Crip Walk Dance: Does It Belong At The Olympics?

    August 6, 2012
    Zach Walton
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The Crip Walk. It’s a dance move that originated in the 1970s from the infamous Crip gang. It has since taken on some mainstream popularity, but its origins have never truly been forgotten. That’s why the response has been divided ever since the dance has entered the Olympic stage.

Serena Williams, star tennis player, was the second woman to earn a career Golden Slam in Singles according to E! Online. She is also the first woman to earn the Golden Slam in singles and doubles. Add on the fact that she won the gold in Singles at the Olympics and you can see why she was so excited. That excitement is what led to her becoming the first person to reportedly perform the Crip Walk at the Olympics.

While some people feel that the dance disrespects the Olympic spirit, most of the response from the viewership has been nothing but positive. Even Snoop Dogg Lion congratulated Williams on the win and the dance:

The other responses on Twitter were just as supportive:

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  • fr

    the 3rd tweet, by Kim K, is absolutely ridiculous.

    YES if your sister died from Gang violence, it is probably safe to say you don’t want to glorify the gang lifestyle by Crip walking in front of an audience of hundreds of millions of people…

    Had she not lost a sister to gang violence (which I was unaware of) then she should bust out the stanky leg and do the douggie too if she feels like it, it is her moment after all.

    • b

      She’s lack , what did you expect anything more from her,,lol. If the world only knew what we had to deal with in this country.

      • Aspasia

        Yes, people as narrow minded as you b. That is what is destroying our country. She represented YOU as an American and won for her nation. What have you done for the nation lately beside being a bigot?

        • Mr. Citizen

          Black street crime has almost destroyed all black areas. Nobody wants to live in an all black area including the decent black people trapped living there under the terror of the Crips & Bloods. Serena then does a dance on national television representing the United States in the Olympics honoring the Crips. Unbelievable and classless.

  • irvinggirl33

    Good grief! THAT is called the *Crip* walk/dance!? 😮
    WE were doing those moves back in the 70’s and 80’s.. Gimme a fucking break!I guess Madonna,Snoop,Beiber,Usher just to name a few better stop dancing – they are paying tribute to gangs!If the GP knew how many things they said/did in everyday life originated from something that is not socially accepted or had/has a very dark history they would have a freaking cow!Get the hell over it! GEESH..99.9.9% of the population would have NEVER known where THIS dance move came from,especially the Queen!!! Open mouth insert foot …. ONCE AGAIN!!!!

  • Diane K. McElveen

    Really people there are hungry children dying people being killed because of what they believe in and there is still under the radar slavery going on and we’re talking about a dance! that no! did not originate from the gangs of south Central but was a part of an African Warrior dance in celebration of the coming hunt! Plz people know some history not just what the press tells you or you here from pookie and them!

  • lee

    From the oldest of times, people danced for a number of reasons. They danced in prayer, or so that their crops would be plentiful, or so their hunt would be good. And they danced to stay physically fit, and show their community spirit. And they danced to celebrate.” And that is the dancing we’re talking about. Aren’t we told in Psalm 149? “‘Praise ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new song. Let them praise his name in the dance.” Amen. And it was King David- King David, who we read about in Samuel. And what did David do? What did David do? What did David do? ”David danced before the Lord with all his might leaping and dancing before the Lord.” Leaping and dancing. Ecclesiastes assures us that there is a time for every purpose under heaven. A time to laugh and a time to weep. A time to mourn and there is a time to dance. And there was a time for this law, but not anymore. See, this is our time to dance. It is our way of celebrating life. It’s the way it was in the beginning. It’s the way it’s always been. It’s the way it should be now.

    Ren McCormick

    • mike

      Lee,you stoled that from Footloose the movie,come on man be original…

  • Noel6

    This dance did not, I repeat did not originate from the gang. You know the younger you are the more history is before you. Thank God for the internet and books, do some research before you give an opinion.

  • steve

    What do you expect!

  • Gregory White

    Wow, the scary part is that’s not even the “Crip Walk”

  • Jefe

    People are dying and starving around the world for a variety of solvable reasons and this is important? She won, she did a dance. Big deal. People are in a tailspin of distractions…

  • mind your business

    1. It doesn’t matter if it originate in a gang or on soul train. the title of the dance is “crip walk”. It represents a gang.

    2. Every tweet shown in this article comes from a minority.

    3. Serena is a trashy individual. For someone who came out of a harsh childhood you’d think they’d embrace humility and stand against the former lifestyle. Instead she advertises it on the grandest stage of them all and people want to make excuses about it. Suck it up, she messed up, and she should apologize because truth be told, most people don’t respect that kind of behavior. Those that do, tend to be the same problem.

    • Aspasia

      Serena doesn’t have to do anything but count her millions and wear her medals. She left the hood life a long time ago: check her bank account.

  • mind your business

    black people already deal with enough criticism and stereotypes. Adding something like this to the record doesn’t do much for an image.

  • Bill

    Wow, look at the lemon juice dripping off the chins of the racists upset
    by Serena’s victory dance. Why credit their nonsense re events that truly
    celebrate good sports(wo)manship? Just fire them and pass another lemon to them as they leave. Hooray Serena!

  • tanya

    Serina doing a dance, Gabby and her hair. To hell with all that. The won the GOLD and that is the Whats improtant. Everythng else is BULL,

  • tino

    That is clown walking not crip walking. I didn’t see her throwing any signs when she was walking. clown walking is more a fun style then crip walking. They both have about the same moves but so does break dancing, shuffle, popping, and jerking to name a few.

    • Bill Jones

      It’s spelled “equivalent”. Learn to spell yourself before you are critical of others.


    most of you dumb as* white people dont know what this dance is at all anyway. u dont know if it is a disrespectful dance or not. someone said it is c walking and you racist white folks ate it up..u dont know our culture u dont know what dance she is actually doing so stop trying to be so judgemental and racist. mind your own white as* business.. you all judge too dam* much..u sit and wait for a story about us and cant wait to say something racist and negative..news flash, we dont give a dam* about your lame as* comments keep them to yourself because out of 39 years of liveng i have never known a white man or woman to say half the stuff you all say on here in our face..just a bunch of whinning racist punks

    • John Brown

      First of all you obviously care that is why you are on here whining like a little girl or beotch as your “culture” would say. And I’m white and I don’t give a *hit about what you or any other person of color white, black, asian, hispanic do. Every race has it’s bad seeds. But to me most African Americans are the most racist people out there. Just my opinion though. What if a white guy had done a hail Hitler salute. I bet you would be freaking out over that but “whites” need to mind their own business. Funny how all other Americans are just American, whether they are German, Irish, Polish, Italian but black people who have never seen or been to Africa call themselves African Americans. Keep segregating yourselves.

      • viking white guy

        exactly thx your right on it !

        • T

          It’s astonishing! I am Creek Indian – indigenous to America – before Whites got here my people were here. However, my grandmother is Black. Crip walk? Dance is an art form. Nothing more – nothing less. Serena expressed her happiness after beating her opponent. She could have chosen to perform a pirouette but she didn’t. And, as for the venue, the Olympics should be about all nations and all people. Even Black girls from Compton who beat the pants of a White girl from Russia! lol You have to admit she whipped Sharapova! hehehehe! Don’t attempt to make an issue out of a dance. Come on! Are we not too intelligent for such mockery! I hope to see more Americans drop the bigotry and try to get along. Wanting to be better than others is a sign of insecurity. It is not a good look!

