Deport Justin Bieber? Why The Petition Is Pointless

    January 29, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Many people who cannot stand Justin Bieber’s music, voice, face or behavior absolutely understand the sentiment that went into the formation of a petition that is meant to get the young Canadian deported. Given his recent behavior, some feel that he has more than worn out his welcome in the United States.

At least those not willing to be honest with themselves.

Justin Bieber has been receiving somewhat of a negative reception in the United States long before he was alleged to have egged houses, urinated in buckets, or participated in drunken drag races.

The loathing of the teen idol goes all the way back to his Youtube days, where this high-pitched, pimply faced little boy with a mop-top was crooning into his webcam, hoping people would notice.

He eventually garnered a large online following and became something of a major internet celebrity. He then managed to crossover into offline, mainstream teen idol territory.

He was a sensation, at least with the millions of teenage and pre-teen girls who loved and continue love him.

Make no mistake: People do not like Justin Bieber in America, and have not for some time. It’s just that now people have latched onto his behavior as justification for wanting him to leave the country.

What is amazing about this demand isn’t that anyone wants Bieber to leave, since some of us would probably prefer he had never crossed the border in the first place.

It’s that should the petition be read by the White House and the wishes of the signers eventually granted, it wouldn’t change the fact that there are people far far worse than Justin Bieber who will remain right here in the United States when he is gone.

Murderers of children, drug traffickers, women beaters, people who develop complicated Ponzi schemes that will rob thousands of hard-working Americans of their money, people who will be buying and using fake credit cards created with numbers gained through the Target breech. And many many more various forms of human scum. All still here while people congratulate themselves for sending a snotty nose brat, who will still be very rich at the end of the day, home to Canada.

Yes, every terrible one of them will be here, continuing to make this country even worse than a Justin Bieber could ever dream of doing.

The petition to deport Justin Bieber is meant to be an expression of Americans who’ve had enough of one young man’s debauchery. Understood. After all, his antics are childish and it’s likely he did break the law within our borders.

So why is this petition pointless?

If Americans have time to write and sign petitions for popstars and reality television shows, things are either really good in this country or we are embarrassingly out of touch with reality, a society unable to prioritize what is really important.

Hint: It’s NOT Justin Bieber.

Image via Hollywood Life

  • Yep

    The point is that we have 3 MILLION immigrants in prisons and those people are completely innocent of anything. Yet, because Beiber is rich, he can get away with anything and not have any consequences.

    In fact, those people in our prisons do not have access to PHONE CALLS or LAWYERS because they are not citizens. They sleep on floors and aren't given underwear or shoes.

    You should also do a story about the estimated 10,000 people in our prisons who are innocent of their crimes because of the corruption in the court systems. It is staggering the number of innocent people in American prisons.

    You also might want to do a story about how anyone really could be arrested for anything in America. If you follow around the average American for a week, at some point they break the law. Why not talk about that? Or the fact that America profits the most off of incarceration?

    So please spare me all this self-righteous bulllshit about how their are bad people in America.

  • Dee Nice

    No, it is about Justin Bieber. There are a growing number of people in this country who are absolutely sick and tired of having one set of rules for the rich, powerful, famous and well connected in this country and a different set of rules for everyone else. We're sick of the multi-millionaires whining and comparing populist sentiment about the wealth gap to the nazi invasion of Poland. Enough is enough. The only question is whether or not this kid would be gone already if he were just Justin Nobody. The answer to that question is of course, yes so what's left to debate?

  • Peter

    Dee Nice is partly right but Bieber came to the U.S. as a 13 year old clean cut Canadian kid. Living in California with the loose living Lohan's and and a thousand other bad examples of false entitlement is what has turned him into what he has become a product of America. Live up to your responsibilities you broke him you fix him no return on goods you have damaged!

  • Wanda Bailey

    Leave the kid alone, we have a lot more things to worry about in this country than Justin!!

    • Lovita

      Those that are pointing fingers have worst in their own family than Justin Bieber. Since when immigrants were sincerely loved in America anyway? Whether you're rich and famous or broke and unknown, they still hate your gut and want you gone.
      Justin Bieber doesn't rob, rape or kill anyone. He's just a normal out of control teenager who needs to grow up. He doesn't depend on America to do anything for him, he just lives there and works everywhere, he earns his own money and spends most of it in America.

  • CP Harvey

    Many petitions are pointless…we don't need to be told that over and over again. The point of the petition is to prove that a large amount of people are sick and tired of the special treatment that celebrities receive simply because they are rich and famous. If a regular citizen was caught illegally driving, drag racing, while intoxicated and under the influence of drugs, with an outstanding warrant for assaulting someone else in another country, do you really think they would be let go to go on vacation? No. You can bet they would be in jail, waiting for a trial and face a number of years in prison. People die very day from reckless, intoxicated drivers, and this punk is laughing at us from Panama.

    And just because there will still be murderers and rapists in the country tomorrow, signing a petition is not meant to say we are tolerant of those actions. Its speaking to another issue entirely. While I was at Whitehouse.gov, I signed a number of other petitions, including one to release political prisoners in Ukraine. We are aware of the problems our country faces. Taking five seconds to click a button is not one of them.

  • Gabby

    Why is this even news? F*ck Justin Bieber. This country has bigger fish to fry.