Demi Moore’s Wild Night Out In Miami

    December 6, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Demi Moore, who has caught headlines lately because of her erratic behavior after a split from Ashton Kutcher, was recently spotted partying it up in Miami at a Chanel event.

Dressed in a silvery-gray one-piece and donning black nerd glasses at one point, Moore couch-danced next to Lenny Kravitz and hung out with the likes of Stacy Keibler, a.k.a Clooney’s girlfriend. The 50-year old appears to be doing well after a stint in rehab and what friends described as a “breakdown” following the Kutcher debacle, especially considering he’s now dating the Sexiest Woman Alive and is getting paid.

The actress allegedly drew the concern of her daughters earlier this year around the time she checked into rehab, but a “source” told Us Weekly that she’s doing a lot better.

“She’s in a good place,” the source said. “She’s open to experiencing new things this year.”

Photo credit: David X Prutting/BFAnyc/Sipa USA
Lead Image: WireImage



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  • dajuki

    She started out on General Hospital. Didnt like her then and sure dont like her now! Dont know how she could have gone out with and married a “boy” that could be her son. She needs to deal with her age….PRONTO!!

  • dajuki

    she’s trying to hard and looking ridiculous!! her daughters must be so embarrassed!

  • laura

    Here’s a new flash for ya..even though she is fifty..she’s still gorgeous..and since when can’t she have a good time. Life doesn’t end at fifty..and guess what younguns we still have sex!!!

  • Jezz Me

    Anyone who loves a kitty is a friend of mine.

  • steve

    Who really cares.

  • Jeff Shaffer

    Cougars Gone WILD

  • Milene

    Well, she does look 50. What the years do to us…. but with this outfit she’s showing all her dropped skin and cellulite. Please don’t try to be 20 again, you already pass that. Nothing wrong with having a good time but don’t make your kids to be ashamed. To me, all this is from outside, drinking to try forget the pain inside. I know, love hurt…

  • stephenf

    If there is any justice in the world, all these snarky little twits calling her “old” and saying she ought to be in a nursing home will get the same treatment times three when they turn 50, when they won’t feel the least bit “old” and will be viewed that way only by pups who don’t know what stupid is.


    Lenny is almost 50 himself. Gotta laugh at all the humans under the age of 40….they forget all of us over 40’s were in their shoes already! They will be lucky to look anything like Demi Moore! I see a lot of young women who already look like little ole piglets and hear young men make fun of them….lmao! Everyone should shut up until you have been in another persons shoes!

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