Courteney Cox Thinks Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Need to Say ‘I Do’ Already

    August 18, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Courteney Cox allegedly joins the rest of us in thinking it’s been long enough, and Justin Theroux needs to go ahead and marry Jennifer Aniston.

The Friends alum has reportedly expressed her displeasure that Theroux and Aniston have been engaged for two years and still no wedding bells.

According to sources for the Independent.ie, Cox has allegedly had her say with her best friend.

“They didn’t fall out over it and Court seems to have pulled things around with Justin now. She tolerates him and they get on OK, but as far as she’s concerned, he’s on probation,” a source told British magazine, Heat.

Perhaps Cox just wants her BFF to feel the same excitement she is experiencing as she prepares to tie the knot with Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid later this year in Ireland.

Maybe Theroux just has a slight case of cold feet.

“Justin says he does want to get married. It’s just that, whenever Jen asks him for details, there’s always a reason to talk in general terms rather than specifics, such as when it’s going to happen. Jen’s never managed to get to the point where they set a date… He’s totally into the relationship, but is phobic about sealing the deal,” said the source.

There is little doubt that their schedules don’t help matters. The actor spends most of his time shooting his TV show, The Leftovers , in New York City, while Aniston chills on the west coast in Los Angeles.

“Justin’s show… is a massive hit. They’ve got no time to get married,” said a source. “The one thing that’s set in stone is their annual New Year’s break in Mexico. The smart money’s on it happening then and there.”

Despite the separations, the couple still manages to enjoy some romantic getaways together. To celebrate the second anniversary of their engagement and Theroux‘s birthday, they recently flew to Bora Bora, staying at the Four Seasons.

Could they perhaps have used the romantic trip to scout out wedding locations?

Kevin Lee, the couple’s wedding planner revealed to Radar Online last month: “Jennifer and Justin are getting married right by the ocean, so it will be a beach meets California modern-chic sort of thing.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • tom56071

    why is she even coming up as news and her friend Jennifer their washed up actors quit wasting time with them on here

    • Guest

      Do you know Jennifer? If you don’t, you have zero to compare her personality to. I’m pretty sure she’s running the show here on whether she wants to marry him or not. She’s a huge A lister, he’s just become around lately because he’s involved with her;otherwise he would still be a relative unknown. I agree with Courteney, unless this is Jen’s decision to put it off and truly, I don’t and will never understand what she sees in that guy.. I personally find him gross..I can’t see her marrying him.. He’s got the weirdest personality, he’s so odd Adam’s Family looking, I mean c’mon!!! No way.. I hope she changes her mind because I truly think he’s a waste of time and using her for major connections.. Period..

  • balayang

    Why they should get married ?I don’t think so.Jen is a beautiful woman,she can choose her life way.People always want her to do this , to do that,forget about that that’s jen’s life.Why she should get married just because you want her to do that? Jen should be freedom for her life.It’s her life!!!!!!!!!!!PLZ JUST LET IT BE.Jennifer is happy now.That’s her happy life.PLZ JUST LEAVE JENNIFER ALONE.