Dan Aykroyd Drops F-Bomb After Leaving Interview

    October 12, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Dan Aykroyd was not too happy during an interview with Ellen Fanning from The Observer Effect. Dan was reportedly overheard on the streets outside the studio where the interview took place saying, “f…ing hosebag” about Fanning. What had the interviewer done to enrage the wrath of the popular actor?

Ellen Fanning apparently would not let Dan Aykroyd discuss his new business venture, which is the marketing of the Crystal Head vodka. The SBS talk show host had already partially conducted the interview which consisted of Dan Aykroyd discussing his childhood and career; however, the interview turned sour quickly.

According to a SBS representative, “(Aykroyd) was welcome to mention his vodka, but advertorials are not part of the show’s format.”

Present reports claim that Dan Aykroyd had intended to have the vodka market line discussed, which Ellen Fanning was not openly encouraging. Dan apparently ripped off his sunglasses and proceeded to mention the full line of products included within the Crystal Head vodka brand before storming out of the interview.

Shine Australia and SBS are joint producers of The Observer Effect where both reached out to the Executive Producer of the show, Paul Steindl, and requested that an official apology be publicly sent to the famous actor. However, both Paul Steindl and Ellen Fanning refused to issue the requested apology. Though the exact circumstances surrounding this infamous situation have yet to be released it appears that Steindl and Fanning think that the apology should come from Dan Aykroyd instead of from them.

While this outburst may seem bad for business, Dan Aykroyd is a beloved Hollywood icon and his fans are vocally supporting him through Twitter.

Though the interview with Ellen Fanning from The Observer Effect is not available, the following interview shows Larry King discussing the vodka line with Dan Aykroyd.

[Image Via YouTube]
  • ross

    A comic and actor icon………he should have been allowed to promote his venture !!!

    • http://n/a Patricia Cockrell

      Theses shows which feature celebrity guests are usually very eager to create a welcoming atmosphere and hope they can get a repeat appearance. Clearly there’s more to the story but it certainly seems clear that the issue of Mr. Ackroyd’s being allowed to speak about his new enterprise was discussed ahead of time but they decided to do something else without telling him.

      What can THE OBSERVER EFFECT possibly hope to gain by behaving so badly? The show should have apologized to Mr. Ackroyd even if they did think they’re “standing on the moral high ground”. It’s about business.

  • All Politicians are the Same

    Wow… someone used the F-word … say it isn’t so.

    I find people to be very funny. The big stuff people do nothing about but the little stuff becomes an outrage. We have a guy serving a life sentence in California for stealing a pair of tube socks. No one cares about that. Someone says a swear word and people will write about it all day.

    We are such a backward nation. The ironic thing is that everyone swears. Even the people that say they don’t. It is kind of like sex. According to most Americans they are saints. No one ever admits to be a freak in the bedroom, yet all the research indicates that Americans are freaks. I forgot what poll it was but 73% of Americans said they did not look at porn or talk sexually via email, text messages, or chat conversations. However, the data from the internet companies portrayed a totally different picture. It basically full contradicted the poll findings.

    I just find it all funny. Our morality is so subjective in this nation and half the people that swear they are saints are lying through their teeth.

    • http://yahoo cooljoe

      Swiping tube socks gets you a life sentence in CA? Must of been multiple murders involved with getting those socks?

  • http://spankmehard.com Bill Murray

    You tell that F#u#c#k#ing hose bag Dan!

    • Bob

      Are you the real Bill Murray?

  • http://www.yelpclassaction.info Yelp Class Action

    Why do you think these so called “celebrities” jump from one interview to another? (Some of them stay in one place and make the journalist (tee hee) come too them).
    This enterprise didn’t understand the rules and might have a bad time getting more free content from interviewees.

