influence or just tired.
    These kind of decisions and decision-makers is part of the reason America is so messed up. Don’t you think we need to straighten out our mess before it becomes an impossible task? OR … don’t you care?

    • Kat.

      Hi Denny,
      I completely agree with you.
      You other folks who had negative comments should take a look at what the people of New York have been through.
      Dinae Sawyer lives in New York,do you think she was immune from all the terrible effects of Sandy?
      Give her and Brian Williams a break!!!!

  • http://yahoo Marie

    I don’t think she was drunk at all,i believe she was tried and excited.She is delivering major news.

  • Valerie

    She isn’t slurring a ton, she is just somewhat chatty and oblivious.

    • Jen

      This is probably one of the most responsible comments to the story. Let’s give people the benefit of the doubt for the professionalism that they exhibit each day. If it were a trend, that would be one thing. This could be dangerous because slurring sometimes means a slight stroke. Let’s pray for her instead of jumping to conclusions.

  • http://yahoo alci luna

    Please, some people needs to watch their words, this is a very professional woman you are talking about. I think she was exhausted, she has been working non stop and she probably did not get any rest.

    Dear Diane go home and sleep,sleep, sleep.

  • http://yahoo.com dave fineberg

    Hey diane , your funny when your hammered. What are doing friday night we could meet and do shots of schnapps. Wanna go ?

  • Jamie

    She did great. I didn’t even hear her slur. Her voice was just a little lulling at times. Her thoughts appeared completely coherent. Give the lady a break.

  • Sheri Boesch

    I love Diane and was shocked to see all of this because I noticed nothing. It makes me nuts the way TV stations use their anchors to death. In fact in some cases there have been deaths. I’m praying for Dianne and just hope everyone gives her a break. She is such a dedicated, loyal, smart, addition to ABC news.

  • NikL

    I didn’t see Sawyer, but Barbara Walters couldn’t get words out to save her life. I don’t know if she was tired or what, but it was so painful to watch that I turned the channel. I really doubt Sawyer was drunk; she’s been a professional too long to something like that.

    • carla jaxson

      I think Diane was just tired….geez, people, are you all so perfect that you’ve NEVER misspoken??? You all seem to think you’re so perfect that you could never make a mistake….oooops…I forget that YOU are…lol. I’m the first to admit that I’m not.

      And poor old, ugly Barbara is just OLD…since she had Paula Deen on her show, “The View” about being overweight and said that “this is a show about fat people and, well, Paula, you’re fat”. Old demon woman…emphasis on OLD, Babs……..

  • olivia

    I really don’t think Diane Sawyer is capable of that lack in judgement.
    She is a top notch reporter. Did anyone think she could have even had a small stroke?
    You are to quick to judge.
    She did look very tired, and her job is very demanding. Maybe she can take some time to sleep and just relax.
    She deserves this! Carry on Diane.

    • http://dianesawyer lucy alvarado

      diane,is a top-notch reporter,but between george & her surely they should give them some relief from airing,bring in someone else to fill their shoes and cover all the reporting that has been going on,and i gurantee they would slur too! they look so tired as it is,they are really troopers and should be commended !

    • patti steward

      Diane Sawyer has a history of booze and pills. Don’t enable her.

  • http://yahoo jhwaller

    I would rather listen to Dianna drunk than Bill O reilly and his cronies somber. Looks lke the lady was just over worked.

    • mt

      I would rather listen to Bill O’reilly drunk than Diane the Douche Bag sober.

  • Patricia

    Why doesn’t Donald Trump shut his mouth and keep it shut….just sayin

  • brian

    More than just tired. She can’t stop running at the mouth.

    Too much Xanax?

    • http://Yahoo Claire

      you got it

  • dj

    Good God, aren’t we a critical bunch. Perhaps you have never worked the kind of hours that she has, and have never been that exhausted. Well, I have. And I have a job where I am “on stage” in front of lots of people at a time. I regularly work 15 hrs a day for weeks at at time under incredible pressure. And I slur my words when that tired, and can hardly hold myself up. Give her a break. She is a workhorse. And has a very stressful job~ both physically and mentally. I am 10 years younger~ cannot w\believe what she does at her age. She is doing an incredible job. I suppose all the critical ones go to work at 9, take a lunch and go home at 5 and completely forget about their work until tomorrow?? Walk a few days in her shoes . . .

    • http://Yahoo Claire

      Don’t ever watch her but caught a few minutes last night and decided to just find another report. Almost all the new people are getting long in the tooth and need to go now. Although most of the women think they can keep up. then too I don’t think they dress professionally and I would like professional for news not would be fashionistas emulating Mrs. Obama with the bare arms. Men wear suits and ties, women should wear business attire.

  • Steve

    In today’s world of blurting out anything over the internet, this reminds me of my now deceased mother-in-law. She was accused of being drunk on the job given her slurring of words at work. In fact, she was diagnosed with ALS but not until the damage to her reputation was done. She was humiliated for having a cruel, disabling, life-ending disease.

    No one knows why Diane Sawyer was slurring her words. I was taught that if you do not have anything nice to say about someone then you should keep quiet. Unfortunately, the complete opposite is true today.

  • sawweed

    I think Diane did a wonderful job, maybe just a little tired from all the reporting she has done in past the week .I watched and maybe just did not catch it. She in my opinion is a great reporter and is always on the go. Don’t know if i were in her shoes,I could do the same. Like my sleep

    • http://WebProNews RG

      Diane really needs to hang it up. Never did like her! She forcefully puts emotion into her discussions and she bores me. And last nite really hit the nail on the head. She thinks she bigger than life and all of her competition when really thats all she has is a big bank account because television executives over hyped her and gave her big fat contracts!! Please, just get off the air. You are ruining your profession!

      • http://yahoo Kelly

        RG, if you don’t like her why did you watch her?

    • Vickie

      Did a great job? Well, what’s all of the hoopla about then???? Some people need to know their limitations!!!!

  • john

    Diane Sawyer ALWAYS sounds as though she’s slurring her words, even during the evening news, that’s why I never watch her.

  • http://Yahoo! Rita

    there you guy go again, wouldn’t you be tier after covering all that news She just doing her job. het I like her good job covering H. Sandt and the election. Now get some rest

  • db

    Sawyer seems to have frequent migraine headaches. I see her left eye drooping many times as she agonizes during nightly broadcasts. I can’t stand her NWO liberalism but she may have had a bad headache and/or over-medicated for it.

  • D

    It is possible she was just very tired. I get like that when I am extremely tired and sleepy and I don’t drink.

  • Nick

    She is a juicer, 35 years dry. Drunk knows a Drunk.

