Darius Rucker: Racist Tweet Gets Response ‘So The World Can See It’

By: Josh Wolford - May 22, 2013

In the last few years, former Hootie & the Blowfish singer Darius Rucker has been refashioning himself as a country music artist. And a recent performance and the surprising reaction on Twitter led Rucker to express disbelief at the racism happening in the year 2013.

One Twitter user took issue with Rucker recently covering the Bob Dylan-inspired Old Crow Medicine Show hit “Wagon Wheel” at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

“Leave the country to white folk,” said user @pqkullman.

“WOW is this 2013 or 1913,” tweeted Rucker. “I’ll take my Grand Ole Opry membership and leave your racism. Wow.”.

He was then asked why he responds to racists on Twitter:

Since Sunday, Rucker has had to battle even more pointed racist tweets. Like this one, for instance:

Josh Wolford

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  • Matt Davis

    Are there fools who don’t know how heavily Dylan was leaning on blues and rhythm-and-blues? Some people, in an attempt to sound smart and informed, paint their ignorance in Day-glo!

  • Memphis Junebug

    Darius I like your music past, present, and most likely your future releases as well. KEEP THEM COMING.

  • Pam

    Not worth the energy to call these pathetic people out. Personally I like your version of the song better and you have become one of my favorite country music artists.

  • dan

    darius please dont judge all us white folk by the crap of these low life morons. Plenty of us tan challanged people think of your music and smile big time. Myself, Ive liked your sound from the beginning and still do. Keep it up and I like how you handle the racists too, putting them right out there in the open so we can be repulsed by them too. Keep singing and playing for the people that arent still living under a white sheet and come play in Montana why dont ya?

  • http://www.yahoo.com Todd Snyder

    i cant stand this world any more we are all the same birds dogs cats all come in diff colors does not make them any diff i love the way he sings and he is human stop with the hate and lets move on and stop all the worthless fighting we have been doing for over and over its been going sense the dark ages we need to stop and come together and get off this rock before it explodes!!!

  • http://yahoo Rick

    I was at University of South Carolina when Darius was there as the singer of Hootie. I didn’t know him at all but I knew two people who did. Everyone thought he was awesome and a really cool guy. I never heard anyone say a bad word about him. I saw him perform in bars and at shows etc. and he always seemed to be a very like-able and approachable guy. I like his music now and I liked a lot of Hootie songs. I remember (I thin k)he did a cover of David Allen Coe’s song, best country music song, and it was really good. I wish him well. He is the farthest thing from being the N word that you can be.

  • Trae

    Darius i have watched you at The WindJammer from the start (96cents cover) …Ive watched you jam at cumberlands many times..You are a true Charlestonian dont bow down to these fools keep jamming…


  • lisa

    I really don’t understand these backwards, ignorant people!Music is music. It is a way to express yourself, and show your freedom! Stop the racism!

  • Angie

    i love HOOTIE! My only regret is that he does country music now ( it sucks ass) He was so talented and he threw it away on country music. The Hootie fans don’t really like it, obviously as well as the country fans. So whos listening to this, he’s definitely regressing from superstar to country star. I’ve heard of plenty trying to break out of the country thing but why would you try to break in especially when you were already so famous doing something so different from where you’re at now. Seems like playin with fire, sure does not seem to be as lucrative or accepted. Just sayin!

    • Joe


      Please read your post. You sound incredibly ignorant. You can only speak for yourself, not for the supposed Hootie fans that “don’t really like it.” I am a Hootie fan and a Darius Rucker fan. I love both styles because Darius is great at what he does. Have you heard him speak about “going country?” This is who he is and who he has always been. The great thing is, just like he doesn’t care about what racist idiots say, he doesn’t care what you think either. You are showing your a** the same as the racists. I don’t understand why people can’t just appreciate talent across any genre or skin color.

    • Larry Jeffryes

      Some Hootie fans who don’t like it may change their minds. I am now going to check out some Hootie music and maybe I’ll like that. You should really get over wanting people to stay in their place. Any music people want to get into is theirs to explore and a true fan wouldn’t object – they might even follow along for a while to see what’s up.

  • Rich

    “@AshleyZolanski: @dariusrucker nigger”.


    @AshleyZolanski: russian.

    Or maybe ‘Zolanski’ is Jewish? German? Whatever. It’s just much easier, isn’t it, to throw out a silly label that don’t make us think, that only shows how stupid we are.

    FYI… I like the new sound, Darius. It makes me think.

  • Harrison Good Jr

    I’m a little behind the times but I loved Darius’s music since I was turned on to Hootie and the Blowfish music.And I don’t care what the color of the skin of the performer.I’d like to hear more of Darius’s music.
    As for these racist,to me they are just low-level trailer trash.Don’t sink to their level Darius.Keep up with the good tunes.

  • http://www.giftsbynaima.com Naima

    The banjo was invented in Africa.

  • http://yahoo Keli

    U r Awesome! lOVE YOUR MUSIC…WAGON WHEEL IS SPECTACULAR!KEEP IT COMING… we have people in the world who think there remarks are cute..they were not raised right.. who knows where they came from..
    whether your black r white, pink r purple….we r all gods creatures…keep the music coming u rock!

  • David

    Sir, my son just told me about the tweet. Please accept my sincere apology. He is an immature teenager. I want you to know I did not raise my children to be racists. I have been a fan of yours since Hootie and the Blowfish. This brings tears to my eyes. I want the world to know that there is no place in this world for bigotry. I am deeply sorry. Whatever consequences he gets from this he deserves. He must be held accountable for his actions.

  • Larry Jeffryes

    That creep should apologize to all of us. I wish I could do Wagon wheel like that. Sound wonderful.

  • Ray C

    Darius, I like your music whatever the genre because you have talent. I am a jazz-man by profession but always took a liking to country music back in the day with artists like George Strait, Randy Travis and many old school country artists. You have renewed my interest in country not because we both share the “only guy like me in the room” thing, but because you are one of the few artist who stays true to what they love most…country music.

  • Frank G.

    I think Darius is one of the best singers of today. He can sing any genre of music. His sound is always distinguishable. It sounds as if there are those that are jealous of his talents and success.

  • RobUofIllinoisU/C

    We will always have racists in the world. The majority of us don’t look at skin color because we know the Almighty God created people with different pigmentation depending on their geographic location. And yes, I love Darius Rucker as do most folks. Look at his concerts, always sold out!