Devil May Cry CG Trailer Released Online

    January 4, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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With less than two weeks to go before the U.S. release of Devil May Cry (DmC), Capcom has released a CG trailer that highlights the game’s departure from previous ones in the series. The spot has been playing in movie theaters in the U.S. throughout the holiday season, which would explain its mass-market-appeal vibe.

The video doesn’t show off any of the story from the game as some game CG trailers do, but it certainly shows off the game’s distinct feel. The new, younger Dante with his short-cropped hair and interesting wardrobe choices is on full display. In particular, the ad highlights the character’s new “attitude,” which appears to have been crafted to suck in younger players who aren’t familiar with the series’ roots. The video also doesn’t show off any gameplay from the title, though there is plenty of that to be found online. A demo for the title has also been available for quite some time on consoles.

  • Trey

    Idk if its just be, but looks and sounds a bit different. Like where’s the funny looking Mohawk and slightly deeper voice. Maybe I’m tripping but this doesn’t quite seem like the Dante I’ve prepped myself up to know.

  • Trey

    Never mind after watching again I see and hear what I didn’t at first. It’s just late for me lol;)

  • http://www.jigsawaday.com Dante’s Grandpa

    So when are they going to make a movie out of this?