  • Bob McNabb

    Dan is the nicest person in person. Warm, friendly and Crystal Head vodka is a great product. He was in Scottsdale promoting CH and I bought the large size and the small size product. We talked and he is a New Orleans Reserve Officer and I said me too. I was a National Guard MP(Reserve Officer). Politically we are brothers. He was so nice to everyone including children with parents. He signed my Blues Brother album now framed and sits to my large size Crystal Head bottle. I love the guy. I played the Blues Brother opener every morning to wake up my wife and son during vacations. Thanks Canada for giving the U.S. El-wood. Bob

  • Ralph Adamo

    Dan Akroyd’s angst is understandable. Show business and advertising have been joined at the hip for longer than I can remember. Anytime a celebrity is interviewed, inevitably there will be some promotion of some project that the celebrity is involved in. Sometimes that is the main reason the celebrity is even appearing at all–sometimes not. Even if the celebrity doesn’t even bring up some current project (artistic, business, or otherwise), the host will almost invariably mention that the celebrity will be appearing at such and such on such and such dates. As long as the spot is truly an infomercial to plug a film, book, play, TV or radio program, or business venture–and is at least entertaining and/or informative or interesting to the public, that is perfectly okay. In fact, it’s the standard in the biz.

    • Lisa

      I doubt that Aykroyd was feeling “angst”. Angst is anxiety or apprehension usually accompanied by depression. It would be odd if he felt that! He probably felt anger and/or frustration. No offense I hope-stuff like that bugs me!

      • michael

        he totally wasted his time being their and it was their show for their own benefit…he was jerked and i would hve dont more than cuss if I were him.

  • Paula S

    Just goes to show that everyone has bad days at work. However, when I do, the whole world just isn’t that interested!

  • leslie

    who gives a shit , worked out best in the end , we know now hes got a vodka line , who ever heard of her show anyway , worked out best for ya dan !!

    • Tom

      I’m with you, he went to talk about his product, who ever heard of her and her show. I support the great man

  • sychophanthunter

    I don’t know who Fanning is but thank you Elle for standing up to another piece of privileged garbage who thinks he can relentlessly push himself and his commercial crap on an ignorant populace. Hey aykyroyd, Take the fucking millions you made off of your horrific movies and go away, you pampered, elitist sellout.Quit trying to suck us dry [pushing vodka no less!] you hypocrite. Lord God, Is there no end to the greed and arrogance of these useless plutocrats? Wake up people. The emperors have no clothes!

  • JT

    Ah, modern journalism. Since editing and proofreading are things of the past, I’m going to point out a tiny detail.
    Ellen Fanning is an Australian “journalist”
    Elle Fanning is the 15 year old sister of Dakota Fanning.
    They aren’t interchangeable in real life, unlike they seem to be in this article.

    • michael

      as usual foreign media dieties condemn americans…on all levels,,,,especially the moral ones.

      • Peter Givens

        DA is not American. He is Canadian.

        • RC

          Inside every Canadian is an American trying to get out. Full Metal Vest

  • david henri

    Holy F#@#!!!..not the F-Bomb!!

  • Hang It Out There

    Like most low-IQ commenters, I say, if Aykroyd wants to promote hard liquor on TV or in daycares or whatever, let him. Even if it is on a children’s show for that matter. We live in a free wheelin’ society, man! You know, where bad behavior is cool and celebrated. Proud to be a typical moron like everyone else here! Wahoo!

  • Willard Whiteman

    I guess she doesn’t drink and is pushing her own agenda.

  • Mikey

    I am a Dan Akroyd fan, but you know, if he wants to plug his Vodka line, maybe he needs to do it like every other non-famous business person has to do it. If I have a product, I have to PAY people to advertise. He wants it all on the cheap, which I guess is the American way these days, and because he’s famous he feels some kind of entitlement to talk about a private business venture on during an interview that was not really focused on his private business affairs. Sorry Dan, but if I were your bosom buddy in the Great Outdoors I think I’d be sayin’ you need to reflect a little bit more on what happened during that interview. Just sayin’

    • Mike

      Hey Mikey, it was agreed upon by her bosses that he would be able to mainly discuss and talk about his product on the show. The fucking hosebag is the one who is at fault. She and her producer insulted him by violating the agreement their bosses made and that she was obligated to up-hold.

  • Frank

    He ran out of gas, he had a flat tire, he didn’t have enough money for cab fare, his tux didn’t come back from the cleaners; an old friend came in from out town. Someone stole his car; there was an earthquake, a terrible flood, locust! It wasn’t Dan Akroyd’s fault, I swear to God!!! 😀


    what a douche . . promoting alcohol

    • michael

      couple holier than thous…..how many homeless did you feed this week…I personally fed 5 everday….and im doing charity at a thrift store and buy an item at a charity auction….and I personally don’t drink but don’t judge…which god protects your soul?