    • -Jay-

      Steffon, out of all the comments on here, yours is the most racist of all.

      I bet you voted for Obama just cause he was black, too.

      Ignorance–Its just as contagious as stupidity.

    • LEVI

      Spoken like a true asshole that has obviously never left your neighborhood. Black on White racism is much higher than White on Black but since you are too busy watching BET and not anything else you wouldn’t know. What exactly does the Crip walk represent then? You are ever so knowledgeable. I suppose sagging your pants is part of your culture and us Whites don’t know about that either? If you knew anything, it has nothing to do with the Black culture, it has to do with a bunch of pussys from the early 70’s who were spelling out the word Crip and was meant to slam on the Blood Gang. The only culture it has is gang culture. Get your shit right before you start talking shit and trying to correct someone about something you have zero knowledge about in 39 years of living. Pretty sad a white boy had to explain the meaning of it to you isn’t it?

    • Reager

      Learn to spell and you wont be looked at as a COMPLETE IDIOT! Next time try typing your comments in Microsoft Word (or equivelent) a do a spell check.

    • LB

      This is far more racist than anything I’ve ever heard from any of my white friends. What an ignorant fool you are, Steffon. If anyone ever hates on you, it’s because of YOU, not because you’re black.

  • Cashes2


    • Aspasia

      Thank you for that comment. Haters throwing shade..

      • jesse

        Please go learn to spell…. thanks

    • witeand pissed


      • Stephen

        U understood what he said. Dont bee ignorant!!

        • B Dub

          Why is he ignorant? Because he made a counter point to a racist comment? All this reverse racism is out of hand.
          For instance why when a black man calls a white man a cracker is he applauded. However if a white man calls a black man a nigger he’s a racist. Do a little research and you will find that the black man calls the white man a cracker because in its pejorative form it is used to refer to a southern white man who was too poor to own slaves. The term comes from the cracker being the staple food of their diet. In other words a black man calling a white man a cracker is pure stupidity because a cracker never owned a slave.
          Further research would show that the word nigger derives from the Latin word niger which means black. Therefore, calling someone a nigger simply means calling them black.
          Racism in any form shows stupidity, however if your going to be racist, at least show some intelligence while doing so. Reverse racism is just as bad as racism. #thinkaboutit.

    • viking white guy

      i think racist black ppl ….your racist dbl standard sucks ….shame on all racists even you black ppl who are racist and dont even know it ….duh !

      • Stephen

        We Know we Racist. And we Now Why! Do You?

  • Aspasia

    If you win an Olympic Gold medal you can Crip Dance all you want and then strip naked and do a Josephine Baker an encore.

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  • l_bon

    why is it called a Crip dance or gang dance when minorities do it and when non minorities do it it’s “wow they can dance”? They get on tv shows like best dance crew and wow everyone. Have a (slightly or) darker skin color and everyone things thug. A group of minorities are always up to no good but a group of other ethnicities are only having a good time. Stereotypes.

    • Stephen


  • Cashes2

    nobody says anything when these two white men crip walk in sports and music concerts lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NsIGKzBQ9TE


  • cwalk

    Roots is Roots!! Remind me of cwalkin down 73rd/brodway to the black panther hq ah good ole days

    • Sizzle

      That was the shit go girl

  • stumbled

    She WON GOLD!!! what have you won???

    • name


  • Joshua

    I’m half white and half black and i get more discriminated against that even thought possible. After everything America has accomplished why does racism and discrimination exist, anybody who lets a skin color determine their mindset, set a barrier for their thoughts and a barrier for who they socialize with should be embarrassed and should be ashamed. It’s just a color!! You don’t choose and dislike food for the color that it is, you make your decision based on taste and that’s what we need to do with people. Examine their personality and get over your own insecurities.

  • http://yahoo jack

    As usual radical racist blacks have to put GHETTO behavior in front of civility..Just keeping it Racist Black Y’ALL!! AKA Beez NigaZ!!!

  • art walton

    im an ex blood n if it didnt bother me then it shouldnt bother anyone else,all the racist ppl out thr need to keep thy stupid unedecucated mouths shut

    • Sparky

      Since when does disliking gang violence (and thus things associated with gangs) make someone a racist? Please elaborate, Art. Keep in mind you get bonus points for spelling correctly.

    • mark

      funny that someone referring to others as uneducated, is unable to spell uneducated

  • http://yahoo Daron

    Black people were dancing like that long before The Crips were around.

  • Karen

    It is beyond words for the media of our country to criticize an outstanding athlete for her celebration dance. If she had been from Angola and done or an Australia and done a traditional Aborigine tribal dance we would not have blink twice. Just one more case of the continued racial barriers this country faces on a daily basis. She played the GAME like an OLYMPIAN. Let her celebrate in her own way!

  • C-walk Homie

    Maybe if she did the “Twist” them other folks (you know who you are) wouldnt be so lost.

  • B Dub

    For all the racist out there, of any color…read the following post.

    Why when a black man calls a white man a cracker is he applauded. However if a white man calls a black man a nigger he’s a racist. Do a little research and you will find that the black man calls the white man a cracker because in its pejorative form it is used to refer to a southern white man who was too poor to own slaves. The term comes from the cracker being the staple food of their diet. In other words a black man calling a white man a cracker is pure stupidity because a cracker never owned a slave.
    Further research would show that the word nigger derives from the Latin word niger which means black. Therefore, calling someone a nigger simply means calling them black.
    Racism in any form shows stupidity, however if your going to be racist, at least show some intelligence while doing so. Reverse racism is just as bad as racism. #thinkaboutit.

  • Sparky

    I still don’t understand how people are turning this into a race issue. If a white person had done a gesture or dance originating from a white supremacist gang would people not be up in arms? Isn’t the issue more with the origination of the dance than the color of Serena’s skin?

  • Anna96

    Serena is feeding into the pathology and violence that is glorified by hip hop and dominates Black culture. Black on Black violence from gangs, drugs and sex slavery and is at an all-time high, she celebrates her Olympic win by doing a gang-related dance????? This is a slap in the face to her older sister Yetunde who was gunned down in a gang-ridden section of LA.

    Black people, we are our own worst enemies- we are only 13% of the population, yet we make up a huge percentage of AIDS cases, TB cases, herpes, gonorrhea, homicides, rapists, rape victims, assaults and drop outs.

    Despite the grim realities we face, we are quick to glorify thugs, gangs, violence, drugs, misogyny, ignorance, sluttiness, having kids out of wedlock and not caring for them, irresponsibility and all other kinds of foolishness.

    Black people that wake up and turn their backs on this foolishness are rejected as ‘acting White’ or ‘being phony’. We are ostracized, leaving us no choice but to make friends with and date/ marry other races, which makes us an even bigger target of disdain. Well, I’d rather be a target of disdain than end up being a tragic, pathetic statistic.

    • Old G

      You aint Black. This part of you post gave you away:

      “Black people, we are our own worst enemies- we are only 13% of the population, yet we make up a huge percentage of AIDS cases, TB cases, herpes, gonorrhea, homicides, rapists, rape victims, assaults and drop outs”

      If you were really Black, and as true as that statement is, you would know that Black folks have been condition to act that way. And even though it’s not an excuse(a wild dog is a wild dog), a real intelligent Black person would not have put it that way.

  • Carlton

    The bottom line is any time the media has a chance to discredit or attack a black person period they leap at the opportunity!!!

