Dad Refuses to Take His Kid to McDonald’s, is Deemed an “Unfit Parent”

    November 9, 2013
    Erika Watts
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Heads up parents–the next time your kid is whining about going to McDonald’s and you say no to stopping by the Golden Arches for a Happy Meal, you just might find yourself in some legal trouble. Okay, maybe that isn’t terribly likely for most of us, but that’s the situation one divorced dad in Manhattan found himself in. David Schorr, a lawyer, found himself deemed an unfit parent after he refused to take his 4-year-old to McDonald’s.

Schorr and his wife have been divorced for a couple of years and he has partial custody of his son. After Schorr picked up his son to take him out to eat at the end of October, the child didn’t want to go to their usual spot and begged for McDonald’s. The corporate lawyer put his foot down and said no.

“Normally not a very strict father who rarely refuses his child McDonald’s,” Schorr said, but he was firm about not going to McDonald’s “because his son had been eating too much junk food.”

Once his son started having a tantrum, Schorr then gave his son the option of going to eat anywhere else he wanted–just not McDonald’s. After Schorr told his kid that he wouldn’t get anything to eat if he didn’t choose somewhere other than McDonald’s, you can probably guess what the kid’s decision was, especially if you have small children–“no supper.”

“The child, stubborn as a mule, chose the ‘no dinner’ option,” Schorr said. “It was just a standoff. I’m kicking myself mightily.”

Once the child went back to his mom’s for the evening, he told his mom about the incident, and she promptly took him to McDonald’s and had a chat with court-appointed psychologist Marilyn Schiller. Schiller wasted no time in telling the court that she was concerned about Schorr’s parenting and asked a judge to reduce or eliminate his visitation rights. The psychologist said she found him “wholly incapable of taking care of his son.” Schiller did all of this without talking to Schorr to hear his side of the story.

Schorr has since slapped Schiller with a defamation lawsuit and now says he wishes he would have given in to his son. “I wish I had taken him to McDonalds,” Schorr said, “but you get nervous about rewarding bad behavior. I was concerned. I think it was a 1950s equivalent of sending your child to bed without dinner. That’s maybe the worst thing you can say about it.”

Assuming Schorr’s parental rights aren’t taken away over the incident, will he give in to his son the next time he begs for McDonald’s? “He probably knows that I now have to take him to McDonald’s. These kids are smart,” Schorr said.

Do you think Schorr was right to deny his son supper over the McDonald’s battle? Respond below.

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  • Hey!

    Just another piece of evidence that America is falling. We are a nation of fat slobs and when a Dad tells his kid no to eating the very things making us fat — he is considered an unfit parent? Really what this is about is the divorce. Some stupid tactic the woman is using to get custody and hence, more money.

    This is what women do in divorce. They use the kids.

    Men. Let this be a lesson to you. Don’t get married. You are in a no win situation. Give women in America exactly what they want. Then, let’s see if they like it. There needs to be a National Organization of Men. Enough is enough.

  • Really?

    The father is looking out for the kids health, yet the mother, who is making her son a lot less healthy, is going to be considered a fit parent? Congratulations all you feminists out there. This is what you created. A society where the kids do not matter and all that matters is what a woman wants. Make no mistake — she wants the money and not the kid. Bravo. Bravo.

  • Brenda

    The father was correct not to reward bad behavior. BUT, he should have picked another restaurant and have taken the boy inside to have dinner. Or better yet, give the boy 3 other choices and let him pick one. That way, the boy at least had some input into the decision. I’m betting that, once inside another restaurant, the child would have found SOMETHING that he would have eaten–IF he was hungry!!! And to the mother: SHAME ON YOU! If this is the way your marriage worked, it’s no wonder you are getting a divorce!!!

    • @Brenda

      He did pick another restaurant. The boy refused to go. Sorry, but there is no way to pin the man in this case as a bad guy.

      The wife is a gold-digger that wants more alimony and child support money. The kid is a brat. And we are a nation that is fat as hell.

  • Barbara

    I think the mother should have backed up her exhusband. One night without supper is not going to kill the child. Now the child wlll feel more powerful than his father and learns he does not have to adhere to limits. What will happen to him when he hits the real world? A little emperor.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    Wow, the father wants the kid to eat healthy and get’s in trouble for not allowed he kid to eat at McDonalds where all the USA people get fat off of eating there?

    No wonder why USA has the most fat people, no one in the family puts there food down on eating healthy.

  • Wow?

    If Americans weren’t already the laughingstock of the entire world, we are now. Only in America would this be allowed to happen. Fat, stupid, and delusional America. No wonder the US doesn’t want anyone else to get nuclear weapons in the world. If everything was equal, the US would crumble from their own stupidity.

  • The Therapist is Crazy Too

    Read the other reports about this. The therapist is a nut too. She should be sued as well.

    The mother is using the child. That is what women do in divorce cases. I know men who are paying major child support. The children get the bare minimum and the woman uses it to pay for everything she needs and more.

    Women are awful in this country. It is not just isolated incidents. It is all women. If they don’t start out awful, after they talk with manipulative lawyers, they will turn into awful gold diggers.

  • Joanne

    No doubt the father was right. Shame on you mom. This is about power in a divorce. The mother used the child to try to get something extra from the father and in doing so threw the relationship between the son and father under the bus, undermined the father, and created an unhealthy brat. Karma is powerful… Selfish woman!

  • L. A.

    Very refreshing to read the above comments from females, accurately and realistically analyzing the situation with the MESS “mother” who shouldn’t be allowed ANY parenting rights.

  • poorman

    This is about 2 things. A spoiled brat of a child that has not been taught boundary’s and will go through life thinking that whatever THEY want is right. ( remember your mother saying ” you’ll eat whats put in front of you and like it ” The other thing is a woman that is using her child as a tool to try to punish the other parent. She should be ashamed of herself for involving her son in retaliation against his father. The therapist should lose her licence for even suggesting that the child be brought up in this situation as she is the one supposed to know better.

  • Amanda

    I remember going on hunger strike when I was a kid. I didn’t eat a few meals and I made it two thirty four.