Cruise Ship Bus Breaks Down: The Nightmare Won’t End

    February 15, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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For thousands of passengers on the Carnival cruise line that had to be towed to shore this week, a vacation turned into a miserable, stinky experience that ended after five long days when the ship made it to shore in Mobile, Alabama.

But for some, the horrible week just won’t end. Passengers from the ship were given the option to either board a bus to be ferried to New Orleans or Houston–where they could find a hotel room if necessary–or to be put up in a hotel in Mobile to wait for friends or family to come pick them up. Those who chose to go to Houston were not happy early this morning when their bus broke down on the side of the road for nearly an hour.

“My son Jacob and I, when we pulled over and realized the bus was broken, we just started laughing,” passenger Clark Jones said. “People were giggling. Other people were not happy at all. I don’t know what you can do about that. Buses break down all the time, probably more often than ships do.”

Jones also tweeted a photo from aboard the miserable bus.


The ordeal was over after a new bus came along to pick up the stranded passengers, but for most, it couldn’t have come soon enough. Carnival has reportedly reimbursed each passenger for their trip and handed out free vouchers for another cruise, although it’s doubtful many will take them up on the offer.

Image: Rian Tipton/People

  • Aarom Ververs

    Broke down for nearly an hour, eh? Long enough for the bus to become urine-soaked and randomly strewn with feces…

  • http://yahoo ThePoster

    They finally get home to find the cops have burned their homes down!

  • http://Yahoo.com JeffreyP

    They are renaming Carnival to Circus Cruises,cuz that’s what it’s become.

  • http://Yahoo.com JeffreyP

    Carnival changing name to Circus cruises,cuz that’s what it’s become!

  • Linda Chudej

    I’ve never been on a cruise since I don’t like being on the water. I will never take a cruise since I don’t like being stranded on a ship then stranded on a broken down bus! Cruises are highly over rated as are bus trips I guess. I feel sorry for the people who were subjected to the cruise operator’s cheapskate attitude. I hope they can sue but I’m sure the owner will be protected

    • Rick

      How can you say cruises are overrated if you’ve never been on one? You sure are judgemental towards the “cruise operator” You reall shouldn’t comment on anything you know nothing about!

  • sandy r

    i am amazed those peop;e (on the broken down bus) did not go postal! i am sure i would!!!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/cruise-ship-bus-breaks-down-the-nightmare-wont-end-2013-02 Gale Winters

      I am about to go on a 15 day Cruise to Hawaii with Carnival. I can not cancel because my cancellation insurance does not cover a change of mind. I also have booked flights to L. A. and return flight from Vancouver. I am up a creek without a paddle.

      That commercial which started to aire last week about the Mountain Lion and the Bear is funny. But this issue really did not have a plan B. There needs to be a plan B when this happens. Whether the cruise line has to rent the Navy to bring their ships to pick up the people and then let them off at the closest port.
      Someone needs to use their brains to solve this for future cruisers.
      We know there is going to be a lot litigation that will go on for too long. PREVENTION is the key. No company can have this repeat over and over with out ramifications and bankruptcy.

  • http://lizmuir.com Lynda

    These people are really spoiled. A bus broke down and you were coming from your luxury cruise that didn’t work out and everyone was soooo miserable and inconvenienced. BOO HOO. Get over yourselves.

    • Steve Shaw

      You might want to learn some facts first. You can’t quite call it a luxury cruise when the passengers are literally living in human waste for 5 days. They got hours of a “normal” cruise, and then the boat lost power affecting everything from heat/cooling, food prep, bathroom functionality.

    • Mitch

      Lynda there’s no reason to post about your jealousy of these people taking cruises. It’s obvious.

  • Denise Alcarez

    I and my boyfriend have taken 2 cruises in our lifetime.We would do 1 a month if we could afford it.Iam 59 and he is 69.I have a fear of water,but, I will not let that stop me.What happened was unfortunate,but,the cruise ship did not want this to happen.You do not know when a fire will happen.If that had happened to us,we would have to handle it the best way possible.

  • http://yahoo Mike Miller

    I would not take a free trip with them their track record stimks

    • S double G

      Carnival should call their cruises Survivor cruises.
      cruises can be great but one must go with a cruise line that has a record of safety and is prepared for emergencies, obviously Carnival is not the way to go.

    • kkk

      Sell the tickets

  • tlacount5

    I’ve been on many cruises and would do it again even in spite of these recent incidents. They are a wonderful way of vacationing with family and friends or to just get away. You can’t beat the price with the service provided. This particular cruise line is not my preference for several reasons but an incident like this could happen to other carriers as well. Maybe things could have been done better…I have no doubt. However, accidents do happen and this is a risk you take. It seems they (the cruise line) is trying to make amends. This may give some folks a good persepective on what our military endures when deployed. Just a thought…

  • E Banks

    What nightmare? This is absolutely nothing compared to the Slave Trade. The nightmare only ended for the ones who died and were thrown overboard. So shut the (*&* up.

  • ELBSeattle

    I did one one-week cruise. That was more than enough. The rampant overindulging, the crowds, the herding people in the ports of call around a 4-block radius of crappy shops, the never-ending up-selling of everything every chance they got – I found the whole experience revolting. I would rather sit in my back yard and read for a week.