Dennis Rodman: FBI Informant on North Korea?

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Now that Dennis Rodman has been fired from Celebrity Apprentice, it seems he will have more time to spend with his new pal, Kim Jong-un.

Rodman this week revealed to Gossip Extra that he will be returning to North Korea on August 1st. He stated that he and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will “just hang and have some fun.”

The report states that Rodman was interviewed at a fundraising gala in Miami, where the former basketball star was introduced as the “U.S. ambassador to North Korea.”

Rodman first went to North Korea in February. When he returned to the U.S., he called Kim Jong-un an “awesome guy” and confirmed that the leader is now the father of a young girl.

The provocative trip and comments earned Rodman a visit from the FBI, which was very interested in who the young North Korean leader was surrounding himself with. The Miami Herald is reporting that Rodman told the newspaper that he might be able to help calm the tensions that have recently been rising on the Korean Peninsula. From the Herald:

“I’m not a total idiot. I know what Kim Jong-un is threatening to do regarding his military muscle. I hope it doesn’t happen because America will take whatever actions to protect America and our allies.”

Dennis Rodman: FBI Informant on North Korea?
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  • Charles Volcher


  • http://marblethreads.net DaveNYUSA

    Dennis Rodman can’t even SPELL FBI!

  • Tom

    No wonder they get along so well…They’re both IDIOTS!

  • QuestionEverything!

    Humm… There’s a thought. Send celebrity’s to foreign alleged hostile country’s to potentially sort out our differences. Wonder if that would be more productive than sending the individuals we send today.

  • Frank

    That’s bull

  • http://recourse-loans.com Gary Anderson

    Wait commenters, what can it hurt to send an American to North Korea in order to soften the stance of the leader. It may not help, but what can it hurt. The fact that the leader of North Korea likes basketball and Dennis Rodman could be helpful.

    • http://yahoo Mike L

      Dennis has, atleast,. a chance.He seems to get along with Kim Jong-un. Thats more than our nit wit politicians can with all the the PR crap they worry about. Dennis doesn’t give a crap if people don’t want to re-elect him, he is not running for anything..

  • Christopher Bowen

    Dennis Rodman knows where the good (and free) Ganja is !

  • Barry Watson

    Well, Dennis isn’t being totally honest. He said he’s not a total idiot.

    • activity

      FBI does foreign and domestic.

  • locofordguy

    What the hell does the FBI have to do with North Korea. The gullible in America get scamed again, including webpronews.

    • mrtylercat

      Thank you! FBI deals with domestic…I believe this would be CIA territory. But since there is an article written on the internet, it must be true!

  • dan sutton

    When he goes back “to play basketball” he’ll be jailed in North Korea prison for beign a spy. I can imagine fifteen 5, 2″ North Korean soldiers torturing Dennis rodman … He might just be into that thing :-)

  • Edward Liggett

    The operative word is “total” but he is 99.9 percent an “idiot”.

  • double m farms

    What is he thinking?? Unless he thinks its safer there when North Korea fires their nukes at us. If he is good friends with the leader of that country then he should re-think his friends. Maybe he should give up his usa citizenship and apply to korea for theirs.

  • Hal

    this idiot should be considered a traitor to his country, is he so blind to whats going on in the world he doesn’t know Kim has threatened to nuke us ?

    • trevor

      Please read the full article before making negative assumptions about people that you don’t know.

      The Miami Herald is reporting that Rodman told the newspaper that he might be able to help calm the tensions that have recently been rising on the Korean Peninsula. From the Herald:

      “I’m not a total idiot. I know what Kim Jong-un is threatening to do regarding his military muscle. I hope it doesn’t happen because America will take whatever actions to protect America and our allies.”

      • Barbara

        Perfectly Stated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Greg

        The theory might fly until you consider that he repetedly calls the Korean leader his friend. A friend of a monster that wants to nuke the US? No one with an ounce of morality or brains would be friends with a monster.

  • anne

    Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. Let him go back – and make sure he stays with his friend.

  • Rosemary

    Does anyone remember the fury over Jane Fonda and North Vietnam. Should we be happy about this? What is he thinking?

  • Chuck Phipps

    They should ship his ass back over there and they should keep the Jane Fonda turncoat.

  • Chuck Phipps

    My opinion is,he’s a has been and desparatly needs publicity.At any rate he’s a male Jane Fonda.

  • rudy

    you people are complete morons, probably mostly chicken hawks, do you realize that war is for the military industrial complex to make big money and for the rest of us to lower our standards of life, why not use rodman as our ambassador over there, hes the only one that the little korean likes and might listen too

    • QuestionEverything!

      I find it utterly fascinating that not one individual on this post has an intimate understanding of what the North Koreans core bereavements, values and suggestions are and yet it is quickly determined that “Dennis is a turncoat”, “North Korea and its leader are crazy” and other unwarranted comments. WAR is never the answer and If Dennis Rodman can somehow manufacture a way of reducing tensions between North Korea and America, then let it be done and give that crazy bastard a medal of honor!

      • Greg

        Spin it any way you can, but no sane or moral person would call a monster who wants to nuke the US a “friend.” That’s what takes it into left field.

  • Wayne

    All rodman wants in his name on tv etc. lets send him to N.Korea and make him stay. He is just out for the publicity, and it is all bad. Do away rodman. The non caps on his name was not in error !~!~

  • http://yahoo mary

    dennis are you going to let them use you like a cheap suit i will tell the f. b. i to do their own dirty work.

  • Keith Cantrell

    The very fact that Dennis Rodman gets so much media coverage says that Americans are still interested in his antics. I say ship him back and let the North Koreans keep him. Let the professionals do their job without the antics of a washed up ex-star to get in their way.

  • Armand

    Ok, so everyone is a world policy dignatary now. Lets look at the facts: N. Korean nutjob with nuke capabilities, likes D-rod, whose American. Why is everybody trippin’?. Ever here of the saying, “Keep
    your friends close, but keep your enemies closer”? D-rod may not be your ambassador of choice, but what the hell, if he’s the only guy we
    got, why are we downing him. If Kim comes out of this saying he didn’t start war cause he and D-rods “talks”. What are you going to say about him then?

    • auburntop2002@hotmail.com

      I am sure this website can add to the problems this information can spread. If you want a secret, is this a secret? How do we know the foreign relations can be helpful. Maybe Kim is under cover and Rodman and USA fall into his trap? Maybe if they pay him enough he can look for Korean citizenship.

  • Chuck Phipps

    What the hell could Dennis report to the FBI/CIA on/about N Korea? Kim isn’t gonna reveal any top secrets to him,or any American.MAYBE THEY’RE BUTT BUDDIES.lol

  • rudy

    you know anything is better then war


    Dennis Rodman is nothing but a friggin “FREAK” and a traitor to his country. send the SB back to NK. and don’t let him back into the united states.He ain’t nothing but a washed up basketball player thats looking for attention, after all look at him my god.

    • james mollohan

      dude, your quick to judge, actually all of you are, look at your own back yard before you judge someone else, your no better than he is

  • M

    Pervs of a feather flock together.

  • r

    The FBI is nothing more than a lie factory. I doubt Rodman will be coehersed into their bullsh-t. We need to extend goodwill instead of military might. America’s war machine is the problem!

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