Danica Patrick’s Showgirl Costume

    December 11, 2013
    Mike Tuttle
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“I hope that little bit didn’t fall flat.”

The NASCAR racer surprised guests and viewers when she showed up for the American Country Awards Tuesday night in a sexy showgirl costume, combining country and Las Vegas into one.

While on stage in the bejeweled nude body suit and over-sized headdress, Danica Patrick joked about her breast size saying, “The good thing about me is that there’s no chance of a wardrobe malfunction there’s not much to malfunction!”

Patrick’s cohost, country star Trace Adkins, also joined in on the fun on the stage of Mandalay Bay when he appeared in drag singing “I Feel Pretty.”

Patrick’s scantily-clad appearance even made it into the Twitter world via other country music stars.

Along with entertaining the crowd, Adkins and Patrick acknowledged artists and announced awards for country music’s biggest names.

According to E Online, the big winners at the event last night were Luke Bryan, taking home multiple trophies including artist of the year, and Blake Shelton, receiving various awards like Album of the Year, Single of the Year by a Male Artist, and Music Video of the Year by a Male Artist.

Taylor Swift also took home a handful of awards including The Worldwide Artist trophy and Single and Music Video by a Vocal Collaboration.

Along with racing, Patrick has also appeared as a Go Daddy spokesmodel; however, according to I4U News, Go Daddy has announced to not run sexy Super Bowl ads in 2014, departing from the risqué advertisements they have run during Super Bowl games for the past 9 years. Patrick will still be featured on at least one of the two thirty-second spots.

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  • Actually

    Danica does what every woman does … use sex to get ahead…. this will never change. All this stuff about her being a voice for women …. blah blah blah …. is nonsense …. what has she done … everything from hardees commercials to go daddy to dressing up as a show girl.

    This shows all the girls out there what to do …. be a race care driver …. then when you make it to the top … show some skin. And women wonder why they see there teenage daughters going after older men …. please… the answer is so obvious.

    Not that I really care …. I just hate hypocrisy …. one minute women are talking like they are always exploited then the next minute all we see is women exploiting themselves for money and fame. I am tired of hearing that everything is a man’s fault when it is so obvious women are choosing to do this things.