Dennis Avner Dies at 54: “Stalking Cat” Man

    November 15, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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Those who are aware of and heavily invested into extreme body transformations probably know of Dennis Avner, who underwent plastic surgery to have his body equal a cat’s body as much as possible. Unfortunately, Dennis Avner passed away last week at the age of 54.

Avner was a United States Army veteran from Tonopah, Nevada. After his service, Avner spent a lot of time (and money) transforming his anatomy into a feline body with aid of plastic surgery. This included:

  • Bifurcation (splitting of his upper lip)
  • Pointing of the ears
  • Silicone implants in the cheeks and forehead

According to The Daily Mail, Avner’s transformation inspiration came from his Native American heritage after a discussion with a Chief who suggested he should “follow the ways of the tiger.” Avner then acquired the alias of “Stalking Cat.”

Avner has appeared on various television shows, including many episodes of Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

On November 5th, Dennis Avner was found dead at the age of 54. The cause of his death has to be determined; however, many rumors are circling that Avner committed suicide. Various Twitter users have posted their respects to Dennis Avner:

  • Sue H

    I never heard of this guy, if indeed he is a man. Sounds like he suffered greatly from his time in the military. What reputable plastic surgeon would do the procedures this man had done? Also, what state did he have the facial tatoos done? Most US states do not allow facial tatooing.
    This whole story is sad. I can’t imagine why someone would re-make their face and body. I know stupid celebrities do it to get and keep roles but this is beyond the pale.

    • Lol really?

      I’m not sure where you heard that facial tattooing is not allowed in most US states, because this is certainly false. It is legal. He redid his face and body as an ancient Native American practice, but obviously no one can understand that.

    • Madmark

      Why would you assume that his weird behavior and the apparent suicide was a result of his time in the military? What does that have to do with it? It was stated in the story as a referrence to who he was. Never said a thing that his service to our country caused him to go nuts with his looks or commit suicide if he did. Why would you even jump to such a conclusion?

  • Mare

    His name is DENNIS, not Daniel.

    • Michael


      • bibity boop

        I love the way you lie

  • jeff johnson

    9 lives?

  • flimflam

    one less wierdo freak in the world…..

    • jake&rodney

      Hey flimflam, I agree w/you who the hell’s gonna miss this wierdo anyway

    • Stephanie

      And hopefully you’re next.

  • bibity boop

    I wanna shove my wiener in your ass

    • Indy1776

      You mistake jesting, hilarity, and scorn for hate. This guyanimal publicized the hell out of himself so he could get noticed. Well, when you get noticed sometime you are the butt of jokes.

      By the way, how about all the haters that called Mitt Romney and his wife such vile things that it made me want to puke? Where were you then? But I suppose that was OK by you because you hated them. It’s OK for your side to hate, but if someone else makes a joke or comment we are haters.

      The trouble with the world today is really because of people like you.

  • Lenore

    what is wrong with you haters? A man has died, show some respect. That is what the trouble with this world today. No compassion for people and major hate issues. Very sad. you people must be very unhappy about something to tear so viciously into this man that never hurt a soul.

  • golightly

    He was licking his butt in the middle of the road when a UPS truck ran over him……….