    • Old G

      Bottom line is Carlton your comment is just plain stupid! She did a dance that represents a pretty notorious gang. Where is the positive in that?

  • ryan quattro

    Professors Blackstone is an idiot. The Germans, not Hitler, came up with the torch rely. To call it ‘Hitler’s torch relay” is to lumpy every German who lived then as Nazis. It also inaccurately assigns credit for the idea. Carl Diem is responsible, not Der Fuhrer.

  • venicementor

    You can lead a “girl” – no matter where she comes from, to culture, but you can’t make her think.

  • venicementor

    Nice to see her, as a roll model glorify this group. Isn’t she special. Thanks Serena for reminding us that no matter how good you are in your chosen sport – that class was not necessarily part of it.

    The Crips are one of the largest and most violent associations of street gangs in the United States, with an estimated 30,000 to 35,000 members. The gang is known to be involved in murders, robberies, and drug dealing, among many other criminal pursuits. The gang is known for its gang members’ use of the color blue in their clothing. However, this practice has waned due to police crackdowns on gang members.

  • Jesykah M.


    • Jeff Lukens

      You people? what do you mean by that? are you racist? from your commnets I beleive you are. Is was were classless of her to dance in front of her fallen opponent. If you had some sense of class you would know that

      • bRUNO mARS

        And YOU know all of this HOW?

        You don’t you fool.

      • bRUNO mARS


        ANY comment or thought concerning a black that is negative no matter how true of provable.

        They did invent everything You Know?

        • Ashley

          We didnt invent everything but we just dominate them all Now take that to the bank. a** WIPE..Who cares what dance she did!! She performed well and thats what matters.

  • kesha banks

    In response to some of the comments if we shouldn’t lump all of the Germans together and hold them in the same class as the Nazis than why because Serena did a dance should we lump her with the class of crip gangs. People should stop making something out of nothing.

    • bRUNO mARS

      Yea what is wrong with a black showing praise and respect to a nice group of oys and girls who like to kill and hurt the whites who feed and cloth them?

  • Johnny Mcclure

    SO WHAT ?????????

  • http://yahoo Biggtray500


  • ynot (tony spelled backwards)

    People stop making trouble for someone as nice as Serena Williams. She was just dancing and enjoying herself. Come on she just want a gold medal for our country and herself lets just give her a big fat THANK YOU and keep it moving people. Good job Serena please don’t let this stupid stuff cause you to not enjoy you medal to the fullest.

  • mark

    to all the haters: beat serena in tennis and keep her from winning then u wont have ANYTHING to critize you bums. Until then shut up cuzz!

    • Jeff Lukens

      This is what gets me, wheneber a black person gets critizied for doing something that was disrespectful(unsportsman like) everyone is out to defend them. But if a white person would have done the same thing everyone would have looked at him and said he/she shouldn’t have done that. I feel that if your gonna celebrate do it in a profesional manner not trying to show boat over your opponnent. Did she do something wrong? No she didn’t but she could have conducted herself a little better. You can call me wha you want I can care less. But to have a dance inspired from stupid gang bangers it shuldn’t be allowed in the olmpics period. She is representing the USA not just one race, that’s what everyone needs to understand. If she show boats in front of people, the world sees it as those Americans have no class, or respect for others. They don’t see color neither should any of us. Think about this if someone just beat you at any sport would you care if they did that in front of you? How upset or pissed would you get? food for thought

      • jon

        So what is your opinion on starting the olympics with a tradition that started from hilter?

        • Jeff Lukens

          It was started by the Germans, not Hitler. Do your homework before your speak

    • bRUNO mARS

      She is a typical black disrespecting the only country in which they are free… She needs HEP

  • E.Mac

    next time request she square dance.

  • Sherri Johnson

    I think people need to worry about the important things not worrying
    about a tennis player dancing when have the or most people dont even know what she was doing in the first place.

  • boogie down

    yall black folks got a lot of negativity directed towards you cause your negative. you do dumb things and expect people not to say nothing or comment. whether your on tv or in walmart you’re all loud and obnoxious, theaters to any where on gods green planet you dont know how to act and think people should stay shut……WHY CAUSE YOU BLACK??? lol. stop representing negativity. the world aint racist people just dont like stupidity, foolishness and representing of negative things that just dont matter. but if you decide to do something stupid be prepared to get the heat and dont cry when you do. just know theres a time and place for everything. this is the olympics not the bet awards or soul train. so grow up….. use some common sense, have dignity, act like you were taught right from wrong and show some decency. you want people to stop judging your culture and your ethnic background? then start acting like you care about the neighborhood and world you reside in. its time for progress people. dont let the negativity of other colored folks describe who you are by practicing in their negativity or stupidity. sit back and chill out and give the white people the opportuntiy to do stupid things…..they’re so good at it!!!!!

    • mariah

      Please do not put every black person in a category of fools. There are some of us out here with self respect, dignity, and goals. There are those of us that were actually raised to be civilized, respectful people. While I do agree that a lot of black people do very stupid, ignorant things, I don’t agree with your generalization of black people. All people are individually different, I don’t care if my skin color is the same as someone else it doesn’t mean that I will act how they will & vice versa.

      • http://dlisted.com lmao

        um clearly boogie down is not white…so why are you all bugging out

    • LZ

      boogie down I think your statement is racist. (WHY CAUSE YOU BLACK???) People from races do things that may or may not represent their race, white people are loud, Asians are loud, Hispanics are loud. People of all races to stupid things not because they ARE BLACK. White people do stupid things. How can say all black people are loud and obnoxious? Have you meet every single black person in the world? If that’s all you see when you see black people then maybe something is wrong with you. Maybe if you change your view you will see something different. So before you make statement that puts every black person in a category make sure you have all the facts first.

    • Tammy

      Your comment is full of broken sentences and horrible punctutation YET you want to point out how stupid the black race is? Stupidity is based upon the individual, not the race. If you want to say blacks do more stupid things than whites, that is your opinion. Stick with the “brilliant” movie theatre shooter or the “troubled” teens who shot up Columbine. It seems whites make up excuses for other whites who commit stupid crimes but blacks are criticized over a dance (Serena) or the way they wear their hair (Gabby). Two positive people who won gold medals and it still isn’t good enough.

  • michael

    Amazing how everyone wants to tell you how to act. whats the protocal for shooting up a movie theater or a high school. How about a nice ponzi scheme, whats the proper behavior for that. even little kids arent safe in a locker room or a cathedral. a culture of Godlessness, murder, greed, and immoral behavior wants to pass judgment on a dance. Yeah, Serena, live up to that standard…….NOT

  • kacey

    Wow. Is all I can say. The Olympics begins with a torch run and lighting, which dates back to Hitler! And yet we have folks out here worried about Serena in a moment of pure excitement celebrating her hard work and achievement??? Still I have to come home everyday to a house in a once-nice neighborhood that is now littered with two broke-down jeeps and the Jeep-club muddying up my street and clogging up the block double-parking these monster trucks??? I am still shaking my head because I would rather see her winning and celebrate than this trash every day I come home! ( You know who you are!!!) :(

    • Steve

      Try again, pal. The lighting of the torch sybolizes the re-birth of Greek heros. It was re-introduced in the 1936 Berlin games, but did NOT origionate there. Ignorance breeds ignorance.

      In addition, its a jeep thing…you wouldnt understand.

  • T.W

    To the critics: You win an olympic gold medal, You celebrate how you see fit. If you don’t want to see her C-Walk, follow these directions:
    1. Pick up a tennis racket
    2. Practice
    3. Keep Serena from willing Olympic gold
    Until then, shut up!