      • J.

        Michael is humble too, can’t you tell… if you missed it, I’m sure he’ll remind you. What a poster child for religion today he is. Michael, tell me all the other things that make you more wonderful and better than us all, please do tell.

  • Grant

    Alcohol is a DANGEROUS DRUG and Ackroyd is a SLIMEBALL for promoting this killer!

    • michael

      jesus drank wine, made wine and wine is used in churches Lucifer.

      • darrel


        • http://youtube jerry reid

          Don’t diss the Lord. NOT COOL.

          • Mike

            Fuck your God. There that help

      • darrel

        Ha! Is that what alcoholics tell themselves to make it all ok?
        Oral sex with children is pretty common in church too.
        Should we all run out and do that?

      • THE TRUTH

        The majority of commenters here seem to think being a “dick” and a “horse’s ass” is cool and should be rewarded. THAT is why your country and society is sinking like the Titanic. It is becoming a place where everybody is totally out for themselves, screwing the other guy before they could possibly screw you (even if they weren’t going to) and taking everything you can. What a shameful lot of no-account losers. You deserve what the future is going to bring you, and it won’t be pretty.

    • Gregt

      Dickheads like you are far more dangerous than any Alcohol I’ve ever seen…

      • Michael Howery

        My brother in law just died because he drank himself to death
        My dad died because of alcohol It is addictive and can kill

        • Frosty

          I regret your loss. However, they had choices. They chose poorly. Alcohol was the tool, not the cause.
          I choose to believe you were as active in their lives seeking help for them, as you are in their absences, pointing fingers at what you believed caused it.
          I am a Rx drug addict; medication free six months now. The Rx drugs didn’t cause my addiction, I did. Period.
          As did your now deceased loved ones. I do again extend my sympathies.

          • Bill

            Nice work Frosty! Good to hear about someone kickin’ a drug habit. Stay strong, I’m sure the new you feels real good! Over 12 years now with no booze and I am still relieved.

        • jjpaz

          Shit, if I had to deal with you I would drink myself to death also.

          • Joe Namath

            I’ll Drink to that!

        • Mike

          I’m so sick of everyone trying to blame alcohol or tobacco for their loved ones dying because they were “addicted” to it and acting like addiction is a disease. It’s a lack of willpower. Your brother in law and father died because of a lack of willpower not alcohol “addiction”. Nobody made them drink it. They knew what it could do and choice to use it anyway. So quit trying to blame something other than their own faults.

    • es5150


    • derek

      thats ur opinion. i think religion is evil and far more harmful than alcohol.

    • http://asdg joe

      your a fukn idiot.

  • michael

    I can understand a busy man with a product to promote wasting valuable time with a simple minded interviewers amateur method, not only showing immaturity but losing a great world class character…..there is a double standard of class going on here, and as usual people who think they can do their jobs simply cannot.

  • joe

    it is sad that he cares so much about pushing vodka, and sad he has to do that to make money, versus acting or doing comedy or something creative.

  • es5150

    Crystal Head is an awesome high quality vodka. I would be pissed off too. Oh, and the bottles are awesome too!

  • Melanie

    big fucking deal america GOD you are so easily offended.

  • AD

    Just everyone, shut the fuck up!

  • ShaunBoy

    Where the fuck do I buy his Vodka???

    • RC

      Buy at good liquor store like BevMo in Tempe, & Scottsdale, AZ.
      If your lucky, Dan will be there pleasing the people with that million dollar smile.

  • Bill

    At least he did not say “ELLEN,,, YOU IGNORANT SLUT”

    • Bill

      Come on,, that was hilarious!!!

      • jackdaddy

        except it was “jane, you ignorant slut”.

    • Bill

      Come on,, that was hilarious!!!

    • http://Yahoo Debi

      you mean he should’ve said that!

    • http://Yahoo Debi

      you meant he should’ve said that right!

  • lisa

    this is stupid. who cares. why is this in the news

    • BC

      Slow news day since republicans closed down the Government.

  • Marcus

    Think what you will about alcohol, is it dangerous? Sure, it can be, if used improperly. If it wasn’t for alcohol a lot of people would die. I’ll explain, in countries with little or no good drinking water, alcohol can be made from dirty drinking water. The small amount of sustenance these unfortunates get from beer or liquor is enough to miss a meal or 2. So alcohol is not evil, unless you drink just to get drunk all the time, and not for sustenance. Not all alcoholics are bad, but many ruin their lives with it.

