Cursing Toddler Video Shocks the Web

    January 9, 2014
    Erika Watts
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If you have kids, you know all too well about how tough it can be to control your language sometimes. While most parents or caregivers are actively trying to watch their language so the little ones don’t pick up any bad words, a video has surfaced that shows a toddler being encouraged to curse. Not only does the diapered youngster drop quite a few select words, he has mastered the art of using his middle finger as well. The child has since been removed from the home, but sadly, the bad language only scratches the surface of the toddler’s troubled life.

The cursing toddler video went viral after it was posted to the Omaha Police Officers Association website under the title The Thug Cycle. The video was found on Facebook and the OPOA notes that they shared the video because they “have an obligation to share it to continue to educate the law abiding public about the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in.”

Check out the uncensored video of the cursing toddler below. Since the video contains a lot of profanities, make sure you don’t have the volume up if you’re at work or around kids.

Authorities in Omaha, Nebraska reportedly took the cursing toddler and two other children from their home on Wednesday, and from the sound of things, the bad language is the least of the child’s troubles. The family is associated with gangs and the toddler was hit by shrapnel from a gun fired in the home back in October.

The toddler has a 16-year-old mother, and both of his grandparents have been locked up. Ennis Devers, Sr., the grandfather, is in prison on drug and gun charges. Kim Devers, the grandmother, was arrested in December on a weapons charge. The children were left in the care of a 19-year-old, but were removed from the home after the teen complained to the caseworker and the video went viral.

Mugshots of the grandparents the OPOA posted to their Facebook page are below.

Image via Facebook

  • Daniel

    Why is it that people always have to worry about how someone elses child acts?

    • Hashim Muhammad

      Because the kid is already being conditioned to become a liability on society.

    • http://yahoo Clair

      Are you stupid along with being heartless. Idiot. They make these kids our problem when they grow up and start acting out, killing, robbing, etc…

    • http://webpronews wot90s

      well, for one reason, that child will grow up to be just a burden to society, and their families. And to me and my family. Why do I say that. WEll for one reason, I raised my kids to be self sufficient children, and adults. And I taught them to respect others, until that one gave them reason not to respect. If you have a child, or children, you are responsible for them until they are 18. Sad to say, not happening. So, apparently you are one that is dependent on others to help you survive, pay your blls, and foot any vices you have. Lets hope you are one that doesnt want to have kids.

    • Dee

      Because that child is already being groomed to be in a gang and will one day be killing innocent people. That’s why it’s society’s business – because he will one day be society’s problem. He’ll be saying those words when (and if) he goes to school and that effects all the kids he comes into contact with. It is not funny or cute when a toddler curses and a little thug like that taught my daughter to give the double finger salute which she then did in church…lovely, right? I didn’t find it funny and neither did my pastor. So yes, when kids are “raised” (I use that term loosely) and taught to act like this – it’s everyone’s business and everyone’s problem.

      • Darnell

        “Because that child is already being groomed to be in a gang and will one day be killing innocent people” Really? Like Adam Lanza?

    • Jaymi

      How can you even defend behavior like this. This is how you want children to behave?

      • dee

        “The person that defends this type of behavior”…. is the same person that will abuse the child when they get on their nerves for acting out like they taught them.

    • Ms. Davis

      Because that child is going to think that’s how people talk to each other, which is going to cause problems when he has to interact with people outside of his family.

      • Jane

        This is how they talk in most black houses. They grow up hearing this language and attitude.

        • C

          That’s not true, stop feeding into stereotypes. I’m black and I have never seen anyone I know speak this way.

    • dee

      “Obviously making that statement”…. you don’t have a clue about being a civilized person or maybe you don’t have good comprehension skills, either way there is help out there for such disorders you should go and seek it. “just trying to help”.

    • http://yahoo Renee

      You will change your tune,when one of these “thugs” enters into your life.

    • Sharon

      That is hysterical…You think it is important to ask “Why is it that people always worry about how someone else’s child acts?” But asking why in the world would a civilized society care that a toddler is being hit by shrapnel and being taught to call other people names that could get him killed, is 2nd on the list of what concerns you????. Lets just forget what others are saying about becoming a burden on society…although, that is COMPLETELY TRUE. Lets think about the poor kid who could die because of what these worthless gangsters think is funny. But hey, some people have their priorities….we know where yours are.

