Debbie Ford Dies: Self-Help Author Was 57

    February 19, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Debbie Ford, who authored several books in the self-help genre, has died of complications from cancer. She was 57 years old.

Ford began her writing career with “The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers”, which aimed to help heal people confront their “dark side” rather than block it out. From the book’s description on Amazon:

Debbie Ford believes that we each hold within us a trace of every human characteristic that exists, the capacity for every human emotion. We are born with the ability to express this entire spectrum of characteristics. But, Ford points out, our families and our society send us strong messages about which ones are good and bad. So when certain impulses arise, we deny them instead of confronting them, giving them a healthy voice, then letting them go. It is to these feelings that Ford turns our attention, these parts of our selves that don’t fit the personae we have created for the rest of the world. She shows us the effects of living in the dark, of keeping all our supposedly unsavory impulses under wraps. We find ourselves disproportionately frustrated and angry at the selfishness of friends, the laziness of colleagues, the arrogance of siblings. When we are unable to reconcile similar impulses in ourselves, Ford explains, we waste our own energy judging others instead of empathizing. But most important, we deny ourselves the power and freedom of living authentically. Through the stories and exercises in The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Debbie Ford shows us not only how to recognize our hidden emotions, but also how to find the gifts they offer us. The very impulses we most fear may be the key to what is lacking in our lives.

Ford wrote eight more books and was reportedly working on a tenth at the time of her passing, but there has been no word yet on whether it was close to being finished. Because she made it her life’s work to help people, her fans thought it extremely important that she was so open with them about her own past, which included drug abuse and a divorce.

“From the time she was a little girl, Debbie was one of those people who had a strong mind of her own, and did things on her own terms and that is how she lived,” her sister Arielle said. “And she was always so funny! Even up to the end, she had us laughing. She leaves us with such an impressive body of work. We know that her contributions will live on through the millions of people she has touched with her books and teachings, and the thousands she has trained in her work.”

  • DJ

    Hmmm. “Doing things her own way on her own terms.” Sometimes this can be unhealthy because you might night give into the emotions of the other person and ignore them. However it appears Betty was not always one who was like this as said by her sister.


  • DJ

    Hmmm. “Doing things her own way on her own terms.” Sometimes this can be unhealthy because you might night give into the emotions of the other person and ignore them. However it appears Betty was not always one who was like this as said by her sister.


  • http://yahoo.com Larry McHaney

    Help me, who was Debbie Ford?

    • Mike

      Do you know how to read?





    • phonyname

      She was the hat check girl at the Betty Ford clinic.

      • jstwatchin

        phoneyname – dude I think you have some serious anger issues. maybe reading Ms. Ford’s book could help you with that.

  • Jimmy

    My mother-in-law subscribed to this type of “baloney” and died a very unhappy, ill, and socially ostracized woman. Life’s life-long lesson is learning to deal with others while expecting as little as possible from them. Then, when they arise to an occasion, you can feel happy for them and ultimately yourself.

    • No PC here

      You nailed it Jimmy,BOLOGNA…SELF help tips from SOMEONE ELSE,what a joke,no wonder our culture is screwed up…

    • Francine Boissonnault

      Hi Jimmy

      I am sure you do not know personnaly Debbie’s work, because here main message was precisely that we have everything we need within ourselves and that looking outside is not the answer.
      Unfortulately, a lot of people look for a magic solution to their problems, and remain victims all their lives. It’s not the fault of the books the read if they did not understand the message!

  • yaeger

    Debbie ford has not died. Get it right, she has transitioned back to spirit where she can do a whole lot of good. Her physical body is know more, but her spirit is more alive than ever.

    • Rich

      it’s “no more” but comments right on!

      • phonyname

        Well, maybe her “physical body” is a “know more.” Know more than the rest of us mortals not flying by and laughing.

      • http://comcast Bill

        Rich , You have it RIGHT !!!! ‘And so it is” Peace

  • Kathy Wensel

    Loved Debbie Ford’s TV Show on getting over a Divorce! She stood back and had other’s talk about what they went through. Thank you, Debbie!
    You are now with the angels.

  • Lisa

    Debbie Ford’s work meant a lot to my life. I had a dark childhood and early adulthood, and her books helped me to understand what I was doing to continue those patterns and more importantly – how to stop them.

