Diablo 3 Taps PayPal for Virtual Goods Payments

PayPal gets more into games

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Diablo 3 Taps PayPal for Virtual Goods Payments
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PayPal and Blizzard have teamed up around Blizard’s new Diablo 3 and the Battle.net platform.

“With the launch of Diablo 3’s public beta, gamers around the world will jump into Blizzard’s dungeon crawling masterpiece that, with its auction house system, promises to allow players to buy and sell virtual items from the game using real money,” a spokesperson for PayPal tells WebProNews. “PayPal will be the payments solution for the auction house service in several regions of the world and PayPal will also be added as a payment option on Blizzard’s Battle.net platform.”

The announcement comes just after PayPal’s recent announcement with Microsoft that will see Xbox 360 users be able to pay with PayPal directly on their Xbox consoles.

The announcement on Blizzard’s Battle.net blog says:

We’re pleased to announce that in most regions, PayPal will be our payment-service partner for the Diablo III auction house, allowing players who trade with real-world currency the ability to cash out the spoils of their battle-torn adventures via a PayPal account.

PayPal will also soon be added in several regions as a payment option on Battle.net, providing another convenient and secure payment method for digital purchases of Blizzard products and services.

We’ll share region-related specifics, as well as further details on everything mentioned above, in the near future.  Stay tuned!

“Gamers want to focus on gaming and prefer an in-game payments solution that’s convenient, easy and secure,” says PayPal’s senior director of emerging opportunities, Carey Kolaja. “Last month we told you that our research has shown that over 70% of gamers are PayPal users, and we believe that’s because we understand that central principle.”

Diablo 3 Taps PayPal for Virtual Goods Payments
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  • http://www.DiscountClothesShop.com Warehouse Clothing

    oh so cool. i am awaiting new Diablo 3 and the Battle.net platform. i think this game is very pipular!

  • http://www.diablo3goldtips.com Scott

    What I want to know is whether that 15% fee is just the % fee charged on the Blizzard end for cashing out and will we still have to pay the % fee on the Paypal end for receiving payments. Hopefully the Paypal / Blizzard contract will be set up with the cashouts being categorized as Cash Transfers and not Payments. If not – and they end up as Payments, anyone with a Paypal Business Account (a lot of non-business accounts will be forced to convert into business accounts once they receive so many incoming dollars into their Paypal account) will be hit with 2 sets of fees, the 15% Blizzard fee and then the % of Payments Received charge from Paypal.

    Has there been any clarification on whether this 15% fee is all inclusive or not?

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