    • Janelle

      This is what is wrong with the world. Poor kid coming up in a horrid life. Yet, they keep having kids. The mother needs fixed without choice. May Jesus help this child.

    • barb keehn

      That baby has no chance to live a good life the way he’s being taught now maybe just maybe if he’s placed well in a good home he will have a fighting chance at life and not a future prison inmate.

    • enufsenuf

      What’s the big deal? In the future when the kid curses out one of his teachers and gets suspended, the parents, will play the race card and the community and politically correct folks will be led in a protest march by the “reverends” Al & Jessie. Nothing right now from them cause ain’t no big thang….right now.

  • Hashim Muhammad

    This video depicts a common trend within the African American community. Kids raising kids.
    No respect, No morals, No principals. A generation of thugs creating another generation of thugs. What makes this sad, the child cannot think for himself. The child only knows what the parent is teaching him.
    The Police Union had a responsibility to inform the
    Public. About the stupidity that plagues community’s.

    • Charmiegurl

      People please…STOP with the IGNORANT comments!!!! The “black community” is NOT the only culture that teaches their kids to curse!

      • dee

        “While that is a true statement”…. it does not dismiss what they are doing to that child. I don’t care one bit about the color of their skin. I care that the child is being abused, he feels like he has to say those things seeing that is what he is being taught and if you are black you should care to. If you can honestly say,…. you like that kind of behavior…. well that is just sad. There is no excuse to treat a child like that and I am very glad that someone stepped in to help a innocent, no matter what a baby is innocent and deserves all good things and chances in life.

    • OMG…Are YOU serious?

      “This video depicts a common trend within the African American community. Kids raising kids. No respect, No morals, No principals. A generation of thugs creating another generation of thugs.”
      Common Trends – Community – No Respect – Generations
      LOL…Have you notice the common trend amongst the community of comments posted here is that there is no respect for a class of people as a whole regardless of the generation?
      Aww, it is so easy for us to judge and categorize from the comfort of our “holier than thou” horse. This kind of behavior happens everywhere…period. What’s the difference in this and a parent who lock their kids in crates? The alcoholic parent who verbally/physically abuses their child? Daddies sleeping with daughters? Uncles teaching bomb making skills? Or…wait for it…the physiological abuse placed upon a child to live up to a certain social standard? OMG…are YOU serious?!!!
      It’s sad that whenever one of these idiots’ stupidities makes the news and they happen to be African-American; that so many jump on the African-American community as a whole. Yet we can have car bombings, school shootings, work place massacres, etc. and we label those individuals as “loners”. SMH
      But your comment Sir, surprised me most of all. Your name is Muhammad. Just by association alone, I’m sure you have spoken that name aloud many times and received raised eyebrows. But by using your logic, we can therefore categorize you with numerous groups throughout various communities AROUND THE WORLD that has shown no respect for anyone for many generations. I don’t know you, so I won’t do that….less I fall into the COMMON TREND.

      • Marv

        Additionally no credit is given for an individuals ability to rise from an unfortunate situation and still become a productive member of of society. Thank you for your perspective.

    • barb keehn

      There is also time for the Mom to change if someone took the time to teach her as well, I believe women are victims in this environment as well as their kids and the instinct to be a loving mother in a protected nurturing environment will overcome this rough start for both mom and baby 16 is not an adult by any means and three kids? how many of these kids did she consent to becoming pregnant with? How many belong to adult male relatives?
      I think the police’s obligation doesn’t stop at this cursing baby I hope they look deeper into this situation at the 16 year old Mom’s possible/probable victimization.

      • barb keehn

        I hope someone helps this young Mom.

  • http://Yahoo.com Steve

    Are they “Black”? No! Really? Can’t be – they seem so… ghetto!

  • http://yahoo Clair

    This is a very sick, disturbing video. A real human would not teach their child such things. The parents are nothing but ghetto trash and obviously want to stay that way. It’s just sick. There are section 8 blacks down the street from us and they let their toddlers run near the street and send young kids on bikes with cell phone’s to check the neighbor hood looking for houses to break into. There is also a lot of traffic where they live, they have NO respect for any ones quite time. I have confronted them and found out niggers are only brave if their in a gang. One on one and they be apologizing they ass off. This use to be a nice place to live till they came here. Now we here gun shots. Believe me if we had the money to move we would so be out of here. There is trash in all races but it seems to be more predominate in low life blacks, which makes it very hard for the ones that are nice. When I see a black person my first thought is “nigger”. Sad.