  • mary

    Diane Sawyer is a class act, an excellent reporter, and a compassionate and caring human being. She has been running on very little sleep with all of the events this month….cut her a break, and quit coming up nasty accusations.

    • Lola

      Don’t be so critical unless you know for sure, POSITIVELY!, that she was drunk!!! Tired people slur words and sometimes don’t make sense. Give her a break!!!

  • Steve Bryson

    You would all fill badly if she was sick! If you watch the nightly news you will see she is out working and doing her news. I am sure she just doesn’t come in and set down for 30 min. and go home. Look at all the work she has been doing on the hurricane story!
    I’ll keep watching her nightly news. And I hope she is OK

  • shanta

    Dian,is awsome and amazing,hardest working woman on t.v.Give her a break !I think she done an wonderful job,I’ll choose her to talk over Trump anytime !

  • HMPlatt

    This is aweful, i can’t believe they let her continue like that, i use to think very highly of Diane Sawyer until i saw her last night, what ever the problem is get some help, that had nothing to do with being tired, you do not have to work that hard, at your age,you have done it all, time to cut back with all that, let somebody else, take the reins, it is time for you and Barbara Walters, to leave with grace and respect for your craft. It’s time.

  • http://WebProNews RG

    Diane really needs to hang it up. Never did like her! She forcefully puts emotion into her discussions and she bores me. And last nite really hit the nail on the head. She thinks she bigger than life and all of her competition when really thats all she has is a big bank account because television executives over hyped her and gave her big fat contracts!! Please, just get off the air. You are ruining your profession!

  • barbara

    A drunk Diane Sawyer is still better than a sober anyone else…I love her!

    • http://WebProNews RG

      Is this Barbara Walters talking? LOL

  • http://WebProNews RG

    Time to put someone with good looks, grace and class in her place like Elizabeth Vargas

  • jyoung

    I watched the whole broadcast. I am 71 years old, do not take drugs or alcohol. I was completely sober. I thought she did a great job. Showed respect for all of her co-anchors. Kept the show going. I am wondering about all the complaints. Maybe your listening ear might have been drunk!

    • http://WebProNews RG

      Maybe you didnt have your hearing aide in and seeing glasses? That was nothing but rambling “which she normally does anyway”. I felt bad for George and all the others because they didnt know how to cut her off being she was probably the top correspondent at this time. Not anymore!!

  • http://yahoo.com Gary

    Seemed more exhausted than drunk. She spoke in complete sentences and mantained a poised and steady thoughtful stream of commentary. And kept her humor and quick wit on point. Have any of you trigger happy snipers ever been worked hard and gotten little sleep for 10 days in a row. You get dingy, a little silly, or in Brian Williams case you can get grouchy. Come on, ABC would have pulled her during a commercial if they thought that she was drunk.

    • Merri124

      I agree. Especially with George S sitting right next to her. If there was something really bad going on, he would’ve stepped in and totally took over. There has been so much packed into the last week, they must all be overworked and totally drained. I know how I am after one night of no sleep. Can’t imagine how they are right now many nights of no sleep. Grabbing cat naps here and there doesn’t do the body good. At least not for me!!! Plus she is getting older and the brain just doesn’t work as well at times. She could have a disease/condition/neurological thing going that no one knows about either. We don’t know the health problems of the “celebrities”. That is their private business. I am sure if she is battling something health or otherwise, we will hear about it soon. Otherwise, leave her alone and worry about yourself and your families and not slam someone you don’t even know at all!!1

  • Tami

    Be aware that slurring is also a symptom that someone could be having a stroke.

    • http://WebProNews RG

      Very Possible She does show signs! Maybe signs of early seniality! Did I spell that right?

  • Sondra Y

    Please give her a break, she is and always has been an amazing journalist.. why do we have to dissect and judge every action. She has been covering the Hurricane and the election and probably numerous other things. Instead of judging her send her some love, appreciation and respect for her commitment to keep us informed.May she be blessed and she is a blessing!

  • Scamuel Jones

    Drunk or drugged up or just a plain retarded moron? Either way she’s not the only one who’s drunk or slurs words at ABC. Barbara Walters has been doing for the past 40 years, but then she’s a perpetual drunk! And poor old Brian Williams over at NBC has become about as irrelevant as he claims Trump is! BOTH Williams and Trump are irrelevant POS SOBs!

  • Connie Burke

    Well, all I can say is I wish I had been drunk and maybe I would not be so sad today that we as Americans have to watch this country go down the tubes another 4 years!

  • http://prowebnews lyn

    been there done that with no alcohol involved….im 60 and if im with people when i am drained physically and mentally…i tend to try really hard to make people think i am still with it…it never goes well!!!

  • Sondra Y

    When I get extremely tired I slur my words. I know other people that slur their words when they are tired.

  • KD

    I know a lady very well who not only slurrs her words when she is extremely tired, but she also begins to stutter which she does not do at any other time. What ever happened to giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

  • steve

    I’m sorry, I love her to death, but she’s drunk IMHO – this is not the mannerisms of someone who’s tired, taking muscle relaxors – love her, but she appears drunk – I watched the whole video and she botched several common words – if the truth could be known, I’d serious bet $100 that she was drunk.

    • CJ

      I saw the coverage live. Didn’t think much of her delivery until I found the article on the internet. I slurred my words the day I had a stroke. Don’t be so critical!

  • Carolynn

    Maybe she’s sharing 7:00 a.m. cocktails with Hoda Kotbe and Kathy Lee Gifford.

  • Cheri

    Here’s a thought Maybe she’s diabetic

  • person

    ok honestly i have to say get off her back. the poor woman’s exausted and when you try to seem awake in the middle of some huge thing, it generally either ends up you fall on your face dead asleep or you look like you just finished the 8th pot of coffe, mixxed with a little rum or tequila.as a high school student who had to watch this for a homework assignment, i have to say shes did rather well for following up on sandy (shoutout to all the peopple o the east who had to deal!) and then doing the election. ease up you hypocrites!!!!!

  • Joe LaCerra

    I have never seen her before, so I am watching cold. She’s drunk, pure and simple. I have no feelings, yea or nay, about her as a TV personality. What I see is a woman who is drunk.

    • sawweed

      do not cast stones until you know the truth

  • Sandra

    I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. It could have been exhaustion… maybe. But why would the network bosses keep her out there when obviously something was amiss? However, if there is indeed a problem, we’ll soon know. Remember Jessica Savage?

  • rebecca

    did any of you turkeys think that maybe she might have had a stroke, which can cause slurring of words too. there are many possibilities as to why she was slurring her words, especially considering what is happening up that way, with Sandy and this new storm that is hitting them. People shouldn’t jump to conclusions and wait for a reasoning as to what is happening with her.

