Dee Dee McCarron Commits Epic Twitter Fail

    January 7, 2014
    Ann Casano
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Perhaps Dee Dee McCarron (AKA Dee Dee Bonner) was jealous that it wasn’t her son A.J. giving an emotion-filled post game reaction after leading his team to a touchdown winning drive in the waning seconds of the BCS Title Game last night? Her reaction to Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston’s speech was not…well it certainly wasn’t very nice and definitely very insensitive.

Mrs. McCarron tweeted to her 20,000 followers last night:

Then she deleted the tweet after the immediate backlash and apologized for her remarks. And of course, she wants to let everyone know that she’s not a racist.

Unfortunately for McCarron, she is finding out the hard way, that you can’t just delete a tweet. Once it’s out there in the cyber universe, it’s out there forever. It only takes one person to copy and paste. The reaction to her thoughtless remarks was not kind.

The actual football game against Auburn and Florida State last night was one for the ages. Somehow, someway, the Seminoles came back and topped the Tigers 34-31. And in the middle of all the madness and lead changes, Winston, a 19-year-old freshman kept his cool and led his team to victory. In fact, Winston led the Seminoles to a perfect 14-0 season. He also took home the Heisman Trophy this year, making him the youngest player to ever do so.

Here’s a look at the quarterback’s post game reaction. He’s certainly fired up and happy, but there doesn’t seem to be a problem with his command of the English language.

Image via Twitter

  • Kel

    All people make grammatical errors when talking. Especially when they are excited. I am not even a Winston fan. I don’t think he deserved the Heisman. I think Manziel was by far the best QB in the nation and he literally had to carry his team. Winston and McCarron are playing with loaded teams and great defenses. Do you really see the size of FSU and Alabama players? They dwarf other big name schools. Those guys are pros and not colleges players. Put Winston or McCarron on Manziel’s Texas A&M team and they wouldn’t win 6 games.

    Winston did just fine. McCarron’s mom is a bimbo. Gee, how many times do we see a pretty woman with a big chest that really has nothing to do with a situation say something stupid just to grab attention? Nah —– we never see that in our society. Please. What is sad is McCarron’s girlfriend did the same thing last night! She was trying to grab attention like she always does.

    Don’t people see the commonalities? Pretty women —- who need to be the center of attention —- even though they literally have nothing to do with anything. In America, it is all about the women. Hell, even Tom Brady has to apologize for all the stupid things his wife has said throughout the years.

  • Reg

    Rose Bowl? I don’t think so.

  • Rick W

    ANYONE that far along in college should be more articulate, especially when being interviewed. It doesn’t matter who says it. I don’t see how this is racist.

  • Neil

    Am I missing something here? Why would anyone consider this racist? I kinda think its more racist to think its racist …
    The kid is a super famous athletic jock that kids worship on campus. Why cant he be made fun of ? Hell, people that arent even famous cant get away from being made fun of.

    • Rck

      Your words were so much more harsh and out of line than anything she said you need to apologize to her and all women for being so ignorant

      • Rck

        reply above was meant for Kel not you sorry

  • Rck

    Why would you waste your time defending an entitled athlete who thinks it is ok to take a woman home that is so drunk that the next day when she calls police to report that she was raped she can not tell them who did it. Imagine her fear a month later when she saw him at school and recognized him as her rapist. Shame on anyone who supports this man in anything.

    • Wow!

      Wow …. you just blew your own argument. So, when she was drunk she didn’t know who did it. But miraculously, she remembered when she sobered up?

      Plus, she had the semen of two different men on her. Two. Not one.

      But then again, how many times are we going to see the drunk girl who has sex …. regrets it …. then claims rape excuse.

      • deke

        ok, by your logic it was ok because she was drunk. after everything was dropped his teammates told how they used her as a toy, they even took pics. check out FSU’s history they recruit thugs

        • @deke

          Again, fundamentally, if she was too drunk to remember anything —- how does she know who raped her?

          If there are pictures, then there should be one of Winston raping her. Show the picture. It would easily be a slam dunk case. If testimony exists of teammates saying this, it would be a slam dunk case.

          Just because a drunk girl says something happened — it doesn’t mean it happened. Women lie a lot. Especially, when they see future dollar signs.

  • Jake

    If you don’t think it is embarrassing that Winston can’t put two words together that is your problem… not AJ’s mom. She is at least honest enough to call it like it is. If people keep making excuses for this type of idiocy nothing will ever change. Keep on speaking like a moron and see what type of job you get in the future. not everyone is going to play in the NFL. Be a role model and set an example and not embarrass yourself by speaking like a jack wagon.

    • Wow!

      Like you are a role model Jake? Just because you speak properly? I know many people who speak properly that are awful people. You just showed the world how to judge a person that you have never met or even spoke to in person. That isn’t very smart or logical. You don’t know the man, but whoever you are a role model to —- just learned it is okay to judge others without knowing them.

      She isn’t being honest either. She was being biased and tried to hide it. I tell you what. You go play a football game, win it, be elated, and then go do a perfect interview at the age of 19. It is a lot harder than it looks.

      By the way, I see four errors in grammar in your post, so evidently, you are not very good at putting words together either.

  • Rae

    She’s a middle aged woman, who is a parent. Why would she poke fun at a young man who literally just turned 20 on the biggest day of his life (so far)? I don’t care about the color of his skin or who he is in the sports world, poking fun wasn’t a nice thing to do. Sure she apologized, but for that to be her instinctive reaction —-it’s very telling.

  • John Murray

    I don’t know anything about these people or these players, but listening to the interview I find it a shame that some of our college students today have such poor public speaking skills and apparently a very poor grasp of the English language.

  • brewpub

    She can tweet whatever she wants for all I care as long as she just let’s me motorboat those amazing titties just a couple times. She can tweet Mein Kamph for all I care with that chest. Shallow , you bet. But any guy worth his salt being honest had no idea this woman had a face at first sight and if she spoke , all we heard was the sound Charlie Brown’s teacher makes. She’s a trophy , why do we expect anything smart or relevant to come from her. She exists for screwing and spending cash. Nothing more.

  • Sparky

    Winston is an idiot. He scored a 16 on his ACT. Do you people know how difficult it is to score that low? He is an idiot, Mrs. McCarron pointed out what a lot of people were thinking. He should NEVER have been admitted to any college, anywhere, at any time. He is not qualified and certainly not a student. Quit pretending things aren’t what they are. Do this, check out the story about the Detroit high school whose valedictorian scored an 11 on the ACT. Yeah, we’re all equals. My ass.

    • lyndee

      Dee Dee Mccarron has been around football long enough to hear several black athletes from the inner city speak. This is not new to her…….so her reaction was phony and petty. This was just a pure case of OLD SOUTHERN JEALOUSY.