Danica Patrick Crash Leads To GoDaddy Jokes

    October 22, 2012
    Chris Crum
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GoDaddy girl Danica Patrick had another crash on Sunday, forcing her to leave the Sprint Cup Series race, taking place in Kansas. This time, however, she apparently brought it upon herself in retaliation to actions by another driver, Landon Cassill.

Some are saying she “let her temper get the best of her.”

Here, you can see exactly how it happened:

Patrick defended herself after she left the race. The LA Times shares comments she made upon exiting her vehicle:

“I have just been really frustrated with the No. 83. He slammed into me on the front straight for no other reason than his radio communication, ‘She was in the way.’ I’ve always played fair. If it’s one time, I can imagine frustration. But it’s been pretty consistent with him getting in to me. So at some point in time, I have to stand up for myself, or everybody’s going to do it.”

“My situation with Cassill is really a product of frustration. He got into me on the front straight and said I was just in the way. That’s really no good reason to hit me. The bummer about it is that my car is out, and he’s still out there going, so I’ve got to work on how to do that.”

She’s been taking a lot of criticism for the move, and naturally, the commentary has been pouring onto Twitter. Some have been making jokes at sponsor GoDaddy’s expense. For example:

If you follow GoDaddy at all, however, you know that the company is pretty used to jokes and controversy.

The whole things comes on the heels of reports that GoDaddy was considering dropping Patrick after her contract expired, but the company has reportedly indicated that she is still part of its long-term plans.

Patrick was reportedly in 16th pace in the race until the crash went down.

  • mike

    i think she was on her cellphone.

  • twinstick

    Maybe she was putting some makeup…

  • TMC

    I think she was trying to flirt with the other drivers….

    Has anyone ever checked…does she even have a drivers license…she crashes in every race!!!!

  • Nascar Fan

    If you can’t intentionally wreck someone without wrecking yourself, you need to get out of the sport. Dale Earnhardt must be laughing his ass off in his grave.

    • http://Prowebnews Culprit

      Do you realize how stupid that last sentence of yours looks like ?

  • http://Prowebnews Culprit

    That young lady can drive… but some of wannabe nascar hillbillys still have a hardon & nothin to start on.

    • John boy

      She couldn’t drive a peg up a hogs azz.

  • Gail

    When will she just go AWAY?

  • DouglasYancyFunny

    This seems about right. She crashes every other race, so….

  • http://Yahoo Michael

    I think that Danica needs anger management.

  • http://webpronews.com John Atchinson

    She must be PMS’ng (her period) and can’t think straight. Glad she isn’t running for President.

  • harkin

    On that replay of the earlier door slam, it looks from above like she intentionally came over and hit him but on the inside car view it looks like she takes her hand off the wheel to make a gesture and the car gets away from her……LOL funny either way. If she was a man she’d be midfield in the truck series.

  • Country girl

    She needs to just go back to formula racing…. She’s just a pretty face in Nascar that’s all… She can’t drive or take responsibilty for her own mistakes….

  • Joe

    Is this “crash queen” finished with nascar after this season, and back to Indy racing?

    Let’s hope. Unless it’s entertainment we want.

  • Joe

    Women Drivers!!!

  • Roadhog

    Danica should have stuck to go karts!

  • Josh

    She deserves to hit the wall, shes a terrible driver. There’s no reason she should have been anywhere near the outside retaining wall if she wasn’t such a crappy driver. Totally her fault there was any damage to that car. She straight up sucks.

    • LARRY S

      Why the h— does NASCAR allow a camera in an idiot’s car ????

  • Dennis Johnson

    Her crashes have become the norm. When is Nascar going to wise up and get her off the track before she kills someone? She is a no-driving fool. The only time she has been near the front is when the other drivers let her. She is close to a record for DNFs.

  • gail

    Danica is a good driver (if you don’t think so, you get out there and see what you can do running 175 mph) but not ready to be in Sprint Cup, it’s too fast and furious for her. She creates a great danger for the other drivers and I hope Stweart-Hass takes her off their list.

    • gail

      Oops… that’s STEWART-Hass!

  • Drew Shervin

    Danica belongs in a midget racing league. She is overmatched. Send her to a go kart track for training.

  • mister don

    She don’t know how to drive, she don’t know how to smile. Is she getting any?

  • Deeds

    I just enjoy watching her run the bill up on those expensive cars she crashes up. How much money is going to take before the car owner says “ok…thats enough? Get out of my car!”

  • john boy

    She can’t drive, she can’t smile. Is she getting any?

    • millerlite

      why do you think Tony Stewart hiored her?

  • john boy

    There have been other women drivers in NASCAR but they didn’t crash or cry like this big baby. IF YOU CAN’T DRIVE IT, PARK IT!

  • Old Willy

    She clearly doesn’t know how to handle these heavy cars in skids. She needs some training on muddy slipery tracks and/or frozen ponds.