  • http://yahoo Charles

    These people must think she has an easier job than she has. She spoke lucidly and appropriately and didn’t miss a transition. She seemed to be happy and joyful and perhaps tipsy. But if you can do your job that well drunk then moe power to you. She did seem tipsy though but she knew where to draw the line. Almost inappropriately joyful, but she probably voted for Obama.


    ooo my Goodness shame on each of us in this society Dianne Sawyer must have been exhausted I hope she has some rest and if she covered both events bless her heart then it stands to reason she was slurring now check her heart and make sure she has not suffered a stroke praying for her and her family I’m concerned too she has really contributed to the media for many superior years one tyme something happens and I have read nasty negative comments but by the Grace of God go……. I u me us

    • cherylannemarie

      I agree with you regarding the negativity! I didn’t/wouldn’t have noticed “slurring” she seemed really tired to me. The woman works very hard and to be slandered like this is atrocious. I doubt she was drunk! How many things can 1 person do and be perfect — noone is perfect. People just love to spread rumors and be mean all hiding behind their computers/phones. This should not have been printed!!

  • nyako

    Has some thought is Diane might have a mini stroke sytoms from the slurred speech

  • Laura

    I have the utmost respect for Diane Sawyer. She appeared tired. I have recently seen a weatherperson on my local station who was either intoxicated or medicated. Unlike Diane, she was stumbling over her words. If Diane didn’t make sense, that would be an issue–but she seemed to know exactly what she was talking about.

  • Mury

    There are lots of reason rather than being drunk to slur your words. Is she a diabetic, TIA stroke, exhausted. Remember she is no spring chicken and exhaustion can do strange things to a body. I think she is too much of a professional to be drinking while reporting. I just wish folks would give someone the benefit of the doubt, rather than jump to the worse conclusion first. Seems it’s the same folks to like to see train/car wrecks and then be holier than thou. :-(

  • Herb Fischer

    Seen her stagger a bit. Too bad.

  • Michael

    hmmm, maybe I’m watching the wrong video…but I didn’t hear any slurring goin on…

  • Jew

    She is old – Strokes for sure

  • Herb Fischer

    Brian Williams should slur his speech after having his head up Obama’s ass for the last 18 months.

  • olive_r

    Oh, golly, yes, she was much brasher than usual — Diane is usually pretty restrained. But, frankly, I didn’t hear slurring. Could this not be a slur against her?

    • Connie Hudnall

      I agree with you.

    • NanetteFab

      I agree Olive…she is very talented, and that is definitely a tired, ‘slurring’ of speech. I have been there, done that with lack of sleep. It does not indicate drunkeness! Yes, she probably needed a good nap..but hey, can we use all this criticism and energy to start ACTING upon all the issues Americans continually VOICE? Get off your lazy derrieres!

  • Connie Hudnall

    Give the woman a break. She has been awake almost constantly since Sandy hit. She has to be exhausted. I admire her for the job she has done.

  • Simon

    I’ve been there done that and yes slurred from lack of sleep she looks very tired but not drunk.

  • Connie Hudnall

    I would like to say a little more. She is one of (if not the best) news person to come along since Walter Cronkite. I don’t know why people are wanting to criticize her. Give the lady a break. How well would you do if you had been through what she has been through in the last few weeks.

    • Donna

      Yeah, Connie, I agree with you. Diane has done and always does a tremendous job of reporting. And so what if she was tipsy, she deserved a little drink if tha is what it was, for all her hard reporting over the past few horrific weeks! WOW! all you self-righteous people, get down off your pulpits.

    • Bonnie Leist

      You’re absolutely right!!Give this responsible lady a break – she has a right to be exhausted – she’s no spring chicken, but quite a competent lady. She was tired. Haven’t you ever been tired after days of emotional turmoil caused by Sandy, and then being in the spotlight of such a rollercoaster! Good Grief. We’re suppose to be compassionate when a really good person falls a little because of human emotion. Hang in there!!!!!

  • johnson karen

    Networks are putting too much cashe on there anchor icons and should redistribute their talent more constructively.

  • Jaunq

    She was more Julia Child than drunk. Fatigue me thinks.

    • Katherine Nicholas

      She is still a pro at what she does.People need too stop all the hate. What is wrong with people? Why are they so mean and so full of hate. Is this what our young people are being taught? If so I feel sorry for people over fifty.

      • Marcella


  • richard

    Diane is a pro. We all have a bad moment now and then. She always has my utmost respect. Richard

  • mgc94520

    Diane sawyer was Drunk as a skunk

  • Lucy

    That bitch was drunk.

    • http://megsmither.com Meg

      Watch your mouth. How dare you speak of someone you don’t even know and to speak of her that way is without tolerance . Try doing her job before you even open your mouth.

  • L.C.

    The reactionary, republican Diane Sawyer may have thought Romney was going to win and started to celebrate ahead of time.

    • http://Yahoo.com sandra kendall

      You people that have made comments about Diane Sawyer and not knowing that she had been up for 3 days straight without sleep are rotten to the core.why don’t you get the right information before you start spouting off about something you don’t know?.It’s best not to say anything if it can’t be nice.

    • Beverly

      Diane isn’t a republican, can’t you tell?? I am so sick of biased news from the 3 networks….they need to join Obama in the unemployed line. You would think people wouldn’t be as stupid to re-elect him again…..UPM

  • cara

    Diane Sawyer is bipolar. Maybe she was very tired from Hurricane coverage and went into the election tired. Possibly her medication relaxed her too much. She was not drunk. She is an upstanding newswoman who has come a long way in her career. Why don’t people ever commend others? Give her a break.

  • David Paul

    Give Diane a break. She is a Professional who has been putting in long hours at the expense of sleep apparently. I know I get droggy
    and prone to be less than perfect when extremely t-i-r-e-d.

    Can you do better?? — A question to those who like to be critical.

  • Dorothy

    It doesn’t matter that you people say she was drunk. I’m sure she was totaly exhausted. I wouldn’t blame her if she threw a few snowballs your way in defense. Dianne is one of the best reporter’s I have ever watched. I don’t believe she would appear on National Televison drunk. When a person is so tired and without sleep you will slurr your words and mispronunce your words. Try it sometime and you will find it happens. God Bless you uninformed people.