    • nicole

      For those of you claiming this is “typical” behavior in the “Black community”, which black community? thug ghetto, whatever you want t label it is a SUBCULTURE. I am 30 and no one within my community or family would dare teach a toddler to use such filthy language. I have always been an advocate for people of every race religion, and background. I speak out publicly against unfair stereotypes even the Muslims get my support. I just don’t think its fair that me and my family, like so many other African Americans get thrown into the category with these low life people, and have to bare responsibility for their chaos on society. Its mean and hurtful to those of us who work have an education, take care of our families, and lead normal crime free lives.

      • Hoppy

        So tell us what you have done to discourage this kind of culture.

        • Sharon

          Well Hoppy, it looks like Nicole got an education to contribute, therefore discouraging that kind of culture by setting an example. Which is why she was able to write an educated, well worded paragraph and you could only manage an idiotic, one sentence question that makes absolutely no sense.

      • Chris

        Nicole I hear you, my thoughts are these are people who come from generations of poverty with little education. I don’t try to defend my race on these public forums any more because the life I live does that for me. I also know that the racist comments only represents a sad few just as this video doesn’t represent all African Americans. This is why I send my kids to a private Christian school; to separate them from kids who are being raised to be menaces & kids who are being raised by racist.

    • Sary

      I agree with CLAIR expressions.That cursed video is immoral to national, to community and own country.That child is showed what kind of parents,what kind of educations, what kind of jobs they worked and what kind of friends they have or what roots where they come from. The State or the Federal governments should make laws to protect the good citizens and strict or punish who humuliate the society, the community or pull down the country to the worst situation.

    • nicole

      Clair before you spew venom online learn to form a basic sentence. “no respect for any one “quit” time? correction: quiet they “be” apologizing “they” ass off? correction: they’re apologizing their asses off. “here” gunshots? correction: hear. “till” they came here? I believe you were trying to say until. Honey I suggest you get off that computer and enroll in a local adult education center to pursue your GED, or at least basic English language usage refresher course. haaahahaha You belong in that neighborhood

    • Kaboom

      Clair that was a racist remark by the way. Opinions on race behavior from one single human is so limited. There is no way to judge when there are so many different people, races and scenarios on this planet. Your mind is so confined to the little 10 to 30 mile radius you travel on a daily basis. If there was some sort of computer that went around and collected data all around you would probably see that behavior problems would be pretty equal between each race.

    • bill bates

      u r a typical dumb white bitch anyone who reads your statement can tell u r low life redneck white trash. u r n the same boat as the people u r referring 2 n your statement, that’s y u stay on the same street as them. all the file acts we c everyday committed by your own race u don’t have nothing to say then. want 2 blame other races for your problems, typical. what u need 2 do is leave that meth alone, stop breeding with family, and get educated.

    • dee

      “That is sad one has to feel that way”…. but I understand, because I grew up around BAD rednecks, Not rednecks, but BAD rednecks so I decided to do without things even food sometimes so I could save enough to GET OUT! so I did and now am very happy and have been for many years. This is the only reason I want to be rich so I can help DESERVING people that want better out of life and are willing to help themselves also and not give into the bad way of life to keep strong through adversity. If I could I would help you.

    • Sharon

      Oh, Clair. The fact that someone would have the nerve to write what you wrote is just as stupid as people taping their toddler son cussing. You wrote the same stupid stuff, you just used a different combination of letters to show your ignorance. How do people like you and these parents sleep at night? You are just as vile and nasty as the two ignorant morons allowing their child to get shot with shrapnel.

    • barb keehn

      Human beings are by far the cruelest beings animals kill for food Humans kill for nothing
      This happens because we have been conditioned to “mind our own business” look the other way without a care for those around us assuming people are treating their kids right even when clearly they are not, how old was this girl when she gave birth the first time? 16 with 3 kids? 13 maybe 12 years old? why was nothing done?

    • NotaRacist

      I totally agree with you Clair. Not all blacks are bad people but this type of behavior is all too typical for their race. I applaud you for having the courage to say something that is true but not politically correct to say.

