Diane Kruger Says You Can Look Like Her, Sort Of


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Although Diane Kruger is a model and actress, she is best known for her style. Lucky for you, The Bridge star has decided to grace us mere fashion mortals by sharing her style tips on the high-end fashion site mytheresa.com.

Don’t get your hopes up though, because even though you may follow these fashion tips to a tee, it’s not guaranteed you’re going to look like her. However, you can try.

For starters, don’t hoard your clothes. Kruger cleans out her closet every two to three months, and gives the pieces to her very lucky friends and goddaughters, in addition to charity.

Another tip is to skip dressing to please men. According to the Inglorious Basterds actress, dressing to please men is as simple as wearing a low-cut shirt and short skirt. She suggests that women dress for other women instead.

Unlike many Hollywood starlets, Kruger doesn’t have a stylist…(gasp)!

"I know it's crazy to think it would be unusual for someone to dress themselves,” she told the site. “But, so often in Hollywood, women have stylists and they all look the same. I did that too when I first started out. But then I'd see pictures and didn't recognize myself. As my confidence grew as an actor and as a woman I started picking my own clothes. I don't want to look like everybody else."

Check out more tips, here:

Bottom line: trust your instincts. Kruger also celebrates her fashion freedom and suggests others do as well. She says she wears what she wants and won’t put something on she feels uncomfortable with.

Lastly, Kruger suggests skipping the store when it comes to finding unique pieces.

"I think L.A. shopping is great for every day stuff like jeans or T-shirts but the pieces that are a little bit different, that are a little bit outside of the box, I can't find here,” she says. “I don't find it. So I usually go online, which is how I came to know mytheresa.com.”

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Image via Wikimedia Commons