Deena Cortese: “Jersey Shore” Star Arrested

    June 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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The next season of “Jersey Shore” hasn’t even begun to air on MTV yet and already it’s rife with drama.

Coming on the heels of Snooki’s leaked nakie pics and a huge bar fight–which involved several cast members and allegedly left J-Woww with a sprained ankle–the news of Deena’s arrest seems relatively tame in comparison. Although police won’t comment on the incident, a video obtained by TMZ shows Deena dancing like the lighthearted little meatball she is through the streets of Seaside Heights right before the cops decide enough is enough and haul her away on charges of disorderly conduct, much to the amusement of the watching crowd gathered around her. Be forewarned, though; the cameraman’s skills leave something to be desired. The first several seconds are so shaky I needed a Dramamine to get through the rest.

Jail cells aren’t a foreign thing to the cast, as several members have been arrested during previous seasons. TMZ reported over the weekend that the guys involved in the bar brawl are planning to sue some of the people involved, although the Shore boys say they only acted in self defense.


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    i was there and heard that the snookie thing was scripted , so i thought this was too,lol we were on our way into the mexican resturant andd a crowd started to appear, and there’s this crazy girl running down the 2 lane traffic fluffing her hair,lol I’m like this can’t be real as the cameras were rolling, the security gURD WERE WE ATE SAID IT WASN’T ,FINALLY SHE GOT ARRESTED AND EVERYONE CLAPPED,right after I commmented i used to get arresed for things like that ,not paid,,,,,,,,,,,,well to be continued, I will say thhe locals and tourists have had it,,,time for them to move on