  • Oso

    This is typical behavior in the black community and is complete bullshit and Omaha says that posting the video is racist? What a fucking joke. Blacks are thier own worst enemy.

  • vanessa

    I am a black woman. I happen to agree with the white woman and Don Lemon. That one black man in the video tried to make this argument about everything else other than what it was. He was so stuck on the policeman calling the black boy a thug that he missed every valid point that was being made.

  • anthony Harris

    we as a black race ,we have enough on our plates than to have more of this added to our babies future that we will have to deal with in the future

  • WB

    That fact that he is black is not relevant You can find this cycle of teaching children inappropriate behavior in any culture. I hope the child is placed in a home that can teach him a better set of standards and model behavior that will make the little boy a benefit to society and not someone we have to house and feed because of his actions

  • hollywoodnc

    Is this any surprise, as to WHY we have thugs in our communities?
    Oh…and BTW…this also happens in the uneducated “White Trash” households to!

    This is what happens, when parents don’t work and collect welfare!

    • http://yahoo karen s

      That in itself is not the problem. I understand what you are saying. But not all people on assistance are this kind of stupid. You are generalizing a “class” of people just because they are poor. When my husband was sick (for 14 yrs) I basicly brought up my 4 boys by myself, and yes we were on assistance. My children were brought up with respect and values that are not condoning this kind of behavior. If one of my children talked to me that way, you can bet there would have been reprocussions. Like the woman said what happens when he goes to school and talks to other kids and teachers in that kind of language. Other kids will go home and use those words and be severely punished or ask that this child be removed from the class. This isn’t what parents send their children to school to learn from other kids.

    • Stupid Comment

      That is really a stupid comment because this has nothing to do with people who need welfare. I know plenty of people who need assistance and they are very good people. In fact, they want to work.

      Your lack of compassion and short-sightedness is the cause for things going so wrong in this nation.

  • Ashcan

    Steriliztion has merit it appears, the ignorant hood rat parents should be hauled in for child abuse. SMH.

  • Ashcan

    EMBARRASSING! Those too parents should be put in a zoo next to the Chimps and sterilized.

    • Sarah

      Chimps are more civilized. To call these idiot thugs animals is offensive to actual animals.

  • http://yahoo karen s

    This video is horrific. This poor child is growing up with parents that are teaching him that being rude, disrespectful, and on some level violence is ok and encouraged. He’s going to grow up to be a problem child. I understand he has been removed from the home, and if there are any other children they should be removed too. In the future of this child if he stays where he is, is sadness, hate, gang life, and possibly his death from participating in this kind of lifestyle. Personally I don’t see that it’s funny on any level, even though the “grown ups” are laughing at him. He is an innocent baby being abused, NOTHING funny about that. The first time I watched this my mouth dropped. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or hearing. The second time I watched it I just wanted to grab this boy up and take him somewhere safe and teach him this is wrong. He is being exploited by his parents and other adults in his life. This is very sad. Even though I don’t live in a big city, I know a man who taught his son to call his mother a whore and slut. We (my husband and I) were just floored at this behavior and asked the father do you think it’s ok to just teach your child to be disrespectful and how will that affect his life in the future. The people I am talking about were white, it’s not a race thing as this “person” was trying to say on the broadcast. It’s a national problem and speaks to the youth of today, that if this kind of behavior continues to happen, we will see alot more gang activity and sadly crime and jail time. It will be a lifelong problem for this child and many other children. So very sad to see.

  • moses

    ln these case the role models left the house along time ago…

  • News Poster

    These people are the filth of America. I see this all the time in the black community. They are all animals.

    • Darnell

      And where do you “see this all the time in the black community?” And what makes you continue to travel there? And what have you done to diffuse the situation? Please stop trying to call out a race, the last two years and even before haven’t shown so well on the white community either, Connecticut?

    • Chris

      To News Poster & those who support that ridiculous comment. My wife & I are pretty successful in our careers & our small business is doing well. My subdivision is new & consist of Black & White with one Hispanic family; I go to a very large church that’s dominantly African American. No one I socialize with or see are filthy nor animal like, actually I would say most are blessed & successful.

  • RY

    Social services: keep on doling out entitlements to those hoodrats as they spread their chicken legs for every thug and pop a child out every year and you will see more and more of this. Hood rats have children for welfare check, not because they really want them or love them or what have you.