    • Marcus

      alcohol is also used in place of food in some places as well.

    • Get Real

      You are off your rocker. That’s pure psychobabble you are spouting. You are essentially promoting ALCOHOLISM, and you know it. Sheesh.

  • Frosty

    I’m not sure what I think of the vodka, but this marketing ploy was a gem!
    1)Create bogus controversy in the form of an adversarial interview gone bad.
    2)Write about it as if it actually occured.
    3)Lace ‘report’ with as many mentions of the actor’s name and his product.
    4)Put it online. Use a psych major to polish it up before publishing.

    Pure genius.

    I call BS.

    • Frosty


  • Bruce Ramsey

    Who knew regular vodka had such things added to it. I think I’ll stick to Bushmills.

  • Kathy

    this article got him all kinds of advertisement…….want to get publicity drop the f bomb in one form or another and word gets out…..apology, f bomb no…..I think he should thank them…..he has all kinds of free publicity…..heck I would of never heard of the vodka from a show I never watch…..

  • David Hagen

    If Aykroyd said she was a ‘f&%$#^$ hosebag’, she is.

  • Hayward Giablomi

    I have to assume that the author of this article isn’t a native speaker of English. Not that it is a crime to use vocabulary incorrectly (the use of “infamous” is what I’m referring to). There are plenty of native speakers who don’t understand the meaning of “begs the question,” for example.

    You have to ask yourself why Dan Aykroyd would submit himself to such an interview. He doesn’t need yet another forum to give the public details about his childhood that could easily be learned from Wiki. He is there to promote his latest activities, which include his vodka business. If you aren’t going to let him talk about what he has been doing lately, why drag him in for an interview? He doesn’t give a rat’s patoot about your little show, your rep or your ratings.

    • http://yahoo anc

      well, maybe he should care. people should be more caring. and…folks watching the show do not want to see someone’s interview a disguise for promoting a product!

    • Peter Givens

      You are a native English speaker and don’t understand the phrase “Begs the question”? Pretty common phrase here in the English speaking world in which I live. Perhaps you should get out more.

  • Joe

    First thing I thought of was Kurt Schilling and his bankrupt video game company. Did Aykroyd spend millions on this vodka venture and now he might lose it all if he can’t sell it? I dunno. Seems strange. oh well, I guess he can drink everything he doesn’t sell.

    • Shatma Pantz

      The program is on the mostly taxpayer funded SBS channel in Australia. SBS is highly regarded because seeks to engage minority groups within the nation. Observer Effect is respected and interesting because people with a profile become the “observer” as they discuss issues and events in the news. This not only throws up different perspectives, but also reveals a new insight into the public figure guesting on the show. It is definitely not a late night talk show where celebs flog whatever they want to sell, as some here infer/state. View the mentioned episode on-line and make your own call. PS. An old, unhealthy, cranky man making nasty, sexist comments about a woman is not a good advertisement for any type of alcohol. PPS. Looked up ‘hosebag’ on Wiktionary, which led me to ‘hoser’ where just about every definition -ironically- could refer to poor Dan.

  • MikeB

    I’ve never heard of The Observer Effect. I’m betting that Aykroyd only agreed to the interview to get in a word about his vodka like he did on Jimmy Fallon

  • Hack Rule Reminder

    did the “journalist” think she was going to win a Pulitzer for interviewing Dan Ackleroid about his childhood?

    Sweetie: The deal is, you ask me dumb questions and I get to advertise my product.

  • Paul Newman


    • Bob

      Are you the real Paul Newman?

  • dan

    WTG Dan the Man!

    • http://url tom doody


  • jerry

    Dan, GREAT FUCKING move!!!!

  • Jerry

    I gave my favorite bartended an unopened autographed Crystal Skull Vodka, subsequently found out it was worth $200 if unopened. Unfortunately, she had already broken the seal C’est la Vie.

  • http://url tom doody

    what a doody. he is being a doody

    • Aaron

      Respectfully I don’t think so, think about every guest on every show, from entertainment (Leno, Letterman, Kimmel) to news/commentary (GMA, Bill O’Reilly), EVERYONE plugs their newest venture at some point in the interview (remember when leno had the “Earn your plug” celebs had to tell a joke sing something etc.)