    • Marcella


      • Roxanne

        I hope that is all it is-exhausation-it was the first thing epoeple told me about my sister right before she was diagnosed with ALS. I hope it heaven it is not that

  • Hugh Drummond

    Give me a break. The lady is in her mid to late 60’s, works tirelessly and professionaly, and even if she had a nip or two too much last night, she was totally coherent. So what if she slurred a word here or there. She was totally professional and fantastically entertaining, rather than that sober judge Stephanopolus who was sitting next to her. I thought she was totally delightful. Kind of like Auntie Mame’s best friend Vera.

  • Boni

    Can people get a grip! Why is it that ppl have to think the worst
    of every situtation?!!! These same ppl that start these rumors couldn’t do her
    job blind-folded yet they confuse being overly tired to drunk. Heard of slap happy ppl?Like it’s never happened to you? Incredible…!! Really?

  • elsa


    I think you need to retire while you are still at your best.
    So people will remember you as one of the best ever.

  • cheryl

    Hats off Mrs. Sawyer. If I put in the hours that you do, I would do more than slur words, I probably would have stretched out under the desk and got me a power nap. Voting is over, now it is time for you. Get some rest and take care.

  • Carol Hughes

    I think she may have had a TIA (mini stroke) she is after all in her late 60’s and has a stressful job. She has been on the air pretty much non stop since Sandy and I slur when I’m extremely tired and I’m only 50.

  • Jim Smith

    She doesn’t sound drunk, she sounds like an overpaid liberal prompter reader.

    • Marcia


  • MIchael Fjelstad

    I don’t know what people are talking about here. She was animated and that is all. She made some good points about the democratic process. If anything, she seemed happy about the process. What is wrong with that? I thought she was being very genuine unlike the rest of the talking head robots like George and the gang.

    • Marcia

      I totally agree with you, Michael. Brian Williams was the same way: loose, personal, spontaneous, and funny. I think people forget that on election night, these newscasters are speaking off cuff (as opposed to off the teleprompter). I’ve seen plenty of drunk people. They don’t string their words and sentences together the way the brilliant Diane Sawyer did last night.

  • joe k

    Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life Diane!

  • carol wesley

    is sawyer diabetic? uncontrolled diabetes can make one sound and act drunk. . .maybe someone should get her to a doctor. . .

  • subduedjoy

    Lol. It’s nice to see such a hardworking person loosen up for a change.

  • Lynn Hughes

    Diane Sawyer is a professional in the highest sense of the word. She has been available to report nearly around the clock for a week and is gracious and poised at all times. She showed enthusiasm and complete control of the situation. I would call any of you scandal mongers to hold a schedule like hers and continue to converse without pause or stutter for hours on end.

    • Marcia

      Thank yo Lynn, for your thoughtful and rational take on Diane Sawyer’s performance last night. I thought she was amazing and have nothing but respect for her.

  • Sally

    I think you guys should think about what you say ….she could have been having mini strokes….or diabetic low or high sugar will make you slurr…have some consideration ppl!!!!!!

  • Barry

    She was not slurring, she was salivating over Obama, every time she talks about him she does the same thing !!!!!

  • steve ehrlich

    WOW!! The look on George Stephanoupolos’s face is chilling. She sounded like Dan Aykroyd impersonating Julia Child. I’m amazed she didn’t do a Dave Barnett impression and say “Go-ahead run is at fifth … on what Obama is insisting on calling a botched robbery. What actually happened was his henchman”…I’d be shocked if ABC doesn’t fire her and she’ll have to go to the bush leagues, Current TV or E! Entertainment.

  • MRyan

    She may have suffered a mild stroke and/or she could have an undisclosed illness, such as MS…remember Annette Funicello?

    • http://yahoo.com veronica

      i too think she should be checked for a maybe stroke

  • http://yahoo.com Dana

    Why is this even an issue? What about the fact that ABC took eight minutes longer than the other networks to announce and post Obama as the winner? Please someone confirm this I couldn’t believe it!!!

  • lueylaw

    Just another LIBERAL IDIOT all up Obummer’s butt.!!!!

  • Tammy

    Come on people, How rude can you be. Did it not occur to anyone that she may have been having a mini stoke. People jump to to many occlusions without having all the facts and not caring if feelings get hurt or not by spreading rumors. GROW UP

  • Deb Fild

    Yes. She was clearly drunk. The pattern of speech and excessive talking were clear indicators. However, before we judge, almost every individual has made poor choices in life. Myself included. I hope that whatever stressors are in her life she is able to deal with without a substance.

  • Milan Jackson

    My opinion, if she was drunk, a drunk Diane Sawyer is better than almost any other news person sober.

  • Lyndon Girvin

    The No Agenda Show featuring Adam Curry and John C Dvorak have been discussing this topic for several months. Diane is a lush.

    Check out noagendashow.com for information months ahead of the mainstream media.

  • Terri

    Why are people so quick to assume she was drunk? She is a professional woman and I am sure of all nights to get drunk she would not choose election night to drink!! She was either extremly tired or was having health issues.

    • darlene

      Thank you, Terri, for your insightful and very intelligent statement. Thumbs up to you!

  • JimmiP

    If any of you showed up drunk to work you would be let go on the spot. In the real world that is grounds for immediate termination.

  • Doran

    Yes, I think we have to wait and see what was wrong. My husband said last night that she seemed drunk, I wasn’t watching consistently enough to really notice, she just seem ebullient in the short clips that I saw. Looking at the videos today, there was obviously something wrong – and the most interesting thing is to watch the faces of the other newscasters and reporters. I’m surprised someone didn’t just help her off the air and let someone else take over. But please, wait and see what actually was going on.

    • Tammy Talmadge


  • Clayton

    I wish I had been there, I would do her I don’t care if she is a lush !!!

  • http://Yahoo.com Mary Ann Hitchcock

    Leave Diane alone. She has worked hard and was very tired. I dare say the same thing could have happened to you if you had lost as much sleep as she.

  • Pamela Phillips

    I totally believe Diane Sawyer was dead tired, because I too have been that tired and embarassed myself during a college presentation. Of course, I was extremely embarassed, but the professor observed just how tired I was – slurred speech, could barely stand up straight and I was confused when trying to make sentences. I ended up saying, “You know what I mean!” and the classroom broke out in laughter. It was a Senior Project and I had been awake almost three days straight, so I felt quite happy that the professor understood and she released me from class without finishing the presentation and I went home to sleep.

    Everyone is so quick to make this incident into something it is not which is extremely unfortunate for Sawyer, who will now have to defend what occured, as well as wonder if anyone believes her story. I know there are others out there who have been in this situation, so please give the woman a break!

  • Tammy Talmadge

    Clearly Diane Sawyer needs help whether it’s for alcohol/drug abuse or a physical ailment. It’s not an isolated incident. Everyone’s exhausted right now so that’s not a fair excuse. ABC needs to step in and get her help whether it’s admitting her to a hospital or a treatment facility.

