“CSI” Star: Bankruptcy Is His Only Choice

    November 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Former star of the immensely popular show “CSI” Gary Dourdan says his bills are drowning him, and the only way to get out from underneath the massive pile was to file bankruptcy.

Dourdan filed at the end of August, but it was only after a two-year battle which began in 2010 when he was sued over credit card debt. He says that in order to keep his home from going into foreclosure, he filed an injunction against Wells Fargo to keep them from putting it up for auction, claiming they never tried to help him work out a payment plan he could afford. Now, he says, he owes $1.73 million in debt but only has $1.8 million in assets, and the cost of living is just too much. After the bills, he’s left with around $300 a month.

The actor has had legal woes for the past few years; besides the massive debt, it’s been reported that Dourdan was arrested last year after a physical altercation with his girlfriend. Despite the trouble he’s had finding a solid acting role, he says he has things lined up and is optimistic about crawling out from under all that debt.

  • biffula

    What the article fails to mention are his drug/alcohol and gambling problems.

  • Morte Lebe

    Gary, I can help! Give me $300/month and I will mentor you to live on less. Thanks for your largesse. m

    • mark

      wow now its the banks fault for his over spending. you dont need a bank to tell you not to over spend or use a way too expensive over interest credit card. there are actors living on a lot less and they dont go bankrupt ether. PEOPLE STOP SPENDING SO MUCH, STOP BUYING OVER PRICED ITEMS YOU CANT AFFORD, WOW. ok there is your financial advisement for the decade. lol 😀

  • Gil Ewer

    Before I opened the article and not knowing who the actor was, I said to myself I bet he’s black. And guess what, HE IS!!!!!! Surprise surprise surprise!!!!!! Like our Beloved President, Ya gotta love it!!!!!!

    • JO

      what does the color of his skin have to do with his bankruptcy. Racist much?

      • heather

        relly? howmuch debt do you have? how about this, I bet your white with a “ton” of debt you act like you dont have.. you need some Jesus..

      • laurie

        i agree. what does his race have to do wth it. i think he’s incredibly talented and i am kind of surprised it was him. fell into the hollywood trap. so many reality stars make tons no talent…..so many horrible show..aka magic city…where they make a ton….no real talent…(some exceptions) honey boo boos mother should lose custody….and this man with actual talent cant geta job? makes no sense. he was amazing. i wish him the best. and hey racist girl…i’m snow freaking white….

    • David

      Right Gil because white people don’t EVER file for bankruptcy right? (i.e. Donald Trump). You are a LOSER!

    • http://yahoo edward king

      racism is so uncool you stupid idiot get a life

    • jim H

      The color of his skin has nothing to do with his debt. I wish him the best and you should too.

    • Ben

      What the hell does his color have to do with it? It’s comments like that that cost us Republicans the election. All the moose twit liberals think we are just like you.

      • Hal

        No Ben, the fact that Republicans are so antiquated and out of touch is what lost the election.

      • dawn

        I’m a liberal and no twit. I don’t care what color you are, bankruptcy doesn’t either. There are pieces of crap in every political party, and they all seem to get the attention, ruining it for their fellow party members.

    • Dobson

      What a joke. It is people like U not the President, Not a Black Man, but you and your greedy, selfish, ignorant….way of thinking and if you think it you act on it…so you think like trash……leaves you with trash….. so where does that leave you as a person….Take a good look in the mirror and start loving yourself before you hate on someone else

      • laurie

        this isnt about politics. can you stop it now? enough hate spewed for a year.

    • Beth Hammond

      I can’t believe you even said that! Let me tell you, I am a WHITE woman, have worked HARD all my life and had stellar credit until some unfortunate incidents that put me so far behind the 8 ball, I couldn’t crawl out! I sat bawling in front of an attorney as I filed bankruptcy. The color of your skin has NOTHING to do with it. Pardon you, but you just showed your own ignorance! (By the way, I DID NOT vote for Obama-but that had nothing to do with the color of his skin, either. I don’t have the same vision for our country that he does.)

      • laurie

        beth. i’m in the same boat. a year ago i was fine. someone ripped me off and i’m a single mom in trouble. not on state aid before someone tears into me for that. i cant afford to file. yet

        • Mary

          I’ve been there single mom raising two boys alone no one cares except God’s people that helped me get thru it. Yeah had a stoke all went bad lost job, home etc. But God’s got my back now I’ve got one son married, on son living with mom roof over my head. All good

        • M C

          Laurie – A number of years ago, I had to file bankruptcy myself. It took over 2 years for my credit to get back in good standing. I’d lost my job and then my home. People here the term, “You’re a paycheck away from being out in the street” right? Well, it’s hard to believe (or should I say be able to truly relate?) until it happens to you.

