Craigslist Founder Starts Donation Campaign Using Twitter

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If you've ever sold or purchased goods, searched for a job, looked for an apartment, cruised for a hook-up, or generally used the Internet for anything, you've likely at least heard of if not used it yourself. Despite being a minefield of trolls and scams and very "interesting" people, craigslist has always been free and for that we should be thankful (even if we have only used it as a source of lurid entertainment).

Now's your chance to show your appreciation.

Craig Newmark, the eponymous founder of craigslist, has chosen a unique way to observe his birthday this year. Instead of the self-congratulatory ritual of celebrating one more year he didn't die (like the rest of us do), Newmark has decided to ask for something considerably different this year:

Folks, yesterday was my 59th birthday, and I decided to celebrate by asking for a unique kind of gift – a tweet on Twitter about what someone considers the perfect gift this holiday season. Each time someone responds and tweets using the hashtag #perfectgift, I am giving a $1 contribution to the American Red Cross, up to $10,000 to purchase military comfort kits for our troops. It's amazing because 91% of every gift goes to people in need.

Newmark, who has a little over 45,000 followers on Twitter, says that following the aforementioned hashtag will help him keep track of how many support his humanitarian cause and, subsequently, how much money he will donate to the American Red Cross. He also hopes that the 585K followers of American Red Cross, who retweeted his original post, will help spread the word and get more people involved in his campaign. The promotion is also active on Facebook but actual donations will only be calculated through Twitter.

I implore anyone reading this to head over to Twitter and tweet a quick post about what you think the perfect gift is in order to contribute to Newmark's campaign (I posted that my perfect gift is a world with no pepper spray). It only takes a minute and, like the clickable awesomeness that is craigslist, doesn't cost you anything. You've got through the end of December to do your part. Just think of this as an easy way to say thanks to Newmark for all of those Missed Connections that have kept you entertained over the years.