Dara Singh, Indian Wrestler and Actor, Dies at 83

    July 12, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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Today (June 12th, 2012), the Bollywood community loses a talented friend to its entertainment community, Dara Singh, well-known for his wrestling during his youth, and his acting in various roles since the 1950s.

Born in 1928 in Punjab, India, Dara Singh (born Deedar Singh Randhawa) got involved with Pehlwani (an Indian wrestling style) during his teens and twenties, and became famous and recognized for his wrestling ability in India. Singh also has wrestled against many well-known American wrestlers as well.

In the 1950s, Singh became involved with acting. starring in Sangdil (1952), an adaptation of Jane Eyre; however, in this version, childhood sweethearts are separated and grow up in different worlds. This film kickstared Singh’s career, where would be an actor in 146 different titles.

Unfortunately, due to cardiac arrest, Dara Singh died on June 12th, 2012, at his abode in Mumbai, India. Singh was 84 years old.

Various fans of Singh’s on Twitter have been paying their respects.

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