          Regarding filing bankruptcy, you can do so by yourself. You don’t need a lawyer. You can get the documentation offline or in your area at your local area. All you have to do is google the information for your area. When you file, you can setup to pay in 3 installments. You’ll have to have the first installment with you when you go to file. They won’t take checks. I can’t remember the term but you can pay a minimal amount (around $300 total). It’s has something to do with being a hardship case. Don’t delay checking into it. The quicker you can file (if that’s what you’re going to do), the better. You can then start over fresh. It wasn’t easy for me to do since I’d never had a problem prior to life events happening one after the next. Keep your head up and take care.

      • JerryStr

        Beth, you files for bankruptcy and do not understand how you got there? How many pairs of shoes do you own? One or two or several dozen? Are all your jeans designer or Walmart brand? How many bottles of perfume do you have? Most women (probably 85%) spend fortunes on these “small” items that add up to a fortune. About 20% of men are guilty of this.

        • Lolo

          Did you not notice that she stated “have worked HARD all my life and had stellar credit until some unfortunate incidents that put me so far behind the 8 ball, I couldn’t crawl out!”. She never stated she didn’t know how she got there, and it amazes me that you instantly assumed it was due to overspending because she’s a female. Maybe a death in the family, job loss, illness. Judgemental much?

          • Dela

            You never bought anything on credit. Did you pay cash for your house and your car?

          • Beth Hammond

            Thanks for having my back, Lolo! I won’t even respond to the idiot who is judging me, whilst having NO idea about me or the circumstances that happened that forced me into bankruptcy. What an idiot JerryStr must be for his assumptions! LOL

        • Olivia


        • M C

          Jerry – She never said she didn’t understand “how she got there”. Keep in mind that you don’t know what transpired in her life to cause her to have to file. It seems you’re sort of thumbing your nose at her. It’s a shame that many people have no compassion. Don’t you think it could help to encourage people along the way? Beth spoke as if it could be a past situation for her. She said “incidents” caused her to have to file for bankruptcy. Many times things such as medical emergencies can end up depleting life savings. You never know..

          • Beth Hammond

            Thanks, M C. As a matter of fact, this was a past situation. I have since received a college degree (started college at age 46) and now have a very great job. Until the time I had to file, I had always lived frugally and paid my bills, not only on time, but early. I had outstanding credit. I struggeled and held out as long as I could and tried so hard to pay my debt. Even after filing and completing the bankruptcy, I paid off some debt that had been wiped clean in the course of the bankruptcy. Now, I’m a college graduate, have since bought a home, a new car and have great credit again. It was a long, hard fight, but I did it. No one should judge people for filing. It was a heart-breaking decision for me, but I had no other option. And again, the color of one’s skin has NOTHING to do with it! Thanks for taking up for me, M C! Have a great day!

    • R Howard

      You’re an idiot!!!!

    • Lolo

      Did that statement empower you?

    • Segun

      Hey Gil OBAMA,OBAMA,OBAMA,OBAMA,OBAMA, 2nd term baby

      • M C

        Segum – ROFL…

    • Olivia


    • Barb

      What I don’t gotta love, You redneck, is that there are still people like You that exist and beyond that that You think it’s witty or cool or what ever it is You think of Your sorry self to actually publicly spew Your venom.
      Bet a greeter at Wal Mart could buy and sell ya and most definetly could out think ya.

    • http://webpronews JL

      Redneck bastard

  • Francez

    I do not feel an once of sympathy for this man. There are many families struggling with far less then he has earned.

  • http://cleaneatingmag.com/AgilityRedirector.htm Wanda

    Gil, when you go looking for something, you generally find it. How about you look for some intelligence next time. I hope you find it.

  • JerryStr

    It is obvious he is an Obama supporter who wants higher taxes on the rich. No sympathy here. He was rich and now he isn’t. All his dreams have come true. He can always go on food stamps and move to Colorado where pot is legal.

    • Lolo


      • Debra


    • Olivia


    • Barb

      Give it up, President Obama is here for the next 4 yrs. You should probably seek some kind of help if Your choice for platform is this article….clearly You don’t have a strong enough political argument to click the Million + political forums on the internet. You and those like You are getting very stale! Probably didn’t even vote.

    • Jackie

      Stupid idea!

  • Jerry Thomas

    Welcome to reality away from TV. If you buy something pay for it. If you have credit card debt pay the balance.

