Crocodile Attack During Birthday Party

By: Lindsay McCane - August 25, 2013

A crocodile attack occurred Saturday in the Northern Territory of Australia at Mary River Park. The popular camping site and tourist destination is located 65 miles from Darwin, the state’s capital.

“The Mary River [in Australia] is known worldwide to have the greatest saturation of adult saltwater crocodiles in the world,” said Senior Sergeant Geoff Bahnert. Why then, did a 24-year-old man, knowing this fact, decide to take a swim in this river?

A group of friends were celebrating one of the members 30th birthday at Mary River Park. One of the party goers, his name has not yet been identified by officials, along with his friend, decided to swim in the river. They avoided the signs that were posted warning swimmers to stay out of the water and as they made their way way across the river, one of the men was suddenly snatched by a 5 meter-long crocodile.

Bahnert, who is from the Northern Territory Police Force said: “Several of the group in the party witnessed the male being taken in the jaws of the croc for a period of time, and then he was out of sight.”

Police carried out a search for the man on Saturday and were continuing their search on Sunday. In the process of searching for the victim, the police had to kill the largest crocodile at the site for the safety of the search team.

The man has still not been found and has been presumed to be dead. It is unknown whether or not alcohol played a factor in the man’s decision to swim in the river.

“We tell people to stay away from the water, they obviously went against this (and) a man was taken,” an employee of the resort, Erin Bayard said. “We say to everybody it’s full of crocs. It’s one of the most populated rivers in the Territory, every couple of kilometres there is a large croc.”

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  • http://Yahoo Dick Hertz

    Sounds like a combination of alcohol and elevated testosterone.

    • Bill

      I’ll bet more then just his Dick Hertz!

  • mk

    okay… in the F**K are there camping sites

    • mk

      errr typo,,WHY in the f**k are there camping sites

    • bob bennett

      so people can camp, not swim. doesn’t say anything about a beach

  • John Done

    I thought all the idiots in the world were in the deep-south of the United States.

    • DQ Rosenow

      A fish does not know that it is wet, and DemLibs do not know that they make up the Igno-American Majority. Mr. Done, case-in-point. He needs to check out the states that are pending bankruptcy, and those that are prospering. Compulsory union membership and legalized extortion have poisoned the wells of Taxachusetts and its ilk. The next Era of Reconstruction will see the South having to save the North, which in 1810-1830 several times threatened to secede from the Union. You could look it up, New England/New Yawk/New Joisey folks–Dan’l. Webster made your case, quite eloquently. John Calhoun, Jeff Davis, and Marse Robert merely Me,too’d that rhetoric, three decades later.

    • fred

      No-most are in northeast(DC)

  • Elliot

    Appropriate that the attack took place near Darwin. Disregarding warning signs about swimming in croc infested waters tends to cast doubt on one’s claim to have evolved to the top of the evolutionary scale. I assume that this poor fellow will be a Darwin award nominee.

  • bob bennett

    I’m not sure if the searchers should even put theirselves in danger since this guy was stupid enough to swim the river. Even if you dont get attacked, doesn’t make you smart, just a lucky idiot. Now they killed a crocodile due to this guy being ate up with the dumbs

    • Lou

      I don’t understand why they had to search for this idiot! You swim with crocs you take the chance of becoming food. Now a croc had to lose his life because of a bunch of idiots!

      Why are people surprised that this idiot was killed? And why is it classified as a croc attack? This idiot was in the crocs house.

  • arthur meincke


    • DQ Rosenow

      Wrong. The croc fixed stupid, to the gene pool’s betterment. Just aks Charles Darwin, who still seeks a monkey in footwear, writing a note to his lady-love.

    • DQ Rosenow

      He was no mistake; he was properly part of the menu.The correct analogy is sitting down to negotiate in good faith/reasonably compromise with an Islamist. No river, same result.

  • R

    That’s what happens when mainstream media says you are far more likely to be killed in a car accident.

  • elizabeth

    Darwin Award.

    • Elliot

      Awarded in Darwin.

  • stephenf

    Seriously, what are you gonna do? You can’t fix stupid. Feel terrible for his family, but…you know.

  • Mark Humphreys

    You want to read something truly terrifying. just google, Burma, world war 2 & crocodiles….there will be several links (pick your choice) to the worst crocodile attack ever in recorded history. I am quite suprised a movie has never been made of this…truly frightning and scary !!!

    • DQ Rosenow

      Likely, “Jaws” preempted the genre.

  • Pete Nickerson

    Why do you do when you been told don’t? Invincible, we all think it, I won’t catch it, I won’t get it, I won’t become addicted, not me, I’m above all that. Nobody ever starts out to be an alcoholic, drug addict or thinking, “I’m going to get killed here.” Somewhere in the sand or clay there is a line drawn. Oh, but we don’t care to confront it so we pay for our choices. PeteNick

    • DQ Rosenow

      Unless we are DemLibs, when succeeding generations pay for their choices.

  • Scarlet

    Also swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool…

  • DQ Rosenow

    While alcohol may account for this, idiocy certainly does. The guy was playing Russian Roulette with all six chambers occupied.

  • Eric

    Do people understand that there is no apprehension or question when it comes to crocodiles mind. Its not like swimming with sharks or even some alligators. Crocodiles will 100% pursue you and look at you just as we look at freshly fried chicken. I don’t understand for the life of me why people want to swim where crocs roam. There smart and they will use every ounce of stealth and smarts to catch and eat you. Those safty nets are obviously not good enough for a 3000 pound crocodile.

  • mike

    ” It is unknown whether or not alcohol played a factor in the man’s decision to swim in the river.”
    No one could be that stupid without the I.Q. reducing effects of alcohol!

  • kalub

    WOW! If you jump into a hot grease filled frying pan you are going to get: A) an award B) frost bite C) BURNED ? Duh!