Derek Jeter Could Be Doping, According To Bayless

    August 24, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Derek Jeter has shown quite an improvement in his game recently, so obviously he must be jacked up on something.

That’s the gist of what Skip Bayless said on Wednesday, when he suddenly decided to ruminate on the fact that Jeter was considered “washed up” not that long ago and is now showing more promise at the age of 38 than he did last year.

“I am shocked by what I’m seeing from Derek Jeter right now. They all said he was washed up,” Bayless said. “All of a sudden, this man has turned 38 years of age in June and already he has more hits than he had last year. … I’m seeing a whole new guy this year from last year … Are you kidding me? You would have to have your head in the sand or your head somewhere else not to at least wonder, ‘How is he doing this?’ ”

You might say Bayless is just leaping to the conclusion many others have leapt to, especially since there have been so many athletes found guilty of doping in the past year or two. The difference is, he has a televised platform on which to make those statements, unlike everyone else. And although Jeter’s numbers are considerably better than they were last year–he has twice as many hits–one can’t just start throwing accusations around.

Of course, Bayless backpedalled and said he wasn’t accusing Jeter of anything, he just thinks the situation is suspect.

“I am not saying he uses a thing,” Bayless said. “I have no idea. But within the confines of his sport, it is fair for all of us, in fact you are remiss, if you don’t at least think about this.”

Jeter, aside from being irritated, seemed dumbfounded that Bayless would cross that line.

“This is a first for me, man,” Jeter said. “I don’t know what to tell you … What do you want me to say? I ain’t getting involved with this, man. You can say whatever you want to say now, huh? There’s no repercussions.”

  • http://yahoo ronf

    It’s Skip Bayless (who names their kid Skip?) for God sake. Who pays attention to him???

  • Ken

    Bayless is a real asshole. Just another unathletic fat little kid who could never play sports needing attention because it’s his way of getting back at all us players who laughed at him.

    Derek jeter is the greatest shortstop that ever played the game.

  • Nicole

    I think Skip is an idiot, but he can say whatever he wants. Just because he says it doesn’t make it so. Brush it off like dirt and keep rolling.

  • Dale Stark

    I dont think Skip Bayless said what the title of this article said. This is a bad article.

    • Victor Pasqualicchio

      Bayless is Clueless. Do not even try and pick on Derek Jeter with No proof of anything. The mans statements are defamatory and if I was Derek I would sue him and try and get him fired. Just because so many others have used these drugs and we are unfortunately in that era, no one should have the right, without any proof to acuse anyone in baseball anymore. This has got to stop. That era must be put behind us in order for baseball to move forward. At the very least, Bayless should apologize on the air.


    • Bryan

      Skip is always way off track….He is a blow hard. Just ask Mark Cuban, He put Skip in his place.

  • Archie Slavetrader

    Every time a see this jerk on ESPN, I change the channel.

  • LessBayless

    Rose hit .331 at age 38. Cobb hit .375 at age 38. Williams hit .388. Ripken hit .340. I guess they all doped.

  • Susan

    Folks, Don’t compare Ted Williams and Rose, they were always up there
    with their average…this guy was supposedly juiced up years ago..and
    yes, everyone things he’s doing the HGH stuff right now.
    He reminds me of Posada..all washed up..then he hits 60 points higher
    than the year before on his option year…then he gets the big
    contract and the following year he fizzles..not to mention all of the
    obvious injuries.

    • steve

      and you seem to know nothing, jeter has always been a good average hitter and this is by no means the first time he has hit this high. Also he has been basically injury free this year compared to years past. When he returned from injury health last season he went on a tear when he hit his 3000th hit (I’m sure you have to carry a decent career average to get there)

    • Jeffrey

      Oh really Susan? How often has Jeter been injured since he signed his current contract? He has missed TWO games this season, and had a calf injury last year. “This guy was supposedly juiced up years ago”? Really? Please, I’d like to see someplace where this is written. BTW, Ted Williams had some down years in the last 1950s, and rebounded just like Jeter did. FYI, Rose was useless as a player his last 4-5 years. You are a dumb a$$.

  • cat

    if i heared the quote right bayless said in this age of doping ,could it be feasable to question Derricks, stats,i feel derrick is 100 pct clean but with this drug era yoyu could question it.

  • http://YAHOO richard b

    give me a break!!!! Jeter is a great athlete!!!!! Why give this idiot Bayless space PLEASE CENSURE HIM!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo bill

    Baseless, should be FIRED!

  • Harold

    I’m 60 and still play hardball with a bunch of old guys. I have several friends who have improved despite being 50+. I feared my hitting had abated a good bit, so began taking vision supplements and managed to hit 500 this spring and one-hopped a couple of 330′ fences. Improvements despite age are very feasible, without juicing. Leave Jeter alone.