  • Hana

    Definitly think this Child doesn’t need to be anywhere around the 2 individuals that was in the back ground. And think they should be locked up. Even if your affilated with a gang would assume you still would have anough since not to want to involve your child and would want the best for your child

  • Darnell

    “This goes on all the time in the black community” How soon our white counterparts forget the KKK and Aryan Nation,where children were taught to smoke, drink, and murder blacks for sport. This should not be a pace thing but a feel sad for the child situation. I’m glad that child is out the situation but please everyone let’s not pass judgement, if that child is in a gang he would still probably kill less than your own Adam Lanza…. what was he taught? Let’s get it together, we are a nation of many races, the only way to solve it is to come together not further apart.

  • Darnell


  • Paul

    This Mark is in complete denial of this being an isolated incident. This is shocking and sickening to see this boy’s parents and family members teach their children this filth. They should be incarcerated and their children taken away to be given a chance to change this social debilitation. This is a pure product of the c-Rap culture which glorifies this type of behavior. This is the ugly side of the American culture of which I am sorry to say will not ever change. May God help us all!

  • General Drake

    Sad but hey…it’s seriously their right. Heck in America it’s legal to mutilate a child to death as long as they are ‘safely’ in the womb so why does this bother you?

  • Conny

    Parents ate the reason on child’s behavior. This boy is being taught and most likely be a criminal. I am so glad they took him away. These parents need to pay BIG consequences.

  • Shocked

    To say that I’m shock at this behavior is an understatement.

    Honestly, this is not a racial issue this is a national issue where often times the wrong is seen as the right. This behavior is not only depicted in the race under question but is seen across the board as a way of life for some persons of other races. I’m of the belief that some parents from other races and of various religious backgrounds sometimes tell their children that it is o.k. to swear.

    It is obvious to me that this child is from a family of losers. Instead of complaining and making negative comments especially about race; what can we do as a people and a nation to break this sick cycle.

    What can we do to save this sweet innocent toddler and others that are in a similar position? Who knows if this child is given proper care and love he could be your doctor or lawyer a few years from now.

    Please let us take out minds out of the gutter and put positive thoughts into action and save “our beautiful nation!”

  • http://cursingtoddler sos

    The parents teaching the child how to speak bad language they will can around and repeat every thing you said he just in bad place around him.The parents think that’s a joke and think is so funny that is not so funny and not a joke .

  • http://webpronews Char

    Don’t forget to mention the racial slurs. They are continuing a long running problem that is complained about in the black communities. One white makes a slight race comment and they are up in arms ready to fight and sue-yet here are their own doing worse. why is it not offensive to be called racial slurs by your own. whats the difference

  • clarence

    what about those white children that are taught to salute the swastika and shout “Zeig heil!”?

  • Jamo

    Now I strongly disagree with whoever is teaching their child to say these words. What is the difference between that and someone teaching a child to hate another race by being in the KKK or other racist groups.

  • Kitty Houston

    I am a liberal person politically, and in my heart. I have long stood by civil rights in our great country. This breaks my heart, though. If you raise a child to embrace gangs, violence and racism, how can you go around and blame any other race for “holding you back”, and say it’s because of color? You, yourself are literally continuing the racist attitudes that plague us as a people. Sad.

  • http://yahoo Renee

    I agree that this isn’t a race issue. There is trash in every color and society is expected to take care of them? I for one am pissed off that honest, hard working people, have to pay for someone else, and their bad choice’s.
    I don’t owe a damned thing to anyone, never collected unemployment, or welfare. I put my feet on the ground everyday and go to work!
    I guess I am an exception to the rule.

  • mwallek

    This past summer the “neighbor” who is actually just some baby daddy occupying the property and didn’t even live at the residence, could be heard telling some other potential baby daddy that “you ain’t effing that girl right!” This was repeated over and over. This is the sort of individual that generational welfare has produced.

  • C.D.

    I suppose the parents think this is cute – then we wonder why as adults people are disrespectful thugs. Need I say more?

  • Wayne

    Absolutely disgusting!!! Shame on not only the adults in this video but also those who are crying racism on behalf of the Omaha police dept. This is a real problem in this country, a good majority of the black population glorifies not only the N-word but also behavior exhibited in this video!! How in the world could anyone accuse the Omaha P.D. for re-posting a video that was already posted on youtube?

