Def Leppard Divorce: Couple Splits After 25 Years

    November 19, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has filed for divorce from his wife Julie after 25 years of marriage, and is asking the judge not to make him pay spousal support, citing irreconcilable differences. They have two children together.

Campbell, an Irish musician who played for Dio and Whitesnake before joining Def Leppard, took over guitarist duties after Steve Clark died in 1992. The band, which had found major success worldwide until then, suddenly began to falter due to the onset of the grunge movement and realized they were being phased out of the music scene. It wasn’t until an infamous “Behind The Music” episode on VH1 that they were brought back into the limelight, and the episode spawned a made-for-tv movie called “Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story”, which sent the band back into stardom. They went on to continued success with Campbell as their guitarist and are still touring.

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  • Nanette

    Love Def Leppard and have seen them numerous times in the past. they never failed to Please Us All. As far as their private lives and love lives i feel it is none of my business to say anything on the issue. This is a private issue for them and them alone. We are just Fan’s not family or close friends, so i feel to comment on any of their private life would be an unintellegent invasion of their privacy. Now Back To The Band, They were and still are FANTASTIC !!!!

    • Tina

      Nanette, I agree with you 100%! Every couple has the right to privacy, whether they are famous or not. This is not the public’s judgement to make.

  • hugby

    She kept telling him to “Turn that goddamn shit DOWN!” But he wouldn’t do it!

  • Chris

    Perfect Def Leopard Song for this occasion. “Love Bites”

  • Suzan

    what bs they realized they were faltering and the show rocketed them back to stardom. true die hard long term fans should be offended.

    • Demps97

      I am a die hard fan…always have been, and I’m not offended in the least. Get over it.

  • mike graziani

    band should take his idea and do the same!!!

  • mostevilbitch

    25 years married and this millionaire is trying to get off without paying spousal maintenance? He’ll be laughed out of court.

  • Skip Peterson

    @ Dan Hagan… what in the world are you talking about? Please do us all a favor and go back to school to learn proper grammar. For the love of god dude. Seriously!!!!

    • Kandi

      Just because someone’s post isn’t up to your required level of intelligence doesn’t mean that they aren’t allowed to post. Perhaps Mr. Hagan did the best that he could which is more than anyone can say for you in posting insensitive, cruel comments. Get over yourself. Nobody’s perfect and they surely do not deserve to be ridiculed for such.

      • Mark E

        Thanks for sticking up for Dan. What Dan said was positive. What Skip said was negative. Who would you rather have around you ? I can’t even comment on what Noah said. Really ? in 2012 ?

    • Noah

      No shit on the Dan Hogan comment. WTF are you trying to say? Take a minute, think about what you want to say, and read it BEFORE you click!! Unless your black, then all is forgiven…. I dont know ebonics

      • Mark E

        f#*@in idiot

      • Demps97

        Hey Noah, why don’t you read your own idiotic comments before you criticize. you’re=you are, your=belonging to you. Stop being a racist idiot.

        • Suesan

          Thanx Demps97…Why must people bring race into it? Really??? I am all for cultural awareness and think that respect for the differences in cultures is important. However, I would prefer to be educated on that culture by someone of that culture. I really don’t think making an unrequested biased accommodation based on the idea that maybe the writer is of a certain race (especially a race you have obviously not taken the time to familiarize with) is exactly an “intellegent” thing to do. As you so kindly pointed out “read it and take a minute to think about it BEFORE” you post.
          Of course, I am assuming you did not intend to be a total a$$. So when you are reading and thinking try to put your frame of mind on how the intended receiver will interpret it and if it actually gets your intended point across. So now can you please tell us—-How, exactly, did that help you express your opinion or make your point?

  • Diana

    Must have gotten himself a new, younger cutie huh?
    Damn straight he needs to take care of his soon to be ex-wife.
    I’m sure she’s put up with a lot of hell from him over the years…

  • http://webpronews Steve O

    Mabey this will make a good new song! They can sure use it!

  • Mark E

    I like what you had to say, Dan. Even if a few words were spelled wrong. At least you’re not putting negative vibes out in the world like the schmucks that were bad-mouthing you. When will people ever learn that kharma is real ? You put yourself in whatever situation you are in, and you get back what you put out. I hope you get to meet Def Leppard someday (Oprah, are you listening). Oh, and to the guy who made the negative comment about black people…it must be sad that it’s 2012 and you’re till trying to live in 1950. The world has moved on and you have not. Whatever bad things are going on in your life (you can’t really expect anyone to believe you’re a well-adjusted, productive citizen with comments like that), you have put yourself in that position. Pity.

    • http://web/pronews Adele

      Mark E, I could not have voiced a better comment! Karma, so so true and very sad that so many people are so quick to judge and not look in the mirror!


  • pete/clark

    Their history is full of personal (or at least band) tragedy. First guitarist Pete Willis fired for alcoholism, drummer loses arm from car wreck(alcohol related), Steve Clark dies alcohol/drug related. Biggest band in the world until grunge and hip hop marginalized rock music. But, they’re still here, kicking ass on a nightly basis when touring. Rock and Roll will never die, they are excellent in concert, and actually play their instruments and sing live. Who would’ve thunk it.

  • Michelle

    I think the guys an A1 jerk for trying to get out of spousal support after 25 years of marriage. She should be glad to get rid of the tightwad bastard!