    • http://webpronews fred

      Harold,where’s your league? I’m 63, can still pitch and hit, can’t find leagues around my area

  • Cronley, Jay

    Bayless is old and washed up. This is what mean old people do. They invent trouble.

  • donna

    I don’t hear Jeter denying anything. He’s blaming the messenger. Isn’t that what all guilty people do? If he’s really clean he’ll say he is and welcome any and all testing. Betting that never happens. And we’ll never know for sure.

    • Laura

      You’re an ass-hat and so is Bayless. Lumping people together because of what YOU think they SHOULD say…give me a break.

    • Jeffrey

      Donna, you are completely ignorant. Jeter, like all players IS tested, and has not been determined to be cheating. He has not directly denied taking PEDs, but the general gyst of his response to Bayless’ idiotic comment is in effect a denial. Jeter should not have to deny a stupid comment by a washed-up writer. It was all for ratings and it’s working.

    • http://webpronews/life gene santiago

      Donna, you sound Just like Bayless. Obviously, you are both mental defectives. I’ll bet you are a major gossip also.

  • Mike

    I can’t even comment on this guy Bayless. He is truly brainless.

  • http://Webpronews Ripley Lowe

    so…. test him like everyone else.

    • Rocky

      He is tested like everyone else. There are no exceptions to who the league tests. That’s why 2 guys just got busted last week.

  • George

    Anyone has the right to talk – including Mr. Bayless. The proof is in the actions by Mr. Jeter. Foe 18 years he has proven to be a consistent and extraordinary player in a difficult game. Physical evidence always evaporates the spoken word. The best thing that Mr. Jeter can do is continue his outstanding career and leave the facts to science and note that through hard work, dedication, and focus – the human body can endure in a professional sport beyond ones’ 30s. Thank you Mr. Jeter for your great career and professionalism – move on.

  • Mike

    Don’t worry Derek, I have filed a complaint about this story. I am rather fumed that this guy would besmirch your public image. Jeter should have been provided a public apology today because of this.

  • Brian Ezell

    Skip, to be fair, said the next day that he did not actually think Derek Jeter has been doping. He said with the way he’s playing after starting to fall off before and with the era of baseball now that he should be tested. He says outlandish things a lot but he did at least clarify things.

  • Sean

    Innocent until proven guilty…but once accused, doomed to defend yourself for the rest of your life….

  • Mik

    “twice as many hits” ?? he had 162 last year and has 169 this year. thats like…slander. this article should be taken down.

  • bobby

    It’s truly ashame that our country’s sports analyst’s first thought is ALWAYS doping when someone goes above and beyond the norm. Forget the fact that at 38 Jeter has more skills and experience to recognize pitches with more confidence now then every before. Forget that he’s put countless hours in the batting cage perfecting his craft. Skip Balyess should be accused of taking stupid pills for even thinking this let alone saying it on TV. ESPN needs to get rid of this guy ASAP. By the way who really watches ESPN anymore, MLB, NFL and NBA network are where the real analysts are.

  • Jeffrey

    Bayless and ESPN have gotten just what they wanted-attention. Bayless is no longer a journalist, he’s an actor playing the part of the cranky, argumentative old curmudgeon, making outrageous claims to get people talking, and that’s just what we’re doing. Jeter is tested like everyone else, he is having a typical Jeter year, and it’s not like he’s playing at a higher level than he has before. He had the off year in 2010, which most players have, then he tried that stupid “toe tap” last season when he hit. He went back to the basics with his old minor league hitting coach when he was injured last year and he is once again a great player.

    • SkipDTip

      Skip says Jeter could use HGH! MLB doesn’t test HGH!

  • Adam

    Who is Skip Bayless?

  • Nate

    Now that the USADA is finished with Lance Armstrong, comments made by Bayless is all the evidence they need to pursue Derek Jeter.

  • russell

    Of course he’s doping, look at his stats. yankee = Cheater

    Clemens, A roid, ect… and the list goes on…..

