Crystal Bowersox Comes Out via Song

    January 5, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Crystal Bowersox released a Christmas song this year that not only tugs at the heartstrings, but also serves as an announcement of sort for the former American Idol runner up. I’m Coming Out for Christmas is a poignant look at a young woman calling home before the holidays and telling her mom in very uncertain terms that she’s gay.

Gayapolis News reports that the singer describes her coming out as “overwhelmingly positive.”

Bowersox was obviously an unknown when she burst onto the music scene via American Idol during season nine. She was the first female finalist on the singing competition in three years. Since her time on American Idol she has not only lost the dreadlocks she famously sported, but has also released two albums--Farmer’s Daughter was released back at the end of December 2010, and All That for This was released in March of 2013. Not all American Idol finalists–or even winners, for that matter–have had the kind of success Crystal Bowersox has enjoyed. Her crystal clear voice lends itself to her name and her lyrics are thought provoking and emotional.

Check out the lyrics to I’m Coming Out for Christmas in the following video:

Crystal Bowersox has also been cast as Patsy Cline on Broadway. The project has been delayed and didn’t get scheduled for this past summer as originally planned, but is in the works still for a future as yet unannounced date.

Kudos are no doubt going out from around the world to Crystal Bowersox from her fans on her coming out as well as on her huge success in the music world. How wonderful that her experience thus far–especially regarding her coming out–has been a positive one.

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  • Jinger

    My son went to school with her at Toledo School for the Arts and she was known to have been gay. Wonder if she is talking about herself?

    • C Avila

      Well since the article says she came out to her mom that is gay I would say so. lol

  • jackk

    fabulous voice – she can sing abt anything & new Christmas song is fabulous!

  • http://WebProNews Cathy

    Crystal being gay has nothing to do with her beautiful voice. I hope people aren’t holding that against her because it would be ridicules. I hope she has a partner and they, as well as her son are all very happy. Good luck Crystal and keep on singing.

    • Jeanette

      She has a partner, his name is Brian Walker, also known as her husband since 2010.

      • Crystal Fan

        They were divorced a while back

        • QuoBot

          Wikipedia says she’s been married since 2010. This makes no sense.

          • scott

            don’t believe everything you read on wikipedia. well they were right…but they are divorced now…

    • Farrah

      This woman needs to keep her personal life to herself, dang it!!!

      • Kady

        Why? Nobody else does.

  • JW

    The whole damn country will be gay one of these days because they will be incarcerated, murdered or exiled in other countries. Some of those countries are nice places to live and don’t have any problem moving. A straight caucasian person will be a very low minority by 2020!!

    United States of America will be call the United Gays of Northern Mexico!! What a shame we have such a stupid SOB for president even worse are the stupid SOB’s for our Congress.

    Our own elected officials are giving our taxes away to our enemy, but will not help the unemployed. They force us to put money in programs that are suppose to benefit us as we retire, but they steal it to give themselves raises, pay for their outrageous salaries, to give to other countries that just squander it and they have always avoided any conversations about repaying what they have stolen from us, the taxpayers. So, now the funds we have contributed to for 50 years or more is almost gone and in no way can allow a participant in Social Security to live a comfortable life because Congress and the White House has stolen almost all of it for reasons no one should contribute a dime too.

    Retirees were then urged to invest in 401K plans, so there is more of our paycheck gone. Most 401k’s are invested in mutual funds that consistently move money around so they can collect fees and commissions. That is why the “Wall Street” good old boys get multimillion dollar bonuses.

    There are at least 8 to 10 other countries that have not allowed their Social Retirement funds to looted by politicians. They typically are allowed to retire with a minimum of 50% of their salary and some as high as 80% of their salary.

    The White House and Congress should be a shamed of themselves for looking after everyone, but their own American Citizens. They have been this way for the last 25 years.

    • Teri

      I suggest you move!

    • scott

      its people like you that give America a bad name in the world…please move, go to a country that persecutes gays, like Russia, or Iran…

    • sae44444


  • Hell People

    Hell People…. half the people in Hollywood are gay. Why is this news?

    Earth to America …. gay people tend to hang out with other gay people…..

  • Hannah

    She’s not gay, she’s bi. Bi-erasure isn’t cool.


    • scott

      Bi means she is both gay and straight…:)

      • chris

        To Scott,sorry Scott,if you are bi you are not straight!

  • Guest

    Why does somebody’s sexuality need to be talked about outside of their own bedroom anyways? I’m not sleeping with her, why do I need to know? Furthermore, why should I care? As for all you haters, repeat after me. “None of my business.”

    • Kuzco

      Haha! Seconded…

  • Wayne Ballentine

    This is one of the most thoughtful, generous and brilliant songs and should become mainstream (although I doubt many stations will be brave enough to play it.) My congratulations to Crystal for making it a truly wonderful Christmas for God’s children.

    Kudos, thank you and keep up the good work.

  • JC

    I will never understand why one group of people have to be so shallow that they are defined by nothing more than their sexual preference.

  • Di Bo

    What is a Crystal Bowersox? Why should I be interested in her personal life?

    • Kady

      Apparently you were interested enough to check out the article and make a comment.

  • theresa

    I knew she was part of the “FAMILY” from the moment I saw her on IDOL it’s the old cache but we know our own. Love the song & will buy from i tunes