    • M. Ellen Anderson

      You are an idiot, Tammy

  • http://pukekomekuto@gmail.com pukeko me. kuto

    Before the election it seems like Diane Sawyer is imagining herself walking with Mitt Romney to the altar or laying on the beach a’la “From here to Eternity” while being kiss by Mitt Romney. When she woke up Diane Sawyer couldn’t accept the fact that President Obama won the election.

  • Janice

    I don’t care about Diane Sawyer’s slurring, she is and always will be a great reporter.
    Drunk? I don’t think so! tired of all this Election business aren’t we all, who is going to miss all those calls from all those places we don’t know anybody from? Let’s don’t attack anyone else for we know not what was the underlieing cause? Have’t we had enough attacks on our American politaians, superstars etc?? Where is our tolerance and respect let’s not bash, let pray for our America!!!

  • Pamela

    Jokes are OK, but anyone who actually believes that Diane was anything but exhausted is a moron.

  • Bruce Arner

    This was no , just being tired, looks bad.

  • Faith

    Did anybody think about taking Diane to the doctor or ER? Diane is in her 60s, some conditions become more frequent or serious as age advances. There are many medical problems, some life-threatening, that need immediate medical attention. She could have been having a stroke in front of our very eyes, of the part of the brain that controls speech. A brain aneurysm can look like what was happening. Brain tumors can show up exactly like you saw her, and countless other diseases including irregular heart beats, diabetes with grossly abnormal hi or low blood sugar and so on. The responsible thing to do was pull her off the set immediately and go to the ER. All those conditions I described can rapidly start killing brain cells. If you get immediate care for the patient you can lessen how much permanant damage occurs, or save the person’s life. If there was a doctor around he or she should have been called to Diane’s side while at the same time someone should have dialed 911. Later everyone can have their debate. Pray that you or your loved ones are never in that kind of crisis while people are debating whether or not you should be fired, while the person is deteriorating and can’t cry for help because the stroke or whatever has robbed you or your loved one of all ability to speak. Maybe it was alcohol, that doesn’t change the appropriate response of the people around her, nor does age. ABC needs to ask themselves what should have been done in such a situation, and establish procedures for events of this kind in the future.

    I speak from my >25years of medical practice.

    • Diane McDowell

      Thank you for that!!!

    • Johanna

      I so agree with Faith! ABC should be ashamed of themselves, what if it had been a stroke? We all know the signs. What? The show must go on????? Diane is much too professional and focused on her work to ever imbibe on the air. Have some compassion people!

  • http://yahoo.com AJ Perea

    KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Edward R. Murrow once stated, “The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his [or her] deception, the one who lies with sincerity.” During this campaign and debates, Romney has demonstrated that he will say and stand for whatever it takes, and wherever to win an election. But now he has demonstrated he will “do” whatever it takes, wherever to win, except answer questions of why he wanted to cut 49% funding for FEMA and privatize it! THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: A few days ago in Ohio, he send out his campaign out to buy $5,000 in can goods from Wall Mart than ask supporter to be handed the can goods in order to take photos with him and Ryan while conducting a staged humanitarian event by pretending to “collect” food for suffering Americans of Storm! Just like Ryan went into a soup kitchen for the sole purpose of photo opt to be washing a “cleaned” pan! How cynical and hypocritical can you get? Do these morally bankrupt, desperate hypocritical characters without character think that any intelligent thinking Americans that values integrity will be fooled? And I will close by asking when will the DISCLOSURE of Romney’s income taxes appear? Regardless of the outcome with the re-election of the President, history will show this to be a scandalous and dangerous precedent to our democracy! What has happen to professional standards in journalism? As regular viewer, two glaring examples are John Dickerson, CBS and Erin Burnett, CNN that clearly lack journalistic professional objectivity to report the political news. I guess for us, Middle Class Citizens, will have to stay up late and watch Saturday Night Live or Stuart or Colbert comedy to get the factual truth in order whom to vote for Presidency of the United States! Shame on you, national free press media!



  • Cindy Rossow

    people who post crap about others and dont have all of the facts are just MORONS…!! and they probably watch the news very rarely… I dont think there has been a day pass that Diane has not been on the air…DOING HER JOB around the clock..!! for at least 2 weeks and maybe more…Diane you are an awesome anchor..!! And I hope you get some rest very soon..!

  • Colleen

    I slur when I have a migraine headache. I wonder if she had a migraine or possibly a minor stroke?

  • Tina

    Why did they just let her keep going on and on and on.. they should have cut to the other guys and let her take a dang break instead of looking stupid like that.. I’m sure she is embarassed.. whatever the chemical imbalance was, she is good at her job any other time… they about to put her out the door and let her give them a good reason to find a young hottie to put in her place.. what else? duh..
    get some rest girl.. you deserve it.

  • http://Yahoo Albert Coats

    You know what I say to you people who think she was drunk, get a life.
    I had to stay up almost 40 hrs once, just try that and see how good you talk. She had been up for more then 36 hrs and she was damn tired, give her a break!!!!!!!

  • nick

    Let me starts out buy sayins thisss iss never funny when someone hass
    a drinkinssss problems. Burp! I have had one fors likes 10 yearsss and its rellys nots funnyssss. Leave thisss old tart alonesss to fight hers demonsss.

    The old ssssstink Drunkenssss lushssssssssssss.



  • http://www.wellnesstalkradio.com Kris Costello

    Be careful about judging people, Multiple Sclerosis can also cause slurring of speech..just sayin….

    • derek

      cmon she was buzzed,i say give her a pass here we do love her.

  • Cathy

    Dear Amanda Crum,
    Next time get someone to proof read your work. You spelt realize wrong in the 3rd paragraph.

    • maggie

      “Realise” is how they spell “realize” in the UK, Cathy.

      • K Smith

        Speaking of proof reading…spelt is not a word. However, spelled is.

        • Danielle

          @K Smith…lol! absolutely! I cannot express enough how much I love when people feel they must correct someone’s grammar or spelling…only to prove that they themselves can’t spell either! haha…thanks for making me laugh.

      • Kevin

        Pairagraph iz spelt wif a F

  • Cathy

    Oh, and re-named in the 4th paragraph

  • Mrs. Davis

    Give Diane a break. She’s a pro, and has made few mistakes that I know of. I love Diane, especially on 60 Minutes. People who are driven, work-a-holics can over-exert themselves. I suspect that is what happened to Diane, and also to Obama during the first debate–he simply was worn out.

