Danica Patrick, Hopeful for Happily Ever After

    December 6, 2013
    Mike Tuttle
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“I’m not afraid to [wed] again at all.”

The NASCAR driver and model does not have a lot of free time in her life, but neither does her current boyfriend, racer Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Danica Patrick divorced Paul Hospenthal, her husband of seven years, last April. However, she feels that she and her current love “understand each other.”

”My personal life is on the road,” she said. “Ricky and I have the same job and the same schedule, but luckily we have good families that come to us and they come to the races. We get very good at making the most of our time and if there’s a couple of days off, we try and make the most of them.”

Although the couple has not been dating long, Danica isn’t dismissing a potential second marriage. “I love love and I think that if the love is big enough, it’s great. I’m not afraid to do that again at all,” she told Life and Style magazine. “But if I’m getting married is not a question I know the answer to. Should we go get Ricky and you can ask him yourself?” she added

According to the Globe and Mail, Michael Andretti, who saw Danica become the first woman in history to win the pole at the Daytona 500 earlier this year, also put in his two bits about her split from Hospenthal.

“Now that her husband’s out of there — he was not a good influence on her, I can tell you that,” Andretti said in March. “That’s when things went south with us when he started getting involved. He was very controlling. Had her think in funny ways. She was getting out of control. Her head was getting so big. You just couldn’t talk to her. I’m hoping she’s coming back down to Earth a little bit.”

Nowadays, the “new” Danica is more playful, especially as the “GoDaddy Girl.”

“I’d say I have a lot more fun doing a lot of different things,” she said. “There’s a lot more things that I’ve tried for the first time this year and I’m open to doing, whether it’s going skeet shooting or learning how to play golf. The fun we’ve had having our families here on the weekend, just having everybody stay on the buses and be with us. It’s just been a great year.”

Happier than ever, professionally and personally, Danica sees a bright 2014 ahead.

image via: Wikimedia Commons

  • Sean Elgar

    This woman has some of the most beautiful feet you’ll ever see. Look it up, her toes are perfect. I’d give anything to suck on them. The thought of her little toes wrapped around my long, thick shaft drives me nuts.

  • Cookie

    She is definitely not a fan person. Snob. She needs to change that and work on attitude. She not all that. It’s still a mans sport.

  • pepperico

    Sean…are you a foot fetish person? Maybe Ricky gets to do what you’re dreaming of every night. But I will agree with you, she does have some of the nicest feet I’ve ever seen. wikifeet.com has them all. Check out Natasha Henstridge…the best

  • Steve Smith

    Now if she could only win a race!

  • kevin thacker

    If she only had the body she thinks she had .