    I use her phrase “create the conditions for success” nearly every day of my life. I am so grateful she was able to reach as many people as she did in her short life.

  • phony

    You’ll notice it’s a bunch of WOMEN that will miss her.

  • phonyname

    Well, I’ll give her credit for “writing to her audience,” anyway. A bunch of screwed up loony women, wringing their hands in distress, waiting for the next book to pull them out of another dark, deep depression.

    Anyone want to respond to this, but whatever the hell email name into their database and have at it. No QA in this forum.

    • AnObservation

      I bet from this point onward she’ll be hotter than she has ever been.

  • phonyname

    “DJ” too early for ya’ huh?

  • phonyname

    Her books helped me start fires in the fireplace after my wife gratuitously left me after reading them. I kept buying her more of the same until she finally left. I wanted a younger, hotter woman, one with LONG hair that didn’t cut it short like a damned dike man-hater.

  • cholly

    Debbie who?

  • http://www.jesichashope.org jesichashope

    What stood out to me is that she was so open to the universe but found herself caught up in the restraints of conventional medicine where, trapped like being trapped in a spider web, it finally took her.
    Whatever one may think of her books, her life or views; her outlook and hope to show others, was how to grasp hold of all the universe has to offer us. Most of us are too trapped in our little comfort zone box to explore what is outside it. Still as much as she thought she was out of the box, when it came to her own survival she stayed in the box. There is healing outside the box, if she had only dared to look. May she find peace and serenity for eternity.

    • Francine Boissonnault

      I knew Debbie personally, and believe me she looked everywhere, inside and outside every box she could find!
      Living with cancer myself, I rejected conventional medicine for 4 years before I had to resolve to the chemotherapy that put me in remission.
      Just as Debbie taught me that rejecting and judging is never the answer, I learned that there is no “right or wrong” treatment, just treatments that work for you or not. Finally accepting chemo was the greatest humility lesson of my life.
      There is no magic answer to cancer, and who are we to judge the decision of one soul to leave this plane?

  • Debbie

    Wonderfully insightful person with tremendous insight into the heart of people everywhere. After my mother gave me my first Debbie Ford book, I realized that someone else understood what my mother and I knew al along. Living in the South, it was difficult to express the opinions that Debbie Ford gave voice to so well. The Shadow Self is not just a woman’s book, if men would read it, they would immediately sense the truth of it in themselves, as well as helping them have a better relationship with their mates..

  • friend

    God bless Debbie Ford’s soul and spirit. I just finished her book a few weeks ago. She helped me deeply. I have gratitude and respect for her work. Thank you Debbie for your help. Blessings to your family and to you.

  • Therese Hartmann

    I met Debbie at a wedding of a mutual friend of ours in Arizona and while the interaction was brief, she appeared to be very well centered in herself. She had on an elegant white pantsuit that had East Indian trimmings to it and, I have to say, she was a flawless beauty…stunning in every way. I’m certain she will be missed by many.

  • KIm

    I am absolutely saddened by the death of this amazing woman who inspired all of us to look within and to search our souls and life purpose. I remember seeing her in her last last interview with Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. We oprah asked Debbie was she afraid to die her reply was “yes…” I hope her transition was beautiful and amazing. Not scarry. I love you Debbie and may you rest in peace. Your admirer Kim!!

  • KIm

    Opps!! I ment “When Oprah interviewed”

  • http://comcast Bill

    R.I.P. “And so it is “

  • Dominic Marinucci

    RIP Debbie!! You will be missed.

  • http://www.twitter.com kariatkinson

    This is sad Gone too soon with Michael Jackson

  • LIsa

    Energy Never Dies
    Thank you for your enlightment, your courage, your style, and your soul.
    Your love and your light live on through your words and your works….

  • mania

    take care us
    thanks for everything

  • Phil

    Debbie Ford left this world better for being here. She contributed to helping others confront their anger issues and other problems. Seems we need a lot more like her today. RIP Debbie, and thank you!

  • Brenda

    I just heard the news through an email and I am floored. I did see the interview with Oprah and never would have guess this?! It’s never news that anyone is ready for. My spirit instantly sank as I remember the amazing work Debbie bought to the world. Debbie we love you and the world will forever miss you and your great work lives on! I was instantly saddened by the news.

  • AnObservation

    From this point onward, I bet she will be hotter than she has ever been.