    • Gary

      What a typical “bitter female” comment. I’m sure it’s all “his” fault! HaHa. I’m sure she will receive her part of the massive estate he gathered over the time they were married…that’s just how it works, Michelle.

    • D

      WOW! TMZ ran this story with false details and everybody ran with it. Vivian Campbell is absolutely not denying spousal support. Got it from his own lips…er…twitter. LOL Not the type of guy to lie, especially when it will be public record soon enough. She was also touring with bands in Europe (ie. Steel Panther) how do we know SHE wasn’t the one screwing around. Just my two cents. They filed for divorce and are seeking joint custody. The End.

  • blaze

    well, each have a right,, haveing meet def,, way bac in the 80’s when their toured with ozzy,, their where new to us then, and hardly know,, and have seen them over the years is still top noch act,, good to see the boys are kickn around,,

  • Sue

    I don’t think anyone should get spousal support. That is so outdated. Split the assets then take care of yourselves.

    • Brandi Smithson

      Sue I believe you are WRONG!! The path that women choose because they NEGLECT their own future to support their husbands’ career should NOT go unrecognized nor should the FULL time job of caring for THEIR children be ignored. THIS is a LIFE BOTH CHOSE. NOT one, NOT the other. Protecting yourself as well as your children from predators and other would be assailants IS a full time job. NOT to easily dismissed. IN REAL LIFE this wouldn’t have been an ISSUE, However this is not a normal family and the choice they as a couple made for her to not support herself in a separate manor is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

      • Jeff

        Your comment suggests that he forced her into a marriage and took away her personal freedom to go her own way and earn her own money. She made the choice to marry him and stay with him. He should not be penalized for that. You make it seem like the children are a burden on the mother and that they were not wanted by her. She is probably the one that wanted the kids more so than him considering women are on a biological clock and usually want to have kids before it’s too late. Seem like he did the bulk of the providing and giving her what she wanted and taken care of her for the last 25 years. Now he doesn’t want to pay for her anymore and he shouldn’t have to. You seem to see men as financial slaves for women as if women are entitled to a man’s money forever and ever. Sorry to break it to you, but that thing between your legs is not made out of gold like you seem to think it is. Men are catching onto the whole feminist supremacy thing now and are sick of the double-standards. I bet you would have no problem with a woman divorcing her husband and leaving him out to dry if the roles were reversed. This is why it’s hard to take you man-hating misandric feminist seriously anymore. You’re just too obvious!

        • Reconnector

          Jeff you are not only an asshat but you are a disgrace to MEN!> Stop talking like Men everywhere support you selfish inane, Ideals !! We do NOT ! If this couple can not settle this between themselves, then they have forfeited that privilege and now must take what a Judge decides is Proper. Look Sparky, your rants about what is this and what is that is YOURS AND ONLY YOURS Shut the FFFuk UP SkIPPY !

          • brad

            If a woman (or a man for that matter) puts aside her any aspirations she might have to make a home and raise children her husband should not be able to throw her out into the cold once he’s “done with her”. No, no one is forcing anyone to put their lives on hold but when you have a family choices must be made. If the couple can afford for one parent to stay home and they both feel it’s better for their children (which I kinda think it is) then the breadwinning spouse should be held to paying spousal support should he/she decide later on (after the husband or wife has spent 15 or 20 years out of the workforce) that he/she wants to move on. Any other opinion on the subject comes from someone that has deep seated resentment issues with the opposite sex.

          • millie

            No one really knows what happened but in this type of life I’m sure it took it’s toll on the woman. Yes, blah blah blah she could of left you say but it’s not that simple, she loved him. So yes he owes her half of the empire they built together and she’ll get it despite all the negative uneducated remarks….If it was the other way around he would get half as well.

        • http://yahoo eva

          Jeff=are you still a virgin? I don’t think you’ve even had a girlfriend much less a wife. And if you did, poor her.

      • Anusha

        Sue: I totally agree with you! Brandi: I believe you are correct that the decision both spouses make should not go unrecognized, however, I believe both parties knew things weren’t working between them, His ex should have been finding a way to support her own self. I do not believe that she or anyone else for that matter should be mooching off their ex’s……it’s not right! When I divorced, the most important issue was that my son has both of his parents in his life and never needs to worry about us both being there for him throughout the milestones of his life. I would never be so self absorbed as to mooch off my ex, he is the Father of my son. I could never take advantage of someone like that. Child support is one thing, spousal support is rediculous. Woman (especially) need to get off their high horse and earn for themselves.

  • Paul Behr

    If U-Verse wasn’t cutting in and out during the CHI-KC game, I wouldn’t have been so bored as to click on this vapid news story. We have a socialist in the White House trying to cripple this country and the divorce of a 3rd rate male musician named Vivian rates a Yahoo headline? Gawd, help us!

  • Suesan

    This is very sad news. It would seem that after 25yrs together their who lives are emeshed. Not only is this sad for the couple, it is also sad for many of the people in their lives, I am sure. I don’t know them personally and article doesn’t give a lot of details (understandably, this is a very personal issue) so I will not comment on the divorce details. I think every case is different.

  • Dereck

    I don’t have a problem with a successful musician paying his former spouse some support (she can’t have been expected to work at a mall all these years), but like any other arrangement there should be a time limit- two years, three years for her to get it together and find something to do. Their kids are close to grown, so the ‘I’m a fulltime Mom’ excuse won’t fly.

  • http://webpro EGH129

    He must know people, have her disappear.