DayZ-Like Zombie Survival Game Coming to Xbox and PC

    August 21, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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A developer named Undead Labs this week announced that yet another zombie survival game is being developed, this time for a console. State of Decay will feature a DayZ-like open-world, sandbox zombie apocalypse wilderness for players to inhabit via the Xbox LIVE Arcade or PC.

Undead Labs states on its website that players will have to find water, food, and shelter – all while battling the zombie horde. State of Decay seems to set itself apart from DayZ by focusing more on setting up fortifications against the zombie outbreak, allowing players to recruit NPC survivors and designate certain areas as a home base.

Undead Labs states that the world of State of Decay will develop in real-time depending on the actions players take. Content will be dynamically generated and the zombie threat will be “ever-increasing.” What is unclear from either the trailer or the announcement is whether State of Decay will feature the nerve-wracking and dangerous player-versus-player (PVP) interaction that makes DayZ so exciting.

DayZ itself is a mod for the Arma II military simulation game for PC that was released in an Alpha state earlier this year. In it, players spawn into a large, open world with little gear and have to dodge zombies and seek out basic necessities to survive. Other players are also playing simultaneously and competing for limited resources, meaning that some survivors turn to banditry as a way of life. State of Decay is the second DayZ-like zombie survival game to be announced this summer. In July, a game staying close to the DayZ formula called WarZ was announced by Hammerpoint Interactive.

Check out the State of Decay announcement trailer below and decide for yourself which zombie survival game suits you best:

  • trueshiz

    You do realise this game was in development way before anybody even heard of Dayz or Warz right ?! they formed the company in 2009 and started development in 2010 (I’ve been following since early 2010 ) got check out their site they have Q&A’s and news dating back from 2009 and Spycam footage of gameplay from January 2012


  • luke

    this looks way over the top. It will likely draw a very different crowd than would be drawn toward something like DayZ.

    DayZ is dark, slow, requires thought and perseverance. This looks more like a Grand Theft Auto with zombies.

  • trueshiz lies

    Trueshiz, you’re wrong. Quit lieing and spreading disinformation.

  • http://n/a Actually…

    …trushiz is on point. I’ve also been following this project since inception. Undead Labs and the Class3/4 (aka: State of Decay) has been in existence since ’09 and in devel since ’10. do your homework, son. takes 2 seconds to google…

  • http://www.free-online-insurance-quote-advisor.com scrummers

    Map is going to be way to small that’s one big problem with the 360. You can only fit some much data on a 8.5 GB. Also the addition of recruiting NPC is going to fail. AI’s are always worthless and dumb as a rock. But who knows maybe they will make a great game.

  • johnny c

    trueshiz is right I too have been following this since ’09. I’m not much of a PC gamer more console really but I’d never even heard of the DayZ mod until just now. Yea yea call me lame all you want I have limited resources and don’t have a gaming PC. State of Decay looks quite impressive, though I think we can all agree the graphics need a touch up…and yes, the AI will be dumb as rocks but do you really want a smart AI that would just do everything for you and take away all the fun? They make them stupid for a reason, everybody.

    • http://coolgamesforall.com/ Zodd

      I fully agree Johny

  • Bandit

    actually thats why some games have 2 discs… there could be a download disc and then the other one is for running the game

    • Missel02

      yes for ps3 and id love it

  • swagout

    please make DayZ on ps3. plz plz

  • Skell

    Id like it if they brought DayZ to Xbox wouldnt surprise me if they do one day but wondering if the creators of DayZ will do another Zombie mod for Arma 3 a that will be better in graphics and sorts

    Also if State of Decay is like DayZ I would love that like random spawns of food, drinks, mecial equipment, guns, etc. Also the whole PVP Id like that as well.