  • Lan

    I think this is not big news…2. Most are mad because they can’t do it. 3. Some of y’all are just haters. 4. Some of y’all wish you had her background and credibility even as she’s a Hall of Fame Tennis Player.

  • d

    unless one is interested in gangs or otherwise told the dance is gang related, how would it be known? It is just another dance in many popular music videos… Like electric slide, tango, cha cha, or waltz… she certainly wasn’t promoting gangs or that life. For all that changes, so much stays the same. She is one of the worlds best. Olympic champion many times over… yet we focus on her mini celebration in the heat of the moment. Like Gabby D., focus on her hair and not her achievement. It’s not hard to see why non white Americans often feel no matter what is accomplished all that will be the focus is the skin color.

    • Steve

      It sounds like they are focusing on the fact that the dance origionated from and is credited to the Crip gang of Compton, Ca. I didnt hear anyone say anything about skin color or race. Who is really focusing on skin color? Its you, my friend. Leave your racism out of it and there wont be racism.

  • Tahj

    In Islam we are taught that Europeans in America seperated themselves from Blacks so Blacks would not know about their filthy practices…so that they could make Blacks believe that Europeans are civilized and righteous. I saw the same responses to Tim Bradley beating Pacquiao…all he did was put on the Champions belt after destroyed HBO’s illusion…see: Manny Pacquiao is Done!…youtube. Evertime you Blacks have a champion you get the same response from the land grabbers. Celebrate how you want…classism is not a Black thing!

    • maurice mendez

      If you knew anything about boxing you would know bradley lost that fight by point percentage and damage this has nothing to do with color or race its money no one cares about that anymore its about power and control now you ignorant bastard learn about boxing before you start talking shit.

  • on your left

    You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl

    • clive

      amen….. white power

  • Dave

    As a white guy, I would like to say I love all you ebony beauties. There aint nothin’ better than some ghetto lovin’

    • clive

      dirty monkey

      • jasmine

        really get a life please

      • Jeff Lukens

        Clive your an Idiot. You show the world how ignorant 1 dombass can make one race look. I don’t appreciate your white power praise Im white and Im offended by it. Do I agree with her dance not it was unsportmanslike. but syaing white power shows how stupid you are. Do the world a favor wash the sheets you wear everynight pull your lip over your head and swallow.

  • Shantell

    REPOST: If you are going to critic people for crip walking, then i hope you have never in your life going to a “picnic” , worn a “wife beater”, visited “hollywood” , lived in “los angeles”(oooo mommy that must be where angels live since it called los angeles!!!) or drank “coca-cola” I am not saying crip walking didnt come from crips, i’m saying that words, phrase, dances, etc can transcend their original purpose.

    • clive

      nasty horse legs

  • clive

    i like serenas horse legs

  • black guy

    It’s Turkish Kolbasti Dance from the 1930’s… Youtube it.

    • Jonathan

      Uhh no the movement of the crip walk is suppose to spell C-R-I-P it’s all crip gang original but I do admit the dance is similar just like the Crown/Clown Walk

    • Idealist_AL

      oops, I guess it’s the T-Walk, after all!?

  • http://WEBPRONEWS Destiny

    When I saw the article mentioned I immediately had two thoughts, one was of the gang the crips or two that someone had come up with a really tasteless joke about disabled people. pft @ the only ones that would know are gang bangers. How many people world wide or at least across the U.S. have not heard about the largest gang across the country, the crips? Although I am sure the bloods would argue that fact. Both gangs are legendary. Does the dance belong at the Olympics “shrug” I am not sure that anyone would have really minded or really known had not the media made such a three ring circus over it.

  • Xzect

    Personally I could care less of the dance. I think a lot of people on here maybe 30% said some things that are true and they can relate to Serena Williams. And well the other 70 is…. Well you know. It’s still hard to see how computer nerds love to sit here and disrespect black people. Its sickens me. And trust me, if you DON’T want me to go there with some of you the best thing to do is read my comment and leave no negative response (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) cause I will go there!

    • clive

      go there

    • zeek

      Serena is dirty and smells of onions…. just like Detroit.

  • sparky D

    First of all I want to start off by saying WHO FRECKING CARES WHAT KIND OF DANCE SERENA DID!! She is celebrating – she just won a gold freckin’ medal!! If she the “Electric Slide” or the Damn “Hokie Pokie” would it make people happy and not read in to things so much… Oh and as for CLIVE – YOUR A RACIST!

  • surmanthiahayes@yahoo.com

    stop with the Ghettto. White trash came long before ghetto.

  • Euphonious Munk

    Shut-the-f*ck-up. Everybody. It was a cute dance.

  • Kimberly

    So, no one is going to say anything about the Flag falling to the ground during the medal presentation?

    • Jeff Lukens

      The reason ole glory fell was because it was ashamed by the C walk

  • tronto

    The Crips?

    oh those guys who sell drugs and keep killings and people in fear in the black community


    • tronto

      Again, Blacks , the racist ones, keep thinking they are getting even or getting revenge on whites


  • Isaac

    Well… nigs will nig…

    She is from Compton, CA and you can take the nig out of the ghetto but you…ah eff it…

    • KimG

      UR A RACIST HATER!!!!!!!!

      • Zed Mezcalhead

        Crackers will crack. You can take the Crack out of the bible belt, but… ah well just read what you wrote. ‘Nuff said.

    • mj

      Well Isaac,she is nigging with her gold and $20000 more in the bank. She might still be doing the crip walk hopefully with the GOLD MEDAL and u cant take away either:) ha ha ha IGIT>>>

    • Tony T

      What is a nig?

      • Mr. Citizen

        A Nig is an uneducated low life gang banging asshole street criminal Crips member who will either be shot and killed by another of his wonderful kind or will end up in prison the rest of his black worthless life. Does that answer your question?

  • KimG

    So proud of u Serena.GO GIRL. C walk all ova the court u deserve it

    • Dee

      me to, you go Serena…you won and you deserved to dance, totally agree with you

  • doing your mom

    disgusting that she reps america pure ghetto mentality she should be ashamed. but typical of the black community for supporting her any thing to make the white people mad right.

    • Dee

      Please get over it. It was just a dance move, what if she square danced would it be this most talked about…we spend so much time wasted on crazy stuff. This world have a problem with everything, like you or your child having done something that the next person didn’t like…when are we as a whole going to grow up and stop make something so small big?? She should have broke out with break dancing, I would have.

    • Dee

      For doing a dance, really?? you must be white, because only the white world have a problem with it.

      • Zed Mezcalhead

        I agree. There’s a special place in hell for those types.

      • http://yahoo tiredofit

        Really, you must be negro, negros and wannabe negros are the only ones that like the jungle dances.

      • Mr. Citizen

        She is disgracing the Country doing a ghetto low classed Negro dance that has roots in a violent criminal thing called “The Crips”. Yeh, I have a problem with it in the same way I have a problem with someone changing the National Anthem into something different. Get it.

    • Zed Mezcalhead

      You are dumb. Go take a shower and clean your house.

      • Mr. Citizen

        Why don’t you come over and clean my house for me you ignorant white trash black gang lover. I hope some black gang banger asshole kills someone in your family. Then you can celebrate doing your precious ‘Crip Dance’ you dope freak.