    Or maybe she needs to complete a California Highway Patrol driving course. From the video she seems to have mastered the first step of the PIT maneuver but does not have the skill set to maintain control of her car.

  • Sandy

    I am all for women drivers (IF) they can drive. With her it is always someone elses fault when in reality it is hers. Wish she would give it up, I’m tired of this whine a$$.

  • Joe Smoe

    This gal is a pretty lady but NO DRIVER. She needs to get into porn where she belongs.

  • glen

    What she brings to the sport is money backing from big sponsership. You know any other mediocre drivers coming in with that, no. She is given good equipment and crews and is just out of her league, way over her head. Time for her to get out, but money talks.

  • http://yahoo Me

    She isn’t a good driver, whines a lot and makes herself look like a fool.

  • ss454nova

    She couldn’t drive a herd of billy goats to water>

  • Amanda Sennett

    She’s gonna end up getting someone killed



  • skilz

    Honestly, If You guys are so against Danica, or Women in racing in general, maybe You morons should marry men. If You think driving for Nascar is so easy, get the lead out and go for it, Im thinking the practice laps would put You on the hauler. She drove the wheels off Her Indy car, so shut up and let the lady learn this new challenge.

    • monica

      I agree Danica is just as skilled as most of the drivers out there and they are all doing the same crap to each other so no need to pull the sexist or political or whining about sponsers
      its a dog eat dog sport its the nature of the beast in auto racing yeah you have to look at safety but that doesnt mean the passion for the win is gunna get lost in the need to please everyone if they make new rules someone gets mad if they change equiptment someone doesnt like it if they change sponsers someone gets screwged or srcood :) well however you wanna look at it can’t please all of the people all of the time so drive on Danica people get off your high horses and ride out the race let them play thier games and put them all in bubble wrap so they bounce out when they wreck into each other out there on the track 😀 just sayin Hey check it out if your lookin for makin money from home you should check it out meo62.ws

  • inquisitive

    Out of curiosity, how many of the Non-female drivers have never:
    1. Crashed?
    2. Offered excuses?
    3. Never won a race?
    4 Displayed a temper?
    5. Displayed poor sportsmanship?
    6. Been able to generate significant revenue or interest in the sport?

    There will always be a wide range of talent on the track with a first and last place. As stated in the movie Days of Thunder, “Rubbing is Racing” and I for one would stop watching altogether if it were a bunch of cookie cutter cars going in a circle driven by computers running the same software. (BORING!!!!) For all you Walter Mitty’s out there, it takes HUGE BALLS to play in traffic at that speed no matter what your gender is, so give Danica, (and the other drivers) their due. Its OK to give people crap, but It means more if it comes from someone who has actually has the wherewithal to experience it first hand. When are the other female drivers gonna start showing up?

  • http://Yahoo.com Michael Jones

    Races are won with discipline and intelligence……not childish temper tantrums. At some point the money people will cut their losses and pull the plug on her.

    • Alan Dale

      Ahmen. The only reason why this fraud even gets any run is because she sells out for skin mags and Go Daddy. She has almost zero talent and won one race ever which was missing some top racers.
      All she does is blame everyone for her lousy runs and blames everyone for her mistakes that lead to crashes. NASCAR/INDY are still the only sport that literally promotes it mediocre (or in reality) lousy talent for TV. No other sport does that. NBA promoting the Warriors? No. NFl promoting Bucs? No. MLB promoting the Cubs? No.
      NASCAR is run by a bunch of pathetic macho losers drooling over an overgrown JH girl with no class.

  • Tony

    I really admire Danica and think she has a lot of guts to do this but I do think she’s being rushed. At least another year full time in NNS with maybe some runs in SCS next year would have been better. Look how long it took Sam Hornish to learn and he’s getting there now.
    She will either suceed or the pressure that she’s under will burn her out which will be a shame for the sport.
    As for the retalliation, well it’s ok for Logano to do it to Stenhouse but not Danica. I agree it was a dumb thing to do but she gets the red mist just as much as any other driver out there.

  • http://centurylink dreamer 1

    If you don`t stand up for your self you`re gonna get sent home with your tail between your legs. 90% of ALL drivers have wrecked themselves trying a “Danica” Practice makes perfect and that`s what she needs=at least he admitted she was a professional driver

    • barry mead

      Danica is a JOKE–She will never win a race —-as soon as go daddy leaves so will she—-She has no business in a stock car—-send her back to the IRL ———–

  • She did it again

    She wrecked another driver earlier in the year. She needs to keep her cool or park the car.

  • Wayne

    Landon’s a punk and Danica needs to learn how to control her car if she’s going to play with the big boys.

  • Mike

    They need to allow cattle guards and turn it from a skilled race into a demolition derby at very high speeds. NASCAR would make a fortune as long as the liability waivers are signed.