    • Darnell

      ” This is a real problem in this country, a good majority of the black population glorifies not only the N-word but also behavior exhibited in this video!!” And Miley had a no. 1 CD, who is glorifying that? What did Adam Lanza glorify? How soon we forget

  • MightyMouse

    WoW! I not only feel sorry for the child, but also for the childcare providers and teachers. Too bad for both.

  • CJ

    Look Look ! WE tawt lil Kanye how to curse. Quick Kim, grab the camera that we stole and start recordin lil kanye. He gon say somefin that I tawt him. Oh man I can’t wait til the next time we in the wellfare line. I will finally be able to beat ray ray and his kid that he tawt to sort out garbage. Hold it kanye I gots even betta idear, how bout we put dis on facebuk. Den errbody we know will c dat we keeps it real.(Knock Knock) KIM, go c who at the dough. Days sum men hur with badges ennis. Officur wat u doin wit lil kanye? Why are you puttin me and kims in the car officur? In case we dont c u again lil kanye make sure you drink ur kool-aid so u can grows big and smart like me.

  • Trav

    Effing animals.

  • Brainz913

    Titles I have read on this article say shock and surprise. I don’t see the shock and surprise. This is the sub-culture the hip-hop community embraces. There’s no secret here. Many have been speaking out against this type of behavior, but the media too often defends it as freedom of expression. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Darnell

      What about pop?? Have we forgotten Brittney, Miley, Lindsey?? I don’t think those guys in Connecticut had any relation to hip-hop music, but I’ll let you tell it.

  • Ned Morlef

    i’m just a backwoods country boy but, hear me and hear me well.
    we are just now fighting our way out of a 50 year drug war that was sold to us as a battle against deadly drugs and cartels. Gangs of murdering men with piles of cash, gold plated guns,big houses with gates and dogs. However, what we got was we were all lined up to prove our innocence by peeing in a cup for work,food and medical treatment. We got cops in our neighborhoods staking out joe sixpack with a wife and kids and a mortgage and a 10 year old truck. The cops see him through a crack in the blinds split a bag of weed with his best bud. They come to his house and kick down his door ,toss in a few flashbang grenades then, shoot the family dog. Storm the house and shoot joe. all in front of his traumatized kids and wife.
    They take the house,his bank accounts, the kids and force his wife and best bud to testify against him. If he survives he goes to prison . if not the widow has been robbed and left in the streets . The kids auctioned off to some state qualified gay pedo. All the while drug dealers and cartels cross our borders unmolested in their non taxed corporations while, the police set up a new satellite station in your subdivision.
    Now that legalized marijuana sweeps the nation what are they going to do with the paramilitarized build up? Cussing children of course. We are still on a mission to save the babies. They sell you a video of a child being urged to curse and we are nation wide all mortified. Now your kid says a curse word at school you get what happened above. You get your door kicked in and the kids confiscated….. ala Latter Day Saints and 425 kids at once. Or even worse Janet Reno and Waco. 27 children burned alive as payback.
    So you go ahead and give them permission just as our parents did .And you’ll all get exactly what you deserve.

    • Get Real

      The VERY young CHILD was not only “urged to cuss,” but was grilled on their GANG AFFILIATION. If you think a child of that age isn’t going to be SCREWED UP for life from that “parenting,” maybe you need to head back to the trailer and think some more. This might seem “normal” to you, but it isn’t.

  • Derwin

    It’s going to take a LOT of soap to wash that child’s mouth out.

  • what low life scum

    that child dosent know what its saying i hope they dont return that child to it parents ever

  • http://webpronews really??

    As soon as the kid becomes a teenager and starts cursing out his parents they’ll probably kick his ass. Kid ain’t got a chance…..

  • enufsenuf

    What’s the big deal? In the future when the kid curses out one of his teachers and gets suspended, the parents, will play the race card and the community and politically correct folks will be led in a protest march by the “reverends” Al & Jessie. Nothing right now from them cause ain’t no big thang….right now.

  • chuck

    I am so not surprised by this and it is one more action that does its best to create some one claiming some form of racism at its least when you teach your future generation to not openly be disrespectful but to be disrespectful to all people you will end up with idiots who act like this