  • Carlos Danger

    Who the fuck cares he’s a canadian trying to get money out of the US
    Notice my username from Weiner (Cock)

  • Torna ToeNail

    I don’t get it…Ellen is a F ucking hosebag!

  • Swami Joy

    Just what the world needs–more vodka. In hard times it is the rich who make money on poor addicted souls. I like Dan Aykroyd, but he needs to get some class.

  • George

    @Who wamts to hear about his damned vodka anyway?”

    • Garrett

      You posted on the article, therefore on some subconscious you cared enough to write a single line. While not caring that much, you took the initiative so you give a damn.

    • M

      We Liberals.

  • Donna

    why don’t you people get a life

    • M

      Life’s better with vodka. You should try it like the rest of us educated Liberals.

  • http://att Donna

    get a life people

    • Lillie

      3:17am? Where’s yours?

      • Shane

        You goose, you do realise the Internet is a global thing don’t you, and the world isn’t flat?

        Perhaps you should get someone to teach you that regardless of it being 3 am where you are, it’s lunch time somewhere else on earth.

  • jon

    that a boy

  • Bob McNabb

    Dan should interview with Rachel Maddow on a Friday and then assist her prepare a Vodka drink using Chrystal Head Vodka. We could hear Dan and Rachel discuss the political mess we now have and perhaps the Vodka drink will chill us to deal with the party of “NO”.

    • stinian

      LOL you ignorant moron, nobody watches Rachel whoever except mental midgets like you. If you don’t believe me then check the ratings and compare then to Bill whats his name. Where do you think Dan should go?

      • BC

        Who’s LOL?

  • Marketing Maven

    From another perspective, I think how Dan is tying Crystal Heads into the spiritual world with a clean spirit free of additives is pure marketing genius with a very unique twist coming from a very unique actor.

    Great product….Great Marketing…Great Actor….Great Job Dan!

  • dan

    At least hes not livin down by the river in a VAN!!!

  • Naomi

    I did not know that Dan had a line of vodka. Now, in spite of Fanning’s efforts to not allow this information to be disclosed, I know. Personally, I think Fanning should be fired for blatant incompetence. She doesn’t understand the basics of media.

    • James

      Who cares about his line of vodka?

      Commercialism is a bane. They should talk about the man himself, who is a fat oaf.

      • stinian

        you are much closer to being an ignorant hay seed then Dan Akroyd is being fat oaf.

      • Mike

        Yeah a fat oaf who has more money and is infinitely more popular and loved than you will have or be in a lifetime.

    • Ant

      Crystal Head is good brand. The taste is over mediocre. The bottle is an actual glass skull which is a good point of sale, and looks great on the shelf. Akroyd has put in a lot of work promoting this vodka appearing in cities like New Orleans all the way to San Fran. Why would Dan want to talk about anything else? I’m pretty sure Ghostbusters is a played out subject in Akroyd’s life and he’s moved on to other endeavors. Crystal Head is the focus of his agenda and if you don’t like it then don’t interview him.

      • travis


      • David Hightower

        I saw him on Late Night or Tonight or Jimmie Fallon and knew I wanted one for the Stone’s Anniversary and album, etc. I was probably one of the first to buy it in Memphis and hope someday to get Dan to sign it. I’ll never drink it. It’s a momento.

  • http://kenwiezer.com k wiezerenneth

    Aykroyd “Two thumbs up to you”

  • http://webpronews Virginia Rice

    The reason most entertainers go to these interviews is to plug some pet project they have. If she knew what she was doing, she would have known that.

  • forty8

    im not a big vodka drinker , but next time I need to restock the liquor cabinent I will be sure to buy mr akroyds brand

  • http://webpronews john morris

    200,000,000 people drop the f-bomb every day. Why is this news?

  • bruce

    most people cant even afford to buy Dans vodka. it runs about $50.00 – $60.00 for a small skull bottle and you can buy a real russian vodka in a larger size and higher rating for about $30.00 less. what a rippoff!

  • http://www.glarsondesign.com Gmlal

    Marketing genius! I had no idea he made vodka and because of this dirt bag interviewer, now I do.

    Love you Danny!!!