    • Mike

      Not sure why saying Jeter’s stats look a little out of whack & there could be a reason (PED) makes people upset. I think everyone should be more upset that all the Yankees have to do is admit they juiced, for years in A Rod’s case, just to heal, for Andy etc etc & there are no penalty. Just see that you don’t do that anymore. Joke

  • Bill

    Who cares what this guy “thinks”. Has journalism decayed to the point when it’s newsworthy what someone thinks, in a situation like this. I think readers would care to read what he KNOWS, not what is on his mind. It is well known that Jeter has a dedicated work ethic, which is paying off. Chipper Jones is having a good year too. Should we suspect him of juicing? Guys like that have good seasons because they have natural talent, coupled with taking care of themselves, and working with their hitting coaches in extra BP. No drug on earth can make you hit the ball more often. Jeter’s increase in homers can be attributed to the fact that he’s pulling the long ball more that he’s done in the past, and he’s more careful in pitch selection. Certainly, in the case of guys who were power hitters, it made them hit it farther, but not more frequently. This writer should have interviewed Jeter and related what he had to say. If not, can the story. It is trash.

  • Iggy T Bear

    I would not be surprised if Jeter is a cheater. His NY Yankee championship teams were full of steroid users and cheats. He never once said anything against steroids or said what Clemmens, Pettite, Giambi, Posada, A-Rod did was wrong . Now he looked washed up and comes back better than before? Hmmmmmmm Sounds like Melky Cabreara and Bartolo Colon all over again. Jeter is probably a cheater and I applaud Skip Bayless for having the stones to say it.

    • shug1212

      Sounds like a Yankee hater. He said nothing because they were teamates and friends DUH.

  • A Gotti

    This guy(Bayless) is unbelievable! I stopped watching him a long time ago. He is so annoying. I am very disappointed with all the players who are doping but to start making up stories about great players like Jeter is unbelievable . He might as say some thing about Pujols or Fielder, Hamilton. BAYLESS GET A LIFE. Thank god you still have a job because no one will hire you. U know nothing except your own opinions. Everyone has one so what makes yours so special.Its nothing but below average. U have no talent! U suck!!!!!!

    • http://webpronews LARRY

      skip is stupid! derek jeter is old school like me! and he is the best! keep going strong derek!

    • SkipDTip

      Jeter the CHEATER!

  • glenn

    I life long Yankees Fan and vertainly a Jter Fan. The best at his position for the last 18 years.A true “Yankee” in every sense of the word. A well conditioned all around great player and person.
    Shame on u Bayless for being GUTLESS! Without any proof u fire off wild accusations just so u can get headlines. Washed up, maybe you are? If you have nothing positive to say “shut your mouth” and be a professional. ESPN fire the man!
    DJ keep up the great work and play another 5 years so you can beat Pete Rose and become the all time hits leader.
    Turn 2 Derek! Your “THE MAN”!

  • Pat Cahill

    Apparently Bayless is not getting enough attention….

  • big rube

    the only dope that derek jeter knows is skippy bayles !!!!!!!!

  • lanny pullin

    I think Skip Bayles should be fired. Baseball has enough problems without this little creep throwing out innuendos that have no basis. Only someone with no moral character would throw someone to the wolves, with no proof. On television, no less. Come on, who would want someone this slimy working for them. FIRE HIM!

    • d

      no basis? how many 39 year olds batting average go up over 30 points?
      how many 39 year olds double their home run output?
      how many 39 year olds fielding percentage increases by 8%?

      let’s see some names that come to mind, bonds, palmiero, mcguire, sosa and melky cabrera (although, he wasn’t 39)

      go ahead and keep your head in the sand, heaven forbid anyone questions “St Derek”

      • http://aol Mike

        Gee if I was going to impugn someone’s integrity I would start off with three erroneous statements. Jeter is not 39. He is 38.

        Jeter is close to performing at his career average at all three of the stats you mention. Your prejudice shows in the fact that you base everything from a career low instead of a career average. I guess the Mets or the Red Sox games are so hard to watch now that you have to amuse yourself with furthering unsubstantiated accusations. You’re a sad dude.

        • toodeemo

          George Brett batted almost .400 when he was that age. You just don’t have enough intelligence to take YOUR head out of the sand.

      • me

        It is amazing you feel compelled to spit out what you believe to be accurate facts when you keep on repeatedly getting his age wrong, and btw his overall production has gone up because he is healthier and he doesn’t have the pressure of hitting his 3000th hit this year.



  • Eddie

    How about we retire Derek Jeter & Skip Bayless? No one needs them around anymore….

  • Larry D> Hosmer Sr.

    People should not make accusations without proof. This could stain Jeter’s reputation for no reason. I’m sure he has been tested along with all other players. Bayless should be fired for just speculating with no reason.

  • toodeemo

    Jeter may be doping. And Bayless MIGHT be a legitimate writer. I’d say the chances of either being true are slim to none.


    isn’t this same guy who lied about his high school basketball abilites and was caught? god what a loser! doesn’t say much for ESPN does it.

  • Jack Wackawack

    Bayless is an idiot. He should be tested and treated for Hypercretinism which he obviously suffers from.

