Dennis Rodman Meets Estranged Father for the First Time

    July 19, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Dennis Rodman, former NBA star and parttime actor, met his father for the first time following an exhibition basketball game in the Philippines, according to CBS Sports. Philander Rodman Jr. claims to have fathered 29 children by 16 women, which is a staggering number to wrap your brain around. I can’t imagine having one child to take care of, let alone 29. This may explain why the guy was hiding out in the Philippines for over 50 years.

However, despite the lack of contact over the past 42 years, Dennis seemed to take the whole encounter rather well. Although their meeting was nothing more than a handshake and a greeting — he was in the midst of signing autographs at the time — both seemed to walk away from the experience with a positive attitude. This is particularly impressive for the former professional basketball player, who refused to discuss the matter only six years ago.

“I don’t hate the guy that brought me into this world,” Dennis Rodman explained to reporters. “The fact is, if I saw him, I’ll just tell him, `You know, you’re a friend of mine.”‘

In fact, with only a handful of seconds left in the exhibition game, the younger Rodman snagged a microphone and acknowledged his father’s presence in the crowd. He’s kind of hard to miss: Philander is the guy wearing the “Yes, Dennis Rodman is my son” hat.

“It was great,” Philander said to the Associated Press. “I’ve been trying to meet him for years. And then last night, boom, I met him. I was really, really happy and very surprised.”

Rodman Jr., who is now 71 years-old, still lives and works in the Philippines. He’s the proud owner of — wait for it — Rodman’s Rainbow Obamaburger restaurant in Angeles City. The eatery is known for its colorful burgers, which feature red, yellow, and green colored buns and fries, which are a not-so-subtle tribute to his son. As soon as they start naming menu items after Dennis’ turn in the Van Damme actioner “Double Team”, I’m purchasing an airplane ticket ASAP.

Check out some pictures from this father and son renunion below.



  • Alisa

    I pity the fool that claims Dennis Rodman as their son! He is too out of control and too outrageous to look at let alone claim. He’s a transgender freak…nothing more or less!

  • bern

    29 children, 16 different women.

    His name is Philander.


    • Jackee

      @ bern love it
      I feel like no matter how long it took they reunited that a good thing now forgiveness can begin

      • JONNEL

        that is why he used his name in differently way, giving philanthrophy to 16 women, not bad at all

  • Candy Young

    How dare you Alisa, Who are you to judge anyone’s life. You have no room to judge someone for the choices they have made in their life. I think Dennis is one of the most colorful, nicest people you ever want to meet, and I’ve never met him…So back off with the comments, you heard?

  • mitch

    Dennis is a good guy who we got to watch grow up. Being an athlete in the spotlight will break the best of us; ther go I but by the grace of God. He was trying to have fun in a dog-eat-dog world, I’m just sayin’

  • Lynne

    I think Dennis is one of the kindest most misunderstood people who has ever played the game of basketball. Basketball was his life and once it was gone so was his love for life. Yes, he has made mistakes, but through it all he is a nice person. Flamboyant yes, but dedicated to the sport that made him famous.

    • carnella

      I think Dennis is a very caring person and lovable. He has his own style and became a star. Dennis has alot to be greatful. Everyone go through things he was just in the spot light. Keep doing you just pray and everything is going to be alright. A friend that has admire you since you played with the Spurs. Live your life you only have one.

  • Michael

    His Father has not been hiding out in the Philippines. Most of the kids were born in the Philippines. He was also in the Military 18 years. It is just about impossible to not pay child support when You are in the Military. They take it out of Your check before you get it. So while the Father is a lot of things, he was financially responsible in Dennis’s and his sisters situation. I’m a Friend of his father. He has his faults(lots of them) but Dennis should spend some time with the man and he will see exactly why he is like he is.

  • Jus’ Becuz

    Sounds like Philander Rodman should actually be named Philanderer Rodman

  • Will-Edward

    Only a person who has suffered being called a freak would call another human being a freak. Sounds like Alisa has never had a hug.