  • nick

    Hellos? I am stucks in cyberworld.

    Diane sewer, whos that’s? Drink the devilss rum. Thoses first cast
    the stones who thinkss they are better thens themselvessss, Burp! In thys holly tabernakels of thy placess of worship.

  • chris

    she got the money yooooooo who cares she can do her own detox!!!!

  • Andrea

    I know what it is like to work non stop and then some. Then some more. Then some more. I too have appeared to be “On Something” after working my rear end off. People like to point at the speck in someone else’s eye when they have a log in their own.

  • Allen Smith

    I’m conservative, but Sean Hannity is a sap.

  • Patricia

    I think the station should have taken her off. To allow her to further embarrass herself and the network was unthinkable. Doesn’t matter what the reason they allowed it to go on humiliating her and her outstanding news career. Certainly they could have had someone else step in to give her a break….
    almost cruel to have allowed her to continue like that

  • http://Yahoo.com Paula Kramer

    If I had had to listen to all the stuff she had to listen to last nigh, I WOULD have gottren drunk.

  • derek

    she was wasted and just kept rambling but i still love her.give her a pass here

  • Republican

    I got drunk after I got the bad news last night myself. She, however, could have had a slight stroke.

  • Lee Geiger

    I think that too many people feel that they are perfect, & Criticize Diane for slurring, She works very hard to get things perfect, she goes beyond human possibilities. Then some lazy person, that does not do anything, feels they have the right to criticize. There is a saying that the empty can makes the most noise, but the determined, do the most work.

  • Joe Blow

    What’s wrong with a drunk horny woman. We need more of them. Hopefully someone got lucky with her that night if she was drunk or stoned or etc. Can she be worse in the sack than Paris or Kim or Pam? Talk about lame in bed They should be embarrassed the world saw how lousy of a lay they were in their career launching movies.

    • w

      Wow…Joe…sounds like you need to go blow yourself.

    • nan


    • mc

      You grew up with NO respect for women, obviously.
      Holy cow….the though of some woman meeting YOU makes me sick.
      You are one horny bastard.

  • http://WebProNews stan kenosky

    For Diane Sawyer, I hope it was booze if not, she should be evaluated immediately for a brain aneurysm. Saw this same scenario 20+ years ago from a title agent at a closing. Everybody asked if she was drinking, I knew her well and really brushed it off, there is no way I said. This went on for a few weeks and then she was gone. She had a brain aneurysm.

  • Nestor

    Good for her! So she, many of us, takes a nip every now and then. Doesn’t make her or any other an alcoholic! Luv Diane Sawyer!!


  • S

    The MAJORITY of Americans wanted to drink after those results came in. Maybe she just got the news a little earlier than the rest of us.

  • http://facebook Paula Ashley

    How can people post negative comments about Dianne Sawyer being drunken and slurring her speach? I expect anyone going through all the reporting with little or no rest would be exhausted or may not even make to the end of any story or be completely exhausted.

  • cupcake

    ok, she’s not just slurring—-let’s call a spade; a spade!—she’s rambling and babbling too!! The jig is UP—she’s hammered!

  • http://yahoo mamabee

    when people who are diabetic don’t eat on time, their sugar level can
    drop suddenly causing slurred speech and they are not aware of anything happening until they pass out. Her sugar levels could have
    been off.

  • nan

    She sounds tired, not drunk. Some people just don’t know how it feels to work that hard, especially when you get older.

  • edw_jr

    How about Trump?? Was he drunk?? Or was it just his usual stupidity showing its ugly head once again?? Did I say “Ugly head”? Yep, i guess I did. Oh well, his head is UGLY!!!!

  • mc

    LOL poor George..didn’t get a word in…I loved the way he stared all helpless into the camera.

  • barbie

    she was not drunk! Love her!

  • withaC

    Diane is a sweetheart. Isn’t she 60+? The lady is in great shape for her age. She was tired people! Poor thing, I hope she’s getting some rest now. THE ELECTION IS OVER & THE BEST MAN WON….BABY BABY!

  • Carole Long

    I don’t care what Diane Sawyer does, she will always be better than any of the air head, screetching blondes they have out there. You can understand every word she says and she reports the news in a well modulated voice. She doesn’t sound like she is about to wet her pants when she is reporting an especially horrifying event.

  • http://Yahoo Edna Mae

    The slurring WAS NOT from her just being tired – the public deserves a “I am sorry” from Diane – her performance speaks for it’s sself

    • PN

      Sorry sweetie – but Diane Sawyer doesn’t owe you a thing. Just because she works in television doesn’t mean she needs to apologize to you. If you don’t like what you see, change the channel.

  • FredZilch

    Let he who has never been high throw the first stone.

    • Nancy Evelyn Pais

      You are soooooo right. Nothing like not looking at the abundance of goodness. Let someone who is otherwise very responsible, accomplished, and respected fall….just once….and the wolves are set loose to satisfy their blood lust.

      Hang in there Diane, this too shall pass.

  • Nancy Evelyn Pais

    Whatever you are dealing with Diane, I hope that you are well. This too shall pass dear one. Hang in there.

  • joyce

    Oh gee…give her a break!! She is a great journalist who had been working her butt off the past few days….you try not sleeping for a few days and see how you feel. Im sorry that she has to be subjected to these ridiculous comments people are making about her. She is an awesome talent who was exhasuted from all the hard work she had been doing…cut her some slack and leave her alone.

  • reason


  • reason


  • Walter Cronkite

    She’s a drunk, always has been, always will be, but I like her that way cause she’s loose. 😉

  • http://webpronews Marcia Ellis

    Diane! Are you OK? That is important, please be encouraged as you keep on moving forward.

  • bridget seaman

    What, you people have never been exhausted and then punchy? Please, give us and her a break. The only difference between her and any one of us at certain times is she had a camera on her.

  • Doug63

    After last night we should all get drunk.

  • CajunQ

    She is a better anchor dog tired ,than most are at thier very best. Please stop bullying! You are adults aren’t you!

  • Gone Mad

    I found her to be very entertaining myself. Especially with Bone head winning another undeserved 4 years in office. Diane was the highlight of the evening.

  • comment guy

    i’ve always hated that tight eyed shoulder shrugging new commentator

  • comment guy

    i’ve always hated that tight eyed shoulder shrugging news commentator

  • Sharon J

    OOh,Ouch,that was painful to watch,

  • Really

    OMG, there is no way in heck that she is intoxicated. That is just media BS trying to make her look bad because she is female and handled the entire group of morons. If anything she should get an award. Bunch of jealous jerks!

    • Donna

      I agree with you completely!!!!! She was not drunk.

