Cruise Ship Illnesses Continue to Spread on Crown Princess

    April 10, 2014
    Jasmine Allen
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An illness on the Crown Princess cruise ship continues to affect passengers on the vessel.

The ship has been on a seven-day voyage visiting ports in California, which includes stops in San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

A norovirus was detected and was said to be very contagious. It generally causes nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramping, and other flu-like symptoms.

The cruise ship’s spokeswoman Karen Candy said that the illness is easily spread via person-to-person contact.

The virus tends to stick to surfaces and is more dominant in very closed or tight areas-especially bathrooms.

After some of the symptoms have depreciated, it takes a few days for a person to completely cure from the illness.

The number of sick travelers has recently totaled to 17 crewmembers and 66 passengers. When the ship left the San Francisco port on Monday, only 37 members had come down with some of the symptoms.

Those who were sick were placed in isolated cabins on the ship.

The ship’s staff has quickly responded to the outbreak. Although sanitizers and meticulous cleaning cannot kill the virus, door handles and other surfaces have been disinfected.

The cruise ship is scheduled to end its travels on Saturday at the Los Angeles port where it first started the trip.

This is not the first case this year where a cruise ship has been attacked by the norovirus.

In January, 600 travelers on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Explorer of the Seas, caught the bug.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made their way onboard to investigate the illness and determined that the virus was present on the ship.

The ship-which was en route to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Isles-had to end the 10-day trip sooner than expected and returned to its New Jersey port.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • ksiemb

    Wonder where the idiot is that proclaims these Cruise ships are disinfected every week ? !

  • flatman

    ” Norovirus.” The media calls it a ” norovirus.” I call it ” the flu, ” and somehow it just doesn’t sound quite as bad. If I was a writer saying ” 66 cruise passengers got the flu while on a cruise ship, ” the public probably wouldn’t think a thing of it. Well my cruise which I booked 511 days out is going to be here in 16 days and I will keep in mind that out of many, many thousands of cruise passengers each and every day that are not sick I’m not going to let some journalist using scary words make me change my mind. People in the grocery store have the flu, but I still have to shop for groceries, and people at work have the flu, but they’re not closing down for it, but some journalist wants to cause a big uproar for the cruise lines because of it.

    • grandmakate

      good luck — we just got off the Crown Princess last Sat after a 30 day cruise and I have to say we did not get the ‘flu’ but did get the hacking cough that most aboard had. Also, once a ship has the nororvirus on board it appears they never get rid of the virus until they let the ship stand for at least 4 days with no passengers — we had many confined to sealed cabins for 3 days with the virus — sent 2 passengers off the ship in coffins along the way — we have cruised many times but I am done with the big cruise ships — will now only book smaller vessels with NO history of ‘flu’

    • Firebird Tomonaga

      Norovirus is not the same as the flu. It’s the bug that causes extreme vomiting and diarrhea. I have never seen anyone at the grocery store with it. Once you have it, you can’t be away from the bathroom for even five minutes. It’s a miserable disease.

  • Carolyn

    AGAIN ? !

    • timetraveler

      We also just came off the Crown Princess in Los Angeles, April 5th. after a 30 day cruise. We have had 23 Princess cruises and “never” experienced the amount of people coughing continually as on this cruise. No crew people would ever tell the number of norovirus cases on the ship…but it was many. The CDC should order a ship like this taken out of service immediately and clear up this flu before sailing again.

      • Carolyn

        I hope you enjoyed every minute, and I hope the situation is remedied by 2016, which is when My daughters are suppose to take me on my first cruise ever . . . if I don’t change my mind ! I bet some people go on the cruise knowing they are ill, and they cannot get a refund, so they go and make everboy ill !

  • Clarence


    • Carolyn

      Sounds like good advice, but we KNOW it is all about the money, not about safety !

  • Zoe Cohen

    What is inexcusable, is when prior incidents point to fixable problems and nothing is done to correct them.

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  • Bluetoo

    If these ships are disinfected, what are they using? The best disinfectant is bleach. Not simple green or pinesol. For social events such as these, it would be well advised to help figure out what is best to use to eliminate bacteria. No one wants to end up sick on vacation. What a waste! Either the ship’s protocol is lax or the cleaning crew is… time to figure it out!

  • tepsie

    Oh great! We’re supposed to be taking this ship in about 10 days! We were on a back to back 27 day cruise in the Mediterranean and then across the Atlantic several years ago on the Celebrity (also part of the Carnivale Cruise Lines) and there were massive outbreaks. We were not told anything when we boarded the ship. We were dragged around on a tour of Istanbul after a long flight, just to kill time and disinfect the ship. They were never honest with us the whole time we were on the ship. Found out that our cruise (equivalent to 2 cruises) and the previous one—3—in all had had outbreaks. We found out that if the outbreak got worse, they CDC would dock the ship until it was cleared. It does put a damper on the cruise when you can’t even serve yourself water! Here we go again……………..Fortunately, we didn’t get sick. Just keep washing your hands and try not to touch the railings.