  • http://Yahoo Faye

    How cruel can you people be.The only reason he’s made headlines is because he is an actor.We have ALL made financial errors,no matter what race.The show has not been the same,since most of the original actors left.Such negative attitudes,just help the rich get richer,&the poor get poorer.I am sure his beginnings was “The poor.”He just got wrapped up in the fast “Holloywood Lane,” like so many of the others.Yes,now he will have the live like “the 47%,that’s just where the Republicans want us.If you can’t say something nice,don’t say nothing at all.I wish him all the luck he needs,&finds a acting job,&learns from is errors.

  • Glorianne Messer

    And I suppose all you folks are perfect!!!!!!!!!! Some of you are racist and blah, blah, and blah..just another reason to express your hate for President Obama. You don’t know what is in your future ..it might be bankruptcy or worse.

  • dccontour

    Is JerryStr on drugs?

  • http://www.thetorrencebackyardgardening.com John

    It can happen to any that fail to do the arithmetic.

  • Great-great granny

    Oh, boohoohoo….If you live WITHIN YOUR MEANS instead of thinking you have to show off w/all your “STUFF”, you don’t go broke.

  • David

    It’s kind of hard for me to feel sorry for him too very much. I’m a combat vet living off 80% rating I have from the VA because I can not find gainful employment, and can not afford to move. My 80% rating amounts to $1478 a month or $17,736 a year. I have no cable, Internet, nor do I have natural gas so that I may take hot showers daily or run heat in the winter. So when I see someone trying to hold on to a 1.7 million dollar house because they can not afford it any longer, I say let it go and down size. I have not seen my family in over a year because I can not afford the gas or tires my 12 year old vehicle, needs in order to drive the 6 hours to do so.

    I understand he is having hard times, such things I wish on no one, he still has enough income and money to down size, something I do not have the option for, nor do 25% of my fellow combat veterans who are also out of work.

    I have come to the point where I have lost my faith in God to help as I and many others struggle everyday to no end and without any real hope in change or improvement in our daily lives.

    Cpl David Robison
    41 CR 178
    Oxford, MS 38655

    • Dobson

      Now is not the time to lose your Faith in the one and only Man that can get you through….the key word is through….If you get up each day Say to yourself today is better than yesterday….You know how He works…Patience He has not left you He sees and knows all….Let Him know that you do believe…He wants you to depend on Him not give up b/c then it is difficult for Him to work things out in your favor….God knows your heart…So cry then wipe those tears and press forward in Jesus Name……Now you are right I do not feel sorry for him either could care less about his Money WOOs. The deal is that he and others like him work for the love of Money. They do not work so that the money can work for them…..God Bless

    • Sydney

      David, I understand that things might be trying at this present time, however there is so much to be thankful to God for. Many of us have experienced trials, heartache and pressures of life, but God has promised to be with us through it all. The fact that your are still breathing today is enough to thank Him. As a fellow soldier and 18-year vet, I understand that sometimes it is not easy readjusting to change in social and economical statuses, but always know that what God sees your pain and will be there to bring you through…Just trust that he is God. When you have time read Job. Also, try to get involved in a local church where there is good teaching.

      I will be praying for you. Always remember that in you lies greatness and God has an awsome plan and purpose for you in the Earth and your lifetime, just ask him to reveal himself to you and I promise you he will. He has done it for me and I know He will do it for you. Hooah..

    • Marcus Phillips

      Cpl Robinson,

      Have you looked into the VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) VetSuccess Program?? I’m a combat veteran also.

      • Lolo

        I am a vet also, and I used VRE. Also, take a look at USAJobs.gov. You may also want to visit your local VA if possible, because many have onsite “reentry assistance” programs that help Vets find jobs, get necessary documentation, prepare resume’s, etc. Not sure of all the necessary qualifications but you can also call 1-800-827-1000. When it answers, punch in 1, 1, 0.

    • http://NONE Jack Diamond

      You are making more than a wounded combat veteran friend of mine. He gets by on less that what you’re making and SAVES $300 a month! Thus you are squandering your money from Uncle Sam. Tell us the truth next time.

    • steve

      I here you!I fully agree with you.I am a fellow vet but not disablied.I hope things get better for you.Thankyou again for yor service.

  • gumby

    wow, the only reason he made headlines because he is an actor struggling. how can you ppl be so shallow? i too am an american struggling in these hard times and i do not live beyond my means nor do i have excessive debt. i work a crappy part time job and pray everyday that i will be able to continue to pay my daily living expenses.

  • http://webpronews cate

    There are some really mean and nasty comments here. Why? So this guy is bankrupt big deal, alot of people file bankruptcy. It does not matter if you are a 9-5r or an actor. Anyone can go broke.

  • brandi

    I noticed that on this Wednesday’s episode of CSI that someone has been “visiting” his characters grave and they find a fingerprint which belongs to Warick. Maybe it will turn out they faked his death to bring the top people down that wanted him dead, and they’ll bring Gary back to the show. That will give him a job.

