David Bowie: Are the Rumors of A Tour True?

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David Bowie has again reached a new generation, as his new album "The Next Day" , his first album in 1 years, reaching No. 1 across the world. British tabloid, The Mirror now reports that concert promoters are dying to get Bowie back on stage for the first time in eight years. Also, next year will mark the 50th anniversary of "Liza Jane," Bowie's first single, which he recorded under the name Davie Jones with the King Bees.

However, Billboard magazine reports that speculation of Bowie's return are inaccurate, and these assertions are confirmed by Arthur Fogel, CEO of global touring for Live Nation. He cites The Mirror's complete lack of sources for their information.

Bowie, 66, stopped touring after he had a heart attack onstage in Germany in 2004. His last public performance was with Alicia Keys in 2006. The Mirror said Live Nation has made a multimillion-dollar offer to Bowie if he plays Olympic Park in East London next year and that AEG is trying to cut a deal for him to perform in Hyde Park, the newspaper said.

Bowie has had a rough few years, with his heart attack in 2004 and the loss of good friend and touring bassist Trevor Bolder among other things, but The No. 1 U.K. bow of “The Next Day” and some buzz surrounding a new Bowie exhibition at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum are bringing him closer to a new generation. Like the album, the exhibition is a runaway hit. According to The Guardian newspaper, the Bowie retrospective smashed attendance records, shifting more than 42,000 advance tickets — more than double the advance sales of previous exhibitions.

It will definitely be hard for Bowie to keep out of the spotlight with the immense publicity surrounding his new album. While the rumors seem to be refuted for now, all of us fans can still hope and dream of a tour happening someday.

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