    • mj

      Its that ghetto mentality that has helped her to be a success. She has never forgotten where she is fromand the hardships she faced aka being black in a white dominated sport.However when she beat Maria, her race didnt matter, she was just an American winning gold for her country. Instead of making everything about color just wish the girl well. Its views such as your that seek to divide a country.When Murray beat Federer he jumped into the crowd which could be frowned upon also….. no decorum…. and all from the Scottish winner. (Yes remember that discord between Scotland and England. So shut up please and go sit in the corner for time out.

    • http://yahoo.com coco

      What’s disgusting is you and your comment. What’s disgusting is people shooting up others in movies or putting swastikas on their forehead. Oh wait they aren’t black so it’s cool I guess.

      • Mr. Citizen

        Any white person who puts a swastika on their head at the Olympics or anywhere else in this country is an asshole. However, in the same way, anyone who does a ‘Crip Dance’ AT THE OLMPICS representing our country is a stupid ignorant asshole who has no class at all and does not represent America. Case Closed.

    • carol

      well since you would have a negative comment to say about her no matter what ..why not? racist…

  • Love One Another

    Isaac, If you can’t say anything nice then don’t
    say anything ALL!!! Congratulations Serena Williams!!!!!

    • Zed Mezcalhead

      Serena Williams is an all out great athlete. The only people who are finding this “Crip Walk” fiasco dangerous and demeaning are the ignorant, Fox News watchers, Republicans, and Disney lovers. Long live Serena!! All you socially confused, narrow- minded busybodies, there’s a back door with your name on it. Drop pants, insert head, and go get it.

      • Mr. Citizen

        The more this Country becomes Negro oriented with music, dancing, clothing & speech, the more downgraded we become. Doing a stupid gang related dance at the Olympic is ignorant and does not represent this fine Country. LET’S RAISE OUR STANDARDS BACK UP TO WHERE THEY WERE IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS When people dressed nicely, listened to great classic rock music, and some white kids didn’t go around ACTING LIKE THEY ARE SOME LOW CLASSED BLACK PERSON FROM THE GHETTO.

        • debbie

          you sound so stupid. go back to pumping gas… classic rock really? What’s classical about rock shows what you consider classy.. quote back or debussy if your going to pretend to be american apple pie… you old fool..

          • Mr. Citizen


  • http://www.illchillproductionz.com Casper o f the X/Posse

    Does the Crip Walk celong in the olmpics? Does the person doing the dance belong in the olympics? If an olympian is doing the dance then there must be some good coming from the East Side. Wasn’t there a volleyball player that was just spotted doing the Crip Walk recently? Looks like the dance has more recognition than the public is giving it.

    • Mr. Citizen

      This Country has become way too Negro influenced. The Music, clothing, dialogue and other good old American classy values have all bee compromised and down graded by this excessive Negro influence. When I see white kids trying to act, talk & look like they are Black, I see the end of this fine Country coming very quickly.

  • MochaMix

    This dance meant nothing! I thought it was funny…so what its not a big deal she is not a gang member!

  • J

    It is a shame that people can’t just congratulate someone for their accomplishment. Put yourself in the persons shoes, what if it were you? What would you want people to say about you? Celebrate your victory with whatever dance you want to celebrate it with, the twist, funky chicken, or the YMCA dance that will never die. I am black and didn’t even know the name of the dance. I thought it was a cute little skip because that is basically all she was doing, skipping.

  • RCM

    again you cant take the ghetto out of the girl,SAVE IT FOR COMPTON

    • Chris

      You all sound so foolish debating this. The dance does very much so have its roots in something that do not belong being part of a global positive celebration of athletics. We also understand that the dance have become polarized and is not used by all who do it to show allegiance to the crips. I do understand the point that it does not belong based its symbolism just as many feel the so called rebel flag doesn’t belong because of the amount of negative attached to that as a symbol.

    • http://yahoo.com coco

      Funny seeing as every black doesn’t eat watermelon and last I checked whites ate it as well right along with chicken but whites are so sophisticated they do nothing wrong. Get the f*ck out of here.

  • dex

    fried chicken… watermelon… and red soda water.

    • carol

      hot dogs pizza other bland fattening foods..(aka white people) that have no flavor and just clog the arteries just like the people they are

  • http://cripwalk oizze

    Crip walk is not the best lol

    snoop just saying that because he is crip lol

    i can do the blood walk……. so why cant she do the blood walk and yep! she disrespect the bloods and the rest of the world by doing the crab walk!

    Blood, I am a legend and I know what it like grewing up with alot of gang banger . I got compton all the way across my left chest but I am not crip, never was and never will

    Used to be down with the Piru Bloods from compton … cant take the compton out of me whereever I am at or place that Compton will alway be a legend and remembering . ALot of people that grew up in compton have to dealt with everyday life…… Never know when you gonna die or end up in jail

    So thank for my mom for keeping my hard head in school which i graduated then went to college with my computer tech which my mom got the cerfieds and awards on her wall

    That how smart and intelligent i am . I dont hang out with gang banging and all these ghetto mentality … Back then it was kool but the bad part , never know when a person gonna run up on you .

    I alway had to watch my back without guns when i am walking or at nite …So i am real man that never own and had a guns or carry a guns whereever i go .. I am a souljah.

    Yes most gangbanging are punk that they gotta carry weapons because they are punk

    I never did have to .. So a real man dont carry weapon

  • Pookie

    The next time a Crip kills someone, remember Serena glorified its idiotic ritual. Stupid idiots.

  • Mercedesriley@yahoo.com

    Really? She did a small part! This is no different than what Kid N Play, use to do back in the day.

  • sorg

    A gang has a dance, HA.

  • Chris

    You all sound so foolish debating this. The dance does very much so have its roots in something that does not belong being part of a global positive celebration of athletics. We also understand that the dance have become polarized and is not used by all who do it to show allegiance to the crips. I do understand the point that it does not belong based its symbolism just as many feel the so called rebel flag doesn’t belong because of the amount of negative attached to that as a symbol.

    • jarvis

      u r way over analyzing this horseshit

    • jarvis

      u need a stiif one in your butt

      • Chris

        Thats the issue…this entire line of commenting under this story lacks insight into the actual topic at hand…just ignorant statements made of the cuff….fools

  • jarvis

    negro species cant spell

    • carol

      species? actually whatever species you are cant do anything but spread hate because youre lacking something that you probably hate about yourself. i would say you most likely are walking around with a small thing -thing.

  • Chris

    Thats the issue…this entire line of commenting under this story lacks insight into the actual topic at hand…just ignorant statements made of the cuff….fools

  • D. T.

    It’s funny how fast whites chime in on what blacks do. Here’s a suggestion, the next time you see 98 Degrees Crip Walk, or Justin Bieber, speak out on that. Because they did it also. On camera, before Serena. Along with just about every white group on ABDC at one time or another, Christina Aguilera even screwed it up once. The truth is, it has simply become a part of modern dance. Nothing more. Live with it or kill yourself.

    • Chris

      That justifications doesn’t make it ok…”they did it so can I” its not about race…unless you make it..its about a connection to something negative….if the others that you listed it did this in a public forum then yes it was wrong swell…but do not make it about race or you will sound as ignorant as the racist that do it on purpose (make it about race that is).

      • D. T.

        If you actually read what I wrote, you would see that all the name dropping was to make the point that, once again, IT’S A PART OF MODERN DANCE. There is nothing negative attached to it when kids do it simply because they like the dance. THAT’S small minded. Break dancing was invented by gangs in N.Y. but the entire world has done or is still doing it. No exceptions. In other words…..wait for it…..IT BECAME A PART OF MODERN DANCE. That’s my point not a justification. That would have been a correct statement by you if I had defended actual gang members doing the dance to represent their gang.