  • aaron

    Dan is correct in peddling Vodka. America will need it after Rodeo Clown finishes destroying the Economy.

  • http://webpronews.com Dry

    Promoting alcohol should be, like cigarettes, illegal. The cost to society and families is staggering. Good on ya, girl.

  • ken kastanek

    she should not have tried to push him around—he’s a blues brother

  • ron


  • http://WebProNews David Mann

    Are you kidding me – a REPORTER with concerns about editorial honesty, too funny as they use him to sell add space to pay her salary.

  • MissDiscipline

    Celebrities only go on these kind of shows to promote a movie or something they are doing. Why else would they bother?

  • cathy

    why is this a big deal, people need to get a life and worry about important stuff going on– like Obambaie care, do you want to wait years for operations that are needed now, well that’s what you’re going to get

    • bob

      You have been drinking Republican BS again. It’s a drink that can’t be trusted.

  • bob

    Why do you think these celebs go out to be interviewed. They are always pushing a project or in this case a product. Anything Dan says out on the street in no one’s business and shouldn’t be printed.

  • J Fox

    Dropped “F-Bomb” AFTER the interview. This is not news-worthy, it’s called freedom of speech. Who cares if an adult uses profanity off camera?

    • J Fox

      And another thing, I use profanity all the time. Even around small children. Nothing wrong with that. The little brats need to learn our world is cold and hard place. So if Dan wants to drop the f-bomb, let him drop it anywhere he wants. Anywhere!

  • Dan Foley

    Piss off ms Fanning . Dan Ackroyd is such a great actor. It’s on you ms Fanning to tell Dan Ackroyd you are a inept fool. And Dan pour me cold shot of your new vodka !!!!!

    • Da Oscars

      A “great” actor? I take it you only watch cartoons! I’ve seen more impressive performances out of fence posts.

  • T

    Most interviews with celebrities are done to promote new films, or projects the actors are working so how is “commercialism” taboo?! Dan Aykroyd has had a stellar career and film and television and has found a new passion. The lead in questions could have been “So Dan, what have you been up to lately?” See how easy that was, instead of pressing the issue of a potential remake or new installment of Ghostbusters! Of course when Hollywood runs out of ideas they like to take great films and put “a new coat of paint on them.” The producers of The Observer Effect should issue the apology directly to Aykroyd and consider terminating or at least not renewing Steindl and Fanning’s contracts. Obviously, neither of them are cut out for this line of work.

  • http://webpronews mike

    if dan was nice enough to give her a interview that the least she should of done was let him talk a little about the vodka. what would this company now do when movie stars will not deal with them dan is loved. to the interviewer get on your knees and say your sorry you were wrong to be such tight lipped

    • Oh Please Fool

      “Nice enough?” That’s like saying, “If the prostitute was nice enough…” He was prostituting, fool. They should have told Danny boy to take his vodka and put it where the sun don’t shine!

      • Pablo Cervantes

        Really? So, just how do you think these shows pay their guests? Are you so simple as to think it is simply a check? Quite often, there are negotiations involved allowing the guest to shill their next movie, show or in this case, his business venture. I could explain it to you all day…but I can’t make you understand. Heck, the Aykroyd could have planned it all from the beginning.

  • Peter Mosen

    I know Dan fairly well and I know it takes a lot to get him pissed! I believe(although I have not spoken to him since this event)that they asked him for an interview. Since he is in Australia to promote his Crystal Head Vodka (which is excellent by the way) he would be discussing his product on the air. During the interview,I don’t think that they would let him speak about his product. If I had traveled thousands of miles to make appearances to promote my product, meeting fans for hours at a time, I’d get pissed if an interviewer refused to let me speak about the reason I was visiting! The station and interviewer should apologize for leading him on to get the interview, then not let him have his say! It is an interesting and informative story behind the “skull” and the production of the vodka, which I believe to be the best and purist on the market! All my best to you Dan for not going off on her on the air!!! (Now that’s control)

  • YEAH1

    Maybe they should change the name of “Crystal Head” vodka to “DikHead” Vodka. It fits Dan better. When is he moving back to Canada? Soon?

  • Pablo Cervantes

    And once again it is proven…there is NO bad publicity. It’s equally possible the entire spat was planned as a publicity stunt.

  • Aristocrat

    Crystal Head Vodka tastes like sewage. There. I said it.