  • gary parrish

    Bayless is clueless

  • Louis

    Thats how bayless tries to stay in the conversation, by making accusations and then back peddling..must work we are talking about him

  • http://yahoo guy

    are you kidding me how blind and stupid can u people be how does he play so good all of a sudden at 38 years old he must be taking something look i like dereck jeter and ive always been one of his biggest fans but lets get real here people i would bet money that hes on somthing

    • lordpet

      Jeter is a contact hitter. If you compare his stats to other legendary hitters like Cobb, Rose and Carew, you see that they all had stellar years late in their careers. If Jeter suddenly hit 30 HRs, then you might have an argument, but he’s just doing what the great hitters do: hit the ball.

  • http://yahoo mick

    skip, your a friggin idiot,i cannot figure out why you havent been fired

  • maureen

    This guy gets to say whatever he wants and get away with it??? Why the HELL would jeter decide to start doing something like that with such a stellar career behind him? NO WAY!!!!

  • http://yahoo ray

    yeah, this is the world we live in now where you can say anything you want with no repercussions. it’s like the salem witch hunt. just point your finger, “she’s a witch, ok, burn her”. forget about legit journalism, that’s long gone, it’s all tabloid reporting now in sports. whoever can be the most outrageous gets the most attention (b/c daddy didn’t pay attention to them as a kid). skippy, it’s easy to see you are a no talent that didn’t get attention from daddy.

    • maureen

      well said ray!

  • Jerry

    IF this is the best that Skip can come up with or if this the best that the sports world can come up with then we are in trouble. Maybe skip has some dark secrets in his closets. Let the chips fall where they may.

  • http://yahoo ted

    Come on folks, the world is full of liars and cheaters, now more than ever, Jeter, Pujols, and others, are no different than anyone else, so why do we act surprised when it happens, and cry, “say it isn’t so…. money is the root of all evil…always has been….

  • john matacola

    and the sad part is that this conversation is even happening. skip scrappy doodoo is now a hero inthe eyes of yankee and jeter haters.

  • http://none topperchris

    Of course he is..You dont get better at 38 yrs old..god forbid the captain would do that..Hes on roids..

  • JJ

    Skip Bayless has never participated in organized sports. That was evident during the interview with Mark Cuban. Yes, his era has been labeled by steroids and MLB is not going to exempt JETER from testing. Skip Bayless tries to be controversial because that is who ESPN wants him to be. When the list was leaked about Big Papi and A-Rod, Jeter was no where to be found. Hey Skip, why don’t you call Jeter and ask him the question? Go to Yankee stadium, walk onto the field, and confront him? How did that work out for Jim Gray when he confronted Pete Rose?

  • DEB

    Lets see, If bayless would like to throw names around for testing. We could add AJ Burnett he was bad last year and now his record is what 15-4 either the NL players are bad at the plate or ……? Adam Dunn admits that he sucked last year……? The list can get long and we should have bayless at the top. Jeter, Burnett and Dunn and remarkable clean players proof that being physically and mentally prepared and talented at what they do is all you need to play ball. They love the sport and the fans love them. Move on Bayless get another job.

  • Jon

    Well, maybe The Captain is or isn’t, but Skip Bayless makes up crap like this on a weekly basis. I thought long ago ESPN should have let him go.

  • Joe C.

    Skip Bayless is just jealous because he’s a third rate beat writer and he gasping at straws trying in vain to make a name for himself. Hey Bayless, must really stink for you to watch other men get better with age while you keep getting worse. You’re a hack and a bum and I’m glad to say I don’t watch you and haven’t in ages. Jimmy the Greek had more talent in his toilet flushes than you did in your prime if you ever had such a thing.

  • Marc

    He might be, he might not. Who cares?

  • Johnny

    Skip Bayless is an idiot! How can ESPN continue using him? He either makes things up or is mistaken so many times about what he reports. Also, his opinions are seldom correct. How can a person be paid to wrong as often as he is?

  • jim rice

    espn always hires idiots who think the way to fame is shock sports
    reporting espn is just an extention on the people or star mags.look at the so called sport reporter dim dome for example.

  • David Epstein

    I have been rooting for the Yankees since the mid fifties. Derek Jeter is one of a se;ect few that represent the pride of the Yankees.

    The best we can do when an individual like Bayless makes an stupid comment like he has is really say nothing do nothing. ESPN keeps a commentator for either his expertice or his ability to create a roar. If you say nothing or do nothing it will be like Bayless yelling into a black hole.

