Corpse on Flight: Swedish Woman Forced to Fly with Dead Guy

    June 26, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Corpse on flight: How would you feel if you were forced to sit next to a dead body for nearly ten hours? Apparently Swedish resident Lena Pettersson was none too pleased with having to endure such an experience during her recent aerial adventure. After complaining to Kenya Airways about the uncomfortable situation, the airline refunded Pettersson $713 (5000 kronor), which is roughly half of the price of her ticket. I might have demanded more.

According to the International Business Times, Pettersson was on a flight from Amsterdam to Tanzania when the man in the seat across the aisle starting looking a little wonky. Despite the fact that the poor guy was sweating and experiencing seizures, the plane took off anyway. Although attempts were made to save the man’s life — one passenger even performed a cardiac massage — the passenger died mid-flight.

Those seated next to the body were moved to other areas of the plane. The flight staff, seemingly unprepared to handle such an unfortunate turn of events, laid his body across three seats and covered it with a blanket. Petersson, none too thrilled with having to spend the rest of the flight seated next to a corpse, asked if she could be moved to a different location, as well. Since there weren’t any available spots, she was forced to sit next to the dead body for the remainder of her trip.

“Of course it was unpleasant,” Pettersson explained to a local newspaper, “But I am not a person who makes a fuss.” When asked about the amount of her refund, she added, “This feels much better. It is reasonable.” Again, I would have demanded more.

The deceased individual’s name has not been released to the public.

  • p

    At least she didn’t have to put up with non-stop talking from the person next to her!

  • M

    Is like Sleeping with my wife

  • jacob

    Im tierd of these mother f***ing corpses, on this mother f***ing plane.

    • Pilot624

      Jacob – what a stupid comment. Have you actually been on planes next to corpses, or did you just want an excuse to use a substitute for the “F” word on an Internet post so everyone can see how silly you are? And you mispelled “I’m” and “tired” and improperly used the comma. Try making worthwhile and educated comments or please go play somewhere else.

      • Lisa

        Pilot 624, would you calm down? It’s a Samuel Jackson quote from the movie Snakes on a Plane. Take your own advice. You have said nothing worthwhile or educated.

      • Tashi

        I’m shocked that someone with internet access doesn’t know that line. Should have been sick instead of tired though 😉

      • maria

        um pilot624 while you’re sitting there on your high horse you failedto realize that he was making a reference to the movie snakes on a plane where samuel l jackson said the same thing but was speaking about snakes. Why don’t you go back to sipping your latte and reading the Time magazine because you clearly don’t know what your talking bout! (oh yeah and i spelled that wrong on purpose!!)

  • http://Yahoo.com abby

    Better than a screaming kid.At,least he was quiet.

  • Philip

    Todd Rigney, You are a piece of work pal; a person just died and you have no sympathy or even though for his family at that time and all you can say is you wanted money. You need to be evaluated and it is a pure shame that people like you can’t stop and think that this person just died and had no control and those were the horrific circumstance’s. I think you need to check your self out as a person and human being and thank God that your are healthy and alive.

  • joyce m hall

    when your time come up you go. it’s unfortunate to have to endure ,i’m sure if he new he was going to die he would have done it at home. one could not open a window and throw him out.at least the attendant cover him up.that is all that is required on her part.

  • joyce m hall

    when your time come up you go. it’s unfortunate to have to endure ,i’m sure if he new he was going to die he would have done it at home. one could not open a window and throw him out.at least the attendant cover him up.that is all that is required on her part.

  • http://yahoo.com JWTX

    I remember I had the flu when I was 23 years of age, I was finally wheeled into ER where they layed me down on a bed. Low and behold a really big man was in Cardiac Arrest, I saw him he was purple and he died right next to me, only thing seperating us was a thin curtain. The Doctors an Nurses where trying to revive him to no avail. They said oh no we lost him. Well I was creeped out but I suddenly was compelled to start praying over this dead man’s body that I did not even know. I said excuse sir you do not know me, so forgive I am gonna pray for you so God our Heavely father with have Mercy on you and except you into heaven. Amen.

    • Becky

      JWTX that was awful but it very sweet that u had the heart to pray for him especially with you being sick and in the ER yourself!

