Delavan Turtle Dies After Being Beaten by a Golf Club

    June 12, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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[Graphic photos of animal cruelty below]

A female snapping turtle found severely beaten in a sand bunker of a Delavan, Wisconsin golf course has died from her injuries.

Authorities believe that the turtle was probably attempting to lay her eggs in the bunker when she was beaten with what appears to be a golf club. Investigators are currently searching for the eggs, but have so far been unsuccessful.

“It happened at the Delbrook Golf Course in Delavan on June 10 between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. The female turtle, looking for a place to lay her eggs, was found lying in the sand in a bunker with holes in its shell. It was also struck in the right eye, a wound which appeared to have been from a golf club,” said the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in a Facebook update.

The turtle was supposed to undergo surgery, which was to give her a 40%-60% chance of survival. Sadly, the turtle died before that was possible.

The Global Conservation Group, Wisconsin’s largest animal rights organization, has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible. And PETA has reportedly pledged an additional $5,000.

The photos of the turtle, post-attack, are pretty brutal. According to the people at the Pineview Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, the turtle (aged 10-13) was just too banged up to survive. Not only did the turtle sustain multiple gouges to its shell, but also sustained a severe blow to the head.

What the hell, people?


  • Diana Spencer

    Why on God’s green earth would a human being do something so incredibly horrible to inflict so much pain on a animal that couldn’t do any harm to anyone or anything. Sick bAStaRD!

    • Julie

      I agree. A person like this should be hit with a golf club repeatedly until they die.

  • myklftw


  • michael

    If anyone knows who to contact, i would love to donate some money to the reward fund. They need to find the POS that did this. Maybe we can beat him with a club to let him know how it feels. We need to really make this public so they can find this person.

  • Paul

    This is so sad. What kind of a person does this! I wish I would have caught them in the act…

  • Turtle

    Whoever did this – huge karma!!! Turtle is the symbol for peace and goodwill. There is a saying what you do to a turtle you do to yourself and all your ancestors and generations to come.

  • Jesus Christ Jr.

    awwww man…..wheres my older brother when I need him?…we gotta fix this turtle thing dude, get back with me…

  • DesertGal

    And people call wild critters animal! Hope u rot in hell puke!

  • http://yahoo Dancerina

    There are some evil people in the world..That poor mother turtle was minding her own business, trying to find a place for her budding family. I hope whoever did this, has horrible nightmares and 25 yrs. of bad luck in life..

  • Raymo

    Think we should that person and dooo the same thing tooo them and see how they like it REALLY IM PISSED OFF ,, There is no EXCUSE for that at ALL

  • http://jerryboehme.com JB

    It’s disgusting. I am sick to know this happened near my place of residence.

  • David Hoffman

    I have ‘2’ nephews and ‘1’ niece that are very capable of doing this, so it’s no surprise to me things like this happen. Not to blame any one thing, but people as a society are so desensitized to violence that this is nothing as to what some are capable of doing now a days. When I was a kid, the worst thing I could think of a person doing was tying ‘2’ cats together by their tails and hanging them on a clothes line and that is still disgusting to me. When telling my nephews and nieces about it, they laughed and wanted to find a couple of cats in the neighborhood to see what happens. Unfortunately, it’s just getting worst people and I just hope that those that do things such as this, karma really does get back at them in a very big way.

    • Tyrone

      Karma will always prevail.

  • Bill

    These turtles can run you down and take a notch out of your achilles, then what would your golf game be like? And if your ball lands in the nest, you have to look at all the eggs to find your ball. They do not belong on the golf course and should be killed by Tiger-clubbing with a 2 iron (because that club is not good for anything else).

    Tiger Woods’ ex-wife

    • http://Yahoo Timmy Terd

      Since the turtle was in a bunker, I would have used a 9 or a wedge.

      • ron flett

        The name terd fits.

      • clrlou

        So if you are too close to the curb when a bus goes by can I push you? That is pretty much the same as your ignorant comment.

    • james sands


  • jizz

    Look for a liberal democrat.

    • Shaina Carey

      Actually, it would be a Republican’t. They don’t care about the environment or animals

      • Caroline Holt

        Actually it’s the republicans- hunters and fishers that REALLY care about the environment. We want it to last and for generations to come to be able to hunt and fish! It’s the stupid ignorant dontacrats that want people to think they care but they don’t have a clue about animals and the environment.

  • Jillinois

    Snappers are nasty creatures, and can ‘snap’ off a finger like a hot knife through butter, but SERIOUSLY, that was really cruel. There are no excuses for animal cruelty- not like anybody has turned up at an ER with near-fatal turtle attack injuries. (that definitely would have made the news) What goes around comes around… hope it’s 10-fold.

    • Tyrone

      I hope it is 100-fold.

  • james sands

    If we identify the prick, or prickess who did this; can we beat them with the same club they used?

  • alex garza

    What the hell is wrong with people!

  • FuzzySleepsAllDay FerretShelter

    If/when the perpetrator of this senseless and incomprehensible cruelty is apprehended, I will supplement the current reward total of $6,000 with another $100.00.
    I hope that others will do the same, and that if there is someone who can provide testimony to convict, he or she will be persuaded to contact law enforcement authorities.
    The reward total now stands at $6,100.00.
    —Fuzzy Sleeps All Day Ferret Shelter

  • Shaina Carey

    Who cares if it was a snapping turtle? I know they are nasty, but what reason did they have to beat the poor turtle to death when it wasn’t hurting them? I hope the people who did this get their a**es beat with a 9 iron or better yet, a wedge.

  • Ted R

    While I do not like PETA, I have to side with them on this senseless killing of the turtle. It’s fairly easy to find out who did the killing. All the police have to do is check the Delbrook Golf Course records for the day to find the names of the players who would have been on the course between 6:45 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. plus check their grounds crew.

  • wendy

    void of conscience, heart and soul. probably went out and had dinner afterwards.

  • kay

    No respect for Gods’ creations. Turtles lead a rather solitary life and eat small amphibians and insects and dead animals. Why do this? Because they have not been taught to look at wild life and respect it for what it is. Just think what the same uncaring WHITE youth will do to their parents, siblings and of course their classmates-bring assult rifles to school and decimate peoples lives because they have not been taught compassion for animals so none for humans

    • Cynthia

      What does your comment about “White” have to do with anything? Are you kidding me?

  • Tyrone

    This is sickening and just wrong. Ten to thirteen tears old is young for a turtle. I hope they catch the SOB that did this and beat them to death. An eye for an eye.

  • Jeni

    My heart is broken… Unbelievable!

  • George

    Wish people would feel this way when mothers abort their babies.

  • http://None Jose Lopez

    Democrat Or Republican Other Shit Party There All The Same Corrupt Some Time Can Tell The Different : ( I Own Care Reptiles Hope They Catch Soon Who Did This : (

  • Gabrielle Fisher

    I have a pet turtle. Find out who did this & beat them to death. Foul human who did this..

  • Elisa

    That’s so sad. How can anyone hurt such a defenseless turtle? I hope the police find the person or people responsible for this cruel act.

  • sandra mcpherson

    Give me a golf club and 5 minutes with the person who did this!!!

  • http://www.drinkinggames.me It’s Not Funny

    Kevin Malone would have been able to save her…