Dakota Fanning and Sister Growing Apart

    December 25, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Dakota Fanning and her younger sister Elle Fanning are reportedly growing apart. They’ll be even further apart now that Dakota has decided to make New York her permanent home. Admittedly sick of the whole Hollywood scene, Dakota is happier away from the limelight–and away from her sister, too, it seems.

Just under a year ago, both Dakota and her sister were the faces of the J. Estina advertising campaign. Headlining the company’s Brilliant Princess promotion, they told morning TV hosts how much fun they were having together. It seems that Elle was likely having way more fun than Dakota. Sources say she could ditch the whole red carpet thing and hang out with her friends in New York City instead. Elle, however, is becoming quite the big Hollywood name. She has four major film projects lined up for 2014 alone.

Dakota Fanning is said to be living quite nicely off the fortune she made as a child actress. She doesn’t jump at every film offer she receives these days.

“Elle is the more ambitious one. Dakota is the one who could quit acting to start a band at the drop of a hat. Dakota is completely unimpressed with the red carpet culture in Hollywood, while Elle totally worships it,” a source says.

Elle Fanning found herself under Angelina Jolie’s wing since the recent filming of Maleficent. The two became close on set and remain that way still.

Dakota Fanning and her sister have worked out a bit of a truce, it seems. As long as Elle has L.A. to herself, Dakota will remain quite happy in New York. It’s too bad–since they are sisters–they can’t get along as siblings, however, and not allow the fame and fortune of Hollywood to come between them.

Dakota Fanning’s recent film projects include Franny, which is presently in production. Effie and Every Secret Thing are in post-production. She starred in both Night Moves and Very Good Girls in 2013.

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  • Justin Avery

    How do they know this? It is probably made up to stir up krap.

    • not justin avery

      How do you know it’s made up? Why would you even ask that? You are saying this to stir up the krap yourself!

      • Blake Bard

        I just made up a fight with my sister to stir some shit up.

    • eric

      I was thinking the same thing. This entire article sounds stupid and made up. “the called a truce? you can have Hollywood and I’ll have New York?” Really??

  • kim

    Your homie from wyoming

  • Nikki Noffsinger

    I hate articles like this. If you read between the lines what you get is “Dakota is living off the fortune she made as a child actress and doesn’t jump at every script while Elle is more ambitious-she’s still wanting to build her movie resume.” but hey it sells more copies and gets more views from people like us to read, “Sisters growning apart”. It is a sad day when family dysfunction whether existent or not sells more than sex does.

  • AlphaOmega

    The article makes it out like they had a big fight and hate each other, so one is moving to NYC while the other stays in LA, ok and?

  • Mike

    It doesn’t sound like they are growing apart but are maybe approaching their careers differently. Growing apart implies that they are struggling on a personal level – maybe not the best choice of words?

    • KathyNYC

      Talk about a big story over nothing. Two sisters become independent as they grow older and move forward in different directions. Isn’t that life in general? Dakota absolutely grew up in the spotlight since she was like 4 years old and is enjoying her privacy in NY. And Elle who didn’t have all that fame from such a young age enjoys it now? Wow..what a news story..only NOT. That has nothing to do with their love for each other as sisters…..lots of siblings live in different areas. It would be same thing if kids went to different schools in different states. Does that mean they are all growing apart also? Must be a slow news day…