    • carolyn sullivan

      bless your heart. The world needs more people like you.

  • Rachelle

    This man needed medical attention and they still took off?? Are you serious? That airline is a liability, I would never ride on that plane. It amazes me of how heartless people are and what idiots we have as human beings!!

    • AEA

      I can’t believe they don’t have some contingencies in place for situations like this. He should have been given medical attention and removed from the plane before the flight took off. And then after he died, you can’t tell me that the plane could not have made an emergency landing at the nearest airport to have the body removed. Once again the $$ outweighs everything else.

  • Ray Workman

    I have heard of cases where the plane makes an emergency landing to deal with the situtation. Why did the plane not land. After 10 hours wouldn’t some kind of odor occur?

    • carrie

      They should have land somewhere..They did on my daughters flight from California to Chicago.. but she still had to sit there and see him until Texas..

    • Mike Badgett

      It takes 3 days for the human body to decompose enough to produce an odor. Still; sitting next to a dead person would be kinda creepy.

  • carrie

    It happens.. my youngest daughter (age 14) watched it happen on her solo flight from California to Chicago.. Her first flight by her self..they landed in Texas to take the man off the plane.. She sat there and watched him lay in the walkway until Texas.. she will not fly alone again..it could happen to anyone..

  • Cody

    I’ll sit by a stiff for a free flight!

    Chemically, a stiff isn’t much different than you and I. And I’ve sat next to fatties who probably smell worse

    • Dawn777

      You have a tiny little dong in which rests your tiny little brain. I am 25 lbs overweight and I will never lose weight again to get a tiny little noodle like you excited. Say mean words to the face of a Muslim about their religion, you will get killed. You do not have the right to degrade anyone you measley little wannabe. Go smell your own breath (or whatever) and I am sure the fragrance reeks of ratty. In the meantime try washing out your brain if you even know what a shower or tub looks like…..

      • Brian

        Or you could just get offline and lose some weight. Being fat isn’t attractive to 95% of people, have fun with the other 5%. I only hate you cause your one of those “I’m fat and I dont care if it’s unhealthy, but let me compain about everything caused by my weight while telling you I’ll never lose weight”

      • jcd

        where the f— did that come from

    • maggie

      Well Cody, since you seem too be such a cold hearted person, just Imagine that corpse or stiff being your father, uncle or just anyone. I hope you have nice dreams about things like this situation,maybe it will teach you to think, before commenting on anything..

  • Dennis M
  • Arthur Dale

    About 25 years ago one of my fellow workers was on a flight from Amsterdam to Chicago when the man next to him died from insulin shock. Two doctors on board could not revive him. KLM personnel covered him with a blanket and left him in the seat since the plane was full. I asked my fellow worker if he got to eat two meals on that flight. He told me he could not even eat his own meal.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003705301085 Sonia L Taylor

    Worse thing than sitting next to a corpse for 10 hours on a plane is becoming the corpse on plane or anywhere for that matter..Becoming a corpse would really have to the worst you can imagine..Wouldn’t it? Unless you are on waiting list of some Doc like late Dr. Kevorkian..or something…

  • Zach

    The point you are missing is that this was an international flight and doesn’t have the luxury of touching down in just any country they choose. Passports and such were not approved for anywhere other than its destination.

    • Mike

      The Flight of the living dead trailer at the end of the story, just “kills” me… hahaha

  • erin

    There have been a few flights where I would’ve preferred a corpse to sit next to!

  • Becky

    Well regardless of what happen my thoughts and prayers go out to the guy’s family. The airline could have atleast got the man help when he was obviously in need of medical attention. This is awful

  • http://www.yahoo.com Smith

    Better than sitting next to an infant or 2 year old. At least he was quiet.

    • Kat

      That might be the stupidest comment I’ve read to date.

      • christine

        I agree 100% very stupid

        • CJ

          Nobody cares if you agree 100% or 75%.

      • Judy

        I totally agree, way better than a freaking baby

    • Dan

      I totally agree. Kids under 3 should not be allowed on planes. The rest of us don’t pay to hear them scream all day long. I always get stuck next to someone with a screaming child. Would much rather a dead guy anyday.