  • sarah

    sounds like she has a cold, she only drank nyquil, people!
    or could it be she drank whiskey…….maybe just wanted to celebrate being alive! did she drink? oh the horror! lighten up people? you only live once! wow

  • jill johnson

    Long hours, and people who look for drama when it doesn’t exist. Diane, get some rest and blow off the people who want to jump on the ‘impaired’ bandwagon. You’ve always been professional. Now people know you’re human <3

  • Cassie

    She seems sober to me. Diane just sounds like she has a really bad cold though. She is too aware of her surroundings to be drunk anyway. She is on cue with everything, and she also seems excited and happy to bet there which is great. Leave her alone people, however it would make a good parody on SNL….just saying.

  • Fir

    Who efin cares

  • Fir


  • julie

    whatever! IF she was in fact drinking, she sure had a reason watching and providing coverage of that idiot getting re-elected.

  • julie

    well if she was drinking, she sure had a reason with having to provide coverage of that idiot being re-elected.

  • Maria

    It makes me a very sad sober woman to see this video. It is one thing to be punchy from being exhausted, but that is not what I believe I saw. I wish her well and pray that I am wrong.

  • Theresa Coleman

    Diane Sawywer, in my opinion , has always been one of the best news journalists out there. As a health care professional, I think we should be cautious about judging her news commentary last night. She, did seem giddy, to say the least, but there may have been somthing else going on medically.But, if she did have a toast, what’s the big deal? As for, referencing Mr Obama as an idiot,one thing for sure, he didnt buy his title; he was voted in; I hope you are not calling the millions who voted for him an idiot.If so, you, yourself are in need of therapy.He deserves and has earned , obviously the right to be where he is and to represent diversity in this diverse culture in which we live. Pray for him , for his responsibility is phenominal.

  • Don

    They probly took away her teleprompter and she forgot how to talk. Can’t stand her she is an emotional robot and just reads the news and the moron network executives pay her millions.

    • Mary Ann King

      Has anyone on this blog ever tried to work…I mean “work’ for two straight days? I have…and you do get giddy. Due to issues of dehydration and mental fatigue you actually start to act like you are drunk or demented. She is a professional, and one who would not put her job in jeapordy, especially on Election Day.

  • Theresa Coleman

    Have you no respect? That type of attitude is nauseating, for it speaks to your lack of discipline. Shame on you. he does not deserve that.

  • wakeupamer

    I have never responded to an article before (although I’ve wanted to). This is absurd. Diane Sawyer is a legend. The fact that people even have the audacity to criticize is shocking. She juggled about eight analysts, commenters, fact checkers alone within the room she was sitting. Not to mention the, at least three, on-site correspondents. For hours! I would love to see someone do half as well as she did. It’s easy for on-lookers to say ‘oh, she messed up’. Look at the bigger picture! Are you intelligent enough to handle all that? I doubt it. All you did was write a grammatically incorrect Twitter post with 140 characters. Have a little respect.

    • http://webpronews.com Carole Shackleford

      I’m with you wakeupamer, couldn’t have said it better.

    • http://ruts.org Jj

      Really who cares! At least she didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction

      • wakeupamer

        A wardrobe malfunction? That’s your comment? The basis of this article, posts, comments, etc. is a personal attack on someone’s character. However, wardrobes are most likely outside of the individual’s control. I think we are still missing the main issue here. The Internet, while a lovely steroid to the first amendment, still can hurt. Look at the entire story. Not the one that makes the daily headline.

  • http://webpronews Jon

    Honestly, I have to say she seems intoxicated. This is a professional opinion as I work in an outpatient facility. I also instruct law/correctional officials on how to identify someone who is under the influence of substances. For me however, the most disturbing part of this is that nobody else in the studio intervened and took her off the air (if even for a short time). This would have saved the network as well as her much embarrassment.

  • http://webpronews Tim

    I completely agree with Jon. I too have had to undergo training to spot abusers. She certainly shows all signs of alcohol abuse. Most likely her exhaustion of the long day with maybe no more than a glass or two of wine with dinner. Somebody should have been courageous enough to save her the embarrassment. Pretty sad.

  • Carole

    I think whoever voted for Obama was drunk! How much debt does the country have to incur, how high does unemployment need to be, how many folks need to be on food stamps, before it is the incumbent’s responsibility? How long does this administration intend to blame the previous administration? How pathetic! The country is divided in half; this certainly was no vote of confidence for the president.

    • A

      Now you want YOUR party to be let off the hook for their 8 years of disaster. Look,,,any president takes on what was left from before his term. This president has done no better, nor worse with the debt. GW left him quite a debt to deal with. We have to hope and pray he does what is best…not pre judge him to doom.

  • joslyn

    Diane is such a hard working legend! I highly doubt she was drunk or high or on pain killers but rather tired is more likely! Notice, even though she may have repeated herself, or slurred somewhat, she never said anything outrageous nor did she not make any sense, which often is the case when people are under the influence. Their judgement is way off, their sensors and filters are off, none of which did Diane exhibit.

  • Carole Kurley

    I think the Obama voters were drunk! How much debt does the country have to incur, how high does unemployment need to be, and how many folks need to be unemployed and on federal assistance and food stamps before it becomes the responsibility of the president? How long will this administration blame the previous administration? How long will the mainstream media be “in the tank”. Anyone notice gas prices ticked up $.20 today? What a conincidence!! How pathetic. Who cares about Diane Sawyer, that doesn’t affect my life but a huge tax hike will. Actually Ms Sawyer and all the other high rollers in the media better get ready for an increase in their taxes; they are now the evil “wealthy”.

  • Susan

    she is not slurring she is clearly drunken – she is yelling and being ridiculous……good god

  • MIKE

    This seems to be just as much if not more an indication of how stodgy and out of touch Mit Romney is. Many more young people turned out to the polls than expected and to get their vote the candidate needed to be more with the times. Also the candidate needed to be more in step with women’s issues. I don’t know why it had to be Romney running, the party could have done better.

  • Stanley Mulaik

    Americans fail to realize that the federal debt is not the problem everyone makes it out to be because we have a fiat money system. The national debt is the result of new money being created from nothing and spent into the economy by the Fed, when it buys Treasury securities from private parties that had bought them from the Treasury, which used the money it got from them to deficit spend for Congress.

    The debt is just the accumulated amount of new money spent into the economy originating at the Fed
    in coordination with the Treasury’s issuing securities, over many years. If we embark on buying back the securities to cancel the debt, using money taken through taxes out of the economy, we will withdraw
    something like $2.2 Trillion from the economy, which would make the economy collapse. The debt is just the effect of deficit spending, which is necessary from time to time because of the growth in population, accompanied by growth in the economy, which needs more money to keep growing.