        • Chris

          Read my earlier notes and you will see what i am saying about attachment.. you can not remove a negative root just because it becomes popularized… so many whites claim the same thing with the rebel flag but we all know the negative attachments there… I did actually read what you said..and thats why i responded in the way i did. All the additional capitalization doesn’t change that. No need to be defensive, be open..see the whole picture.

  • meehahaha

    she should of just done the milkshake dance and called it a win..

  • Chris

    D.T. –
    That justifications doesn’t make it ok…”they did it so can I” its not about race…unless you make it..its about a connection to something negative….if the others that you listed it did this in a public forum then yes it was wrong swell…but do not make it about race or you will sound as ignorant as the racist that do it on purpose (make it about race that is).

  • mrt

    i guess white people are finally finding out what she was doing lmao

  • Chris

    Read my earlier notes and you will see what i am saying about attachment.. you can not remove a negative root just because it becomes popularized… so many whites claim the same thing with the rebel flag but we all know the negative attachments there… I did actually read what you said..and thats why i responded in the way i did. All the additional capitalization doesn’t change that. No need to be defensive, be open..see the whole picture.

    • D. T.

      The Rebel flag and Crip Walking are so far separated in ideology and meaning, that it’s ridiculous. And that’s EXACTLY what i’m saying. A multi millionairess dancing on a world stage after winning a Gold medal representing her country in the Olympics does, in no way, mirror a gang member doing it in the streets of Los Angeles. So yes, the fact that ANYTHING goes global not only dilutes that thing, but it LOSES it’s roots. Negative or otherwise. Simply because people that do it don’t understand those roots when they do it. As much as I hate to say that. And break dancing was a great example. I can’t make it more plain than that. That’s the whole picture.

  • Dave

    Y’all are just jealous that you can’t do the dance, I know I am, that’s a pretty cool looking dance and just because the gangs did it back in the day doesn’t mean it’s relevant now. Get a damn grip on yourselves, everyone hates gang activity whether white or black or glow in the dark, but a dance does not indicate gang activity. peace

    • Chris

      Wow…did you blatantly just push aside the origin of the dance…and make such a comment that is unfounded…yes the dance is still used to symbolize affiliation. I lost my family member in that life and he was proud to learn that dance and willing to display it openly as a symbol of his affiliation and yes that opens the door to all you ignorant a#$%#@@# to make negative comments to me about family and such…enjoy.

    • Mr. Citizen

      True, but the stupid Negro ghetto dance represents and glorifies Negro gang banging criminal behavior in the same way a Nazi sign represents and glorifies Nazi behavior. Doesn’t belong in the Olympics. It’s the MEANING BEHIND THE DANCE AND WHAT IT REPRESENTS, NOT JUST THE DANCE ITSELF. You better hope some stupid doped up Nego gang member doesn’t kill someone in your family, then you might think twice about supporting a dumb ass Negro ghetto criminal gang banging dance.

      • D. T.

        You’re pretty ignorant. And you do NOT speak for me, Mr. Citizen. Do you know that there are plenty of white crips, along with Hispanic and oriental as well as Black? And that gang banging goes back to Irish and Italian immigrants, and they all had either a dance or a yell, or both that they adapted as their gangs. Yes the actions of gangs are deplorable, but let’s keep the facts real. Mr. Citizen. LOL!!!

        • Mr. Citizen

          The very very small minority of Crips who are white are basicaly stupid white trash Negro wannabes who should get their heads examined. Everybody knows the Crips are 95% black and are fucking animals who basically end up killing each other or who go to jail. Gang banging has nothing to do with the Irish & Italian immigrants who were in some kind of gang 100 years ago. Accept the fact that the Crips are stupid ignorant violent doped up assholes and because you’re defending them to a certain degree, you must be one of them. I hope one of them shoots you and then you can do your dumb ass ‘Crips Dance’ on the way to the hospital. In Chicago, 75% of all murders are Negroes killing other Negroes. Put that in your black crack pipe and smoke it fuck head.

      • Patrick

        Mr. Citizen. most of what you typed seems racist to me but one thing I hope people will get is the fact that if a white person gave the nazi salute the media would be on fire with outrage. I beleive Serena was wrong to do that dance surely some other dance moves would havee allowed her feet to move without all the gang affiliation. But then again look at our society many star athletes do things that have a connection to gangs and I feel they should be booted out. It should be a chioce be a gangbanger or star but not both.

        • Mr. Citizen

          I agree 100%. Be a star athlete or be a stupid ignorant gang banger. Doing the ‘Crip Dance’ is no different than doing a Nazi salute. You can argue it’s only a dance or it’s only a salute, but it’s the symbolism behind the dance or the salute that is what it’s all about. I hate the Crips & Bloods and anything connected to them. I like Allyson Felix and other fine black athletes. Am I racist? Only against the Crips & Bloods and anything directly or indirectly connected to them which includes clothing, gang dances, gang hand gestures, rap music etc. I hear people complain about this shit every day, they just don’t want to speak out about it for fear of being ‘politically incorrect’. That’s what’s wrong with this country, nobody is really allowed to say the truth for fear of offending some asshole.

          • Anti-Mr/Mrs Citizen

            “be a star athlete or be a stupid ignorant gang banger”…so what’s the difference between being an employee 9 to 5 and being a Klansman from 5 to 9? like you said, it’s the symbolism of what it represents. That happens everyday in this country but certain people are singled out and called on it when they do it while other’s crap gets swept under the rug like it doesn’t exist or happen. And I guess I’m racists too because I’m black and I feel the same way about gangs as you do. clearly you think we’re walking around our ‘hoods’ condoning gang activity and learning how to crip walk; we want that crap to end just like you do! in one breath you say nobody is really allowed to say the truth for fear of offending some asshole but clearly that hasn’t stopped you in this forum. so what exactly is the truth? the white man’s version of history where they’ve done nothing to contribute to how messed up this country is? i think not.

        • Anti-Mr/Mrs Citizen

          serena didn’t choose to be a ‘star’…that’s her job and she just happens to shine while she’s doing it.

          • Mr. Citizen

            You’re right the white man has done things to mess up this country. The Ku Klux Klan is a bad organization. The Crips & Bloods are bad organizations. However, you don’t see some white guy at the Olympics wearing a white hood. You don’t see some white guy at the olympics giving Nazi signs. So, in conclusion to this whole discussion, I don’t want to see Serena doing a God Damn Crip Dance. I’m glad to see you hate black street gangs. I’m sorry if I offended you but you made me very angry with your sarcasm above, so I gave it right back to you. I will not comment any further about this subject. I made my point very clear. Thank You

        • Morethanlex

          I believe many of our (black culture/society) athletes or celebs celebrate in a way they were raised. Usually there’s a story of poverty or a single parent home, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with how they choose to do a celebratory dance. Serena is not a part of Trag-Nu gang in West Compton, she grew up there but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t put in work…why? Because her ass is winning in the 2012 Summer Olympics representing who USA, right! More millions to come for the Crip Walking Tennis star! I’m from Compton and I couldn’t be more proud, Thank you Serena!

