“Deathstar”-Like Object Discovered Near Sun

    March 15, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A NASA video showing a mysterious black spherical object hovering near the sun has set off a firestorm of web speculation this week, prompting guesses as to how it was formed and where it came from. Of course, the resemblance to the Deathstar is only coincidental, but many people are wondering if perhaps it isn’t something from another planet/universe rather than something that is easily explained.

The object in question appears to be black in color and is perfectly round, with a long “twister tail” which connects it to the sun. According to TheWest.com, NASA claims that there is a very reasonable explanation for the anomaly: it appears to be a filiment, which is a “large, bright feature extending outward from the Sun’s surface. [Filaments] are anchored to the Sun’s surface in the photosphere, and extend outwards into the Sun’s hot outer atmosphere, called the corona.”

One thing that remains a mystery even to NASA scientists, however, is why the sphere is cooler than the sun’s energy, which is why it appears so dark in relation to the sun. Also, it is strange for a filiment to retain such a distinct shape. Normally, they are formed by a violent burst of energy rather than a controlled form such as a sphere.

Occasionally word will spread of strange things found by NASA and speculation as to what they might be varies wildly, but there is always an explanation behind it. However, the fact that NASA is being vague about what this could be is more than enough to keep people guessing…and hoping.

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NASA, who recently changed their successful Tweetup program to NASA Social, has almost 2 million followers on Twitter. That’s a lot of speculation.

  • david griswold

    It’s just a far-out thought but it looks like somebody fueling up for a long or very fast trip somewhere in some kind of object protected by a shield of some sort they say it would take infinite fuel to reach light speed who Knows It’s just a thought I watch too much star trek LOL

    • Tim Goodrich

      That is actually a pretty believable scenario………more than nasa cared to offer up. I like that Idea.

  • azanda laboy-vogt

    One could make the easy connection with this spherical object and the multiple ‘spherical objects’ found close to the sun… I would love more coverage on these unexplained objects.

  • alex

    What we are seeing is a brown dwarf star in an extremely eliptical orbit our solar system used to be a binary system but now this thhing only comes around 2 times within 4800 years by december 21 when we have the galactic alighnment this will be clearly seen as a black dott crossing over the sun will cause massive flares BE WARNED!!

  • David Villegas

    It is another demension brought by the hydron collider. In an attempt to control an object headed to earth, different experiments were done in late September of 2011. On October 1st the objects path was deflected into the sun. The secret satellite was sent into space in the early 90’s, its mission was to gyrate around the object to break the gravitational pull by our solar system. As soon as the object was steered out of its path, the satellite was slammed into it to push it into the gravitational pull of the sun. This was accomplished in a way a top spins, the moon has the same effect on the earth to keep a stable orbit. During the experiment a different type of mathmatical anomalies happened and a black demensional hole was opened. With no control over the speed of the object headed into the sun other objects were brought into our solar system inadvertantly. The black triangular shape is a door vacuum of sort that drew other objects from a different demension. The past has caught up to the future and its very difficult to explain without writing a book. In short the book of Revelation explains about a final war, the war between good and evil and ithas to include everything on earth and in the universe.