    • michael e freeman

      that will be great, to bring him back

  • http://yahoo Lois

    Solution for him: Blame his wife. Our bills were minute compared to this. Have his friends circulate the rumor wife is gay, bi, ran up the bills. Say she is likes poverty and adversity. Get his lawyer to putthe bills on her, she just graduated from college (which he did not paym she did, living in a shack with no running water, no AC, no nothing, working for min wage and slightly above, ruining her health, AFTER being thrown into the street to be roadkill due to his lawyers calling her gay &putting the bills on her in the divorce. Then he filed bankruptcy, got all his money for himself. She lost almost everything but kids cheated of college who love poverty, too and adversity. She was attacked twice more. That should do it. She lived in poverty,still does. His friends stalked me,slandered me, denied her work, further education, forced back there, ruined. Then they did it to me again when she goit back. Called gay when I said I wanted to remarry, someone I had not met yet. I never got a chance for a life after divorcing. Does he not have a wife he can blame this on. They made his pics look like my ex. I was the bad whitie. LIE. Trash her, stalk her, deny her a life. Perfect solution. I don’t have that much income to live on for a year, if so, slightly.. Now I am a seniro, and they are doing some ‘ethnic cleansing.’ Want to finish the job. I won’t shut up about what they did to me and my kids. BLAME THE WIFE, TRASH HER. MAKE HER HOMELESS. MAKE THE MINORITIES HATE me the christian, hetero, 100% F, battery victim x 4. HOWARD and camilla will fix it for him. Get rid of wifie, too. Cold cold wifie.

  • http://yahoo Lois

    That post is scrambled. It altered a sentence, put part of it into another sentence. I also did not misspell anything. It is true that I make grammatical errors when I am upset. This guys pics look like my ex. I swear to God they do. Forgive me Lord. My ex was mixed race, so was I. However, I did not show my race as he did. I was blonde. They called me crazy and homosexual to protect this man. Due to my Mom being lied on, grossly lied on, I got the shaft in my divorce. He got off scott free. I did not file bankruptcy. They took all I had twice. Then I got it back. This time they TRIED TO FORCE ME TO FILE BANKRUPTCY TO GET WORK after issuing me tremendous amounts of credit, another investigation, and padding bills, many m edical bills, etc. Ran up the charges, padded them. I said do not send me these blank checks. Cut up the credit cards. They charged me exorbitant charges. I could not get workers locally for repairs, they charged me big charges. They ran up huge charges. I could NOT EVER GET LEGAL REPRESENTATION BY ANYONE FOR ANYTHING, NOTHING. NOT EVEN IN MY DIVORCE. JUST CALL HOWARD AND HIS FRIENDS, THEY WILL GET YOU OFF. tHEY WILL KNOCK HER OFF FOR YOU. Call her masochistic, I am not. Say she is a gay pervert, grew up poor, she likes it. He will get the guy off free. Knows where all the bodies are buried. I am a good citizen. I am a Christian hetero, fundamentalist female, not a prude, not a fanatic, born again, female as you can get. Thrown out to be roadkill, literally, in shelters. I slept in a root wad one night. He would not loan me the money for a motel for ONE NIGHT SO I could get to the employment office. Denied temporary disability unless I slept with the guy they sent after me. This is the truth the whole truth, so help me God. I got it all back, they did it to me again, took it all. Took my career, forced early retirement, made me sick. I just wanted to date and remarry, both times, just wanted to live a hetero life with a man I loved and who loved me, one I had not met, to work in my career and they would not let me due to getting big bucks off calling me a homosexual. I do not hate gays, but I am not one. Howard and Camilla to the rescue for him. Fix it for him. Get rid of her.

  • http://yahoo Lois

    oh oh. I see a lawsuit has been created for this poor man. They made him look like my ex. Howard’s M.O. He can sue for being compared to my ex. But sue who. This is what they did, the blame game, using me to create suits for others, then trashing me. This is my divorce.
    Casie… my husband’s friend’s name was
    ‘casie’. I was a prisoner just like that woman in NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER. THEY made those people in that country look like boy scouts, I could not do anything. They got the goldmine, guess what I got. Paid off everyone, he had many m any friends. Can’t this guy get Howard and friends. My life sacrificed, no normal life, never a normal life. Could not do anything I wanted to do, never. Ruined everything. Casie shut me out of my son’s birth. Gave the money to his friends.

  • http://att.com Richard

    Well I’m sorry this STAR has to file bankruptcy But I think he also has a record with the police in Las Vegas. Shortly before they killed him off he was busted with Heron, Now he wants every one to feel sorry for him… Tell him to go ask his drug dealer for his money back to help get him out of the hole he has dug for himself.