  • Chris

    Wow…did you blatantly just push aside the origin of the dance…and make such a comment that is unfounded…yes the dance is still used to symbolize affiliation. I lost my family member in that life and he was proud to learn that dance and willing to display it openly as a symbol of his affiliation and yes that opens the door to all you ignorant a#$%#@@# to make negative comments to me about family and such…enjoy!

    • D. T.

      What your family does or did has nothing to do with you, bra. Simple. I’m just here to debate the point. I was never in that gang, as I’m from Oakland and there were no Bloods or Crips in the Town when I came up. Period. But as far as gangster family members go, I have an abundance. No off center comments here.

  • Slug


    • carol

      typical of what?? black people just like to dance unlike whites who are stoic motionless and BO-RING!!! ahahah

    • Anti-Mr/Mrs Citizen

      the interesting thing is that if a white boy had done that he’d be a trendsetter and they’d keep quiet when the media found out the dance was associated with a gang; when serena did it, she’s a gangbangers or supporter of gangs? was the dance appropriate? not really but i guess if she had gotten happy like a baptist who had the holy ghost…that’d be okay and acceptable? or perhaps not because maybe there are no baptists in london. something is always offending white america…everything except the things they do. the media has to have something to talk about to get readership…first it was gabby’s hair, then it was the soccer players shouting monkey and now it’s serena, the best women’s tennis player is a gangbanger, the president is failing this country (and why does the ‘black’ man have to be charged with rescuing a failing economy inherited from an idiot white president and his idiot father and 20+ presidents before him?. d*mn, what’s next…mickey mouse is part of the mafia and he knows where jimmy hoffa’s bones are? you see how fast the phelps marijuana situation swept under the rug in the last olympics. always a disparity in how people of color are viewed…stop scrutinizing everything we do. what’s done is done…stop beating a dead horse and over-thinking this crap. and mr citizen, you’d get your behind eaten alive showing up a black funeral trying to do any kind of dance, let alone a crip walk!

  • Marc

    If I won a medal in the Olympics, I would square dance.

  • mr white

    Typical worthless monkey. We should have sent them all back when we were done with them. Now look what we have.

    • carol

      lol. mr white. youre the scum of the earth and the epitome of what a piece of S_h_i_T would be if it was a person

    • adgndgn

      I agree

    • Anti-Mr/Mrs Citizen

      do you mean you should have sent us back before or after your typical worthless great, great granddaddy raped my great, great, great grandmother when she was 12, got her pregnant and then sold her to hide that she was having his mulatto baby and that he was a closet ‘n word’ lover? yeah, that’s what i thought. so what we really have is that you probably share lineage with some big black tribesman on the other side of the globe. go ahead and admit why you were watching tennis anyway. so you could look at her big black behind and fantasize about doing her from the back…just like your gr gr gr granddaddy did! btw, i see the tips of your shoes peeking from under the closet door and you’re wearing them. These may be worthless words to you but this moment is ‘priceless’!

      • Mr. Citizen

        I didn’t watch the tennis matches. I watched Track & Field and fantasized about Sonya Richards who is a beautiful Black women, classy & talented. She would be more interested in a successful good looking white man like me than an ignorant uneducated street nigger like you.

        • Anti-Mr/Mrs Citizen

          Uneducated? That’s very comical…this strong, bold, beautiful proud black WOMAN has two Masters degrees (one in BA, the other in Social Work) and it is my hope that Sonya Richards isn’t interested in me. My comment wasn’t even directed toward you so I’m not sure why you’ve commented. I don’t want your apology for offending me. I’ve read your string of posts and whatever I’ve said to offend you I wholeheartedly feel was warranted. What you see on TV and read in the paper does not represent all black people. I have lots of non-black friends that come to my house and say how nice my neighborhood is because it really is nice. Contrary to what you may believe, not all blacks hang their clothes on the fence, sell candy on their lawns, play cards on their porch while sharing a watermelon, throw garbage in the streets, allow our babies to walk around outdoors in just their diapers or spend $100 on baby Nike so our kids can be ‘in style’ while we live in roach infested apartments with no food and $500 worth of weave in our hair. There’s gang activity in EVERY neighborhood and that includes yours whether you want to believe or accept that. You have every right to your opinion whether it offends me or anyone else. I respect that you feel that way no matter how warped I deem your thoughts, feelings and views to be. Don’t let the media eduate you; if you want a lesson in real black history, learn it from ‘our’ books, not yours. Serena’s crip walk took up all of 20 seconds and has ingnited two days (to-date) worth of verbal and heated exchanges and has shown that racism is as strong as a heard of oxen; that can’t be this country’s priority. Here’s a novel idea, let’s talk about how retail sales were down for three straight months, how unemployment is still down, how global warming is affecting the Earth or how globalization has affected the domestic economy. The Serena situation is just another distraction from the real issues and ills of this oh so fine country that is the U. S of A. That’s it, let’s allow Serena’s crip walk at the Olympics push the ‘real’ issue to the back burner. Typical.

          • Mr. Citizen

            If You are really a woman then I apologize for my misinterperation. The way you talked previously, you sounded like a typical male street nigger. However, aside from all of that, I don’t think every black person in America is what you said in your article above me. I never said every black person is what you indicated so stop putting words in my mouth. The real problems of America will never be solved on a blog. They are supposed to be solved by politicians who are supposedly elected by the voters. wHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN. (lol) As far as Serena is concerned, It’s quite obvious from the vast majority of Americans that her ghetto nigger dance was unacceptable and classless. She has to live with the embarrassment, not me or you so stop commenting about it.

          • Anti-Mr/Mrs Citizen

            I’m really a woman and street n*****s don’t know what I know nor would they say it the way I’ve said it…did you not notice the ‘lack’ of broken English? Enjoy life sir.

  • deez nutz

    who really cares

    • Anti-Mr/Mrs Citizen

      duh, mr citizen does. he thinks that black people are the root of all evil in america! clearly he has not looked in the mirror lately…without his hood.

  • carol

    I think that almost all of these comments posted here are from enraged white people who want to condone her as a gang member or as being ghetto. who cares what she does when youre sitting in your living room with your obese self hating on her and shes not even thinking of you and making millions. dont hate on other races because they were brought here against their will and then made something of themselves while your ancestors were here and youre NOTHING.

    • Mr. Citizen

      I like Allyson Felix. I like a lot of great black athletes who have class and represent America. I hate the Crips, Bloods & every other petty stupid ignorant violent criminal cell in Los Angeles and elsewhere in America. I hated Serena doing a stupid ignorant ghetto dance that is directly related to the gang bangers. Get it. When one of these animal gang bangers murders one of your relatives, let me know so I can do the ‘Crip Dance’ at their funeral.