      • Jen

        What you meant to say is, “Morons with children should not be allowed to fly.” My daughter has been flying with me since she was 6 months old on a regular basis, and has never once disturbed anyone, because she was attended to constantly. I never spent the flight reading or playing with my computer, I entertained my child, and brought food and toys for her. Before I had children, however, I brought earplugs and a blindfold in order to tune out the obnoxious. I highly recommend that strategy!

      • chad

        ever think the reason the babys are cry ass wipes is because there ears hurt from all the pressure. Who are you people to judge who can and cant be on a plane.

      • CJ

        Dan don’t be an ignorant wiener.

      • Mommy of a cooperative toddler traveler

        I am so there with Jen! Not all infants and toddlers are fussy travelers. My 18 month old son has flown 16 times since he was 4 months old and has never fussed, screamed, cried, pooped, spit-up or did anything to upset anybody. I can not stand the glares I have gotten before boarding flights; once the flights are over down in the baggage claim those same people who glared always comment, “oh your son was so quiet” or “i forgot there was even a baby on the plane”. So seriously stop it with kids under 3 should not be allowed on planes. I have seen grown ups act worse than a 3 year old on a plane.

      • Amee

        When my daughter was a baby she never cried or fuss on a plane which is more than I can say about some adults that want to complain about who should and shouldn’t be allowed on a plane. I would rather be flying with a dead body than stuck beside people like you. You people that want to complain and say little kids shouldn’t be allowed on a plane are the ones that shouldn’t be allowed to fly. It’s funny, since 1992 I have flown places and I have never once been on a plane with a small child that caused any problems or made a flight unbearable, but I have had to be around more than my fair share of adults that what to complain the whole time about one thing or anouther.

      • mike

        fly business class…quit being so cheap

    • lil

      Anything is better than sitting next to a crying baby, or a screeching toddler who can’t sit still!!

  • http://yahoonews Leslie Bartley

    I would have Paid the airline more for seating me next to someone so quiet.

    • dick

      Hilarious! 😛

  • Rockstar

    You people make me sick… All you care about is yourself!!! This man has just left his family behind and all you care about is sitting next to him!!!

    • Cobra

      youd be the first to bitch and cry if you were in her shoes.

  • steve

    Did they give her his complimentary bag of peanuts?….Well they did have a extra bag and it was paid for

  • shitface1

    Well as long as he didn’t empty his bowels on the seat its ok by me.

  • Mark Ell

    I don’t think I’d mind too much. At least he wouldn’t talk my ear off about his vacation.

  • S

    WTF is wrong with some of you ppl. First Im upset this guy died and the captain kept flying the plane and had no real medical assistance. 2nd they still let the lady sit need to a dead fucking body. WTF, then only give her half her money, well not even half. 3rd I hope the corpse family and the Woman SUE the FUCK OUT of tHis Fuckin Airline…DumbAss!!

  • Jan

    I think I would be a little freaked out. I’ve never seen DB. I wonder they what they did for this man’s family. They would’ve had to take this deceased man back to where he came from so his family could have services for him.

  • Rivkah

    This surprises me as on larger jets a DB is usually strapped into one of the jump seats used my attendants. It wouldn’t have bothered me as I used to be a medic and have, unfortunately, seen my share of DBs. The real question is, if he was sweating/having seizures before takeoff, why wasn’t he removed?

    • Rivkah

      *used BY attendants

  • http://yahoo.com Monica Lavallais

    I could’t do it!!! Too weird

  • Marte

    I would have changed seats with her. At least he wouldn’t bug me while I was sleeping.

  • Ps

    I’d rather fly with a corpse next to me than most of the people I’ve been seated next too. A corpse doesn’t cough all over me, snore, weight 397 lbs and take up half my seat, talk incessantly, get up every two minutes or have a 6-month screamer. If I could book a flight knowing there would be a corpse next to me I’d do it (except I’m sure they’d figure out how to charge me extra for it unless I had their credit card or was premium plus.)

  • Catherine

    I would rather sit next to a dead body AND a child than sit next to the people who insist on taking up half my seat or put their seat so far back I can count their grey hairs. At least a dead body is quiet and if he is the window seat I can still get out to use the bathroom.