    Without responders to stupid statements, he will have to change his mode of presentation or ESPN may drop him for lack of a following be it positive or negative

  • mike senior

    It was a witless comment made by a witless man. I will do the only thing I can do which is never watch that show again. If you are as disgusted as I am you will also boycott the show. If enough people do this there won’t be a show.

  • Mo

    Why do people think that what ever is in their brain they feel they can or should say. More times than not, the brain overloads the a$$.

  • stash

    I’m 49 just bench 340 for the first time. Cycle 50 k in a day 2 times a week. Just cause you gave up at 30 doesn’t mean we all did.

    • michael karbonik

      Go Stash…I’m still pushing 370 at 58 years while recovering from many injuries that aging brings. My goal is 400 @ 60 and I’m sure this obsession will eventually kill me…but I do realize and accept that I can’t keep up with my PED gorging friends. I had it before and I still just really want it. Most people can’t commit to that level of desire so they condemn and use the “doping” explanation. Lazy fools. Jeter will quit when they pry the bat from his hands. He certainly doesn’t need the money.

  • anthony mcnutt

    skip brainless, u r a #@*^$(&^^* IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No class, get a real job u BIOTCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karl Mitchell

    Maybe Jeter is doing better because he is not getting pressure from a gf, who wants to get married? Skip Bayless is a total ass for making a comment like this! Derek Jeter is such a stand-up individual that, this comment is not called for.

  • http://yahoo,com Lonny Greywolf Hurlbut

    This idiot just shows his ignorance, this kid Jitter has been one of the best for many years and a great ambassador for baseball. He must be a Red Soxs fan that is all I can figure, out because no one can be that stupid. I am from Nebraska Go Yankees I been signing that song for over forty years and I am only 77. Lonny Greywolf

  • Rob DeGennaro

    Irresponsible reporting. No facts to say something that stupid, Jeter should accuse Bayless of being a herion or coke addict and see if he like character bashing.

  • qit

    Forgive me, but I’m not taking the bait. Jeter is fair game because he is in the public eye. I am a die hard fan. I believe in him.
    BUT AT LEAST GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. Jeter was hurt much of last year. He started to ‘right the ship’ last year. He pulled out a .290 BA. He struggled for much of the year at a much lower pace. And he was out a significant amount of time. Does that even rate a mention? As for this year, you might expect a great player to come back strong once health and contract issues are behind him. But he has been inconsistent this year. Doing great at the beginning, fading in the middle and now, reviving somewhat.
    OF COURSE HE MUST BE DOPING. WHY? BECAUSE ESPN IS PATHETIC. They refused to be responsible anymore. It’s all about the shock jock now. Forget the substance. they won’t bother too much with that.
    Some advice: if you ever want be taken seriously again, write responsibly. Try some proof. Don’t use the public to flush out the story. Look for real stories yourself. AND SHUT UP until you find it.

    • Barry Abrahams

      Another case of the unbelievably big-mouth Skip Bayless just making shit up. Why in the fuck is he on television or being paid by ESPN? What a dick.

    • http://yahoo ken zimmerli

      skip bayless is a little puppet behind a micro-phone who does and says anything steven a smith tells him to say and always looks like the jerk in the end which fits him.his comments on derek jeter are nothing but a ploy to get more attention to his pathetic show.derek jeter is the cleanest player in baseball.a witch hunt.i agree with jeter,espn should drug test him,from what i heard they might hit paydirt

    • none

      “I am a die hard fan”

      Stopped readying after that statement.

  • Mark Borash

    I think Skip Bayless should perform deeper research before making statements. Derek Jeter is having a great year and much better than last year. Must recall Jeter’s injury last year kept him out of 33 games (along with Giradi rest periods). His quest to 3000 hits slowed his accumulations, but after the weight was removed, he went on a tear the rest of the year. He has not slowed since. If he’s included in all remaining games, he could get to 220 hits (higher than his 162 game average of 207), 36 doubles (> 33 avg), 17 HRs (> 16 avg), but 11 Stolen Bases (< 22 avg), 40 Walks (< 65 avg) and 88 Ks(<109 avg). The last two demonstrates his "go hit 'em" attitude and SBs the speed drop. His figures have been sustained on a percentage of At Bats and Games played throughout his career. The fact he's healthy, enjoying the game by swinging earlier (several first pitch HRs this season) and not taking the stats as a stress but as a joy to experience. The numbers are not career highs or out of scope for someone that is healthy and enjoying his job. Let's not jump to conclusions without doing more examination.

  • Christine

    I think Mr Bayless should held accountable for his reckless comments. It is a sad day in sports when we have to question an athlete because they are having a great season…. Very sad and disappointing.
    Bravo Derek Jeter for your fabulous year and lifetime sports career!!!!