  • Anti-Mr/Mrs Citizen

    it’s clear that people on here are extremely gullible and easily influenced by mainstream media. everyone that has a very negative view of black people watch way too much tv that you think ‘every’ black person is a gang banger, drug addict, is a baby momma, smokes crack or will end up in jail or dead. wtf??? if you must know, there are more white people in jail than any race. there are more white people on welfare than any race. know your facts before you start spewing all of your unfounded anti-negro, jungle bunny rhetoric. there’s not a race in the country that does not do something that reflects negatively on their race. if white people had not brought black people here trying to get something for nothing perhaps this country wouldn’t be wrought with all these ‘whiggers’ (white niggers). the majority of white people ride the coat tails of their ancestors and daddys to get where they are. i work with dumb ass white people who i have to think for all fricking day because they’re the educated stupid who can’t put two and two together to get four because oh yeah, my daddy’s on the board so i don’t need to really be smart. and then there’s the white man who has $500k worth of education from an ivy league school and when he loses his job his only solution is to kill himself and his whole family; $500k worth of education and ‘THAT’S’ the best solution you can come up with? screw all of you who thing white is so right because it’s not. everything blacks do, they learned from the white man. violence, rape, theft, hate…need i say more. white people made black people who they are. so stop acting like all white people are sooo fancy because they’re not. it wasn’t this much uproar when white ass adrian brody kissed halle berry. i guess that was black people’s fault too? white people stay true they’re roots all the time and when you do, nobody says a word no matter how you do it. white people have embarrased this country too (i.e. bill clinton). she’s not the ‘white america’ representative and she doesn’t have to live up to anybody standards but her own. she won the gold, let ‘her’ deal with the fallout of her own actions. be mad about how she did it all you want but at the end of the day, it’s done and it’s not a reflection on you personally while you’re sitting ‘at home’ watching the olympics. how about you go out back and get your son or daughter from the barn and train her to be an olympian so she can show the world how you think someone should represent america. oh yeah, that’s right…you didn’t sell enough pig intestines to the black people to afford you that luxury. so just shut up.

    • Mr. Crips

      You sound like an angry white hater. You are a black racist.

      • Anti-Mr/Mrs Citizen


  • Common Sense

    Look how the media turns a celebration dance for winning a gold at the Olympics into a race war on the internet. Patrice O’neal said it best when he said ” they need black people and white people to hate each other, I would never stand up here and say that black people and white people should get together. Anyone who ever got close got smoked.” He died a few months later.

  • Leslie Ann Warren

    Do Ya Thang Serena Do Ya Thang Lady God Bless U In Jesus Name!!

    • starr


      • White Honkey

        You’re an idiot. Nobody hates Serena. Stop exaggerating! She should not represent our Country doing a ghetto Negro dance that is directly associated with street criminal gang cells. Serena is a fine athlete. Nodody hates her. She simply did a stupid classless thing. Get it.

        • Morethanlex

          And what was classless about it? Did I miss the part where she fell into a split and started popping her ass while making it clap? Or could it have been a small joyful gesture that she wont ever forget where she came from? Damn, did I miss the part where she threw up a few gang signs? Oh wait, no one knew what exact dance she was doing bc they were all so busy clapping and cheering her on saying “thank you, another ine for USA” pls sweetie stall us out with the ignorance. Thanx

  • White Honkey

    Even though Mr. Citizen went a little overboard with some of his comments, I agree with him that the Olympics is no place to be doing a dance directly related to criminal street gangs. I also agree there is a little bit of reverse discrimination going on here. If a White American athlete made overt gestures connected or rooted to the Nazi’s, there would be hell to pay. If a White American athlete made overt gestures directly connected to the Klu Klux Klan, there would be hell to pay. However, when Serena does something directly connected to the Crips Criminal Street gangs, then it’s okay and we should overlook it. Really? The Olympics is no place for any such behavior, especially representing the great United States. Even with our faults, still the best place to live in the world!

    • mzworld

      So your are relating the crip dancing to an overtly gesture of the Nazi’s or the KKK? No comparison!!!!

  • Lesson_1

    You can take the hillbilly out of the mountains but you cant take the mountain out of the hillbilly.

    • http://Yahoo Susa

      You kind of beat me to it Lesson_1…. You can take her out of Compton but you can’t take Compton out of her….. I didn’t realize what she was doing so the point from others was well taken but it doesn’t surprise me. She is seen out and about with her Sister by friends of mine on several occasions and they are NOT nice.

      • Morethanlex

        Uhm…sweetheart… really? You know, your absolutely right! All the hard work and overcoming stereotypes and getting out of the hood (trag-nu’s hood) to be exact… and she’s at the 2012 Summer Olympics representing the United States of America…. hmmm imagine that. Sooooo her doing the crip walk (c-walk) did what to harm America? As stated by so many others post..NO ONE KNEW WHAT IT WAS, until celebs within the black culture recognized and sent congratualtions to Serena. Everyone wants to come down on Compton or blacks the first chance they get… how often are you coming down on your own? Aurora Shooting??? Yeah… I’ll wait

  • romel

    so much for her jehovahs witness belief…..thought i saw that dance before an something in me said that dance here? i use to break my neck to see serena play, as years go by her class-lessness becomes more an more clear very sad

    • Mr. Jehovah

      Jehovah Witness is a stupid illogical Cult. It’s even worse than Mormonism.

  • MPJ

    Good to get input from cultural icons like snoop who can’t type it would appear, or is “shot out” just more of the lingo of garbage culture? Fortunately, I knew nothing of the so-called crip dance but thought the horsey hopping around the court looked pretty damned stupid and classless.

  • mzworld

    First off dancing is not define who you are. We all celebrate things that have a different meaning in the beginning then it does now! No one thinks if you crip walk you are supporting gangs! It’s just a dance and anything that reflect black culture is a no no. Becuase black is wrong…right? So, if you want to talk about things we celebrate that are wrong you don’t need to start with a joyful celebration dance….let’s start with Christopher Columbus Day. Go Serena and I hope she does it everytime. You all can’t control what we do anymore….remember?!?!

  • Aaron

    Would you be upset if a winning Olympian gave a Hitler salute?

    • mzworld

      Crips are gang related and they kill over drugs and money which is wrong(Let’s not get into the drug war and the governments part in it). However, Hitler killed in an attempt to wipe out an entire race of people. So don’t compare the fact that she did a dance to her saying it is ok to kill….anything that black people do is criticized!!! No one probaly even knew what she did until Vibe posted it, then it went viral. The flag represents different things to different people. Y can’t you all just accept that it was a spur of the moment non-planned joy dance that meant abosuletly nothing!!!! NOTHING!!!! So, what did NBC mean by it’s racially (could be seen as)motivated commercial…oh yeah, they didn’t mean anything by it, just like Serena!

  • mzworld

    Hitler vs Crips……no comparison.

  • Ikuku

    Haters gonna hate!

  • Ikuku

    She gave their so called world #1 a resounding beat down and all these douche bags got to talk about is her doing a C-walk at the Olympics. Move over puhlease! She is still coming home to the Great USA with 2 Olympics gold medals. Now choke on that!

    • Rick

      Your spelling and vernacular speaks volumes to your intellect and character; enough said.

      • Ikuku

        Have you jumped off a cliff yet? Hahahahahahaha….

  • http://allwhitallthetime Dihn

    Only Moon crickets act like this, NO CLASS

  • lando

    These athletes are representing our great country and should behave as role models

  • Tkcb

    I believe that people need to shut up and let her enjoy her win. People need to understand that just because she danced the crip dance she did nothing wrong.
    What if she did the moon walk then you hates would say something bad about Michael Jackson.
    Stop hating on her.


    • White Honkey

      calm down. Nobody hate Serena. STOP EXAGGERATING! She simply should not represent our country doiing a dance directly associated with a low class ghetto street criminal organizations. It’s just that simple. Nothing more or nothing less. Nobody hates Serena. Get that out of your exaggerating head.

    • Reggie

      Any self-respecting person of color who is educated and has successfully climbed out of Compton, like myself, would never do a Crip Dance on national television representing the United States of America. This is coming from an African American college graduate, not from some angry white person. Thank You.

  • http://wn Doris

    I thought it was a praise shout up to God.

  • http://wn Doris

    I thought she did a praise shout to God.

  • chris

    amen to that