Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop Over Facebook

By: Lee Hester - March 7, 2012

In Albermarle, North Carolina, a fed-up father took his frustrations out on his daughter’s laptop after reading her Facebook page. On Wednesday, Tommy Jordan shot and killed his daughter Hannah’s laptop in a domestic tit-for-tat battle he and his 15-year-old decided to take online.

The laptop ended up as the ultimate loser when Jordan emptied nine shots into it. The only saving grace–Jordan did stop and save his daughter’s data and pics before leveling the unknowing laptop proving his sensibility with computers and teenagers. He was also sharp enough to record the event on video.

On NBC’s “Today” show, Tommy, his wife Amy and Hannah shared with viewers that the video had already had over 31 million views on YouTube. Father and daughter now openly admit they both overreacted by taking their family feud on screen. Tommy says he has a great daughter, but she’ll stay grounded for the time being and he is making no plans to replace her deceased device.


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  • Kim

    It was a rash decision for him to shoot his daughter’s laptop, but on the other hand he got his point across! He may have acted out of anger, but he made his impact on his daughter! I bet she won’t pull a stunt like that again!

  • D

    this guys has no business being a parent. A lot of kids get allowances for chores they do. That isn’t totally out in left field.

    But most importantly you have a teenager. She is trying to figure out who she is and how she feels about the world and she expressed that on her own facebook page. Would you rather her keep it all inside and become depressed. Instead of taking this opportunity to talk to you daughter because she is obviously angry about a lot of things and helping her through that anger you and your wife chose to pick on her and give her the impression that it isn’t ok to feel how she feels. She has every right to say what ever she wants to say. And you can like it or dislike it. But what you should never do as a parent is try to invalidate it. What are you thinking! You are quite a selfish and childish parent. You really want to send the message to your daughter and son that when they get upset about something the appropriate response is to take a gun out and start shooting. Get a clue!

  • Hector

    GREAT job,this is the way things should be done. We support you dad… paenting at its best.

  • kathy

    I feel he is right and he must of purchased the laptop at the being so it was his to do with as he seen fit. I love my children and try to give them more than I had, but sometimes I was wrong for not taking care of business like this early in life. I was a child that worked hard (got a job) at the age of 15 and paided my way and it did not kill me. I purchased my kids first car, my son understood how hard it was, but my daughter who is 26 still keeps asking for more. Maybe if I shoot her in the A– then she would have done better in life and made better chooses.

  • C

    I love it. Yes he had every right to check in on his daughter like that. He is involved in her life. Better he nip, (or shoot) this attitude in the butt now. It is hard being a teenager, I agree, but the world does not pamper people. She could have mouthed off to a person who didn’t love her and care about her, then what, she get shot instead of some laptop. Kids need to have chores and the parent who pay for them to get done give their children a faulse sense of stability. Nobody gets paid money to do their own household chores in the real world. It’s part of life. This is tough love but hey, he bought the computer, he pays the internet and electric bill, so yea, it was his right to do what he did. She was violating her property. Also, honor thy mother and thy father

  • j-lo

    i totally agree with Mr.jordan!!!! his daughter is 15yrs old, she isn’t an adult!!! she is suppose to do what her parents tells her to do, there spending there hard earned money on things for her. there are several kids that will love to have a laptop but there parents cant afford one… her parents have obviously worked very hard for her to live in a stable home. the comments she made where totally disrespectful to her parents!!! as for alot of these ppl that’s saying they dont agree with Mr. Jordan. 9 times out of 10 your family are the ones i see on tv everyday, with these out of control children!!! your kids be on drugs, in and out of jail etc. so use your energy to get yourself and your family together!!! and again i support Mr.Jordan… and i hope his daughter has learned from the mistake she made..

  • Jamie

    My dad would have done the same thing, no sorry he would make me sit there and watch as he would bash it agianst the wall and stomp on it and crush it with his hands and hand it back saying, ‘use it now..’

  • Mike

    Facebook is not a place to abuse parents. I don’t think Mr. Tommy was wrong crushing that thing. Good parenting!