    If it bothers anyone that there continues to be a debt, the Secy of Treasury can order the minting of, say, ten $10 Trillion coins and depositing these at the Fed. The Fed will be required to credit the account with $100 Trillion. The Treasury can then draw down from that account the amount of the accumulated securities constituting the debt and buy back the securities. That cancels the debt. No inflation occurs, because no money enters circulation by buying back the securities, since it is just a transfer from one column to another in a spreadsheet at the Fed.

    The remaining $97 Trillion+ in the Fed account can be used by Congress in place of deficit spending, and it would have to realize that it must be judicious in use of this money so as only to use it when to do so is not inflationary, such as when full employment has been achieved. It should be used in a recession and a depression when there is unemployment and during war.

    The $10 Trillion denomination platinum bullion coin is currently completely legal in the US Code.

  • h. balassimo

    i think going to work at 4 am till mignight equates slurs-go get a job and find out instead of tweeting like a wounded canary.
    those who can do those who can’t tweet!

    • Belle O

      I’m with you! For those of us who work 2/3 jobs, 70-80-90 hrs week, then go home to families, children, and 10x more work… maybe an ailing parent or spouse… Work for days on end with mere hours of sleep, then see if you don’t slur, stumble, lean, lose your ‘edge’ and let go a bit. It’s a fundamental need for human physiology. Try it! You might get off of Obama-care!

  • http://Yahoo Judy

    I think our great country is going down deeper and deeper. With all the “same” promises that our president made 4 years ago, he did it all over again. What is this country trying to do. Our un-employment, the banks failing, and I understand that the service men/woman fighting for this wonderful country did not even get their ballots. Shame on this country. We really needed their votes!!!!
    A very bitter and sad citizen.

  • Hillary

    ABC defends that she was over worked and exhausted??? Who’s call was it to put her on the air then? I have always enjoyed and respected her reports but I said it myself out loud last night! Amused by this article that I wasn’t the only one. Diane, Go home take your makeup off and spend a few well deserved days off in bed!

  • John


  • Sally

    No one should judge Diane Sawyer. She must have been on the air working for over 24 hours and a tiny bit of celebratory champagne could have caused that. No to mention, if I were in her shoes, I’d be having a few glasses of wine to take the edge off, not that she did. Maybe she didn’t eat enough. We know she was over worked. Don’t hate on Diane. She has always been gracious and up-to-par but we ALL have our human moments. And we are allowed as many human moments as we need.

  • william stewart

    Pitiful…ABC going to let her go out like that.She was under the influ of something. ABC can spin it 360 but Diane is too much a pro to be allowed on air like that

  • LAM

    Perhaps if people would have turned off the news channels that worship Obama and turned on FOX News and heard stories about the REAL Obama, this country would have made a much wiser decision at the polls and saved our country from the ensuing disaster it faces.

    • Deidra

      Like you turned off your brain!!! NO THANKS!!

  • http://facebook Barbara Bambrick

    Dianne has too much class to be drunk on the air. Sluured speech can also be a sign of a Medical condition, such a stroke or hypoglycemia. Has she been checked out? Dont judge so soon. Also could be from pure exhaustion. Give her a break, she has always been so gracious and excellent at what she does.

    • AM

      Great post…I just posted kind of the same thing…I had a mini stroke a few years back due to a lot of reasons but stress from work and I had just excercised a whole lot…I didn’t even realize I was slurring at the time and it was a horrible experience, very scary…it’s sad how so many are making fun of it and not thinking or worrying about her..

    • Miranda Rose Smith

      Dear Ms. Bambrick:

      You took the words right off my keyboard.

  • Susie Q


  • John

    Alright….Nobody’s, and I mean nobody, is allowed to be human anymore !



  • http://yahoo.com dblessed1

    GW is sitting at home laughing all the way to the bank. with the taxs payers MONEY, You cant beat that we no who got the MONEY dont we!!!! The banks can steal eveytbody money an dont go to jail!!!! CAN I DO THAT AN DONT GO TO JAIL!!!!!!

  • AM

    I feel bad for her; the scary thing is that I am 44 and about 5 years ago had a TIA and was terrified after I was told I was slurring my words and I was tired at the time too after work and then working out; I didn’t even know I was doing it…and I WAS NOT drinking. I think it’s sad that people jump to think she is drunk vs. maybe worrying that she was having a medical problem..how sad…I don’t know what the actual reason was but would never presume to make fun of her b/c what if she was having a medical problem…like I did….how sad..

  • Miranda Rose Smith

    I have a lot of compassion for that woman, but if she was genuinely ill or suffering from total exhaustion, she should have stayed home, let somebody else cover the election, not tried to work and set herself up for all these cruel accusations. To Ms. Sawyer’s acusers, I say “Shame on you.”

  • http://yahoo Louise

    I cannot believe that anyone could say that about Diane Sawyer. She is too much of a professional and a lady to be drunk on TV and I doubt anywhere. I am sure the network would have stopped her if she was. She had been working many hours between Sandy and the Election and was extremely worn out. I would like to see anyone else keep up that pace. She travels all over, going to ungodly places to show people what is going on elsewhere. People are cruel. The woman kept going doing her job, as tired as she was!! Get Real!!

  • http://yahoo Louise

    I cannot believe anyone could say that about Dianne Sawyer. She is too professional and too much of a lady to be drunk on TV or anywhere. I am sure the Network would have stopped her if she was. This lady worked day and night between Sandy and the election that it would wear any normal person out. She has gone to places that no one else goes to get stories and has always done her very best. Why someone could accuse her of such is horrible. I am sure she was exhausted or possible had a medical situation that caused the slurred speech but certainly not drunk. Get real people!!

    • Tom Brown

      If ANYONE is to blame for this one, it should be the execs at ABC! for not forcing her to go home! This woman has an EXEMPLARY record and for all those couch potatoes who have nothing better to do than point fingers, perhaps you should get off your collective asses and see what it’s like to walk in her “moccasins”! SHAME on all of you finger pointers!!!

  • Frances Mendez

    Ah-ha…the media protecting their own. An unfavorable news clip/video on one of their own and they remove it…reason: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by ABC News.” I thought their job was to report “news” whether or not it is negative. They would have had gone on and on if it would have been any other person. I like Diane Sawyer and admire her accomplishments but if she was slurring her speech, she was slurring her speech regardless of the reason.

  • Steve

    Hey Amanda, before you start bad mouthing a professional journalist about her mispronunciation, maybe you should look at your own spelling(realise)really?