David Letterman Riffs On Trump’s “Surprise”

    October 26, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When Donald Trump declared on Wednesday that his “surprise announcement” about President Obama was actually just a plea for him to make his college and passport records public, many of those watching thought it was a joke.

But Trump was very serious, and that in itself has garnered several jokes at his expense. Obama himself appeared on “The Tonight Show” afterward and told Jay Leno that the bad blood between himself and Trump began when they were growing up in Kenya, much to the delight of the audience.

“We had constant run-ins on the soccer field,” Obama said. “He wasn’t very good and resented it. When we finally moved to America I thought it would be over.”

Letterman took his own jab at Trump in the form of a Top 10 List, which he named “Lame October Surprises”:

10. George H.W. Bush admitting he’s the father of George W. Bush.

9. Jimmy Carter’s confession that he’s cheated at Scrabble “in his heart.”

8. John McCain accused of driving under the influence of soup.

7. George McGovern’s allegation that Richard Nixon tapes songs off the radio.

6. Rumors suggesting Abraham Lincoln’s hat concealed a “stovepipe head.”

5. Democrats’ claim Eisenhower wanted slogan “I lick Ike.”

4. Walter Mondale tearfully acknowledging his hazelnut allergy.

3. Suggestion that Barack Obama has surgically enhanced ears.

2. Mitt Romney’s investment in companies that order Chinese take-out.

1. Donald Trump offering $5 million to unearth anyone who still takes him seriously.

  • CHO

    I think Obama should show his records rather than cover them up like he does everything else. If he has nothing to hide, then take Trump’s money and donate it to Cancer Research, or Aids Research…Obama can fool some of the people some of the time but he can’t fool all the people…some of the time :)

    • http://Yahoo Glen

      yOU SOUND DUMB. wHY AND THE hELL SHOULD HE HAVE TO SHOW Donald anything. Who cares what Donald T. Is he paying your bills.

    • http://www.CSUBsports.com DJ

      Most Americans know that psychologically there are people that want to dislike the President so bad that any excuse to undermind him is welcome. We can see the anger and what is known to the educated world as passive aggression. A part of DT’s brand is being a smart businessman and with the President ignoring him it makes him look like a fool. I met DT in Las Vegas and he truly is, in my opinion a nice man, but he has to continue with this ridiculous campaign because it has made him look bad, and to stop now would be defeat. Imagine how many people will not trust in any DT investments out of fear that he might be a wealthy entertainment fool. I don’t think tht he’s a fool because i know that entertainment is an important part of his BRAND, but he chose this coarse and he feels that the only way to salvage loosing more face is to drag it on. Unfortunately he keeps digging a hole deeper and deeper. Take my advice, just start giving the 5 million to a good cause and then he would save face. But what do I know, I’m just a consumer.

  • dmkennedy

    Donald Trump is a sick man who is making a fool of himself, but probably doesn’t care because Any publicity is better than no publicity.

  • Larry

    I’ll tell you why ..because Donald Trump is a citizen of this Country and has the RIGHT to know that Obama is legally a citizen of this country, which makes me wonder WHY will he not show it, if it’s real

    • Sandy

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you use a birth certificate to aquire a passport! duh! Didn’t DT already get that? Did DT ask for Romey’s passport and college records? Hmmm!

    • marcus mich

      dont be a dumbass like donald trump,you can not be a president or even run if you are not a citizen,what high school did you gradurate form larry so i know not to send my kids there you dumbass

    • savannah

      hey! get over it-he is the PRESIDENT of the United States of America-“2 term”…get in the game and STOP HATING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Curious

    If Donald Trump is so eager to donate. Why done’t he donate the five million to the victims of the Sandy Hurricane, and leave politics to the politicians

    • Liza

      Way to go Curious – Excellent! Make a $5million donation to Red Cross or the Salvation Army and show America that you really care.

  • http://yahoo Lori

    I don’t see anything wrong in asking President Obama to provide the requested documents, outside of his birth certificate, to show the American people that he is infact an American citizen. He’s the President of the US and we voted for him. It would put this question, that many of us seem to have, to rest and our charities would benefit. God Bless America!

  • Beverly

    I cannot believe, or I should say, yes I can belive what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. Is he lonesome for some attention? The President has more smarts and more compassion then that man would ever have. I would be ashamed if I was him, but after all,he is Donald Trump. It is a wonder his family does not get embarssed with some of things that he does. OMG, he makes such a fool of himself!!!!!

  • motun

    he better keep that 5 million so his dumb ass doesnt go bankrupt again, spoiled child. im still waiting for proof that there’s a brain up there, donald.

  • Willie McDonald

    Why should President Obama have to prove any thing.He’s a black man who is the President of the United States. Some people need to move on, and get over it.

  • grambo

    That guy on the soccer field in Nairobi,Kenya; I think it was the Donald. I recall he and Barack were always at each other . Barack’s large ears were distracting Trump’s team but not as much as Donald’s wild mop distracted Barack’s team.

  • Jenny

    Romney has not shown his college records or applIcations. Romney has not provided passport applications.

  • Linda

    I think DT is trying to divert the attention on to Obama so no one will look at his tax returns, and business dealings. He’s a malicious, egoist and we are catering to his manipulation of the masses right now.

  • jkd

    Obama has already released his birth certificate two years ago . . . leave it alone and focus on getting this country back to work.

  • http://yahoo fai harris

    i have one reaction to donald trump and the press’s incessant attention to his moronic self serving attention getting crapola……….ycccccccch